Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bubba, the NDP, and the Gun Registry

Uh oh. Duck and cover. It seems that the rabid homophobe and gun nutter Garry Breitkreuz is channeling Charlton Heston. Again. 

Why are the police chiefs so strident in their quest to keep the registry in place? They won’t admit it, but it appears they don’t want Canadians to own guns. To that end, they need a database that will help them locate and seize those firearms as soon as a licence or registration expires.

When law enforcement managers try to write the laws they enforce, history has taught us we risk becoming a state where police can dictate our personal freedoms.

Can you believe it? One of the slobbering followers of the crazed tin pot dictator Stephen Harper standing up for OUR personal freedoms. Posing as a crime fighter while attacking the police. And so soon after this ugly and cowardly  incident.

Gawd. No wonder they call him Bubba Bratwurst eh?

But then why should we be surprised?

“In the Fifties, buggery was a criminal offence. Now it’s a requirement to receive benefits from the federal government.” Garry Breitkreuz, National Post, Nov. 21, 2000

“Breitkreuz says the fundamental question of fetal rights must be determined before Parliament can address what he calls “the atrocities now occurring” in the field of reproductive technologies.” – Star, Feb. 12, 2001

Because when a bratwurst screams "buggery" and a Con porker shouts "police state" you KNOW we're in trouble eh?

The surprising and depressing part is that some in the NDP are willing to play footsie with gun nutters and bigots like Bubba Bratwurst.  To defend the "sacred right" not to fill out a form. Even if it KILLS Canadians.

Instead of standing up for what's RIGHT no matter what it costs them. Like the great Tommy Douglas did during the War Measures Act.

Oh boy. I hate this manufactured debate. I believe in a united left. I hate to see us fighting ourselves when we should be joining forces to fight the hideous Cons. I'm very partial to the NDP, I love Jack Layton, I voted for his wife in the last election.

But sadly if the NDP finds itself in this unfortunate position. 

They shouldn't blame the Liberals for standing up for principle. They have only themselves to blame.

Do the right and decent thing thing Jack. The crazy gun nutters aren't interested in compromise.

Whip your caucus, defend the gun registry.

And then everybody TOGETHER.

Vroom. Vroom.

Defeat the REAL enemy...


Cartoon: Ed Corrigan The Star.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Jack Layton and the Gun Registry

Golly. Tell me it's a nightmare. Could that really be Jack Layton preparing to shoot down the gun registry?

Just because he won't whip line up the ducks in his caucus.

His refusal to whip his caucus, as Michael Ignatieff  has done with the Liberals, virtually assures the motion will fail and Bill C-391, which was introduced by Tory MP Candice Hoeppner to end the long-gun registry, will succeed.

Because if the excuse is that Bill C-391 is a Private Member's Bill, excuse me while I pick up my humble pea shooter, and shoot that one full of holes.

(1) The bill to kill the gun registry is not a Private Member's Bill. It's a government bill, whipped by the Cons, and if they can whip their caucus so can you Jack.

(2) Even if it was a PMB, killing the registry could kill Canadians, so there is only one RIGHT way to vote. If it was a bill about human rights would you whip your caucus? Of course you would. Well this one's about human lives so you know what to do.

(3) If this compromise you suggest is any good, then it should be good enough for your caucus. And you should tell them to support the registry or stay at home.

(4) You know why Stephen Harper wants to kill the registry, even though it's effective. 

“Instead of driving for solutions, he has used the issue to drive wedges between Canadians. Instead of reaching out, his party is running radio ads vilifying urban registry supporters as the enemy. They’re stoking resentment as a fundraising tool to fill their election war chest.”

So why would you cave in the face of that kind of pressure? Let them threaten the lives of police officers, paramedics, and ordinary citizens. And let them turn our country into Amerika.

(5) You're wrong about this:



Because if the gun registry is killed there will be the biggest backlash this country has ever seen. The Cons and their goomba stooges will feel our righteous wrath the most. But although you are a decent man you will also feel it, for burying the NDP as a party of principle.

So do the right thing Jack. I know you can.

Because as this nurse says it's all about saving lives.

And whatever the gun nutters, or those too lazy, ignorant ,or paranoid to fill out a form say.

It's all about the women...

You see Jack, I just can't forget them, or the kind of less violent Canada their loved ones tried to build by working for a gun registry.

Some things are more important than just politics.

And I will REMEMBER...

Glenn Beck, the Sugar Daddies, and the Wolves

Sometimes when I look at what's going on in the United States these days it looks like a klown show. And I howl with laughter.

I mean really? A deranged radio talk show host, with a history of substance abuse, who believes the black President is a racist,  takes over a memorial to Abraham Lincoln, declares himself the reincarnation of Martin Luther King Jr, and pleads for a religious rebirth?

While the crass redneck Sarah Palin tells the crowd of white and crazy-looking tea baggers, they have been called to restore the honour of America. And screeches "Look around. You're not alone. You are Americans !!!"

Oh stop it. You're KILLING me. Muahahahaha.

But then I remember that almost twenty per cent of those Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. The Great Black Hope is on the ropes. The economy is sagging...like the Hindenburg.

I'm reminded of those who are pulling the strings of this "grass roots" movement.

There’s just one element missing from these snapshots of America’s ostensibly spontaneous and leaderless populist uprising: the sugar daddies who are bankrolling it, and have been doing so since well before the “death panel” warm-up acts of last summer.

The country will be in for quite a ride should these potentates gain power, and given the recession-battered electorate’s unchecked anger and the Obama White House’s unfocused political strategy, they might.

And I fear for America and I fear for us. Because the same forces that are trying to turn that country into a jungle are at work in ours. 

Which is why when I look at the Glenn Beck klown show I'm with this guy.

Beware the Anti-King, a howling wolf that shreds truth like so much floss on a werewolf's fang. And do repent. For the end is near.

Because when you add it all up this is what it says eh?

The United States is imploding. The madness is growing. Just like it is here.

And the wolves are at the door......

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Gun Registry and the Great Divider

This is the place I came from. I sometimes call it a town, but it's really just a village.

I took this picture standing in a field full of sheep. Baaaaa. A couple of days before, I assisted at the birth of a cow. Mooooo. And when I was a boy I saw farmers protect their animals with guns. Bang. Bang.

So now that I'm living in a city I think I can safely say, I know both sides of the Great Urban Rural Divide.

And because I love both sides. How could I not? It really really pisses me off to see how Stephen Harper and his ugly Cons are using the gun registry to divide Canadians.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper rarely got through a speech here during his five-day tour of northern Manitoba and the territories without mentioning the crucial vote over whether to abolish the registry scheduled for when Parliament resumes in September.

And I hate how the debate is being framed.

Rural voters, the vast majority of whom are white, don’t understand why people in cities want further restrictions on their way of life and a culture that is under threat as Canada becomes ever more urban and multicultural.

I just don't buy it. City folk don't want to torture country folk, or take away their guns. People who live in the country know what community means better than most. And are perfectly capable of filling out a form and registering their guns just like they register their cars.

Because they're not dumb eh? Gun crime and domestic violence are a problem in rural areas just like they are in cities. And so is suicide.

“As a rural emergency physician and coroner, I can safely say that I’ve never seen a handgun injury. I have however seen my share of injuries and deaths inflicted by rifles and shotguns. I have felt the pain of investigating a double murder-suicide as a result of escalating domestic violence. Suicide, contrary to public opinion, is often an impulsive gesture. Keeping guns away from depressed people is essential.

In the assaults and murders I have seen that have involved guns, the perpetrators acted on impulse and the unsafely stored long gun was readily available. Gun-related injury is not just a Toronto problem that involves gangs. It has occurred in my small idyllic rural community and involved people that would otherwise seem quite normal. Registration of firearms is important to ensure accountability and compliance with safe storage.”

So when doctors, and nurses, and police officers and women's groups support the gun registry, both the rube country boy and the city slicker dweller in me agree: it's a good idea eh?

And I support the people who are trying to make us ALL safer.

As Toronto Police Chief William Blair, who heads the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs, told the Star, “Frankly I don’t tell hunters how to hunt. I’m not sure why hunters want to tell the police what we need or don’t need to do our jobs.”

And that's all I'm going to say. 

Except that I'll always be proud to be a country boy.

This debate over whether to fill out a form is totally absurd, totally manufactured, and verging on MADNESS.

A man who would defy reason, endanger lives, and pit Canadian against Canadian just to win votes, isn't fit to be Prime Minister. 

We need a Great Divider in this country like we need a gun shot wound.

And the sooner he is defeated the BETTER...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Con Canada and the Madness of Stephen Harper

I know people say I go on and on about the madness that is Stephen Harper's government.

But what else can you say about a government that when called upon to defend its insane decision to gut the long form census, can only summon these kind of witnesses?

A guy who admits he's never even seen one, a farmer who doesn't know what he's talking about.

James Henderson, a farmer who also spoke in favour of scrapping the mandatory long-form census, said the process was not only burdensome, but also costly.

Under further questioning, however, it emerged that it was not the long-form census but the census of agriculture that required the services of accountants to complete. That census remains mandatory.

And a radio talk show host who doesn't know why he's there.

Hey the politicians must be desparate. I have been “invited” to appear at the Industry Committee in Ottawa about the census long form. Why?

Or how about Our Lady of the Rednecks, Candice Hoeppner, who is trying to kill the gun registry and says an RCMP report, the Cons are concealing, won't make any difference.

“I don’t believe any of these reports make any difference whatsoever,” said Ms. Hoeppner. “It’s been years of mismanagement and waste and there’s not going to be a report that changes our minds.

Because hey she may be an ignorant redneck, and as dumb as a spoon, but she knows better. So there.

And then of course, there is Stephen Harper claiming he is nation-building, even as the country shrinks.

During Mr. Harper’s visit, a huge chunk of ice, estimated to be the size of Bermuda, fell off the country’s largest remaining ice sheet, on Ellesmere Island.

Or claiming he wants to save the Inuit AND the belugas.

When in fact he's planning to drown them all in a sea of oily goodness.

I mean what can you say about that eh?

Except that this beluga must be really disappointed.

Because it was love at first sight. But now he says Harper can forget about rubbing his blow hole, and blow himself instead.

And of course I agree. I'm just sickened by what these Cons are doing to my country. And I'm worried about what that  tin pot dictator might do next to try to fool Canadians into thinking he's a nation builder...and almost human.

Because at this point I believe he's capable of ANYTHING.

So if I lived in Saskatchewan I'd be REALLY worried...

Golly. You know I always knew the madness was incremental.

But when is enough ENOUGH?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Day Stephen Harper Went Wild

Uh oh. I knew it had to happen sooner or later. Stephen Harper would get away from his handlers, and declare himself the Lord Porker of Canada.

When asked if he had a licence to drive an ATV, especially on a runway, Harper said, "I think I make the rules."

He was clearly very pleased.

And who can blame him eh? He may be driving the country into The Abyss. He may be increasingly despotic and irrational.

But he knows all he has to do is pretend he is half human, play the piano, or dance for a majority.

Although his dance may have been unscripted, Evans said it is part of Harper’s ongoing efforts to soften his public image. Much like his warbling Beatles’ cover, the moment gives the Prime Minister a folksy, everyday charm. “It’s all part of image-making.”

And the pathetic media in this country will just suck it up.

When the prime minister returned, he took off his helmet and took a few questions for the journalists who asked him if he had fun.

He smiled shyly, like a little kid who had just been around a Go-Kart racing track.

Like these little guys...

Because why bite the hand that's strangling suckling you eh?

Gawd. As if encouraging a man like Stephen Harper to be impulsive is a good thing.

When he's preparing to declare war on the Russians, clubbing reason like a seal.

And he'll do ANYTHING for a majority.

Even it if KILLS Canadians.

As front-line physicians in emergency departments, we regularly witness the horrific injuries and deaths that result from firearms. Our membership has instructed CAEP to vigorously support efforts to reduce the tragic human toll associated with firearm misuse by opposing the repeal of the long-gun registry

Oh boy. What can I do eh? 

As my country slowly turns into an insane asylum..... or a giant prison..

Except crank up the volume, and send the Cons and our stooge media this message:

Lord Porker is a maniac.

The day of redemption is coming.

And of course FUCK YOU...


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stephen Harper and the War on Russia

OK look... I understand that in Stephen Harper's Con Canada we live in a bizarre and sinister state of alternate reality. And that our crazed leader is always declaring war on someone.

Women, gays, the census, the civil service, scientific facts, the invisible criminals, the list goes on and on.

But this is insanity.

Thanks to the rapid response of the Canadian Forces, at no time did the Russian aircraft enter sovereign Canadian airspace."

The Harper Government has ensured our Forces have the tools, the readiness and the personnel to continue to meet any challenges to Canadian sovereignty with a robust response.

Golly. Duck and cover. Is Dimitri Soudas suggesting that if our jets hadn't "intercepted" those Russian planes they'd be circling over Ottawa, probing our Parliament over and over again, or preparing to drop the Big One?

Why is he trying to scare Canadians in to buying a new jet with one engine, that is incredibly expensive and practically useless?

How "robust" is our response going to be when the only countries threatening our sovereignty are the United States and Denmark? Quick call Copenhagen and tell them to hide the mermaid before we MELT her !!!

Are these deranged, and criminally irresponsible Cons prepared to whip up anti-Russian feelings to flog a plane of dubious value, and win a few more moron votes? By taking us back to the days of the Cold War.

The Russian presence was a timely opportunity for the Prime Minister’s Office to once again subvert diplomacy to the interests of domestic politics.

To speak in the style of a wannabe Top Gun is not grown-up government.

Are these wannabe warriors  now so corrupted that they would do ANYTHING to stay in power? Does Stephen Harper think he's Napoleon? Because when the voices in his head are fighting the Russians he can't play Stalin? 

Is he stroking the shiny parts of  the theocons in his rabid Christianist base who believe their Messiah won't return until they go to war with the Russians?

At the Battle of Gog and Magog...

The battle the porker wingnut Charles McVety is always going on about.

And why do these Cons take us for IDIOTS... with short memories?

The military officers I was talking to yesterday were full of kudos for Defence Minister Peter MacKay for a move that one described as “playing the media like a finely-tuned fiddle.” The officer was referring to the breathless Canadian news media coverage of the flight of two Russian bombers that were “intercepted” by Canadian CF-18s … Yesterday’s incident prompted some amusement at NDHQ about how gullible some in the news media can be and how easily some journalists swallowed the government’s bait hook, line and sinker.

Oh boy. Some things are for sure eh?

This country is in real trouble. The Cons will do anything to try to win moron votes.

The cuckoos are singing in the trees.

Stephen Harper is no Napoleon...

And of course, as I'm always pointing out eh?

With Harper and his kooky Cons declaring war on the Russians.

This could end BADLY...

Stephen Harper and the Blubber Bubba Tour

When I read that Stephen Harper had been stranded beached at The Lazy Bear Lodge.

I couldn't help thinking of this...um...illustration. That I made four years ago to mark Great Blubber Bubba Leader's waddle around the Arctic. My very FIRST photoshop.

Back then I was pretty proud of myself. Now I realize it's a little crude eh? But then so is Harper's plan to make people believe that he's a great friend of the people of the North.

I mean how could he be? Here is a political leader who has done less than NOTHING to fight global warming, even though it's destroying the Arctic faster than any other place.

Here is Big Oil's Man in Calgary with a clear set of instructions: Hey bubba, make sure we gets to suck up all that oily goodness like a Dr Pepper or yer FIRED !!!! 

Here is the leader of an oil pimp government that has yet to tell Big Oil where to get off.

“Some environmentalists and politicians in both Canada and the United States argue that oil companies that are drilling in deep water should be required to start a backup well so that it doesn’t take three months to finish a relief well in the event of a blowout. … a policy that aims to ensure a blowout doesn’t result in crude gushing for months under the sea ice.”

“Prior to the BP blowout (in the Gulf of Mexico), the (National Energy Board) was preparing to review (the policy of the same-season relief well) as companies argued it was virtually impossible to achieve, given the shortness of the drilling season in the North. Imperial Oil Ltd., Chevron Corp., ConocoPhillips Co. and BP itself all argued for a relaxation of the same-season relief-well rule.

A government that is trying to make the Russians look like a threat.

“We live in a time of renewed foreign interest in Canada’s Arctic. With foreign aircraft probing the skies, vessels plying northern waters and the eyes of the world gazing our way we must remain vigilant,” Harper said.

When the real danger comes from Harper and his friends.

"It'll mean that the people who are actually doing (the environmental assessments) will come from industry. Even the good people will have built-in biases in favour of industry," said John Bennett, executive director of Sierra Club Canada, an environmental advocacy group.

And a government prepared to do ANYTHING to help Big Oil.

New Democrats are blasting Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his failure to initiate a comprehensive review of federal rules on unconventional oil-and-gas development.

Even if it destroys the way of life of our beautiful Inuit people.

Yup. You know that...um...illustration?

My very FIRST photoshop.

I'm sure I can do better than that...

Oh well. At least it comes with the same questions.

Who needs Great Blubber Bubba Leader?

And don't  we deserve BETTER ?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the Christianist Homophobes in Leslieville...

Don't try this outside MY house.

You know what I'm saying eh?

Because these gay boys bash back. And NOBODY is going to tell us where to live or who to love.

On the other hand , if you need  to be baptized with a garden hose. Or washed. 

Because you bigots really STINK.

Come on down. Happy to oblige.

And BTW since you like to jump up and down and sing outside people's houses.

I want you to know I'd be DELIGHTED to do the same outside your church hate house...

To the good  people of that Leslieville neighbourhood: Way to go. You should be proud of yourselves. This story is going viral and you just made our country look good.

Which isn't easy in Stephen Harper's Canada.

And finally to some of the straight folk on our street, who after I asked them if I could ever expect  to see them outside our tree house one day, armed with Tiki torches.

Because I like to give them a hard time eh?

Fell down LAUGHING. 


And to the smart ass who said "Yes. But only to stop you from playing Arcade Fire's new album over and over again."


I LOVE my neighbours....


h/t Stageleft 

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Gun Registry, the Chiefs, and the Women

I'm glad to see the police chiefs of this country have sent a strong message to gun lovers everywhere. We are not Amerika. And we support the long gun registry

Despite the Con attempts to intimidate them.

And Edmonton Constable Randy Kuntz's ridiculous "survey."

Kuntz organized a straw poll of officers earlier this year through a police member's forum called Blue Line. He said 92 per cent of the 2,631 respondents to his "simple survey" voted in favour of scrapping the registry.

Which I don't believe for a moment. Because I wouldn't trust the gun lobby as far as I can spit. I trust the facts. The long-gun registry does work. It does save lives.

And when these gun nutters say it doesn't make a difference when police officers are called to intervene in some problem, I beg to differ. So do the officers who use it  14-thousand times a DAY. And so does she. 

A family contacted their local police because the father was in a depressed state and they wanted the police to remove all of the firearms from their home. Family members told the police what firearms were in the house. Local police then checked the long gun registry online, which revealed an additional 21 long guns in the home that other family members knew nothing about. Police obtained a warrant and removed all the guns.

The long gun registry costs Canadians $4.1 million a year to operate to track nearly 7 million guns — about 60 cents a year per firearm. With 100,000 women and children leaving their homes in Canada each year fleeing violence, and almost 600 missing and murdered Aboriginal women, the long gun registry is an essential national investment. Does it save lives? On the facts alone: Yes.

And quite frankly on this issue I'd rather hear from women than any other group of Canadians. Because they are so often the victims.

Women have the most to lose if the long-gun registry is abandoned. During domestic violence calls, police use the registry to check if a long-gun is on site. Statistics from the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee found firearms to be present in 47% of domestic homicides in 2007. A woman is 12 times more likely to be murdered if a gun is involved in domestic violence, and the guns most commonly used in domestic violence are long guns, not handguns.

There is a problem with the registry because the Cons have been encouraging gun lovers not to register their guns, so the data is being compromised. We're losing track of guns all over the country.

But the answer is to crack down on those too dumb, too lazy, or too paranoid to fill out a form.

Not throw out a useful tool, and turn our country into Amerika.

I admit I want to discourage gun use in Canada. Especially in urban areas. I hate societies full of weapons. I hate the fact that they threaten police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and ordinary citizens.

And some of the people I love.

But most of all I hate what they do to women.

And I will not FORGET...


P.S. Gun lovers please spare me your comments. I was willing to argue with you to try to find a compromise. But you wanted all or nothing. So you can have NOTHING...

Rex Smurphy, the Mosque, and the Street Car

As you know I am not a fan of Rex Smurphy. I consider him a ghastly tea bagger who regurgitates Con talking points out of every orifice in his tiny body.

An absurd climate change denier and Harper Tweedle Dumb whose apparent popularity makes me wonder whether this country is populated by idiots easily impressed by big words.

And this recent column in the National Post made me want to vomit.

Because it was so outrageously bigoted and ignorant. And the last thing we need in this country.

So you can imagine how I felt when Sébastien called me up at work and told me a streetcar had hit a car, right in front of the Harbourfront Starbucks.

It happens all the time when cars try to take a short cut across the raised track.

But guess who was in this car?

The little nit himself. And his buddy on the left, who was apparently the driver.

Now I don't know how it happened, or who was to blame, because Seb only heard a loud bang. And I'm glad nobody was hurt. Although hundreds of street car users were no doubt grossly inconvenienced. 

But since the streetcar WAS on a designated track, I'm sure it was embarrassing enough...

(click pic to enlarge)

And after taking a close look at this shot, I have to say the police officer doesn't look like the kind of guy who would be impressed by big words.

Oh boy. How I wish I had been there. *Bang* #$@&!!!

Vuvuzela please.

Hey Smurphy. You Con klown . Isn't it time you RETIRED? 

And on that happy day, don't let the streetcar hit you on your way out.


P.S. Sébastien takes about thirty per cent of the photos in this blog...including some all of the best ones. I don't give him enough credit , but tonight he gets the OSCAR...

Exposed !!!! Sun Media and the Bogus Story

Since I consider Kory Teneycke's Sun Media to be the squawking pie hole of Stephen Harper's PMO, this front page attracted my attention. Like a dead squirrel on the sidewalk would.

I really needed to know what  the Cons are telling us they're not telling us eh?

And when it comes to promoting xenophobia, what's the difference between a survey and a sample?

So it seems that this was not, in fact, a "secret government survey," but a review of a sampling of files from Sri Lankan nationals, some of whom were formerly found to be Convention refugees, who now want to sponsor family members to come to Canada. No weighting was done, and no claim has been made that the findings are representative of the total population. In fact, as far as CBSA is concerned, it "must be considered anecdotal in nature."

And of course, why are they doing this? Promoting xenophobia and  making it sound like a small group of desperate refugees is a huge problem. When it isn't.

Canada doesn’t have a Tamil “problem,” whatever critics of our refugee system may say about the arrival here of the cargo freighter MV Sun Sea with some 500 asylum-seekers. We processed 34,000 refugee claims last year; these arrivals won’t overtax the system.

And then I read this story.

Another headline topic was asylum-seekers: the 3000 or so people who claim refugee status in Australia every year, mostly after arriving by boat via Indonesia. This has been a powerful leitmotif in the national discourse since the 2001 election, which saw Howard score an historic victory after turning away the Tampa, a Norwegian tanker carrying shipwrecked Afghans and Iraqis.

A former minister in the Howard government, Abbott has shamelessly exploited the issue in recent weeks, vowing to “stop the boats”, and promising to re-open a Howard-era detention centre on the remote South Pacific island of Nauru.

And since it apparently worked for Abbott,  now I'm thinking could those morally degenerate Cons be trying to whip up a little xenophobia and racism for their own electoral purposes? Could they really go that low?

And the obvious answer is yes they could, because they would do ANYTHING to win votes.

And Fox News North would do ANYTHING to please them.

So they can get a juicy TV license.

Even though they clearly don't deserve one, since they can't tell the difference between a survey and a sample. And they're just a squawking pie hole of the PMO.

So now I'm thinking who does Stephen Harper think we are?

And how soon can we get rid of these monstrous Cons?

Before they corrupt us ALL...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why Do the Cons Want to Kill Canadians?

I used to think that Tony Clement looked out of place in this family photo of the Boys in the PMO.
I thought he was just a goofy gopher and Boss Harper fart catcher who does what he's told.
But after reading this story I've changed my mind.
Last fall, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, after months of intense, private talks, agreed to face the media together to declare their agreement that research shows the “benefits” and “positive impacts” of supervised injection sites for intravenous drug users.
The proposed joint media release was never issued. Nor did the RCMP officers and the centre’s doctors appear together for their planned news conference. According to Montaner, two days before the scheduled event last December—after a venue had been booked at the University of British Columbia and “the banners were ready”—he received a telephone call from Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass, the most senior RCMP officer in British Columbia. “He said, ‘Julio, can’t do it,’ ” Montaner recalls.
 “I said, ‘What do you mean, Gary?’ He said, ‘I’m really sorry, I’ve been ordered not to go ahead with the news conference.’ ” Montaner says Bass made it clear that the order came from RCMP headquarters in Ottawa.
Now I think Clement and his foul Cons should be ARRESTED for putting their evil ideology before the lives of Canadians.
Because let's be clear. Tony Clement may call it an "abomination." But Insite is a smart and wonderfully human idea.
It's supported by the people of British Columbia.
It does help some of our poorest and most desperate citizens.

It does save lives.
And any government that is willing to hurt or kill its own people to please its ignorant, rabid base, is an absolute ABOMINATION. And must be removed from office as soon as possible.
Oh boy. I know I'm always asking the same questions eh?
But why are the Cons always trying to turn the RCMP into their own private security force?When is ideology murder?
And when is enough ENOUGH?

The Muzzled Mountie, the Butterfly and the Bag

I'm not a hunter eh?  I have this thing about life. But Stephen Harper's Canada is a jungle, and after reading this.

Reporter: There are allegations that you are trying to appease the Conservative government.

Elliott: They are absolute and positive fiction. There is not one iota of truth in that. The media and others just made this up. It's not true, it's not true, it's not tr

And then this.

The plain truth is Cheliak’s abrupt ouster, on an improbable pretext, makes both Harper and Elliott  look bad, and is bound to further demoralize the RCMP rank and file.

I have to admit that I was seized by an irresistible desire to shoot something. ANYTHING. 

Because it's better than shooting yourself eh?

So I did.

I crawled through the long grass. I raised my weapon.

And fired.

It was horrible. But I had to. It was far too beautiful not to be shot.

And besides I had to find SOMETHING to make me proud to be a Canadian.

Thirty-five years after Ontario scientists Fred and Norah Urquhart famously discovered the monarch butterfly's winter refuges in the mountains of Mexico, Canadian researchers have unlocked one of the lingering mysteries surrounding the insect's annual migration.

Because let's face it, when you live in Con Canada that's not easy.

But then felt empty inside. I just HAD to shoot something else.

So I thought YES. Heh heh heh. Never mind  the majestic Monarch butterfly.

How about  the majestic plastic bag?

Yes. I MUST shoot those plastic bags. Or get myself a vicious teacup Yorkie. Because if Harper ever gets a majority I'm planning to swim to Hawaii.

And getting stranded on a stinky island of plastic garbage would be almost as bad as living in Con Canada.

Oh well. What else can I say eh?

Except I find trying to stay cheerful helps a bit.

Thank goodness for small mercies beauties.

And if I can't have an election.Tomorrow.

To make our country beautiful again. 

By sending Stephen Harper and his Cons on an amazing journey back to the nasty jungle pig pen they came from.

Gimme some INTERVENTION !!! 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stephen Harper and Our Broken Country

There he was today handing out porky money like a mobster, trying to buy votes with our tax dollars. I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

Just bring me the bloody head of the gun registry.

"Let me assure you the jobs we are creating in this announcement today will absorb any job losses in the firearms centre many times over," Harper said.

Show me some respect, or I'll whack you.

Their supposed political crime? To argue their case too forcefully, or to adopt a position frowned upon by the Harper government. Their punishment? In some cases, a pink slip. In others, banishment.

Oh boy. At least the victims are being remembered from one end of the country to the other.

But who will shed some tears for our broken country?

The latest numbers also tell the familiar story of the east/west divide. That poll shows the divide become more entrenched, with the Conservatives enjoying a huge lead in Western Canada and the Liberals carving out a lead, which Mr. Graves characterizes as “less impressive,” in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic.

Ever since he came to power Stephen Harper and his Cons have pitted Canadians against Canadians. West against East, North against South, urban against rural, university educated against college educated, women against men, the old against the young.

Now even as the Great Divide has never been greater, our country more broken, he's shunning Quebec. 

“I knew they were discounting Quebec for political prospects, but hadn’t realized it had become a complete shunning,” a senior Liberal strategist told The Globe Wednesday morning.

So he can campaign against  the separatists the Québécois in the next election. Because when he uses the word "Coalition" that's what he means. 

Our country was built by the genius of compromise, and confrontation will tear it apart. But Harper doesn't care.

Because he hates Canada and its values sooooo much. 

And it's all about HIM...

The miserable, twisted, evil political THUG.

What has he done to our beautiful country?

Are you ready for an election?

Are you ready for an UPRISING?