Monday, October 05, 2015

Why Progressives Urgently Need to Expose Stephen Harper's Lies

I think I can safely say that in all my life I have never seen a person lie so often and so blatantly as does Stephen Harper.

For years he claimed that the NDP had a "job killing carbon tax" even though they didn't.

He seems to have no shame. He can't help himself.

Now in his latest attack ads aimed at Justin Trudeau he is once again blatantly strangling the truth.

So I thought I would run both those ads, and see if you can spot the Big Lies...

Right. The Con claim that the Liberals would scrap child care cheques is false...

Or absolute baloney. 

The Prime Minister's Office did not provide any evidence of Liberal or NDP MPs calling for the end of the UCCB. For these reasons, Harper's claim that his political opponents have repeatedly promised to get rid of the child care benefit is "full of baloney."

As for this other ad, it also hijacks the truth, like Harper is trying to hijack the election...

And it too is full of baloney. 

There is no truth to the Conservative assertion that the NDP and Liberals would scrap pension income splitting should they form government. Both parties have explicitly said they would keep the measure.

For these reasons, the claim that opposition parties would do away with pension income splitting is "full of baloney."

Both ads couldn't be more blatant or more disgusting. But what worries me is that Harper and his Cons might get away with it, as they have so many times before. 

And since we know that the Cons will be bombarding the air waves in the last two weeks of this campaign with those lies and others...

That could be incredibly damaging.

For at a time when many Canadians are finally making up their minds who to support, if families with kids think they are going to lose their cheques, and pensioners believe they will lose income-splitting, many could vote for the Cons, and we could lose the election.

And what frustrates me is that the progressive parties have so far failed to effectively counter those lies, neither in the debates, nor in their videos.

When all they need to do is put out a more sophisticated version of something like this...

Which not only instantly corrects the record, but also helps expose Stephen Harper as a pathological liar. 

So that instead of helping him, his lies can help destroy him.

And the good news? It's still not too late for the parties to do that. And we can all play our part.

By making our own videos, or spreading this post or the baloney meter links, or just by talking to our friends and neighbours.

We can all help expose his lies.

And make his nose grow...

As others have done before...

And hammer home this message:

A leader who lies all the time about everything is morally corrupt, and unfit to remain in office.

And the truth will not be safe, and neither will our Canada, until he is defeated.

Straight outta here, and bye bye Pinocchio...

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  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Which is exactly why it has been so disappointing, and actually destructive, for the Liberals and NDP to attack each other as ferociously as they attack Harper.

    For example, Trudeau claiming that Mulcair says one thing in French and another in English, and the NDP responding that Trudeau has done the same thing he attacked Mulcair for, could only serve to confuse voters, if not actually turning them off and actually mitigating the whoppers that Harper had told. Neither Trudeau nor Mulcair had told anywhere near as many lies/misrepresentations as Harper so why would they work so hard to convince voters that they have?

    You'd think this would be understood by the partisans of both these parties but it would appear that they are either too stupid or more interested in gaining power than doing job number one: heaving Steve and replacing him with ABC.

    And besides, after these ferocious attacks, can these Liberal and NDP partisans comfortably put aside what they have said of each other to depose a minority Cons government? If they can, it would be ironic that they might not be that much different from Harper.

    1. hi anon...I too have been dismayed to see the NDP and the Liberals spend so much time attacking each other instead of the Cons. However, unless Stephen Harper is able to get a majority which is still unlikely, they will almost certainly be forced together in a minority government. The greater tragedy is that all this would be unnecessary if progressives would unite into one mighty party. The day the right united, the writing should have been on the wall. When will we come to our senses?

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    My Con MLA went oddly silent when I emailed him regarding the Nutrition North program in Nunavut and called out his outright lies in his response to my initial email. As an aside, I am curious to know if you are aware of other ridings where the Con candidate has been skipping out on the local candidate debates. In my riding our Con MLA hasn't attended a single one, always claiming "other engagements". And he pulled the same bs last year during the by-election I guess that's one way to control the message when you aren't in a room full of people and media. Anyhow, I'm genuinely interested to know whether you are aware of other instances. I would hope that our case here is an isolated case but sadly I rather doubt that.

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      No, it is actually very common for Cons candidates to boycott debates and still get elected by a group of voters who do not seem to care if these candidates attend their job interviews once every 4 years. Here is an example:

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      it's happening in nanaimo here as well so far. scheduled for "all candidates meetings" and radio interviews, yet cancels them as they come along. his fb page doesn't answer any questions, and if you ask a question no matter how reasonable it is - you're blocked and the comment is deleted. in fact everything but support or admiration such as "vote for mark, he's the best!" is deleted. it's a complete lock down.

    3. Anonymous7:55 PM

      Getting blocked off a Con's fb page.......sounds familiar to me. David Yurdiga is completely gutless in my view. Fort MvMurray deserves much better than this dick head.

    4. hi Way Way Up....good for you for trying to ask the Cons about the Nutrition North program. In a decent caring country that should be one of this country's biggest priorities. But as for your Con MP, you are not alone. All of the Con MPs have been avoiding both debates and media interviews. It's hard to believe that they could show such contempt for democracy, but that's Harper's Canada. Great Polar Bear God of the Great White North deliver us from this evil....

  3. Anonymous11:50 AM

    I enjoy all your hard work and get a tickle from the images you create!
    We all know 70% of the country wants Stephen Harper gone like a bad stink in an elevator. We all know he's a crook and liar and hope to see him out of office.

    But he's going to win the election.

    Here's what I'm going to beg everyone to do: vote strategically. All of the opposition parties have promised electoral reform in some package or another, so we just have to get them in charge.
    And you say you're a Liberal and will never vote NDP? You just helped Stephen Harper win.
    You're a Green and will never vote Liberal? Harpooned again!
    NDPer that loathes Liberals? We fail to Heave Steve.

    There are enough resources available to guide you through each riding and details to recommend Liberal, NDP or Green. I like or the best, but you take your pick on what to recommend.

    So please, for the future of Canada, please endorse strategic voting.
    It's Canada's only chance.

    1. hi anon....great minds think alike, and your wish is my command. ;) I was planning to write a strategic voting post last night, but I fell asleep with my head on the keyboard. I will try to complete one tonight.

  4. Scared Yet? How Fear Hijacked Campaign 2015

  5. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Good 1 Simon ... ... STEPHEN HARPER aka PMOcchio ... LOL ... ... NOW a must read for everyone: ... Canada's Biggest Political Scandal You Never Heard of ... Big oil, taxpayers' millions, call girls and a "mechanic" named BRUCE CARSON ... article is written by Andrew Nikiforuk, Today, The ... ... PMOcchio made convicted fraudster BRUCE CARSON, a top advisor and point person on sensitive files including the oilsands and Afghanistan ... ... the NEVER - ENDING - BS STORY of the PMOcchio ... TY

    1. Just read the Tyee article by Andrew N............OMG! This is definitely an eyeopener........READ and HEED!

    2. hi anon...thanks, I'm going to have to think about whether I should replace Lord Harp's piggy snout with a pointy thing or a hot dog. ;) But yes I'm very familiar with the Bruce Carson scandal. And I once wrote about a big ball at 24 Sussex Drive, where Brucie and the (former) escort turned up and were the stars of the dance floor. It was described to me as the Con Cinderella, and I only wish I had been there, to see what they both turned into when the clock struck midnight...;)

  6. The truth is Harper is infinitely worse than any other Prime Minister that Canada has ever had.

    1. hi David...well that's putting it mildly. I'm not a boastful person, but I'm extremely proud that I started calling Harper a dangerous scumbag almost ten years ago. A lot of the snooty snuff pinchers in the progressive blogosphere mocked me, and called me an extremist. But I will end my long campaign with my head held high...

  7. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Meanwhile the Con candidate in my riding Shari Lukens Esquimalt Saanich Sooke had been rumored to be involved in a role playing game at her gun club.It turned up on the Meet The Harper Gang. Its disgusting, cant even say it here, it is sick.If true I hope the pressure from everyone, everywhere will force her to step down.

    1. hi anon...OMG. That's a classic. I wish I could say I was surprised, but sadly I'm not. It's just another example of how low we have fallen. Let's hope we can summon the better angels of this country and save it from those beasts...

    2. Anonymous10:59 PM

      Thank you Simon, I wish with all my heart that the Cons will be gone, and we can once again be Canada. Thank you for all you do, all the best!

  8. e.a.f.7:26 PM

    of course Harper lies. Just check with Danny Williams the former NFLD premier. he still doesn't like Steve. He suggested Steve is almost being racist in his remarks. Mr. Williams is suggesting Con voters WHO don't want to vote for Steve and don't want to vote for another party, sit this dance out and stay home. Mr. Williams still carries some clout in NFLD. In the last election, he voiced his opinion regarding Steve and Steve and his cons didn't win a single seat in NFLD.

    Some one ought to put Mr. Williams on the talk circuit for the last 2 weeks. he was a Progressive Conservative Premier in NFLD. If he thinks Steve and his Cons are "shit" who knows he might convince a few others.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes they are lies, and they are dangerous. And good for Danny Williams. If we could give the Order of Canada to a province I would give it to Newfoundland and Labrador. For standing up for our values, and trying to make it a Con-free zone....

  9. Scarlet Fever sounds better than Red Wave! I have Faith........

    1. hi Kathleen...yes, have faith. I'm pretty sure that red wave, and the Son of Trudeau, will give Harper Scarlet Fever....;)

  10. Anonymous10:09 PM

    And yet another news article at ... HARPER says "IF HE IS RELECTED, his government would expand Canada's special forces ... To be deployed internationally on behalf of (get this) THE PENTAGON ... so I imagine that on October 20th, if PMOcchio wins, WE BECOME the 51st state??? ... I also am repeating something from the other day from website 16 hours after the 29th of Septembers DEBATE "HARPER STANDS FIRM ON FOREIGN RECORD" 2nd paragrah ... HARPER stubbornly insisted that the steps Canada has taken on terrorism, the environment, and TRADE (TPP???) ARE MANIFESTATIONS of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" ... ... Very sad to see that PMOcchio, yet again, has pulled the wool over the "SHEEPLES" eyes ... TY

    1. hi anon....well even the sheeple can rise up if we let them know where the Cons are taking them. Not to some grassy field, but the slaughterhouse. As for the special forces it's just for show. Thirty more soldiers won't make the slightest bit of difference. It's all designed for home consumption, and the Americans must be killing themselves laughing...