Friday, May 17, 2019

Andrew Scheer and the Con's Climate Emergency Fiasco

As I said about ten days ago, when heavy flooding in the Ottawa area forced Andrew Scheer to admit that climate change was real, I knew it was all over, for him and his Cons.

I knew that having admitted it was a problem, but having no solution, except to scream at the Trudeau government's carbon tax, was going to cost them. Big Time.

And sure enough when the Liberals moved to declare a climate emergency, Scheer began to panic.

And started saying the craziest things.

First he proclaimed he would not support the climate emergency motion, unless the government made clear it wasn't just Canada's fault. 

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer won’t vote for a Liberal government motion to be tabled today on declaring a “national climate emergency” without amendments from his party that acknowledge the “global context” of emissions.

Then he called Trudeau a "high carbon hypocrite" and said Parliament shouldn't waste its time discussing climate change, when there were other more important things to debate.

Like fake scandals.

“We’re in the dying days of a scandal-plagued Liberal government and they’re using precious House time on a symbolic gesture rather than taking real action,” he said, who added that it serves as a distraction from recent controversies such as the SNC-Lavalin and Mark Norman affairs.

Which quite frankly made me question Scheer's sanity.

Then as if that wasn't crazy enough, he accused Trudeau of being an "entitled spendthrift" who was leading this country to economic disaster. Even though the economy has never been stronger.

And as Bill Morneau said, Scheer's numbers just don't add up...

And when I saw that old Con artist and serial liar Scheer claim that he could balance the budget without deep spending cuts.

That's where I drew the line eh?

Because I've heard that bullshit before, it's all lies, and enough is enough.

The Con's climate emergency plans are a fiasco. And as for the East-West energy corridor, good luck finding that one...

Climate change is the problem the Cons don't even want to solve.

And it will be the issue that destroys them...


  1. Oh, so now he's a "globalist." As for emissions, Scheer should be held to account for the noxious methane he lets loose every time he opens his mouth. I really hope Canadians are not fools, and that they do just that in October and reject the taste of his bullshit. So sick of this "Crooked Hillary" Republican ripoff crap. The planet is on fire. Justin was framed.

    1. Hi Jackie....The man is an embarrassment. He won't tell his buddies at Big Oil to restrain themselves, but he will go around the world telling other countries to reduce their emissions, or ELSE. If Canadians make him prime minister they'll be laughed at wherever they go....

  2. Anonymous12:30 AM

    And now General Vance has publicly stated that he and he alone owns the Norman situation while Scheer is whining and trying to stir up another fake scandal. And thanks to the Liberal's superior negotiation skills, the tariffs are being dropped. All in all it's not a good May two-four long weekend for the Cons. Time to head to Doug's backyard coal fired BBQ and drown their sorrows in a few to many buck-a-beers and upchuck their bile overload. What other horrific "scandals" could be lurking in the future. JT's socks are made in China? JT uses hairspray? The hairspray can claims "it felt pressured"? Oh the humanity!

    1. Hi JD...You're right, the Cons must be having a really bad long weekend. They've run out of scandals, and their attempts to keep the Norman affair on life support is truly pathetic. But thanks to the Con media they have managed to use the two Connie's scandal to give themselves a lead in the polls, so they will keep trying....

  3. I can only hope that Canadian women are paying attention to what is happening in the USA.......

    1. Hi Marmalade...I'm sure a lot of women (and men) have noticed what is happening in the USA. It's a horror show and it should serve as a warning for all of us in Canada...

  4. Why pipelines not refinery? This is the illogical argument, and behind it as most things is the truth. The Americans wont let us build refineries, cause thats where the money is.

  5. Australian election results are in. Snot Morrison's Lieberals hold onto government. EU elections are next week, predicting a wave for Nigel Fartrage and his pox populi cohorts across the continent. BTL commenters foreboding (some more cheerfully than others) an omen for Canada as the next Commonwealth country to go completely fuckbonkers as the Trumputin cancer infecting the West refuses to die. The conclusions of the unofficial autopsy report being that the voters 1) didn't care about climate change and/or -- here's the big one -- 2) were influenced by Murdoch media.

    God, I sure hope Canada proves these wankmaggots wrong. The whole point of the Nationalist International (q.v. Harper's I.D.U.) is so that, instead of ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer, you end up with identical clone Trump governments all over the world following the same authoritarian template, and the decent people have nowhere left to go.

    1. Hi Jackie....I was very disappointed by the result of the Australian election. But it's a warning for us all. The power of Big Oil and in Australia's case Big Coal can still determine the result of an election, and even with the earth burning, some can be bought for the promise of a job. Or in this country for the price of a tax on carbon...

  6. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Thanks Simon, the cartoon of Scheer searching for the East West energy corridor says so much more than the continuous stream of green house gas is our friend or mother nature is just being a little flatulent propaganda.


  7. Hi RT...I'm glad you liked that cartoon. As I grow older I'm becoming even more prudish so I wan't quite sure I should use it. But honestly, how does Scheer get away with nonsense like that? Somehow putting a pipeline in a heavily armoured corridor is going to make it more palatable to indigenous groups in B.C. or people in Quebec? Madness...