Saturday, October 31, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Last Propaganda Show

One of the many great things about having toppled Stephen Harper and his Con regime, is that we'll never again have to watch their ghastly propaganda channel 24/Seven. 

Which spent millions of dollars of our money, glorifying our self styled Great Leader in a manner that would make the dictator of North Korea envious.

Or make the original Big Brother scream with frustration...

So I'm glad to report that 24/Seven's last show, after the crushing defeat of the Con regime, and the humiliation of its Great Leader, was considerably more hilarious.

Stephen Harper's Most Miserable Halloween Ever

Well as you can probably imagine, Stephen Harper is having a very miserable  Halloween.

After seeing his plans for Total World Domination, turn into a pumpkin.

And his plans to buy the election fail so disastrously...

And I'm pretty sure you won't see any young Canadians going trick or treating dressed like this...

Friday, October 30, 2015

It's Time to Fire the Harper Cons at the CBC

For nine long years Stephen Harper slowly strangled the CBC, or bled it dry. 

He slashed its budget, he killed thousands of jobs, he turned it into the Conservative Broadcasting Corporation. 

But now the depraved tyrant has been toppled, before he could finish it off.

And it's time to take back the CBC, and give those Cons the boot. 

Stephen Harper, Raif Badawi, and the Barbaric Practices of Saudi Arabia

He liked to portray himself as a champion of human rights, and the leader of the war against cultural barbaric practices.

But Stephen Harper never lifted a finger to ask the barbaric regime in Saudi Arabia to stop savagely flogging the blogger Raif Badawi. 

Even though his family lives in Canada...

Because he was too busy cuddling with the King and selling him armoured cars.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

How We Can Bury the Harper Cons Forever

As you know the Harper Cons have set out on a long journey through the political wilderness to choose a new leader, after the shocking loss of the only one they ever had.

And now it seems that journey could be an even longer one.

Debate is growing within the leaderless Conservative Party about how long to wait before picking a new chief, sources say. Some Tories are urging party brass to put it off for as long as two years, while others advocate for concluding a race for a permanent leader by the middle of 2016.

With the so-called Red Tories trying to buy themselves some time to come up with a good candidate. 

And above all trying to stop Jason Kenney, who would like the job TOMORROW !!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rick Mercer on the Disgraceful Failure of the MSM

I've wrote quite a few posts about the shameless role most of the MSM and their porky bosses played in the election campaign.

How they betrayed Canadians.

How they even censored Andrew Coyne.

How almost all of them endorsed the Cons.

So now I think I'll just let Rick Mercer sum up their disgrace...

The Incredible Degradation of the Con Monster Chris Alexander

He has been keeping a low profile after voters in his riding gave him the boot, for having among other things poisoned our body politic, with his callous approach to the Syrian refugee crisis, his divisive, bigoted rhetoric.

And his ghastly Barbaric Cultural Practices campaign complete with a snitch line, which shamed us in the eyes of the world.

But now Chris Alexander is back on the street, and if you thought he might be just a little bit sorry about the barbaric way he behaved, you'd be wrong.

He's totally unrepentant. 

Why Would Anyone Want to Honour Stephen Harper?

As if his proposed monument to himself in the heart of Ottawa wasn't bad and ugly enough.

And begging for a bulldozer.

As if this version of the proposed and equally hideous Mother Canada monument wasn't monstrous enough...

Now some of the Oily Prophet's followers are suggesting that they name the Calgary airport after Stephen Harper.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How the Race to Replace Harper Could Destroy the Cons

As if they hadn't been battered enough in that fierce October storm. Or humiliated enough.

As if they hadn't lost so many MPs, cabinet ministers, thousands of party workers, and will soon be losing their Great Leader.

The surviving Cons have washed ashore on their bleak desert island, have given themselves a week to choose an interim leader, before they turn to cannibalism.

And already there are signs that the primordial struggle to replace Stephen Harper could tear the party apart.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Real Change: Conada Post Suspends its Community Mailbox Scheme

Golly. Now that's what I call real change. Canada Post learns the meaning of humility.

Stephen Harper's ghastly legacy starts being dismantled.

Or when it comes to the brilliant idea to install community mail boxes in a country with an aging population, and some of the harshest weather in the world.

At the very least suspended.

Why the Ugly Record of the Harper Cons Must Not Be Forgotten or Denied

It was just another traffic accident in downtown Toronto, where everyone is always in a hurry, and time is money, and sometimes bloody.

And Godzilla knows I've seen enough of them.

But as I watched them try to figure out what happened, and who was to blame?

I couldn't help thinking those are exactly the same questions we need to ask about the catastrophic disaster, and the years of democratic darkness, that Stephen Harper and his monstrous Cons inflicted on this country.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Prince Justin and the Painful Collapse of the Con Regime

Golly. I know it's Jason Kenney's twisted fantasy, and Stephen Harper's Satanic nightmare.

But I can't help feeling like I'm living in a fairy tale. It's that good.

Prince Justin has toppled the monstrous tyrant, like he brought down the ogre Brazeau.

And is now charming Canada and the world with his niceness, his coolness, his hotness.

And his bhangra skills !!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Battle to Liberate Canada and the Betrayal of the MSM

It's going to be a wet, grey, fall weekend, but I don't care because Stephen Harper and his foul Con regime have been defeated, and it feels like springtime in Canada.

And nothing could bring me down.

Although I must admit this tweet by Andrew Coyne, which links to a story by Michael Harris about the sanitizing of Stephen Harper's foul legacy, does bother me.

Because the suggestion that Harris shouldn't be writing about Harper anymore is outrageous.

And it only remind me of the shameful way the MSM betrayed Canadians.

Stephen Harper, the Old Mansion, and the Right-Wing Nightmare

He has haunted 24 Sussex Drive for almost ten years, until we ended his monstrous reign five days ago.

But Stephen Harper is still living or roosting there, and it seems that Justin Trudeau won't be moving in any time soon.

Because the crumbling old mansion Harper has called his home for so long, is dangerously dilapidated.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Humiliation of Jason Kenney

I can only imagine how Stephen Harper must be feeling, as he looks down on the smouldering ruins of his beloved Harperland.

Once he towered over it, and crushed all who opposed him. 

One moment he was in total control. 

And the next moment he wasn't...

Dan Murphy
And what must make it even worse, make it feel even more like the fall of Rome, is the knowledge that in the end even his faithful stooge Jason Kenney did betray him.

Michelle Rempel's Bizarre Late Night Twitter Eruption

One of the worst things about the election campaign was having to watch so many hours of the Con clown Michelle Rempel, especially on the program Power and Politics.

Because she couldn't have put on a worse or more irritating performance. She was rude, arrogant, loud. She kept interrupting the other guests and the host Rosemary Barton. 

And the way she repeated her ghastly Con talking points ad nauseam, was enough to make me dive for the remote control in a desperate attempt to change the channel. 

But strangely enough she seems to think she did so well, she's now qualified to replace Stephen Harper !!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The End of Harperland and the Search for Truth and Justice

I took down this picture from this blog's masthead, where it has been for years.

Because the tyrant has finally been toppled, and it's time to move on.

But if Stephen Harper thinks that I will forget him, or what he did to this country he is sadly mistaken.

For now that we have freedom, I demand justice.

Stephen Harper's Cowardly Closet and the Big Lie

Over the last year I have used this image and others like it a lot, for reasons I will explain later.

But on the one-year anniversary of that crazed gunman's assault on Parliament Hill, and the cowardly killing of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, I just want to say this:

When Stephen Harper claimed that his security detail had rushed him into that closet.

It was just another Big Lie.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Great East-West Con War

These are the last images most Canadians have seen of Stephen Harper, after his humiliating defeat, at the hands of Justin, the Son of Trudeau.

His face even more waxy than usual, his eyes staring eerily into space reflecting his inner devastation, shaking hands with his shocked cult followers without even looking at them. 

No doubt boiling with barely repressed rage, at the thought that Canadians had dared  strip him of his precious powers after only TEN years in office !!#@!!!

Because no doubt by then all the voices in his head were screaming at each other. Or as it turns out at Jenni Byrne.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Collapse of the Ghastly Con Regime

Well I have to admit that Stephen Harper's concession speech didn't live up to my high expectations.

It sounded more like a victory speech, like he had won instead of being humiliated. Or worse like he didn't realize the campaign was over.

And he forgot to tell us he's resigning, which no doubt disappointed about 20 million Canadians, including all those like me who wanted to make a tape, and play it over and over again.

But the main thing is that after a decade of darkness the mad king, the depraved monster, is at last finally gone. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Sunset of the Monstrous Harper Regime

It still seems hard to believe. Hard to believe that today is the day we will finally get a chance to take down the Con monster Stephen Harper.

And take back our Canada.

For while there is still much work to be done to get out the vote, and make sure that Harper and his filthy Cons don't steal the election.

It does seem the sun is finally going down on the Harper regime.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Election Message to Young Canadians

Dear young Canadians,  I have waited until the last moment to send out this message encouraging you to vote tomorrow.

But I have worked with many of you for over six months in different groups and committees, so a lot of you know where I am coming from.

And all all I want to do in these last critical hours is to repeat my message I have tried to hammer home.

Vote as if your lives depended upon it, for that couldn't be more true.

How to Stop Stephen Harper From Stealing the Election

He is said to be boiling with anger, lashing out in every direction, and he is crazy desperate.

So you know Stephen Harper and his Con gangsters will try to steal the election.

For what can you say about a leader whose former PMO lawyer believes he has lost the moral authority to govern? 

How Our Canadian Values Brought Down Stephen Harper

In my last post I told you how happy I was to see a desperate Stephen Harper going down holding Rob Ford's sweaty paw.

Because it couldn't be a grubbier end to their sordid story. They do deserve each other, and no Canadians have ever shamed this country in the eyes of the world as much they have.

But what makes me even happier, makes my long struggle feel worth it, are the forces that finally brought down the the monstrous dictator.

Stephen Harper's Rob Ford Nightmare:The Video

Even in my fondest dreams I never could have imagined a more fitting end to the grubby reign of the depraved political pervert Stephen Harper.

For there he was in the sordid House of Ford.

Begging Rob and Doug to save him, because he's desperate.

And as Chris Selley writes, debasing and humiliating himself beyond recognition.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Harperendum That Will Destroy Him

He closes his eyes a lot these days. And it's hard to say whether he's still sniffing for a majority. Or whether he's praying for deliverance.

His new ads that are now saturating the airwaves claim that it's not about him. 

But Stephen Harper couldn't be more wrong.

It is all about him, and it is as Don Martin writes, a Harperendum.

Is the National Post Trying to Muzzle Andrew Coyne?

I rarely agree with anything Andrew Coyne says or writes. I don't share his missionary faith in an economic system that I believe has been corrupted to its core by the rich and the powerful.

There couldn't be a better example of that corruption, than the way the big MSM organizations like Postmedia are commanding its editorial employees to endorse the Harper Cons.

And ironically enough, in this campaign, Coyne may be its first casualty. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Globe and Mail's Pathetic Endorsement of the Harper Cons

Well it's not exactly a surprise. The Globe and Mail's editorial board has endorsed Stephen Harper's Cons in the last three elections.

No matter what their reporters and columnists have had to say about him for the last four years.

But this couldn't be more absurd.

The Desperate Stephen Harper and the Rob Ford Nightmare

I suppose for a man as desperate as Stephen Harper, it must have have seemed like the answer to his prayers. 

In his crazed mind it must have seemed like a brilliant last minute Hail Mary or Hail Rob pass. One that might still spare him from being humiliated by Justin Trudeau.

By calling upon the depraved prophet of the Ford Nation, to help him win seats, or hold on to the ones he has, in the sprawling suburbs of Toronto.

But already his plans for a big Saturday rally with Rob and his brutish brother Doug, seem to be backfiring disastrously.  

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Tale of Two Cartoons

They say a good political cartoon can be worth a thousand words.

So now that we know that Stephen Harper is in a foul mood, and snapping at all those around him.

Because just the thought of being humiliated by Justin Trudeau is driving him CRAAAAZY.

I really like the way these two cartoons work together.

Harper Derangement Syndrome or Stephen Stockholm Syndrome?

As we approach the day of decision that will determine the fate of this country, I have been skimming through some of the thousands of posts I have written denouncing the bestial Stephen Harper and his foul Cons.

And I have been struck by how many times I have been accused by their supporters, and even by some so-called progressives, of suffering from Harper Derangement Syndrome.

But then I accuse them of being collaborators, for aiding and abetting the most brutish  un-Canadian government this country has ever known.

Rick Mercer and the Small-Time Election Campaign

It's been the longest and ugliest election campaign I have ever seen. A monstrous bigot game that has made us look cheap and ugly, and shamed us in the eyes of the world.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, then there is this deeply disturbing question: 

How can such a big young country have such small dreams?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Murderous Madness of the Desperate Stephen Harper

Well he is desperate. He has no moral compass. He is the worst crime minister this country has ever known.

And he is a low life hog.

So what do you expect? 

The Last Sleazy Days of Stephen Harper and the Con Regime

With quite possibly only five days left in his sordid reign, let it it not be said that Stephen Harper is going out with even a hint of dignity and class.

For there he was again yesterday, tieless, his sleeves rolled up, his belly sticking out, watching a pizza guy throw cash on a table, and getting an endorsement from the Ford  brothers.

To the tune of ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching.

The would be King of Canada going out as a sleazy game show host.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Get Even The Trailer Park Boys to Vote

When I travel around my neighbourhood  trying to convince people to vote, I am constantly frustrated by the political ignorance of some Canadians.

And sometimes I can't feel helping it's like asking the Trailer Park Boys to vote.

But luckily I see help is on the way, in the form of Halifax actor John Dunsworth, aka Jim Lahey the superintendent of the trailer park.

Who is trying to urge Canadians to vote, only he could...

Stephen Harper's Terrifying Justin Trudeau Nightmare

In my last post I ran a video report by CTV's Bob Fife, where he talked about the total demoralization of the Con campaign.

And how the Cons fear that some of their biggest names like Joe Oliver, Chris Alexander, Julian Fantino and others could lose their seats.

And best of all how Stephen Harper is in a foul mood, and snapping at those around him like a rabid hyena.

Because the thought of being beaten by Justin Trudeau is an absolute nightmare.

The Last Shabby Desperate Days of Stephen Harper

There couldn't have been a more bizarre sight, or a clearer sign that Stephen Harper is losing his grip on reality, as well as losing the election.

And is now even willing to debase himself to try to avoid being humiliated by Justin Trudeau.

For there he was yesterday, looking incredibly bagged and grubby, while a young woman threw wads of cash in his general direction, to the cash register sound of ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

Looking and sounding like a sleazy carnival barker, or a third-rate Bob Barker.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Rick Mercer on Stephen Harper's Great Niqab Distraction

As we know Stephen Harper has tried to make the niqab controversy the centrepiece of his campaign, as instructed by his brutish Aussie flying monkey Lynton Crosby.

And while most sane people might find that disgusting.

As Rick Mercer points out, for some it is a handy distraction.

Stephen Harper's Monstrous and Most Miserable Thanksgiving

Well it must have been a very special Thanksgiving celebration at Stephen Harper's house, with a bloody niqab replacing a squawking turkey.

A chance to give thanks for all those shiny new seats that bigot issue has earned him in Quebec.

But after he had finished gobbling his ghastly meal down, and allowed Jason Kenney to gnaw on the carcass, it must also have been his most miserable Thanksgiving ever.

For this must have given him a really bad case of indigestion.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Failed War on Justin Trudeau

Oh dear. I see that Stephen Harper had to take the day off yesterday. No doubt to try to recover from the brutal effects of the long campaign he inflicted upon himself.

And get a full spa treatment. 

Because let's face it he needs one...

Every day he looks more bagged and more desperate.

But who can blame him? When he probably can't sleep at night thinking about how he might soon be humiliated by the Son of the Anti-Christ, the spawn of the Great Satan, Justin Trudeau.

Is Stephen Harper Trying to Start a Hindu Muslim War in Canada?

I've always assumed Stephen Harper's grotesque anti-niqab crusade was primarily designed to win him the support of some Quebecers.

Like these two clowns who turned up to vote yesterday with their faces covered.

And of course to pleasure his rabid base in rural Alberta, for whom the only good Muslim is a dead one.

But Tasha Kheirridin suggests that Harper may have another reason for continuing to beat his hollow bigot drum. 

And it couldn't be more chilling.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Is Elections Canada Suppressing the Vote?

It should be a good news story. But instead it's a democratic nightmare.

Large numbers of Canadians are flocking to advance polling stations across the country.

Only to leave without casting their ballots because of the long lineups.

Why Is Stephen Harper Secretly Funnelling Millions to a Republican Organization?

He likes to pose as a patriot. He likes to have his picture taken in front of a giant Canadian flag.

He's always telling us that only he can save this country from the immigrant enemy within, and vulnerable refugees without. 

He's always reminding us that nobody loves Canada as much as he does, because he wrote a book on hockey.

So now can he please explain why he's secretly funnelling millions of our tax dollars to a Republican organization?