Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks and the Great Truth Conspiracy

The site is under attack by the shadowy forces of darkness.

The leader of the truth conspiracy, Julian Assange is on the run, wanted by interpol.

So it's good to know that the young soldier who started it all is getting to watch the incredible truth show on television.

The one he's going to pay for with a lifetime in jail.

Manning faces a court martial and up to 52 years in prison for his alleged role in copying the diplomatic cables, as well as the leak of military logs about incidents in Afghanistan and Iraq and a classified military video which showed a crew of an American Apache helicopter gunning down a group of men who they thought had a rocket launcher. They turned out to include Reuters staff with a TV camera.

You know right-wing bloggers have seized on the fact that Bradley Manning is gay, to claim he did what he did to get back at the U.S. military. And have criticized me for calling him a gay hero.

At this point in his selfish and sordid saga of treason, some people are actually lauding this traitor—excuse me, this "alleged" traitor—for being a gay hero.

But actually the gay part is only relative. It made him more sensitive to injustice.

Manning could "identify" with Iraqis and Afghans who he believed had suffered as a result of U.S. policies, especially because he himself was a "a member of a minority" treated unfairly by the military, he told AFP.

But I believe he did what he did, because he's an idealist.

"God knows what happens now," he said, having sent the material to WikiLeaks. "Hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms. If not … than we're doomed as a species. I will officially give up on the society we have if nothing happens. The reaction to the video gave me immense hope … CNN's iReport was overwhelmed … Twitter exploded …"

None of the cables released threaten the lives of anyone. All they have done is embarrass the rich and the powerful who are leading this world to economic, military, and ecological disaster. 

And  the truth may be blinding. But only it can save us.

For how else could I find out what Benjamin Netanyahu thinks a Palestinian state should look like?

"A Palestinian state must be demilitarized, without control over its air space and electro-magnetic field, and without the power to enter into treaties or control its borders."

Or know that the corrupt Arab rulers are beating the drums of war against Iran to save their autocratic regimes. Or that the former head of CSIS thought the our courts were an inconvenience. 

Oh yeah.Bradley Manning isn't a criminal he's a hero.

When a government secretly engages in such consequential activities as aggressive wars justified by at best questionable and at worst fabricated intelligence, covert bombings and assassinations, and diplomatic maneuvering designed to support such global meddling, the people in whose name that government acts – and who could suffer retaliation – have a right to know.

Here's to the Great Truth Conspiracy.

And because every post in the dreary month of November should end with a song.

This one's for Bradley...

Fantino, the Cats, and the Crows

Well I see Julian Fantino managed to win himself a seat in Parliament. Barely.

The Liberals picked up a seat. And the NDP got nothing.

So does that  mean that Stephen Harper will use the by election as a springboard for his thousand year majority?

I doubt it. Because if he's going to get that majority he needs the NDP to squeeze the Liberals. Not the other way around. 

Oh well. Fantino: Where's my LANDSLIDE? @#$@! 

Harper: Where's my MAJORITY !@#%!.


Meanwhile...in a far more captivating cativating contest.

The felinos took on the felinos.

And the crows joined in...

So what has that cat/crow fight got to do with tonight's electoral contest ? Apart from the fact that nobody really won.

Oh nothing.

But at least it was interesting...

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Con Stooge and the Child Prisoners

Lawrence Cannon has a lot of bad days eh? But some are worse than others. The horror. The humiiation.

First he rushes out to say that the Harper Cons aren't worried at all about what the Americans might have said about them in the Wikileak cables.

Cannon stood before reporters Monday to condemn the unauthorized release of a quarter-million diplomatic cables, while vowing that none of them relating to Canada would be outrageous enough to damage what he called one of the best relationships in the world.

Shorter version: They can screw us, but we'll still blow them. Because of course that's Harper's "independent" foreign policy. They lead, we follow... on everything from climate change to Afghanistan.

Which was bad enough eh? 

But what really shocked me was how after licking his lips so lasciviously, the shambling stooge had nerve to rise in the Commons and announce that his lips were now SEALED.

The Bloc leader rose to twice directly ask the Foreign Affairs Minister—”oui ou non?”—whether Canada had indeed transferred children to the Afghan intelligence service. Twice Mr. Cannon thus stood and notably avoided offering anything like a direct response.

So we still don't know what happened to those child prisoners. Or whether we handed them over to the Afghan police rapists, or the National Directorate of Security torturers.

"The use of harsh interrogation techniques [on children] and forced confession of guilt by the Afghan National Police and the National Directorate of Security was documented," according to the UN report. The report is silent on which countries detained those children.

Or whether we've been violating international law. Again.

"International law is dead clear that when a person is under 18 and in the hands of the Canadian military...You can't treat them like an insurgent. You have to treat them as a child who's been forced into war against their will."

Or why we're staying on in Afghanistan except to keep on blowing the Americans. And following them to moral ruin.

Oh boy. Lawrence Cannon says his lips are sealed. 

But I know a Con sucker stooge dancing dog when I see one....

They lead, we follow.

The horror. The humiliation.

Dear Santa, forget those new skates eh?

I  just want my country back...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, and My New Gay Hero

As I watch the torrent of Wikileak material pouring out of the darkness and into the light, I can't get one image out of my mind.

The image of the young soldier Bradley Manning, downloading the classified information, while listening to Lady Gaga.

"I would come in with music on a CD-RW labelled with something like 'Lady Gaga' … erase the music … then write a compressed split file. No one suspected a thing ... [I] listened and lip-synched to Lady Gaga's Telephone while exfiltrating possibly the largest data spillage in American history."

And then there's the story of why he decided to do what he did.

After arriving in Iraq the young soldier, who is gay, complained of feeling socially "isolated" in the military.

As he spent his time looking through classified information for up to 14 hours a day, he is believed to have become increasingly disillusioned by US foreign policy, once describing "military intelligence" as an "oxymoron".

How it all began when he was ordered to look the other way in the face of  injustice.

“Everything started slipping after that. I saw things differently. I had always questioned the [way] things worked, and investigated to find the truth. But that was a point where I was a part of something. I was actively involved in something that I was completely against.”

And how it all caught up with him.

“I’m isolated as fuck. My life is falling apart, and I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

You know I don't think I'm brave enough to do what that young gay soldier did. I can't even imagine being caged like an animal, when I love freedom so much. And I find the cyber-world scary enough.

But I sure admire him for finding that courage. Because I'm tired of looking on helplessly while old men play games, and lie and cheat, even as the planet burns. And I believe the truth will set us FREE.

Just like the young soldier who set the truth free does.

"I want people to see the truth, regardless of who they are. Because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

Except that for him there will be no freedom. He's been held in solitary isolation for seven months, and faces a fifty-year prison sentence.

They told him to look away and lie. They told him don't ask don't tell. But he took the truth out of the darkness and told the whole world.

While listening to Lady Gaga's Telephone.

Bradley Manning, my new gay hero.

This one's for you...

Why Fox News North is Going to Bomb

Well I see that Fox News North Kory TV Sun TV News has finally got permission to beg the cable companies to put them on the air. According to this Sun News report bloated PR  release.

As soon as they can...um... get their shit together.

Officials had originally wanted to begin broadcasting on January 1, but equipment logistics and building delays have pushed back the clock to March.

And I also see that some progressive bloggers are going hip hip whatever.

But then so am I, if only for ONE simple reason. This is going to be the biggest BOMB or lead balloon Canadian television has ever seen.

I'm not going to dwell on the obvious. They don't have the money,or the infrastructure, or the talent, to compete for even a small part of that  tiny news market. Or even to be taken seriously. 

I'd rather concentrate on the even bigger problem...the unfortunate cultural misunderstanding. Because to  understand what kind of a channel they are probably going to get,  Sun TV News' supporters shouldn't bother looking south, they should just look at Quebec. 

Because what they're going to get is a Made in Quebec production. With its petty vendettas...

As a British Columbian, Heritage Minister James Moore may not understand – as do those of the Québécois nation – that Pierre Karl Péladeau has a propensity to use his Quebecor media properties to advance his economic interests.

However, Mr. Péladeau, and the journalists he employs see themselves as David battling Goliath, and the war now includes Anglo journalists who’ve been drafted in support of Quebecor’s war against Radio-Canada.

And its unique brand of media politics.

Here’s something else that he may not understand: in that fight in French, though not in English, Mr. Péladeau’s papers don’t shy away from painting the Desmarais-owned papers, and the journalists they employ, as federalist dupes and virtual traitors to the Québécois nation.

Golly. Vive le Quebec Libre !!! Not a Faux News North, but an English version of  Le Canal Nouvelles.

To make matters worse, Quebecor is notoriously cheap. They don't have enough resources to staff a proper news channel. They have so few staff they are planning to get their foreign news from CNN. 

So they'll probably have to lean heavily on their TVA operation in Quebec, which means their redneck viewers out West will be seeing a lot of crime stories out of Montreal, delivered by reporters with strong French accents.

Tabarnac. How you say "J'taime Calgary" or "dey was mugged" in English?   

And I can hardly wait for the moment when The Ezra Levant Spit and Shit Show is interrupted by a dramatic report about a snowmobile accident in Chibougamou. And the absurd levantine is forced to do a weather report to explain how it happened...

Because every penny counts. Allah knows Lezra needs the money. And when the advertisers see what they're getting,  they are going to have to keep that pay pal sign up all the time.

Oh yeah. One more thing. When someone from Quebecor says this:

Lavoie did agree that the station will be “populist, blue-collar, irreverent and if one wants to go that way, right wing.”

The blue collar part? It just means lots of crime stories, lotto numbers, and chicks in bikinis...

Oh well. You know that old saying? Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get what you don't want.

The poor Cons are going to be soooooo disappointed. The silly suckers. That'll teach them not to understand French.

They  thought they were getting Fox News North, and they're getting Quebec News West. 

Ooh la la. Vive la difference !!!!!  I mean Vive le Quebec libre !!!!! 

Is Con another word for IDIOT?


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Justin Trudeau Takes on Julian Fantino

I guess the bad news is Julian Fantino must be doing alarmingly well, if the Liberals had to deploy their most powerful weapon against him: Justin Trudeau.

And have him fire off a YouTube in the Generalissimo's general direction.

But I'm glad they did...

Because it was neat to see the son talk about the Charter of Rights that his old man wrote. And it was important to be reminded what Julian Fantino thinks about our freedoms.

"Who has reaped the greatest benefits from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I would argue that if it isn't common criminals, then it must be the Hell's Angels.

Because quite frankly anyone with those views shouldn't have been a police chief, and most definitely shouldn't be a member of Parliament.

And what is old fuss and feathers running from?

Apart from his record.

And how come his good friend Don Cherry hasn't called him a quitter? Huh?

Now, having dealt with the shock of an elderly white man supporting a Conservative law-and-order candidate, we can move on to the important questions, like, what would Cherry say about a hockey player who simply refused to show up for important games, over and over and over?

And of course the question I really want to ask is what was The Generalissimo's role at the G20, and who was calling the shots on the last two days when the police went overboard? And began the biggest wave of mass arrests since the War Measures Act.

Because that's important eh? And I'm confused.

Lot's of speculation on who took control and ordered what on Saturday and Sunday and the OPP has very quietly pointed fingers at the RCMP's MacNiel but it may yet develop that OPP Chief Julian Fantino was calling the shots and interfering with Bill Blair

And now that I know what Fantino thinks about the Charter of Rights. And his apparent failure to recognize that the Charter is the foundation of a democratic society. Something precious, not something ugly.

I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of behaviour wasn't right up his alley kettle...

Yup. Julian Fantino. Bad for Toronto.

Bad for Ontario.

Bad for CANADA...


P.S. Justin...pls shave your mustache as soon as you can.You can always paint it on next Halloween when you dress up as a pirate, or El Pirata. Thanks ...a lot...Simon.

Does God Hate Sunday Shopping?

P.E.I.'s Transportation Minister seems to believe he does.

A debate over Sunday shopping has led P.E.I.'s transportation minister to suggest God had struck down the leader of the Opposition, who fell and injured herself after introducing a bill to allow Sunday openings year-round.

"I'm not what you call a saint, but I believe in God and I believe in [doing] the best I can do. You were at CBC pushing Sunday shopping, were you not? On TV?" he asked Crane. "Right after that interview what happened?"

"We had a bit of an accident," Crane responded.

"Does that not tell you something?" said MacKinley.

"Like what?" said Crane.

"Like the Lord works in mysterious ways, and maybe you should start worrying what's going on here? We are going all the time, we're getting farther and farther away, whether it's prayers in the schools or whatever it is," said MacKinley.

Holy Spud Batman. He's the Transportation Minister? How do they get around in P.E.I.? On donkeys, camels, or chariots?

And although I almost don't dare type this question eh?

In case I break a finger.

But if God hates Sunday shopping.

What does he think of shopping on Black Friday?

And isn't that WORSE?

MacKinley you theocratic buffoon. You idiot. Repeat after me:

Sunday is just another day. 

Shopping is religion.

And God is a SALE...

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Homophobe and the Supreme Court

When I heard that the absurd homophobe and fetush fetishist Bill Whatcott  was going to appear before the Supreme Court, I wasn't sure what to think.

On the one hand it will only give him more of the publicity he so desperately craves.

Just like this new documentary does...

On the other hand, I can't imagine a better spokesman for the anti-gay cause than a former drug addict, gay prostitute, thief, and jail bird. A guy who likes to prance about with the most  grotesque posters.

These include flyers with images of dismembered fetuses and flyers with pictures of diseases allegedly caused by gay sex. He also has protested at gay pride celebrations and outside abortion clinics. On occasion he has also taken up other causes, including distributing flyers describing Muhammad as "a man of violence" with images of a beheaded Indonesian girl.

A low creature who was so offended by Dr Henry Morgentaler being awarded the Order of Canada he wrote this:

“I got an image of the Order of Canada, crapped on it, wrapped it up and mailed it to the Governor General to communicate my utter contempt of her office, her arrogance, her anti-Christian/ anti-life bigotry and the now corrupted and irrelevant Order of Canada in general.”

Classy eh? Golly. After I read that and then I read this.

I've never been a fan of his methods. But I agree with his message. I also believe he has the right to free speech.

Someday he'll part of Canadian folklore, like Johnny Appleseed.

All I could think of was apple seeds popping out of What-the-Fuck's asshole. Pip...Pip... Plop. Gawd. Johnny Appleshit? What a HORRIBLE thought. I'm NEVER eating an apple again.

Seriously though... I'm a big believer in freedom of speech. I think that Human Right Commissions should probably relax a bit. And I get no pleasure from seeing Whatcott  hit with such a large fine. Because let's face it, his pathetic life is his own worst punishment.

But here's the thing, a lot of people forget it's not just a question of words, it's also about who they are directed at. The government has the right and the duty to protect minorities who are already under attack, from being attacked further just because of who they are.

A lot of people already hate gays and too many express that  hate violently.

So by attacking an already targetted minority as he does, he is only pouring fuel on the flames of bigotry, and endangering the lives of gay Canadians.

Which is why, in the end,  I'm glad the Supreme Court is going to hear the case. If only because it's about time people were educated about what it's like to be on the receiving end of all that bigotry. How it can hurt or KILL. And why we need to draw the line somewhere.

As for Whatcott, when he rails about "sodomites in our schools," maybe he should meet 14-year-old Graeme Taylor who stood up for a teacher who was suspended for trying to stop hate speech in his classroom.

And made an appearance on the Ellen Show this week...

When I see a proud gay kid like that I feel happy.

When I see a twisted bigot like Bill Whatcott I feel DISGUSTED.

Shame on that smelly homophobe.

Good for little Graeme...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Now That It's Official:The G20 Never Happened

And the guilty will never be punished.

“Just to know that they can say ‘Yes, we know this happened, but there’s nothing we can do about it,’ ” he said.

“If they can’t do anything about it, Who can?”

I've been reading about the student protests in  Britain.

Amid more than a dozen protests, estimated by some to involve up to 130,000 students, there were isolated incidents of violence and skirmishes with police, mostly in central London.

The police tactic of penning students into a so-called kettle near Parliament Square for several hours caused anger, but appeared to contain the disorder.

And finding it all very familiar.

Critics have accused the police of using disproportionate tactics against student protesters, with particular concern over the use of kettling against young children and teenagers. A sizeable number of the crowd in central London were secondary school children, and although some were involved in violent acts against an abandoned police vehicle and a nearby bus stop, the majority remained peaceful.

You know I'd like to think that in a country where young men are the new face of poverty.

And seniors are being squeezed.

And more people than ever are hungry.

That when the Harper Cons begin swinging the axe, like they surely will. We will do like the British kids are doing, and rise up in protest.

But then I think how could that happen eh? When we live in Canada. 

Where governments get away with EVERYTHING.

Civil liberties are disposable.

The guilty are never punished.

And this never happened...

Here's to justice in Canada.

And the children's REVOLUTION...

Monsieur Bonhomme Goes to Ottawa

Sometimes a picture tells a story...

Sometimes it sends a message. Sometimes it's just ironic.

A snowman dancing in Great Oil Pimp Leader's  office, only a few days after the Con goons in the Senate crushed the Climate Change bill.

You can't buy that kind of publicity eh? 

But of course Monsieur Bonhomme's visit to Ottawa is not all good news. No doubt he was also conveying a message from Quebec City's Mayor Regis The Bombe Labeaume...

Or ELSE !!!!!

“The Conservative Party is gambling on its future in Quebec City,” Marc Simoneau, a city councillor in Quebec who is part of Mr. Labeaume’s municipal party, said in a radio interview. “… It would be the end of the Conservatives in the Quebec region. It’s clear they would be cleaned out in the next election. This is a political file above all else.”

And since they don't call Labeaume The Bombe for nothing. 

And you know what he had to say about the last guy who got in the way of his grandiose plans:

"I want him to bleed, to cry..."

And since the Cons can't pony up any dough after shafting Edmonton's plans to host Expo 2017, this is sure to end BADLY. One way or the other.

Gosh. It's so hard to be a progressive these days. These are truly the dark days of Movember.

But when I think of all the above. Ka Bombe !!!!

And I think of Stephen Harper and his Cons melting like snowmen in Quebec.

And I play my PVC pipe instrument.

I find it really HELPS... 

Michael Coren and the Bullied Kids

I'm not exactly Michael Coren's biggest fan eh? When I look at him, and hear him hiss, through the large gap in his front teeth, he reminds me of Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

Crawling around on his belly desperately looking for a ring an audience. Scary.

When I hear his plummy English, it offends my ears so much I must struggle to suppress the burning desire to scream: "STFU you limey bastard!!!!!!"

And of course I hate his homophobia.

In the clip, Mercer describes a school pic in which he's staring at another boy in his class: "I can remember, in Grade 3, being gay." To this innocent admission Coren snears: Mercer is "pathetic." How is his crush on a boy any different than any other student in the class, asks a clueless Coren. To the guy who once said gay marriage is "Canada's biggest mistake," the only difference is in our heads:

"We always treat gay people like children; their jokes have to be funny. Why can't we treat everyone in the same way for goodness' sakes."

Not just because it's so clammy, and icky, and old, and WEIRD.  But also because it seems to be compulsive.

In response to a 1994 interview question about AIDS he responded:

"Look, people are dying all over. When it was blacks in Africa dying of AIDS, no one gave a toss. Nobody gave a toss. Suddenly, it's middleclass men in California and everyone goes crazy about it. It's a double standard. I'm trying to provoke people into rethinking comfortable points of view."

It just goes on and on and on. And still he dares ask this question: 

Why is it that the love that dare not speak its name will not now shut up?

When the answer is so OBVIOUS. Because of homophobes like him, who would criticize an anti-bullying project, that's trying to stop kids from KILLING themselves. The limey slimy bastard. The nasty little gollum.

The good news? The way Cora's career is heading he'll soon be reduced to standing on top of a tall building with a megaphone, screaming hissing in all directions. "My pretties, my pretties where are you my PRECIOUSSSSSSSS?

Rick Mercer gets the last laugh:

"This is a perfect example of how it gets better, as I might have once let someone like Coren get to me, but now it doesn't affect me one bit," he responds. "I know the type of homosexual he likes: one in the Conservative party who does what they're supposed to do."

And best of all, the message of tolerance is spreading:

xZak777x: Whoa! Rick Mercer is gay!? That's so cool! :D

awagamgnalaw: holy cow Rick Mercer? that's amazing.

subinense: I didn't know Rick Mercer was gay !!! I think I was living under a rock (or in Québec) He's my new personal hero.

Cora, Cora, kiss my Dora. 

You old LOSER.

Don't you LOVE this video?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Angry Birds and the Minister's Coat

I rather like the i-pod game the Angry Birds. Where the chickens go after the pigs.

I reminds me of Stephen Harper's Canada . Except that in the game, the birds usually win.

And I must say this is one of the best representations of the Middle East Peace talks I have ever seen...

But before you laugh eh? Look what these Cons have done to our Parliament.

“Mr. Speaker, a Conservative minister attempted to extort a $5,400 designer coat from a contractor,” she cried. “A Conservative riding association president demanded a fundraiser in exchange for a public works contract. A Conservative Senate staffer promised a public works contract in exchange for money, and a Conservative lobbyist has been doling out cash around the party.”

“When,” she begged, “will the Prime Minister hand the minister his designer coat and show him the door?”

In a country where so many are hungry.

Oh boy. When will the pigs be defeated? When will the birds get angry?

When can we have an election?

Because it can't come soon enough...

Rosie DiManno and the Metrosexual Mission

Oh no. This is THE END. Rosie DiManno thinks our new mission in Kabul is going to turn our macho military into latte-sipping metrosexuals.

For Canadian combat troops and their support divisions in Kandahar, these past six years, Kabul was that mile-high mirage in the distant rear, redoubt of bureaucrats, la-la DMZ for pretend soldiers. Not one I ever met pined to be posted there. Even those sickened of life outside-the-wire, the perilous patrols and wearying village shuras, had no stomach for a politically massaged Kabul assignment.

In the pecking order of combat virility, even deployment as force protection for Canada's Provincial Reconstruction Team in Kandahar city was viewed dimly: that place with the pool, surf and turf dinners and circle-the-wagon ramparts.

As for Canadian soldiers turned into military metrosexuals: They make a nice latte in Kabul, guys.

OMG.Can you believe it? Rosie the Riveter? Once she celebrated the smell of musk in the morning. And all that sweaty manly manliness. Now she's calling them wimps. Golly. If that doesn't demoralize the troops, I don't know what will.

How could she? Does she really think that teaching Afghans to kill is easy ????

Doesn't she understand how easy it is to break a nail on a blackboard?

Doesn't she know that just getting to the office surf and turf restaurant in Kabul can be really challenging ????

Oh well. At least now we're getting a vote in Parliament.

And maybe we might have a debate. And maybe someone might ask why are we going to be spending $500-million a year, sipping lattes, and teaching Afghans to kill?

When we could be in a place much closer to home, helping these desperate people.

But then I guess Rosie would find that even less manly manly.

Onward to Kabul.


Oh what a lovely war....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why the TSA Can Touch My Junk Anytime it Wants

With all the whining about the TSA and airport security. And that stirring cry. Take your hands off my junk !!!! You faggot !!!!!  I'm an American !!!!!

Where will it end, asked John Mica, a Florida Congressman? "Shoe bomber, we had to take off our shoes; liquid, we have to take out our liquid; now we're being groped because of the diaper bomber. What's next? The proctologist, the gynaecologist?"

I couldn't help thinking about my last trip to Fortress America.

Which included a journey through the stinky bowels of La Guardia. A sprint to another terminal on a brutally hot muggy day. The second security check in two hours. And a 400-pound man who asked me if I could help him put his shoes on. Only to roll off the bench, fall on the floor, and cause me to pull a muscle in my shoulder helping him up. 

Gawd. Did I mention I was sweating like a pig?

Like so many other passengers. Apparently.

Do you think I want to go to work and place my hands between women’s legs and touch their breasts for a few hours? For starters, I am attracted to men, not women and if I was attracted to women, it would not be the large number of passengers I handle daily that have a problem understanding what personal hygiene is. Yesterday a passenger told me to keep my hands off his penis or he’d scream

Anyway, then I arrive at the small Portland airport, and I'm sitting outside taking in the quiet pastoral scene. When a loudspeaker suddenly blasts out behind me :"The Department of Homeland Security blah blah blah."

So then I'm smoking a cigarette to calm my nerves eh? And thinking this is INSANE. Only to remember this is the airport where Mohamed Atta, the ringleader of the 911 hijackers, began his fatal mission.

Which is a long way of explaining why I think I agree with this guy's naked truth.

Because I like flying and I don't like being on board a potential airborne torpedo, then I'm prepared in those circumstances to have my junk scanned or touched. I've been through both of those procedures at airports – as have many people. While I don't enjoy it, really it's so minor an issue that queuing for the security screening is a bigger inconvenience.

Because to be brutally nakedly honest,  I don't mind if anyone wants to look at my dick. I'm always trying to impress others. And if some guy wants to go down on his knees in front of me, and grope me, I don't really mind either. As long as he's gentle.

Although not TOO gentle. Because I'm easily aroused eh?

But here's the real naked truth. As long as the American Perpetual War Machine, and its little toy Canada, keep roaming the earth killing Muslims it's a sure thing that someone somewhere is going to want to do the same to us. 

And I'd hate to fall to earth through a hole in the floor of a plane, and have to spend my last seconds thinking about how those whiners are going to try to have their cake and eat it.

Of course if security is loosened even marginally, and God forbid a terrorist should later succeed in taking down a plane, then you can bet many of those Fox News commentators currently berating the TSA for being overzealous will be attacking the government for being weak on national security, as sure as night follows day.

You know, since we live in Stephen Harper's bleak Canada,  there are many good reasons to worry about our civil rights being threatened.

But this ain't one of them.

And besides didn't Rick Mercer didn't say it all?

Almost a YEAR ago?

So do I find all of this crazy? Absolutely.

But the Great War on Terror drove us crazy a long time ago. And when you make your bed.

You usually have to sleep in it...

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Religious Schools Should be Banned

As you know I believe that all schools should be secular. Not just because Adolf Hitler hated them.

But because religious schools are capable of filling young minds with the most grotesque kind of garbage.

According to a BBC Panorama investigation to be screened tonight, the Sharia law classes use textbooks which tell children that the penalty for gay sex is execution, that “Zionists” are plotting to take over the world for the Jews and the correct way to cut off the hands and feet of convicted thieves.

Gay sex is punished by execution, the schools allegedly teach. However, children are told that clerics are said to differ in whether the guilty person should be stoned, thrown off a cliff or burnt.

Other textbooks are said to ask students to list the “reprehensible” qualities of Jews and claim that Jews are transformed into pigs and monkeys.

Great eh? 

Oh yeah. One more thing. When I say that religious schools should be banned.

I mean ALL of them.

Look, I realize that there are many good religious people.

And I believe that adults should be free to choose what opium of the masses they want to swallow.

But as for religious schools, don't let children anywhere near them...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pope Benny and the Male Prostitute

When I heard that Pope Benny was going to allow condoms to prevent AIDS, I was practically paralyzed with shock. Could Benny, like some mummified grub in a musty cocoon, finally be coming alive? Morphing into a butterfly. Or in his case a human.

And then I read the bit about the male prostitute.

In the case of a male prostitute, says Benedict, using a condom to reduce the risk of HIV infection "can be a first step in the direction of moralisation, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants".

And these troubling questions came to mind.

Why is he trying to stigmatize male hookers?  Did  they kill all those straight women in Africa? Or did they die because he told their husbands condoms were sinful?

Is it shite? Is it syphilis? Is he senile? Or is it just subliminal?

And don't you love this?

"The problem was not Benedict, it was others in the Vatican who argued that if you said using condoms was OK in certain situations, it would send out the message that they were approved. This was a PR problem."

Right. A PR problem. While millions died. 

Oh boy. What is it about religion and sex that makes hypocrisy so disgusting?

A pastor who said Facebook was a “portal to infidelity” and told married church leaders to delete their accounts or resign once testified that he had a three-way sexual relationship with his wife and a male church assistant.

Miller said the dalliances — which occurred in the Millers’ home — sometimes took place during Thursday Bible study meetings and Sundays after church. But the minister said the encounters “came to a crashing halt” when several women in the church accused the assistant of having sex with them.

Gawd. Three is sinful. Four is an orgy. One more hypocritical religious fanatic in the jacuzzi and they can call it a religious experience.

But seriously, I'd love to see Pope Benny burst out of his cocoon, spread his wings, and become more human.

Because it's never too late to become a good person.

But the truth is this rubber dubber changes NOTHING.

Benny is still Benny. Chastity has driven him crazy.

And he's no butterfly...