Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Donald Trump and the American Taliban

It will be left to future historians to try to explain how a grotesque sexual predator with no discernible morals like Donald Trump, could be embraced by the religious right.

But they are his most loyal supporters.

He has already thrown them a bloody bone by ordering that the U.S. not support safe abortions for women in poor countries.

But today he will present them with the biggest bone of all. 

The Mosque Massacre and the Dark Legacy of Stephen Harper

As the country mourns the victims of the massacre in that Quebec City mosque, we are also finding out more about the terrorist who shot them.

And what might have motivated Alexandre Bissonnette to commit such a brutal and cowardly act. 

The suspect in the deadly attack on a Quebec City mosque was known in the city’s activist circles as an online troll who was inspired by extreme right-wing French nationalists, stood up for U.S. President Donald Trump and was against immigration to Quebec – especially by Muslims.

But even though Trump's anti-Muslim campaign may have emboldened him, the bigotry that inflamed him was nurtured right here in Canada.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Donald Trump and the Wild Child in the White House

He has unleashed chaos all over the world with his insane travel ban. He is triggering massive protests all over his country. 

Tens of thousands of people rallied in U.S. cities and at airports on Sunday to voice outrage over President Donald Trump's executive order restricting entry into the country for travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations.

He is acting like a man suffering from senile dementia, even though he claims to feel like he's thirty-nine not seventy.

But the truth could be even scarier than that.

The Con Bigots and the Quebec City Massacre

I wonder how Kellie Leitch, our sad Trump impersonator, is feeling today. Not so good I imagine. Or should I say, I hope.

For on Saturday as I told you yesterday, she attacked a private member's bill designed to crack down on violent Islamophobia.

Only to look like an idiot or a beast the very next day.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Justin Trudeau, Scotland, and the Values That Define Us

It was only a tweet, but it was like a flash of decency in a darkening world.

It has been favourited more than 500,000 times already.

And it did send a powerful message to the bigot demagogue Donald Trump.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

How Canadians Can Help Defeat the Monster Donald Trump

I've been trying to ignore the monster in the window. I close my eyes and try to pretend it's just a nightmare. I crank up the music in my ears to try to drown out his mad bigoted voice.

For even though I'm a Canadian I feel the same way these Americans do.

But who can ignore the horror of Donald Trump?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Stephen Harper and the Sad State of the Con Leadership Race

It's still his party. He created it in his own image. Those who survived the Great Humiliation are still trying to keep his monstrous legacy alive. 

But Stephen Harper these days is a shrunken version of the monstrous leader he once was, and has said nothing about the Con leadership race, even as it descends into farce.

Until yesterday that is, when his faithful fluffer John Ibbitson decided to ask his readers what Harper would think of the race, and its ghastly candidates.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rick Mercer On The Madness of Trump

As I'm sure you know by now, I believe Donald Trump is dangerously deranged.

And any man who can single handedly move the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight is a man who deserves to be urgently removed from office.

Before he kills us all. 

So I'm glad to see that Rick Mercer agrees that we're dealing with a maniac.

Why Justin Trudeau Is Well Suited To Save Canada from Donald Trump

I'm glad to see that Justin Trudeau has been training hard for his upcoming bout with Donald Trump.

And testing both his courage and his charisma by entering lion dens like this one in Alberta. 

Because he's going to need all the courage and the charisma he possesses when he meets this monster.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Donald Trump's Scary Twilight Show

As you know, I can't help feeling like I'm trapped in a surrealistic nightmare, or a scary episode of the Twilight Zone.

Where the deranged demagogue Donald Trump is the president of the United States, is demolishing its government, department by department.

And threatening to lead the world to economic disaster, and even nuclear war. 

But while while this episode does reflect how I feel about the horror of the situation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Keith Olbermann's Desperate Message To Trump Supporters

With every passing day Donald Trump slides deeper and deeper into madness. He can't accept that more people attended Obama's inauguration than attended his, despite the photographic evidence.

The thought that even more people attended the Women's March has every voice in his head screaming in agony.

And now he's brooding again about losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton, and sounding even more like a maniac.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Women's Marches and the I Can't Keep Quiet Song

I can't remember a more inspiring sight than the sight of all those millions of women and their supporters marching in Washington and all over the world.

Or one that cheered me up more. 

I was worried that the ghastly predator Donald Trump would get away with all his crimes against women.

But the women made it clear he won't.

The Internet Asks: Is It Okay to Punch a Nazi?

As you may know, Richard Spencer is one of the leaders of the so-called alt-right movement in the United States. The one who gave it its name.

He claims he is not a neo-nazi, but he is a white supremacist.

Shortly after Donald Trump's victory he was caught on video whipping his supporters into giving him the Nazi salute, after he screamed "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!!!" 

And now he's back in the news after being punched in the face while attending Trump's inauguration.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Trump and the Rise of the Resistance

It was Donald Trump's first full day in office. He was standing in front of a memorial to dead CIA officers.

He was speaking to members of the intelligence community he had recently called Nazis.

He desperately needed to look presidential after delivering a dark and menacing inauguration speech that had even more people questioning his sanity.

But instead Trump ended up looking and sounding crazier and more dangerous than ever.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Donald Trump and the Inauguration From Hell

It was Donald Trump's big chance to act like a real president, reach out to his defeated opponents, and try to bring his divided nation together.

But he just couldn't do it. He blew it.

Instead of trying to embrace the Americans who didn't vote for him, he clenched his tiny fingers together and gave them the fist.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Trump and the Road To Nuclear War

It was one of the worst and most depressing sights I have ever seen. Donald Trump and his ghastly family standing there in the shadow of the great Lincoln, who appears to be looking down on them in disbelief.

While a military band played, a military choir sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic, and a massive power fireworks show spelled out the letters U-S-A in the sky.

But of course the real horror show begins today.

When Trump is sworn in as President, and delivers a speech he claims to have written himself.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Why I Have Decided To Support Kevin O'Leary

Well now it's official. Kevin O'Leary has finally announced that he does indeed want to be the leader, or the new King of the Harper Party.

He claims ordinary rubes Canadians are excited and grateful that he's going to save them from the Liberals. 

And he wants Justin Trudeau to know that he is going to be his worst nightmare.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Farcical Con Debate and the Coming of Kevin O'Leary

The headline in today's Journal de Montréal just about says it all. Yesterday's Con leadership debate was a "hard evening for the French language."

So badly did some Con candidates mangle their French, that even the translators couldn't understand them.

And no serious person could call it anything but a farce.

But at least the gloves finally came off.

Donald Trump and the Fake News Protesters

With just 48 hours to go before his inauguration Donald Trump is still claiming it will be a huge success. 

Preparing to desecrate Abraham Lincoln's Bible.

And railing at those who point out that he will be taking office with less popular support than any president in modern U.S. history. 

In one way at least, President-elect Donald J. Trump has already surpassed all of his recent predecessors. It took Barack Obama 18 months in the White House for his approval rating to slip to 44 percent in Gallup polling, and it took George W. Bush 4½ years to fall that far. Mr. Trump got there before even being sworn in.

As only he can.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Final Humiliation of the Con Clown Joe Oliver

It isn't the biggest story in the world, compared to the coming of Trump, or for that matter any other story.

But like the ghost of Harper past, the old Con Joe Oliver is back in the news. And sadly for him not in a happy way.

For after losing his seat in the last election, now he's lost his chance to get back to power.

After falling off his shaky perch. Again.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Donald Trump and the Maniac Twitler

They don't call Donald Trump Twitler for nothing eh? And yesterday the deranged demagogue's tiny fingers were busy trying to live up to that reputation.

By first pecking out this proclamation.

In the manner of Big Brother.

Before proceeding to ignore his own advice, and attack Saturday Night Live...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Continuing Adventures of the Con Clown Kellie Trump

As we all know too well, and too painfully, the Con clown Kellie Leitch has been making an absolute fool of herself for what sometimes seems like forever.

With the worst Donald Trump impersonator third-rate drag show act Canada, and possibly the world, has ever seen.

Where Kellie Trump claims that only she can save our Canadian values, while violating every one of them.

And even more outrageously if that's possible, claiming she's against the "elites" when Leitch herself is one of them.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Con Media and the Fake Helicopter Scandal

It was a horrible way to end a long and grim week. I crawled across the Friday finishing line, turned on the TV, and there was Rosemary Barton, looking even more like a dominatrix than usual.

And leading her grim increasingly boring show with the story of Justin Trudeau, the helicopter, and the Aga Khan's island. For about the fifth day in a row.

Even though the story couldn't be more trivial, and the only Canadians outraged or excited by it are the ghastly Cons. 

And of course the pathetic parliamentary press gallery, led by the boys from Postmedia.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Samantha Bee On Trump and the Golden Shower Scandal

I hesitate to write another post about Donald Trump's so-called Golden Shower or Peegate scandal, for several good reasons.

One, it's so disgusting once was enough. 

Two, it sounds too good to be true. 

And three, and most importantly, I don't want to distract attention away from the fascist kleptocracy Trump is preparing to unleash on our neighbours, and the rest of the world.

But how can I ignore that shocking story when it's all over the American networks?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Donald Trump's Other Big Russian Problem

It was Donald Trump's first press conference in six months, and it was all that I expected it to be and more.

There were more flags than I could count, he brought a bunch of paid staffers to act as cheerleaders.

He lied like a thief, admitted the Russians may have hacked the Democrats. But so what?

And the way he called the U.S. intelligence services "Nazis" or treated a CNN reporter when he tried to ask a question, had to be seen to be believed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Donald Trump and the Golden Shower Scandal

As you know, I've always felt that the Russians had some dirt on Trump, for what else could explain his bizarre behaviour, or his apparent crush on Vladimir Putin?

Or the way he shrugged off an intelligence report about the hacking of the Democratic National Committee. 

After cheerfully using hacked material and fake news to smear Hillary Clinton.

Well now the shoe is on the other foot, and Trump is hopping mad.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Donald Trump and the Labyrinth of Lies

In his book The Art of the Deal Donald Trump called his compulsive lying "truthful hyperbole," or "an innocent form of exaggeration."

But they are lies, if his nose really did grow with every one he told, by now it would it would have had to be declared a dangerous weapon.

And the way he reacted to Meryl Streep's devastating criticism of him at the Golden Globe Awards, is just more evidence that he can't control himself.

Monday, January 09, 2017

The Tainted Presidency and the Magnificent Meryl Streep

As we all know, Donald Trump wants us to move on, and forget that his friend Vladimir Putin stands accused of deploying his cyber army to help him win the election.

But it's just not going to work. You can't just wish away something like that, or try to shift the blame...

Or undermine your own intelligence agencies.

For it will all come back to haunt him, over and over again.

Keith Olbermann's Message to Donald Trump's Supporters

It would be almost unbelievable, if it wasn't happening in Trumpland where madness has replaced reason.

U.S. intelligence officials have informed Donald Trump that Russia meddled in the U.S. election to help him win, but he's just shrugging it off. Or blaming the Democrats.

And to make matters even worse, many of his supporters feel the same way he does.

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Obama, The Liberal Redneck, And The Trumpanzees

In one of my last posts I thanked Barack Obama for being the best U.S. president I have ever known.

And listed some of his remarkable achievements.

But somehow I forgot to mention one of his most outstanding qualities.

His unique ability to drive Donald Trump and his Trumpanzees absolutely wild.

Ezra Levant, Kellie Leitch, and the Rebel's Fake News Problem

As you know, the time I checked to see what Ezra Levant was up to, he was blushing with pride after being called a "true Canadian patriot" by Nick Kouvalis, Kellie Leitch's campaign manager.

And of course furiously begging for money, as he does every day of the year, after losing a costly appeal. 

Well now it seems Levant is going to have to do even more begging.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Why Trump Will Not Be Able to Erase Obama's Legacy

From the moment Barack Obama became president Donald Trump tried to delegitimize and humiliate him.

Claiming he wasn't an American citizen, and had faked his birth certificate, and doing all he could to degrade his country's first black president.

And in thirteen days, on his first day in office, Trump is vowing to repeal every single executive order Obama ever issued, and begin the process of destroying or erasing his legacy.

But as the New York Times' Timothy Egan writes, good luck with that one.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Michael Harris on Why Kellie Leitch Should Fire Nick Kouvalis

As you know, I believe that Kellie Leitch's campaign manager Nick Kouvalis has made a big mistake by leading the hapless Leitch down the road to Trumpland.

And has let his own passion for Donald Trump cloud his judgement, to the point where he is now even spreading fake news.

So I'm glad to see that Michael Harris also thinks that Leitch should also exercise some judgement, if she has any.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Con Leadership Race: Now It's Even More of a Porky Show

As we all know the Con leadership race badly needs any publicity it can get. Because not only has it been a porky show, it's also been incredibly boring.

And if pigs could fly there would be pork in the trees.

But now at last that ghastly show could become the mud wrestling match, I've been hoping for since it began. Or at least a third rate comedy show.

Now that Lisa Raitt has come thundering out of the pen honking wildly.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Kellie Leitch and the Trump Whisperer

Kellie Leitch's third rate Trump impersonator act has always been a freak show. But now it's getting even more bizarre.

Now she's not just dancing with the devil, like she once danced with Chris Alexander at the Cultural Barbarism Ball.

Now she's repeating things Trump says, word for word, like she's a puppet and he's her ventriloquist.

But of course, it's not the devil Donald who is pulling her strings, or whispering in her ear...