Friday, November 05, 2010

Obama, The Sheep, and the Ugly Canadians

It was a cold, grey, fall day. All I could do was pull my hoodie over my head, stare at the Wall of  Despair. And try to figure out which story was more depressing.

This story.

America elected Obama president, and America needs a strong president -- all the more so when he's under siege. But as Republicans gear up for the fight of their lives, Obama appears to be ironing his white flag.

Because who does Obama think he is? The leader of the progressives, or the darling of the lynch mob?

This story...

Because those poor sheep seem to love freedom more than he does.

And we all know it won't be long before the ruling teabaggers start screaming how DARE they build a slaughterhouse so close to Ground Zero? #!@#!#

Or this story?

So what’s up? Pundits worry more about fundamental rights than ordinary Canadians? Average Joes are too clueless to appreciate the slippery slope we’re on? Hard times have made people mean-spirited?

Or maybe they just think he’s guilty. Either way, Canadians seem determined to make up their own minds these days.

Because goodness knows the mob is NEVER wrong.

And my conclusion? All those stories are EQUALLY depressing.

Both countries have been taken over by crazy people.

They've got their teabaggers.

And we've got our ZOMBIES...

And of course the moral of my story is... the day progressives stop acting like sheep.

Will be the day those Cons stop eating our brains.

Or slitting our throats.

And the day we finally defeat them...

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Oemissions said...

Federally, Canadians are more interested in hockey and lotteries
provincially, they made a ruckus over the HST but then... that affected their pocket books.
Saskatchewan seems to want its potash back.
How many Canadians will throw their rotting green tomatoes at Harper for giving Johnny Baird our environment?