Friday, May 31, 2019

The Day Justin Trudeau Lectured Mike Pence On Women's Rights

Earlier today I wrote about how Andrew Scheer and his Cons had shown their contempt for the rights of women.

By failing to support a motion affirming a woman's right to control her own body. 

With reproductive rights under assault south of the border, members of the Canadian House of Commons rose in a standing ovation to affirm support for a woman’s right to choose — that is, except the Conservatives.

So I was horrified to see that Mike Pence, one of those most responsible for the U.S. War on Women, was visiting Canada.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Mark Carney Farce

When Justin Trudeau took over the Liberal Party he got rid of a lot of dead wood. The good old boys who had turned the party into a private club.

The ones who spent more time fighting each other than they did fighting the Cons, and have spent most of the time since they were bounced plotting to overthrow Trudeau.

With some of those ghastly old boys apparently having now decided that the man to replace him should be Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England.

The Day The Cons Lost The Abortion Battle

Ever since he became Con leader I have been warning that Andrew Scheer is a political leader unlike any this country has ever known.

Warning that he is a scary religious fanatic who does not believe in a woman's right to control her own body, and that his anti-choice views are so extreme they are more American than Canadian.

A few days ago I revealed how he reacted when the pioneering abortion doctor Henry Morgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Not So Great Economist Leader

Who can forget how Stephen Harper tried to fool us, or brainwash us, into believing that he was a Great Economist Leader.

And how it all ended in dismal failure. 

But now Andrew Scheer is trying to make us believe that he too can be a Great Economist Leader.

And he's also heading for disaster, and looking like an idiot.

Fighting Back Against the Con Smear Machine

With less than five months to go before the election, one thing at least seems clear to me. 

The Cons are not only leading in the polls. 

They're winning the propaganda war, by not only smearing Justin Trudeau with their own filthy attack ads.

But also by receiving the support of conservative groups like Ontario Proud and Canada Proud.  

When Can't You Call A Nazi a Nazi?

Far right wing extremists may be crawling out of the woodwork all over world including Canada.

They may be racist, anti-semitic, anti-gay, and in many cases ultra violent, but please don't call them Nazis.

They'd rather be called white nationalists, or identitarians, or yellow vested patriots or whatevers.

Which has some progressives wondering when can you call a Nazi a Nazi?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Will Doug Ford Cost Andrew Scheer's Cons the Next Election?

When Doug Ford became the premier of Ontario, Andrew Scheer was so excited he treated him like his new best friend forever.

It was going to be the Great Alliance, with the two Cons vowing to work together to defeat Justin Trudeau and his satanic carbon tax.

And Scheer seemed to believe that Ford could deliver unto him all the Ontario seats he needed for his glorious, Godly, majority.

But now not so much.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Ghastly Return of Jody Wilson-Raybould

I  thought we had seen the last of her for a long long time. I thought she had been swallowed up by the obscurity she so richly deserves.

I thought she would take the clattering pans of her fake scandal and bang them in a place where no decent person could hear her. 

I thought she might be ashamed at the damage she has done to this country.

But I was wrong, she has no shame, and believe it or not, Jody Wilson-Raybould is back !!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Abortion Question

Andrew Scheer has always tried to avoid saying anything that might reveal how he really feels about the abortion question, and the rights of women. And with good reason.

For if Canadians knew how much of a hardline social conservative he is most of them would be appalled.

But it's getting harder for Scheer to avoid talking about abortion, now that some of his fellow SoCons in the U.S. are on a holy fascist rampage. 

And since so many of his MPs recently attended an anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill, Scheer is now clearly on the defensive.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Great Trump Tariff War

Justin Trudeau hasn't had much to celebrate recently. The economy may be booming, the unemployment rate is better than it has been for 40 years.

But the Schmearmongering Cons and their stooge media have given him no credit, preferring  to concentrate on one fake scandal after the other.

And the toxic Trudeau haters are forever trying to smear him and bring him down. 

So he must have really enjoyed this moment.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Con's Climate Emergency Fiasco

As I said about ten days ago, when heavy flooding in the Ottawa area forced Andrew Scheer to admit that climate change was real, I knew it was all over, for him and his Cons.

I knew that having admitted it was a problem, but having no solution, except to scream at the Trudeau government's carbon tax, was going to cost them. Big Time.

And sure enough when the Liberals moved to declare a climate emergency, Scheer began to panic.

And started saying the craziest things.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Is Doug Ford Even Worse Than Mike Harris?

I didn't live in Toronto when Mike Harris and his Cons ruled Ontario from 1995 to 2002.

But I heard about the damage him and his "Common Sense Revolution" did to the province, and how it took a decade to recover. 

And how many poor and vulnerable people never did, because they were buried in the rubble of his brutish regime.

So I never thought I'd hear somebody who lived through those grim Con years say this.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Fake Scandal That Wasn't

As we all know, Andrew Scheer likes to sniff for fake scandals like a hog sniffs for truffles.

And for a very simple reason, he has nothing else, no policies, no nothing.

But while he was able to keep the SNC-Lavalin fake scandal going for twelve weeks, with the help of his shabby media stooges.

The case of Admiral Mark Norman that Scheer and his grubby Cons were trying to turn into the latest fake scandal has apparently blown up in his face.

Is This Margaret Wente's Worst Column Ever?

In the course of her long and sordid career Margaret Wente has written some terrible stories.

In her inimitable style, half click bait, half snooty Marie Antoinette.

Some written by her, some plagiarized. 

But I do believe that this could be her worst column ever.

Justin Trudeau: Climate Change Villain or Hero?

Although Justin Trudeau is doing more to fight climate change than any other Prime Minister in Canadian history, a lot of Canadians think he could be doing more.

And while that's true, he's not perfect and we should all be doing more. 

Far too many are unaware of how much the Trudeau government is already doing. 

Thanks to the toxic Trudeau haters who try to make it all about a pipeline... 

Monday, May 13, 2019

How To Explain Global Warming To A Moron like Doug Ford

I don't think it's possible to explain climate change to somebody like the brutish Doug Ford.

He's too dumb and greedy.

And as proof of that he has just released this tax payer funded ad that goes after Justin Trudeau's carbon tax.

Mr Scheer Goes To The Basketball Game

I live just a few blocks away from the Scotiabank Arena, so I'm pretty familiar with the Raptor fans who gather in the square they call Jurassic Park.

And since I'm not a basketball fan, and they're mostly very young and really noisy, and it's all happening right next to my supermarket, until very recently I considered them a nuisance. 

But not any longer.

Not since I saw how many of them reacted when Andrew Scheer turned up at a recent playoff game.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Justin Trudeau and the Con War on Women

In my last post I looked at yet another good reason to vote for Justin Trudeau's Liberals.

You know, The One. Million. Jobs. Reason. 

But today on Mother's Day, there is an even more compelling reason to do that.

The Con War on Women.

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Day The Cons May Have Lost the Election

I can't imagine what the mood at Con headquarters must have been like today.

Or how Andrew Scheer and his ex-Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall must be feeling after their ghastly gang was hit by two massive blows, that just might cost the Cons the election.

First the Admiral Norman Affair, that they had been hoping would be another fake scandal they could use to destroy Justin Trudeau, went down like a lead balloon. Or the Titanic.

And made the Cons rather than the Liberals look bad.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Is This Andrew Scheer's Biggest and Most Disgusting Lie Ever?

As we all know, or should know, Andrew Scheer is a serial liar who mangles or mutilates the truth all the time.

He's a religious fanatic who can't even respect the Ninth Commandment: 


But cheerfully uses that steaming heap of lies to fuel his depraved propaganda machine, aimed at the total destruction of Justin Trudeau. 

Even as his nose grows longer in his hideous Con horror show. 

And this latest lie surely must be one of his biggest, and most disgusting.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Andrew Scheer's Bigot Problem and the Green Wave That Isn't

In normal times, in a different Canada, a story about Andrew Scheer's monster bigot problem would be enough to end his political career.

For his bigotry couldn't be more disgusting, or more damaging.

Especially at a time when he has finally decided to tell us who is the real Scheer.

Which should be a laugh, or a scream.

But here's the really scary part.

Monday, May 06, 2019

Why Andrew Scheer Will Never Have A Climate Plan

It's been about a week since Andrew Scheer shocked many Canadians by announcing that he now believes that climate change is a real problem.

For obvious reasons. 

A few more inches of rain and he might have been floating down a river with so many others in Ontario and Quebec.

But if you remember, he never said what he might do to fight climate change.

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Doug Ford and Jason Kenney's Grotesque Love-In

It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, a chance for Jason Kenney to visit Doug Ford and celebrate Kenney's coronation as the new King of Albertonia.

And although I never thought that the meeting between the two men could be hotter than the one in the above picture.

It turns out I was wrong, for this one was even hotter !!! 

And even featured a joint appearance in a Ford Nation attack ad...

Friday, May 03, 2019

The Day Justin Trudeau Put Jason Kenney In His Place

In my last post I warned that Jason Kenney's imperial ambitions could help take this country to a very bad place.

Even if they did help re-elect Justin Trudeau. 

But when I wrote about how Trudeau should tame Kenney, I didn't know that the two would meet in Ottawa yesterday.

Or that Kenney would put on such an outrageous performance.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

How Justin Trudeau Can Tame Jason Kenney

Jason Kenney has been the unquestioned ruler of the cowboy province of Alberta for only a day, and already he is trying to break up the country.

Demanding that British Columbia give him his pipeline or else. 

Premier Jason Kenney has touched off a legal battle with British Columbia after his new Alberta government proclaimed a bill that could block oil and gas exports to the West Coast, prompting B.C. to file court action.

While so far treating his arch enemy Justin Trudeau with kid gloves.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Andrew Scheer, Hamish Marshall, and the Con Kochtopus

When I heard about that secret meeting between Andrew Scheer, his ex-Rebel campaign director Hamish Marshall, and those Big Oil billionaires, I just knew it was part of a wider conspiracy.

For one of the speakers at that meeting was once a big wheel in the Koch brothers organization, whose tentacles extend in so many directions some call it The Kochtopus.

And sure enough I was right.