Monday, August 31, 2020

Could Street Violence Lead To A Trump Victory?

With just over two months to go before the election, Donald Trump is clearly feeling the heat.

He must be finally realizing that he could lose, and end up in a jail cell for all his crimes against America.

So over the weekend, he fired off a barrage of tweets which only served to show how desperate he must be.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Erin O'Toole and the Con Trump Cult

The other night as I watched Donald Trump's acceptance speech I was struck by how many words Erin O'Toole has borrowed from him.

Words and phrases like "Take back Canada" "cancel culture" and many others. 

It made me wonder why O'Toole would want to be Trump's parrot?  

But it does explain why he wants to dismember the CBC.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Donald Trump and Nuremberg Night in America

It was a Donald Trump production from start to finish. His Nuremberg moment on the south lawn of the White House.

It had more flags than even Leni Riefenstahl would have wanted, and more Trumpanzees not wearing masks than decency demanded, chanting "Four More Years, Four More Years."

And then there was the depraved Orange Fuhrer spouting even more lies than usual out of every orifice.

Covid-19 And The Triumph of Team Canada

For months the Cons and their shabby NDP and Bloc stooges attacked Justin Trudeau like a pack of rabid hyenas, in a desperate effort to try to undermine Team Canada's war on Covid-19.

So they could blame Trudeau for all the lives lost.

They were aided and abetted by our foul Con media, that smeared our decent prime minister over and over again, with one fake scandal after the other.

With the exception of the American owned National Post no media outlet smeared Trudeau more, and did more damage to Team Canada, than did the Globe and Mail.

So this must really have hurt.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Con Balloon Man and the Social Conservatives

In my last post I looked at how Erin O'Toole is trying to change his image.

Trying to pretend that although he was elected leader by far right extremists and religious fanatics, he's not like them.

Or rather he is like them, but he's also more moderate than Andrew Scheer. And a really nice guy.

Which is why I've started calling him Balloon Man, because he's so full of hot air.

Considering the painful position he's in...

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Ugly Two Faces Of Erin O'Toole

It was Erin O'Toole's first full day as Con leader, and he wasted no time trying to change his image, and trying to convince Canadians that they can trust him.

Only to end up showing decent people why they must NEVER trust him.

For after spending months appealing to far right extremists and social conservatives, and owing his victory to them.

This was outrageous.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Has Anyone Seen The Fake WE Scandal?

Every day for months the Cons and their NDP and Bloc stooges went after Justin Trudeau over the fake WE scandal.

With the revolting stooge media calling it the biggest scandal EVER.

They managed to damage his standing in the polls, despite all the excellent work they had done fighting the pandemic.

But that was then and this is now.

True Blue O'Toole and the Con Clown Convention

It was a horror show that began with a comedy show, when the clowns at the Con leadership convention couldn't even count the votes.

So those watching had to wait for six hours for the results, while our shabby media did their best to fill, and tried to pretend it wasn't an absolute farce. 

Which sadly revealed both their bias and their mediocrity. 

But about an hour before the results started to dribble out, the comedy show suddenly turned into a real horror show.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Andrew Scheer's Last Desperate Hours

I never expected to write a post on Andrew Scheer's last day in office. I thought after more than two years of attacking him on an almost daily basis  I was done with him.

And since I am working on a farewell video, and I have so much material I don't know where to start, I thought I would just try to ignore him.

But I just couldn't.

Jack Layton and the Message of Hope

It's hard to believe that it's now been nine years since Jack Layton died. It seems so long ago, yet I remember that day so vividly.

I was up early that day, and as I biked down by the lake where Jack liked to go biking, the sun came up a brilliant orange, and I knew he was gone.

But I'll never forget him, or his love for life, and his fighting spirit. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

Justin Trudeau's Exciting New Deal

Justin Trudeau was already going to be known as a great Canadian prime minister.

The way he defeated first Stephen Harper, and then Andrew Scheer, and the magnificent way he has managed the pandemic have earned him his place in history.

But what he is working on now, could make him the GREATEST prime minister ever.

Pierre Poilievre and the Skeleton in the Closet

It's an intriguing Canadian political mystery. Why did Pierre Poilievre suddenly drop out of the Conservative leadership race?

He was a front runner, and the darling of the Con base. He had been campaigning hard for the job, he had the organization and the money.

But just a few days before he was about to announce his candidacy he suddenly quit, citing family reasons. 

I never believed that, and now I have become aware of another possible reason, and it's truly shocking.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Covid-19 and the Smoking Gun

I was happy to be able to spend the last few days of my vacation on the Toronto islands, and go swimming for the first time this summer.

And although I was supposed to be in Scotland, visiting my parents.

And had been looking forward to getting far away from Canada, and trying to forget the horror of Covid-19, by breathing in the fresh air of the North Sea.

On a beach like this one, not far from my highland home.

But even if I had been able to go, I would have known that feeling wouldn't last long,

Because no matter how far you go, you can't get away from this monstrous killer.

For it's still all around us, it will be with us for years. And because not enough Canadians are wearing masks, or are acting like lunatics... 

It's surging again, even in places like British Columbia. 

And this fall and winter could be its most murderous season ever.

As for me my conscience is clear. My friends and I have been fighting the beast for months. 

And I've also done my best to convince people I know, and even total strangers, why Covid-19 is a deadly threat.

I carry pictures like this one of a lung ravaged by Covid around on my mobile...

As well as this picture of a tiny alveolus or air sac where you can see little blood clots sprouting like mushrooms.

Getting ready to set sail around the body, and damage  brains and/or hearts 

But most of all I have warned them about this smoking gun. 

Skeptics of the notion that the coronavirus spreads through the air — including many expert advisers to the World Health Organization — have held out for one missing piece of evidence: proof that floating respiratory droplets called aerosols contain live virus, and not just fragments of genetic material.

Now a team of virologists and aerosol scientists has produced exactly that confirmation of infectious virus in the air.

Because it changes EVERYTHING.

A research team at the University of Florida succeeded in isolating live virus from aerosols collected at a distance of seven to 16 feet from patients hospitalized with Covid-19 — farther than the six feet recommended in social distancing guidelines.

And makes wearing masks even more important.

But what chance do I and others have to change any minds, when so many Canadians are so deliberately and proudly ignorant? 

And most of them are filthy Cons:

Political affiliation is also correlated with a person’s categorization in the Index. Past CPC voters are four-times more likely to be Cynical Spreaders than those who voted for the Liberal Party or New Democratic Party in 2019.

Who not only satisfied with trying to destroy this country with their ghastly fake scandals, are now trying to kill as many people as possible.

And that's where I'll leave it, with this final warning.

Unless we can flatten the curve, and the filthy Cons, tens of thousands of Canadians could soon be taking a trolley to the morgue...

I hope and pray that won't happen, but from what I know and see I can't see how it can be avoided.

I can't see how anyone with a serious respiratory problem is going to survive for long.

And yes, if it does happen, it will have been  preventable...

I hope all the readers of this blog are safe, and I just want to say I'm happy to be back with you.

Please enjoy the last days of summer, because it's dying too.

And it like life itself, is too precious to be wasted... 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Andrew Scheer's Foul Legacy of Hate

In my last post I looked at some of the ways Andrew Scheer poisoned politics in Canada, during his two years as Con leader.

How he debased our parliament with his bigotry, his ugly attack ads, his never-ending lies, his American values.

And of course how his obsessive hatred for Justin Trudeau couldn't have been more diseased or more disturbing.

Or more dangerous.

Andrew Scheer's Monstrous Last Question Period

I went to a lot of trouble to make sure I didn't miss Andrew Scheer's last Question Period as Con leader.

I wondered whether on this last day he might show some class, and raise himself out of the gutter where he has spent the last two years smearing Justin Trudeau.

But alas, the miserable Schmear monger was not capable of that.

And it was just another horror show.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Andrew Scheer's Pathetic Last News Conference

When I put on the TV to check the weather forecast this morning, I got a nasty shock. For there was Andrew Scheer looking even more ugly than usual.

He had a strange look in his eyes, and he was ranting and raving about the fake WE scandal, as only a Con, or a DipperCon, or a member of our shabby media could.

But just as I was about to change the channel, Scheer stunned me by announcing that this would be his last news conference as Con leader.

And although he tried hard, he couldn't conceal his disappointment.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Will Justin Trudeau Seize The Chance To Remake Canada?

The day Justin Trudeau won the 2015 election was the day I first began to believe in the possibility of real change.

It was like coming out of the darkness into the light, after the horror of the Harper years.

And although I was not disappointed, I'm now hoping that the horror of the pandemic may give Trudeau a chance to take that real change even further.

Justin Trudeau and the Ratty Con Media

As I'm sure you know, I have long complained about the growing influence of our ratty Con media, and the way it has helped turn our politics into a sewer, ever more grubby, ever more American.

It hasn't been easy trying to convince people that the way our shabby media speaks with one right-wing voice threatens our democracy.

A lot of people can't see the forest for the trees. And even some of my friends believed that I was exaggerating.

But not any longer.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Donald Trump and the Unravelling of America

Donald Trump is starting to panic. He can see the writing on the wall, and he now realizes that he is heading for defeat in November. 

So he is now trying to buy votes anyway he can, and promising that only he can make America great again.

But it's a little, or a lot too late for that.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The Fake WE Scandal and the DipperCon Monster

It's been that kind of holiday. I should have been in Scotland running wild in the highlands, but instead I'm practically a prisoner in Toronto.

Yesterday I was planning to go and do a little kiteboarding on the other side of the island, but fell asleep in my hammock, and missed the boat.

Then just as I was about to board another boat, this monster came along.

Monday, August 03, 2020

The Fake Scandal and the Desperation Of Andrew Scheer

I knew the fake WE scandal wouldn't stand the test of time. I knew it would crumble like a sand castle, as the truth caught up with it.

Starting with the moment Justin Trudeau testified at Pierre Poilievre's ugly little star chamber, and made the Cons and their NDP stooges look like a bunch of goons, who would destroy a highly respected children's charity just to try to destroy him.

For it was easy to see that Trudeau's statement had taken the air out of the fake scandal.

All you had to do was look at how these three members of the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation reacted seconds after Trudeau had finished speaking.