Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Terror Laws and the Madness of Stephen Harper

When I saw Stephen Harper delivering his deranged speech on terrorism at a campaign-style event in a Toronto suburb yesterday, at first I almost felt sorry for him.

Because that's not the face of a well man. That's the face of desperate leader cracking up before our eyes. 

But my sympathy didn't last long. Because this is INSANITY.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Whispering Way to War

Golly. What a difference a day makes. On Wednesday Stephen Harper was loudly taunting the opposition.

And all but inviting the terrorists to attack us.

But yesterday he was suddenly more subdued, as if realizing what might happen if they did attack us. And Canadians blamed him.

So he was barely whispering as he met with security officials, and prepared to turn Canada into a police state. 

Stephen Harper: The Not So Great Economist Leader

Well as you know, Stephen Harper is desperately trying to convince us, and our falling loonie, that everything is under control.

And that he is STILL a Great Economist Leader.

But I'm sorry to report failing miserably. 

The Canadian dollar is sinking ever deeper, hitting its lowest in almost six years, amid the ongoing rout in the oil market and increasingly “dovish” central banks.

Because now the poor loonie is the Harper Peso. And we're all a little poorer. 

But then why should we be surprised eh?

When all his claims that he knows what he's doing, are turning out to be FRAUDULENT.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Day Stephen Harper Went Off the Deep End

I always knew he was dangerous. And that madness ran in his family.

I knew the first Harper to arrive in Canada had to removed from office for "violent and oppressive measures vindictive beyond all reason."

I knew one of his grandfathers committed suicide, and that he was prone to violent rages, and frightening bouts of depression.

But today Stephen Harper finally went over the deep end.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stephen Harper's Disastrous Return to Parliament

As I'm sure you know, Stephen Harper has been under a lot of stress recently. 

The economy is tanking, he blew the surplus before he had one, only the dumb and the crazy believe that he is still a Great Economist Leader.

And that's driving him CRAAAAAAZY.

So when the time came for him to return to Parliament yesterday, his faithful fanatics in the PMO prepared this little Twitter video to cheer him up.

But sadly for him, and them, his day couldn't have been more DISASTROUS.

Dean Del Mastro and the Barbarity of the Cons

Well I'm sure it's just a coincidence that on the day Dean Del Mastro appeared in court for his sentencing hearing. 

And demanded a mistrial. 

Former MP Dean Del Mastro is asking the Ontario Court of Justice to dismiss his Oct. 31 guilty verdicts related to overspending in the 2008 federal election campaign and declare a mistrial.

After having told the judge that her guilty verdict was just a matter of opinion:

The Cons would choose this day to let it be known that they're all for harsh sentences. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Scandalous War on Marijuana

Well I'm sure you remember how last fall Stephen Harper and his Cons launched a massive advertising blitz aimed at the parents of teenagers who use marijuana.

Whose exaggerated claims resembled the 1936 movie Reefer Madness.

And had worried parents wondering whether they should consult a brain surgeon or a plumber...

Stephen Harper and the Beat of the Fascist Drum

He couldn't have had a better excuse to miss the return of Parliament, and dodge all those questions about his catastrophic economic record.

For there he was at the funeral of a dead Mountie.

Looking suitable sorrowful, and posing as a Great Crime Busting Leader.

Which like everything he did today was choreographed to the max. 

And accompanied by the distant beat of a fascist drum.

The Totally Unbelievable Transformation of Stephen Harper

Even by the standards of the monstrous Stephen Harper, whose many images reflect the many warring voices in his head, it's an amazing transformation. 

Or mutation.

For nine years he was the Oily Messiah, the maniacal missionary who once told an audience in Britain that developing the oil sands was akin to building the Great Wall of China or the Pyramids.

The Father of Albertonia, and of course, Big Oil's favourite pimp...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Michelle Rempel and the Horror of Stephen Harper

Well it's been a slow and sad descent for Michelle Rempel, into the darkness or the bowels of Harperland.

From little Miss Con Goldilocks, to the most fanatical follower of her beloved leader Stephen Harper. 

The groupie of groupies.

The bubbly bubbling fanatic who could put out a tweet like this one today...

I wish I could tell you what led to that absurd statement. Or why she's calling Google The Google.

But sadly I can't, because I've been BLOCKED !!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Stephen Harper's Canada: Where Cons and Idiots Roam

Oh boy. It's lucky that where I live it's impossible to not know that I live in the Great White North.

Because if it wasn't, I might wonder whether I'm still living in Canada, or whether Stephen Harper has already changed it beyond recognition.

For it really is hard to believe that if you type "Stephen Harper was" into the Google search machine.

This is what comes up? 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stephen Harper's Image Problem and the Con's Secret Weapon

Well as you can imagine, Stephen Harper is having a little trouble with his image these days.

He can't pose as a Great Economist Leader anymore, not with the disastrous state of the economy.

And although he is still trying to portray himself as a Great Strong Leader, as I pointed yesterday. 

He knows that image is fatally flawed...

Stephen Harper and the Neoliberal Conspiracy

If you ever wonder how we could end up living in a world where the richest 80 people on Earth are now as wealthy as the 3.5 billion poorest people.

Or wonder why the top ten percent in Canada are wealthier than the rest of us.

Or wonder how the sinister ideologue Stephen Harper has managed to change this country so much.

Here's an excerpt from Donald Gutstein's excellent new book: Harperism: How Stephen Harper and his Think Tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada.

And welcome to Steve's World and the neoliberal conspiracy. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Barbarism of Saudi Arabia and the Grotesque Hypocrisy of Stephen Harper

There couldn't be a more hypocritical or nauseating spectacle, the old king of the brutish terrorist kingdom of Saudi Arabia dies.

And western leaders fall over themselves praising him. With Britain's David Cameron even ordering that flags be flown at half-mast. 

While our disgusting Prime Minister Stephen Harper blubbers sympathetically. 

Stephen Harper and the Terrorist Trap

Well just I predicted, Stephen Harper is moving quickly to take political advantage of that skirmish between our special forces in Iraq, and a group of ISIS terrorists.

Using it to puff out his chest or his belly, and sound like a tough guy. 

"This is a robust mission, we're there to make those guys effective so they can take on the Islamic State and deal with them," he said in response to a question from CBC News during an appearance in St. Catharines, Ont. 

 "If those guys fire at us, we're going to fire back and we're going to kill them, just like those guys did — and we're very proud of them."

And setting it up as a blunt weapon, or wedge issue, to use against the opposition.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CBC Management Surrenders and Bans Paid Appearances

It's taken them long enough, and it never should have happened in the first place.

But the useless managers at the CBC have finally surrendered, and banned paid appearances. 

Stephen Harper and the Fall of the Oily Messiah

For almost a decade he was able to fool countless Canadians into believing that he was the Oily Messiah.

The Great Economist Leader who would lead us to prosperity down the tarry road to Greater Alberta.

Even if he left the rest of the country in ruins, and the planet in flames.

But yesterday that myth was officially shattered by the Governor of the Bank of Canada. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Humiliation of Jason Kenney and the Desperation of the Cons

Yesterday I wrote about how Jason Kenney was embarrassed, when he claimed in a CTV interview that the government would use budget cuts to easily balance the budget. 

But wouldn't touch the rainy day fund set aside for emergencies, like natural disasters. Because you know, the Con regime is a RESPONSIBLE government, 

Only to have an anonymous Finance Department official say exactly the opposite. They're NOT planning budget cuts, but they ARE thinking of going after the rainy day fund.

Which as I pointed out, left Kenney looking like an idiot or a dunce...

How to Stop Stephen Harper From Using the War to Win the Election

I hate to ask this question, because I hate to criticize the opposition parties at a time like this one.

But when will they understand that our war in Iraq is just a sideshow?

Understand that the real war is the battle to defeat Stephen Harper and his Cons and take this country back. 

And stop falling into Harper's obvious traps.

Like they did yesterday.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Harperland Winter and the Madness of Stephen Harper

It's getting grim out there. It's winter in Harperland. The bay has frozen over so the swans are back looking for food. Like we'll all soon be doing if the Cons keep tanking the economy.

I haven't come across a cheery progressive since Christmas Day, and they were drunk.

I'm haunted by Michael Harris' line in his story I linked to yesterday:

The kiss that will awaken Sleeping Beauty is the promise of a land that is so much bigger than the single issue of the economy.

But on the other hand, when I think of what the state of the economy is doing to that other Sleeping Beauty, I feel so much better.

John Baird's Con Clown Tour of the Middle East

Whenever one of Stephen Harper's Con clowns leaves the country I shudder, reach for a paper bag to put over my head, and prepare for the worst.

Because I know they will make fools out of themselves, and shame us once again in the eyes of the world.

And in that regard John Baird's just concluded tour of the Middle East couldn't be a better example.

For it was, in descending chronological order, pathetic, humiliating, and shameful.

Monday, January 19, 2015

One More Reason the CBC's Managers Must Be Fired

Last night I wrote about the CBC and said that if it was in trouble people should blame the Harper regime and its managers, not its workers.

For it was its useless managers who created the celebrity culture that allowed "stars" like Jian Ghomeshi to bully those who worked for him.

Or allowed people like Amanda Lang or Rex Murphy to make a joke out of conflict of interest guidelines.

And this is more fuel for that bonfire of the vanities 

Can Canadians Be Bought By The Grubby Stephen Harper?

He hasn't been seen for days, since he sent his shabby minions out to announce that he was proroguing the budget until April.

So he's probably banging away on his piano in his gloomy basement, trying to figure out how he can restore the surplus he blew before he had one.

So he can try to buy the votes of even MORE Canadians.

But at least now, thanks to Jason Kenney, we have some idea of how he plans to do that. 

By whipping out a massive chain saw and cutting government to the bloody bone. 

What Needs To Be Said About The CBC Scandals

Ever since the CBC was hit by the Ghomeishi scandal, and now the Amanda Lang Affair, the CBC haters in this country have been having a ball.

Trying to use the scandals as just another excuse to kill the corporation. For those Cons hate it so much with a zealotry that borders on insanity.

But what I find even more disturbing is that some progressive bloggers have been throwing up their hands and declaring that the CBC is beyond saving, and should simply be scrapped. Just like that.

I won't mention their names for I have no desire to publicly embarrass them. But I do think they need to be reminded that the CBC, flawed as it may be, is still a precious Canadian institution that should not be destroyed that casually. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Ghosts of Scandals Past

By proroguing the budget until April, and presumably cancelling any plans for an early election, Stephen Harper has guaranteed himself a visit from the Ghosts of Scandals Past.

And I'm not just talking about Mike Duffy, or Dean del Mastro who will be sentenced later this month.

Or his old friend Bruce Carson who will also have his day in court on corruption charges...

Or even a possible appearance by the ghost of Pamela Wallin.

Because now he's also facing the prospect of having to confront the ghost of Arthur Porter...

Stephen Harper, Alberta, and the House of Saud

Well let's face it, it's not a great time to be an Albertan. Their Great Leader Stephen Harper's oily obsession with creating a Greater Albertonia his leading them to disaster.

Once they were living high off the bitumen, and lording it over the rest of us. Now the wheels are falling off their monster trucks, and they're heading for a recession. 

But when they look around for somebody to blame, maybe they should take a close look at their House of Harper and it's warm relationship with the House of Saud.

Because then they might ask themselves, as Jeffrey Simpson does, why are they supporting those who are destroying their economy?

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Great Pope Francis: Not as Good As Advertised

I did have such high hopes for him. He did seem to be the best Pope I have ever seen.

He did say some great things about capitalism and climate change. 

But it turns out Pope Francis is not as good as I thought. Just more of the same.

Or just another old reactionary.

Stephen Harper and the Issue that Will Destroy Him

Gosh. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I wrote about that nightmarish Ipsos Reid poll that suggested that Stephen Harper had risen from his political grave, and was heading for another majority.

And I said that I couldn't wait for another poll, to see if the numbers were more encouraging.

And whether the sagging economy might take him down with it.

And in that regard the news couldn't be better. 

Stephen Harper and his Ghastly Boyfriends in Saudi Arabia

In the latest chapter of the grotesque love story between Stephen Harper and the backward rulers of Saudi Arabia, today I have both good news and bad news.

The good news is that the brutish flogging of the blogger Raif Badawi has been at least temporarily postponed. 

The case of a Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes has been referred to the Supreme Court by the king's office, the BBC has learned. Blogger Raif Badawi's wife said the referral, made before he was flogged 50 times last Friday, gave him hope that officials would end his punishment. A second round of lashings was postponed for medical reasons.

And the bad news? Saudi Arabia is still the same barbarous country. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Stephen Harper and My Horrible Majority Nightmare

It was a horrible nightmare. There was Stephen Harper in the musty basement of his House of Pain.

Chained to a chair by the young fanatics running the PMO, to prevent their beloved master from blowing apart at the seams, under the weight of all that bad economic news.

Or stumbling out into the street in the middle of the night, dressed only in his pyjamas, screaming: "I'm STILL a Great Economist Leader. And I'm not CRAZY !!#@!!

But then just as I'm thinking oh goody, at least he's restrained. And all that bad news will surely finish him off.

He cast off his chains, and came staggering towards me screaming "Come back here you commie rat, and gimme my juicy MAJORITY. !#@!! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Breaking: The Harper Cons Prorogue the Budget

Uh oh. In my last post I said that I wasn't sure whether Oily Joe Oliver knew what he was doing.

But it turns out the situation is even worse than I thought.

One moment he's claiming we have nothing to worry about. 

Finance Minister Joe Oliver says the government is confident it can balance the next federal budget without scaling back on new tax measures and still turn up a small surplus, despite falling oil prices.

And that he isn't really worried about oil prices tanking.

The next moment he's proroguing the budget !!! 

All The Ways Stephen Harper Could Soon Be Gone

It's one of my fondest dreams, the day Stephen Harper finally leaves. And it can't happen soon enough.

Because I honestly believe that him and his ghastly Cons are losing touch with reality, or think they can brainwash us all.

And that we are all FOOLS.

Because there he was in that latest Con propaganda video I ran last night. Telling Canadians that even though he blew the surplus before he had one, and even though experts are warning he's flirting with a deficit.

He's STILL a Great Economist Leader...

Raif Badawi, Saudi Arabia, and the Hypocrisy of the Harper Regime

A few days ago I wrote a post pointing out that our ghastly regime had failed to say a word about Saudi Arabia's savage flogging of the blogger Raif Badawi.

After signing a deal with that reactionary kingdom to sell it $10 billion worth of armoured cars.

Well now Harper's faithful stooge John Baird has finally said something.

But only after it was revealed that he is planning a high-level meeting with one of its most powerful princes Turki al-Faisal.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stephen Harper and the End of the Great Economist Myth

Well it must have been a grim scene in the PMO bunker last night. For years the Con propaganda machine has tried to brainwash Canadians into believing that Stephen Harper is a Great Economist Leader.

The steady hand on the wheel, steering us to prosperity, the only leader who knows ANYTHING about economics.

Even as he put all our economic eggs into one oily basket, decimated our manufacturing sector, flooded the country with foreign workers, drove down wages, and failed to come up with an industrial strategy, or create enough jobs.

But today that absurd myth finally fell apart, after the Great Helmsman's boat collided with the hard rock of reality. 

The Con Regime Goes After Another Veteran's Advocate

Yesterday I told you how Erin O'Toole, Julian Fantino's equally ghastly replacement, had gone after Mike Blais and his veteran's group. 

Now it turns out that wasn't an isolated incident, it's part of an all-out offensive.

Because today we found out that the Cons are also going after the distinguished veteran's advocate Keith Neville. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stephen Harper's Sinister Plan to Kill Our Medicare System

Over the years I have written dozens and dozens of posts about the way Stephen Harper is planning to slowly strangle our precious medicare system.

This one being the latest.

And the reason I have is because NOTHING he is doing bothers me more. For it would cause mass misery, and be the end of the Canadian dream.

So I'm really glad to see that people like Linda McQuaig are also raising the alarm. 

Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver, and the Latest Porky Ad Scandal

As you may have noticed, Stephen Harper has stopped bragging about his government's economic record.

Now it's all about the Great War on Terror, and the dangerous jihadis Justin Trudeau and Tom Mulcair.

But then who can blame him?

If I had screwed up the economy like that, I'd also be hiding in a closet.

But sadly that still hasn't stopped him from using OUR money to pump out even more porky ads like this one...

Even if it is totally fraudulent.

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Harper Stooge Goes After a Veteran's Group

Last week I predicted that Erin O'Toole, who replaced Julian Fantino as the Con Minister of Veteran Affairs would turn out to be no better than his predecessor.

Or just another Harper stooge.

And sure enough it hasn't taken long for him to show his true colours.

Stephen Harper, the Terrorist Menace, and the Web of Deception

One thing I learned long ago is that if you want to know what Stephen Harper is really up to, you can't just cover one story and move on, like so many other bloggers like to do.

You have to put them all together like a jig saw puzzle, or the strands of a monstrous spider's web, to understand what sinister plan he is stealthily spinning.

Understand for example, that in the case of the Great Terrorist Menace that he is trying to whip up to try to scare Canadians into voting for him, he is spinning a giant web of DECEPTION.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

How We Can Stop Harper and Take Our Country Back

In my last post I looked at Stephen Harper's ghastly record and wondered how he gets away with it. 

And I said that I was confident that although a lot of people in this country are discouraged, that record would come back to haunt him in the election campaign.

Despite his desperate efforts to reinvent himself...

Especially since that record is even worse than most people imagine. 

As Michael Harris explains in this shocking video...

And the good news is, as Harris says at the end, we can do something about it:

"The difference is us. If we stand up and we do something about it we can stop this man. But if we sit back and count all the reasons we can't do a thing, that steamroller that Stephen Harper has rolled over the institutions of this country will continue to flatten everything in its path."

We are not helpless. There are ways we can take back this country. 

In the coming months, Canadians must engage in a serious dialogue about the future of this country. The shameful record of the Harper regime needs to be patiently exposed, and the class interests of who it serves brought to light. The Conservatives are spending millions of tax dollars in blatantly partisan advertising, so it will take a lot of work to keep their true record on focus. The opposition parties will play their role as both critics and potential governments, but there are many things the rest of us could do:

We can stand up for pensions. Or the rights of veterans, seniors, and poor people. Or attack his shabby economic record. Or his foul record of corruption.

We can expose him for who he is, the worst and most depraved leader in Canadian history. A monster if ever there was one.

We can encourage the young to join in the struggle:

Focus on getting young people engaged in politics. With youth unemployment in the double digits, this will be the first generation to be worse off than their parents. Many cannot find stable jobs, yet too few turn out to vote to change their future. 

We can form community groups everywhere.

Engage activists and leaders from diverse communities to challenge the new-found influence of Conservative Party within their communities.

We CAN build a mighty movement...

We can stop that monstrous leader.

And take our country back...

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How Does Stephen Harper Get Away With It?

One of the questions I get asked the most is how after damaging Canada so much does Stephen Harper get away with it?

And I have to tell them I have no idea. I'm not a psychiatrist, I can't explain madness.

Or how he could fool so many for so long.

But with Harper creeping up in the polls it's a question I ask myself a lot. So I'm glad to see that Bob Hepburn is also wondering the same thing.

How does Stephen Harper get away with it after the way he has behaved?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Raif Badawi and the Shameful Silence of the Harper Cons

Yesterday I wrote a post denouncing the Harper regime for its refusal to protest the savage punishment the Saudis are inflicting on the blogger Raif Badawi.

For the price of $10 billion dollars worth of armoured cars.

But what I didn't know at the time is that Badawi's family lives in Quebec, which makes the silence of the Cons even more shameful.

The Day Stephen Harper and his Cons Were Forced to Run For Cover

Yesterday I wrote about how Stephen Harper's grubby Cons were trying to use the  tragedy in Paris for their own foul purposes.

By setting up a website to whip up their rabid base, and beg for money to use to smear the opposition.

But I'm happy to report that now that their scummy scheme has been exposed, they are running for cover. 

Friday, January 09, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Saudi Blogger Floggers

Yesterday he declared that an "international jihadist movement" had declared war on Canada.

And claimed that only he could save us.

But who will save us from his good friends the Saudis? The beating heart of the jihadist movement.

Who would flog a blogger so savagely.  

Exposed: The Grubby Con War on Terror and Canadians

In my last post I wrote about how Stephen Harper is trying to use the Paris tragedy and the politics of fear to try to scare Canadians into voting for him. 

I highlighted this quote from Michael Harris: "Fear is Harper’s most powerful vote magnet; security is fear’s most reliable handmaiden."

And I said how outrageous it was that him and his Con mob should use a tragedy for crass political purposes.

What a small, grubby, and dangerous leader he is...

Pic Dan Murphy

And this should just about clinch the case.