Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Canadian Soldiers Must Choose Between Their Pensions and Their Mental Health

I've written many stories about the callous way the Con regime and the military treat our wounded soldiers.

But since nothing ever seems to be done about it, and I've seen the horror up close, I'm just going to have to keep repeating this:

Making soldiers choose between their pensions and their mental health is the absolute limit. 

Stephen Harper, the Election Timetable, and the Flying Circus

Once upon a time Stephen Harper used to attack the governing Liberals all the time by accusing them of taking too many trips on Challenger jets.

But that was then and now it's different. 

Now they're the Challenger Cons.

Even Mr Austerity likes to use them all the time...

And now Stephen Harper has taken his Flying Circus to new heights, by lending his friends his personal airbus. 

The Disgraceful Sham Apology of Sun News and Ezra Levant

Well it wasn't much of an apology. 

The Sun News network has apologized to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and declared that an “offensive” rant against his parents’ morality — which included a description of Pierre Trudeau as a “slut” — should have never made it to air.

Ezra Levant wasn't man enough to deliver it himself.

So instead it was scrolled on the screen like a public health warning...

But it did tell us all we need to know about Sun News.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Umbrella Revolution

It's an amazing sight, and an incredibly inspiring one. Tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators defying the authorities in Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong democracy protesters defied volleys of tear gas and police baton-charges to stand firm in the center of the global financial hub on Monday, one of the biggest political challenges for Beijing since the Tiananmen Square crackdown 25 years ago.

The so-called Umbrella Revolution...

But while I'm cheering the protesters on wildly, and praying for their safety at the same time.

You can be sure that Stephen Harper is shaking his umbrella at them, and cursing them loudly for threatening to rain on his parade.

Did Brian Mulroney Order the Humiliation of Ezra Levant?

Yes, according to Robert Fife:

You know, the CTV reporter who first exposed the Senategate scandal.

And if it's true it couldn't be more delicious.

Or more humiliating for Levant.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Great War on ISIS Trap

It couldn't have been a more jarring sight, or a more deeply disturbing one.

For there was Stephen Harper, back from his stunning performance as Great Mother Leader at the United Nations, where he posed as a friend of women and children, and a champion of peace.

Now in an unusually agitated state, bordering on hysteria. Rambling on about the Great War on ISIS.

Trying to make us believe that the caliphate is coming to behead us in our beds.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why Justin Trudeau is Right to Boycott Sun News

I must admit when I first saw what Ezra Levant had said about Justin Trudeau's parents, I wondered whether Justin would challenge him to a duel.

So he could do to him what he did to Patrick Brazeau...

Because Levant was there that night covering the fight live for Sun News with his reptilian colleague Brian Lilley...

And I've never seen those two Con stooges look so bitterly disappointed after it was over. It was HILARIOUS.

But what really disappoints ME is the way so many of the useless stooges in the MSM are saying that Trudeau is wrong to boycott Sun News. 

Paul Calandra and the Little PMO Monsters

Well last night I brought you the sad story of the Con clown Paul Calandra who has been turning Parliament into a freak show, with the help of the Speaker who claims he just can't control him.

And I used this graphic to try to illustrate how Calandras's insane replies to opposition questions had turned Question Period into a madhouse...

So I'm happy to report that to illustrate tonight's story all I had to do was change the bottom right panel...

Because there was the Con clown today, in the Commons, apologizing to Tom Mulcair, and crying like a baby. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Why the Con Speaker Andrew Scheer Should Resign

Ever since Andrew Scheer was appointed Speaker he has presided over the slow death of Canada's Parliament. 

He has allowed his Cons to turn it into a fascist circus. He has allowed them to get away with not answering questions, and to make a mockery out of our democracy.

The way he allowed the Paul Calandra to answer Tom Mulcair's questions about Iraq the other day with a ranting rave about Israel, and then punished Mulcair for complaining was simply outrageous.

He has allowed it to become as Michael Den Tandt writes, nothing less a banquet of idiocy.

Stephen Harper and the Screaming Voices

It was one of the weirdest most surrealistic days in the long and dark history of Harperland.

A day when all the voices in Stephen Harper's head seemed to be screaming at the same time.


And in the House of Commons madness ruled.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Peter MacKay and the Great War on Marijuana and the Police

I suppose it was too good to be true. Most things in Harperland are like that eh? 

Any good idea that sticks its head above the ground is mown down by the ghastly Cons.

So one moment I'm pleasantly surprised by the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, telling a reporter that marijuana use is not a big deal. 

“I don’t think marijuana usage is as big a deal as it used to be. It’s still vulnerable to exploitation to organized crime, but you know, less and less as it becomes more and more commercially available,” he says.

And the next moment I'm forced to endure the sight of the hapless Con Peter MacKay  claiming that the Commissioner is wrong, and marijuana is a deadly threat. 

Leona Aglukkaq's Disgraceful Con Clown Summit Show

She was Stephen Harper's designated hitter at the Climate Change Summit in New York.

And although the Con Propaganda Ministry tried to stir up media interest in her speech. 

And Leona Aglukkaq seemed to believe afterwards that she had hit one out of the park...

The sad truth is that you could fit all the reporters who actually bothered to write anything about her speech into a Volkswagen bug, with her PMO handler in the back seat blowing hot air out of every orifice. 

And far from being successful it was such a bomb, or a howler, it had the few who bothered to watch it rolling in the aisles laughing. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Utter Disgustingness of Ezra Levant

I never thought Ezra Levant could stoop as low as he did when he donned a red wig after Jack Layton died to mock his supporters.

But his recent attack on Justin Trudeau shows that he is still crawling through the gutter.

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is refusing to speak with Sun Media until the company responds to his allegation it aired an "offensive" attack against his family. 

Because let's be clear eh?

This is nothing less than political pornography...

Stephen Harper and the Day of Reckoning

Well there he was last night attending a Climate Summit dinner in New York along with his Con cousin David Cameron.

After skipping the summit itself. 

And while Cameron seems very chatty and was no doubt telling him how the Queen "purred" when she heard the Scottish referendum result. 

Knowing how much Harper loves the Queen AND cats.

Great Leader seems troubled or very far away, as if staring at his own bleak future, or wondering how he's going to dodge this one. 

The Con Speaker and the Death of Parliament

For years Stephen Harper and his Cons have been slowly killing our Parliament.

They have have debased it, they have rendered it impotent. 

They have reduced it to a scripted horror show, where every question is answered with an attack on the opposition.

But yesterday with their ghastly leader out of the country they practically finished it off.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Daddy Harper and the Climate of Fear

Well in my last post I predicted that Stephen Harper would try to use the ISIS threat to behead Canadians in their bedrooms, to maximum political advantage.

By trying to make it sound like we are in real danger, and that only a Great Strong Leader like Himself can save us.

And sure enough there he was today, sounding like Big Daddy. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Evidence That Stephen Harper is Planning an Early Election

If there was any doubt that Stephen Harper is going for an early election, maybe even sooner than most people imagine, now there can be none.

For not only is he rushing his flawed prostitution bill through Parliament.

One of Parliament’s most high-profile bills appears set to become law without major changes – as one senator says the committee considering Bill C-36, aimed at reining in the sex trade, is “highly unlikely” to call for changes. 

Even though it would make the lives of sex workers even more dangerous, and is almost certainly unconstitutional.

He's also stepping up his plans to declare war on the unions. 

Stephen Harper and the Climate Change Revolt

They marched in Canada, they marched all over world, and in New York it was one of the biggest demonstrations that city has ever seen. 

Legions of demonstrators frustrated by international inaction on global warming descended on New York City on Sunday, marching through the heart of Manhattan with a message of alarm for world leaders set to gather this week at the United Nations for a summit meeting on climate change.

More than 125 world leaders will be attending the summit meeting, answering  Ban-ki moon's call for urgent action. 

Time is running out. The more we delay, the more we will pay. Climate change is accelerating and human activities are the principal cause...Climate change is not just an issue for the future, it is an urgent issue for today. Instead of asking if we can afford to act, we should be asking what is stopping us, who is stopping us, and why?

But Stephen Harper will not be one of them.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Human Rights Museum and the Aboriginal Genocide

I see that the Canadian Human Rights Museum has finally opened its doors in Winnipeg.

Which as someone who has fought all his life for human rights, is something I would normally celebrate.

Except for the ghastly almost unbelievable fact that it doesn't recognize Canada's aboriginal genocide.

Because Stephen Harper and his disgusting Con regime won't acknowledge what was done to our precious native people. 

Scottish Independence: The Glorious Failure and the Glorious Revolution

It hasn't been easy being a YES supporter in the 48 hours since Scotland's latest glorious failure.

First there was the pain of defeat. 

Then a mob of unionist bigots descended upon them in Glasgow's George Square where they had been peacefully camping out for days...

Tossing flares, singing Rule Britannia, chanting the Orange Lodge slogan "No Surrender," or racist stuff like "Asians out."

Giving the Nazi salute...

Assaulting them, stealing their flags.

Or just acting like only some of the Protestant supremacist thugs in that city can act...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Will Mike Duffy Force an Early Election or Harper's Early Resignation?

A few days ago I told you that I honestly believe that Stephen Harper is preparing for an early election to try to avoid the trial of Mike Duffy.

In case the trial should start soon enough to be a factor in the next election campaign.

And some of my friends said they thought I was pushing it, that he just wants to be ready so he can strike ANYTIME.

And they may be right. He may be looking for a war so he can pose as a Great Strong Leader. Or waiting for a big trial so he can pit the rabble against the judiciary.

But like Scott Reid, I believe that nobody should underestimate the impact of the Duffy trial. 

The NDP Forces a Debate on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

I couldn't have asked for a better sight to pick up my sagging spirits.

In Stephen Harper's miserable Parliament, where democracy goes to die. Where there is all the time in the world to talk about war, but no time to talk about all those murdered and missing aboriginal women.

And absolutely no time or money for an inquiry into why that happened, why it keeps happening, again, and again, and again. 

And what can we do to stop this MASSACRE...

There was the wonderful sight of the NDP outsmarting the Cons and forcing a debate on the issue.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Stephen Harper's Insane and Deeply Disturbing Comeback Plan

In my last post I told you how Stephen Harper's obsession with destroying Justin Trudeau is slowly driving him over the deep end.

Making him believe that only by destroying Justin can he make himself popular again.

But he does have a Plan B.

And as Michael Harris reports, it's just as CRAZY.

The Madness of Stephen Harper and the Unusual Wisdom of Margaret Wente

According to the Ottawa rumour mill Stephen Harper is now so obsessed with Justin Trudeau, that none of his faithful flunkies dare mention Justin's name in his presence.

Lest he fall to his knees and start biting the carpet, or THEM.

And for more evidence of that all you have to do is look at the speech he delivered today at of all places the Canadian Heritage War Museum

Because it's crazy stuff. 

The Scottish Referendum and the Fatal Lesson of Quebec

Well it was a long night and a disappointing one. The YES side in the Scottish referendum didn't do as well as I had hoped it might.

Scotland will have to wait a little longer to become independent. And fear conquered hope.

Scotland voters have opted to continue as part of the United Kingdom after 307 years in an historic referendum vote, although most observers believe there will be a change in the relationship in the coming months. With just one centre of 32 remaining to report, 55.4 per cent of voters had voted No to independence, with 44.6 in the Yes camp.

But while that poor guy in the picture might not realize it for a while, there is still a lot to celebrate.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Monstrous Spy Machine

We know he loves total control. We know he rules by fear. We know he likes to muzzle his opponents.

But did you know that Stephen Harper has turned his entire government into a massive Spy Machine?

Ottawa has kept tabs on hundreds of demonstrations across Canada and around the world over the last eight years, from peaceful protests to public university lectures to riots. Newly released documents show about 800 public demonstrations and events were observed and reported on by government departments and law enforcement agencies since 2006.

And when you look at the list of those on his surveillance list it couldn't be more outrageous:

The Scottish Independence Campaign and the Velvet Revolution

And so it ended, with wild rallies all over the country. After two long years of preparations and months of feverish debate, Scotland's amazing referendum campaign is finally over.

And as I write these lines, Scots are heading to the polls to decide whether Scotland should become an independent country.

The campaign ended with a final message from the YES side urging them to take their own future in their hands, and choose hope over fear. 

Our nation is alive with energy and excitement about the future. And the collective democratic awakening in Scotland goes further and deeper than the independence movement alone. For all of this, Scotland is richer. It is this popular energy which gives confidence for Scotland’s future. Together, we can harness the passion, drive and vision that abounds in Scotland today and use it to build a better society.

It ended with a final message from the NO side warning of doom and disaster. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Use Science Against Stephen Harper

Well now that I know that Stephen Harper is planning to stay on and lead his Cons into the next election.

Unless the Duffy trial starts sooner than he is hoping.

And now that I know that despite what he said about Michael Ignatieff...

He's not here for us either, and the next election will be all about HIM.

Why Canadian Progressives Should Have Supported the Scottish Independence Struggle

With one day to go before Scotland's historic referendum vote, the excitement is building and the polls are narrowing. 

Support for the Yes campaign is increasing but it still lags just behind No on the eve of Scotland’s independence referendum, an exclusive poll conducted for The Scotsman reveals today. 

The Yes vote stands at 48 per cent compared with 52 per cent for No, when the undecided voters are excluded, the survey of more than 1,000 voters by ICM found.

And the fact that the YES side is still standing, let alone so close to victory, is truly amazing.

Considering the campaign of fear that has been waged against them. And the way they have been shafted by the media. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why Stephen Harper is Terrified of Mike Duffy

It's taken a long time, but Mike Duffy's trial process has finally begun, and you can be sure that Stephen Harper must  be absolutely terrified.

Especially after Duffy's lawyer said Harper could be called to testify. 

Suspended senator Mike Duffy’s lawyer will not rule out calling Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a witness, as his client’s fraud case goes to trial.

After petitioning the court Tuesday morning to set the earliest possible trial date for his client, Donald Bayne said the defence is “considering any potential witness. It’s too early to rule anything out.” 

And Ol' Duff is doing what he can to try to make sure the trial could have a BIG impact on the next election.

Stephen Harper and the Start of the Next Election Campaign

Well there he was yesterday, kicking off the new session of Parliament, not in the House of Commons, but at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

Strutting across a stage in front of a giant Canadian flag, and the Con seals in his caucus. 

Looking like a used car salesman, or an American televangelist.

Promising tax cuts for the faithful at an election-style rally. 

David Cameron and Scotland's Butterfly Rebellion

Well there he was today, David Cameron, the leader of Britain's savage Con regime.

The Prime Minister who has inflicted the most pain on the British people since the bestial Margaret Thatcher.

Trying to bully the Scottish people into voting NO by threatening them with a "painful divorce." 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stephen Harper's Insane and Treasonous FIPA Deal

I've already written what I think about Stephen Harper's sellout trade deal with China.

I've called it the worst deal this country has ever signed. An act of treachery if ever there was one.

But even that isn't enough. For what can you say about a document that even the conservative columnist Diane Francis has called the worse deal since the one Neville Chamberlain made with Hitler. 

Indiana Harper and the Doomed Return To Parliament

Twas the night before Parliament, and at 24 Sussex Drive not a creature or a mouse rat was stirring.

Except in the dark basement where Stephen Harper was planning his triumphal  return, after his golden photo-op summer.

And no doubt rehearsing his new role as Indiana Harper or Great Explorer Leader. The man, who in his mind at least, led the successful search for the Franklin expedition.

As I'm sure you remember...

But sadly for him I fear his flight voyage of fancy will be short-lived. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Harper Regime and the Buying of the Next Election

We know how many millions the Cons have spent on their ghastly porky propaganda designed to brainwash us into believing that Stephen Harper is a great leader.

And that they are a great government instead of the worst one in Canadian history.

We know how much of our money Harper has spent pursuing the ethnic vote, in Ukraine, Israel, and soon China.

Even if that means selling this country down the river.

But when you see how much money they spent trying to buy votes on this summer's BBQ circuit it's absolutely shocking. 

The Scottish Referendum and the Attack of the NO Side Bullies

There couldn't have been an uglier sight. Thousands of members of the anti-Catholic Orange Lodge marching through Edinburgh to show their support for the NO side.

Or one more representative of the NO side's attempt to bully the YES side into submission.

For by now the combined forces of Big Business, the corporate media, and the Westminster political establishment have tried everything to crush this peaceful people's revolt.

The crudest threats, the most absurd predictions of doom like this latest one...

All designed to scare people into voting NO.

And the good news is that at this point at least it isn't working. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stephen Harper and the Great Chinese Betrayal

He waited until late Friday afternoon to announce that the Cons had ratified their controversial trade deal with China. 

Hoping that most people wouldn't notice. 

Ottawa confirms it has ratified a foreign investment treaty with China, more than two years after the controversial agreement was signed, as CBC News first reported Friday. The controversial Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) will come into force on Oct. 1, said International Trade Minister Ed Fast in a news release Friday afternoon.

He couldn't even wait to see if the courts would rule it unconstitutional.

And with good reason. For it is one of the greatest sellouts this country has ever seen.

Stephen Harper: The Political Predator and the E.I. Scam

It was the PMO's Picture of the Week. Stephen Harper receiving a report on the situation in Ukraine from the brutish former Premier of Ontario Mike Harris.

In his never-ending pursuit of the ethnic vote.

Even though, sadly for him, the only ones who covered the event were his PMO flunkies.

Because even the dullards in the MSM could guess what was in that report...

But then Harper is desperate, and as The Economist reminds us, he is a political predator.