Friday, April 30, 2010

Are You Ready for the Culture War?

Even by the standards of Stephen Harper's Big Brother Batty government it was a surrealistic and sordid sight.

The Cons going after Frank Graves and the CBC like a pack of rabid teabaggers. Accusing them of starting a culture war.

“They [the opposition MPs on the committee] voted AGAINST a Conservative motion to require CBC executives to explain themselves for using Frank Graves, a Liberal-supporting and self-described ‘progressive’ as the network’s ‘neutral’ pollster on party politics,” the talking points say.

“By voting against this motion, they are endorsing Graves’s call for a ‘Culture War’.” At the next election, the Tories say the choice is clear between a Conservative government or a “reckless coalition” that will wage a war to divide the country.

When the only reason they are going after the CBC is because they hate Canada soooo  much. And they were the ones who started this war from the moment they came to power.

The Conservatives have been waging a non-stop political culture war of their own against "Liberals, socialists and separatists" ever since they won power in 2006, daily accusing their opponents of being anti-Semitic, anti-American, soft on crime, soft on child pornography, unpatriotic, attacking and undermining "our troops," and the list goes on.

Virtually every wedge issue in the political handbook has been pile-driven into the Canadian body politic, the impact doubled by a perpetual election campaign of attack ads to destroy, not just their opponents' policies, but their personas.

All Frank Graves did was call this assault by its proper name. And point out that it's really a clash between Canadian and Amerikan values. That we are the Canadians and they are the AmeriCons.

And of course, that if the cranky old rednecks in Alberta don't like it they should move south and vote for Sarah Palin and her teabagging scum.

By attacking Frank Graves like a bunch of  Bush bullies they have only proved his point. By putting their evil ideological agenda before the lives of poor women, they have exposed themselves as the monsters who would change our country beyond recognition.

Either we as a nation are officially casting ourselves as hypocrites in our dealings with others, since abortion is a right for all women in this country.

Or, by signalling such a position, Stephen Harper is sending a not very subtle message to his political base that a majority Conservative government in Canada would reopen the debate on a woman's right to choose in this country.

They want to ban abortion. They want to exterminate gay rights. They want to turn this country into a theocratic jungle.

But we won't let them. Because unlike these AmeriCons we love our beautiful Canada. And we will teach these misogynistic, homophobic, religious extremists a lesson they will NEVER forget.

Oh yeah. It's war in the Babylon baby !!!

If these bully Cons want a culture war.

I say bring it on...

Omar Khadr and Kinky Harper

He's spent a third of his life in one of the most sinister prisons on earth, for a crime he almost certainly didn't commit. He's riddled with shrapnel and blind in one eye. He's been tortured by war criminals, denied due process, and abandoned by his own government.

Even though he was a child soldier.

Now he's on trial in a kangaroo court, and even though he is a model prisoner, still they seek to torture him.

The Toronto native had earlier refused to come to his Thursday hearing, saying he did not want the humiliation of wearing blacked-out goggles and earmuffs during his transport to court in a windowless van.

But military judge U.S. Army Col. Patrick Parrish told Khadr’s lawyers their client must wear the “eyes and ears” and would be brought to court by force if they could not convince him to come willingly to the afternoon session.

"Eyes and Ears?" In a windowless van? Even though they hurt him?

Doesn't that just say everything about that gulag called Guantanamo, and about a Prime Minister who would let foreigners treat a Canadian citizen this way? A cruel, sinister, psychopath whose name has become synonymous with torture.

But what makes him act this way? Is it mental illness or is it something else ? Why does he say he likes to see fear in the eyes of others? Why did he ask that CBC reporter whether she liked handcuffs? Should we call him Kinky Harper?

And what is his government HIDING?

Either it is simply too bloody-minded to give an inch to its political foes, on whatever matter, or the documents contain something truly awful, so scalding to the national conscience that it would be prepared to go to almost any length to suppress them.

Oh boy. One day I am convinced Stephen Harper will be a prisoner himself. Indicted for war crimes at The Hague.

The truth will finally emerge and it will be ugly...or KINKY.

In the meantime, a young Canadian is still being tortured. The shame continues.

And whatever Stephen Harper and his gang of AmeriCon thugs  perverts say.

Omar Khadr lives here...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Cons and the Porky Action Plan

As you know I've long believed that the Porky Action Plan will prove to be the final nail in the Con's coffin pig sty.

And that while the Jaffer scandal may hurt them, the PAP scandal will kill them. So I have to admit the Ethics Commissioner's report on that scandalous vote-buying scheme hit me like a tainted baloney.

"I am of the view that the practice of using partisan identifiers in announcing government initiatives goes too far and has the potential to diminish public confidence in the integrity of members and the governing institutions they represent..."

She scolded them, but said she couldn't do anything about it.

Oh boy. You know when these Con porkers finally waddle back to Alberta, we'll be paying for them forever. And we'll NEVER forget the stench.

Still I'm not discouraged. Because something tells me that when the Auditor General files her report on the Porky Action Plan this fall, she won't be so generous.

Of the $69 million in federal funds, $52 million will be spent on 24 projects in Conservative ridings. Ridings held by federal New Democrats will see 11 projects in this series of announcements which will get federal funding of a combined $10.17 million. There were just 4 projects in Liberal ridings that will divvy up just over $1 million in federal funding.

And it will be the biggest and porkiest money scandal in Canadian history.

Allegations already abound that the ruling party advanced its interests while countering recession with more than $50 billion in public spending over two years. Conservatives stand accused of directing more than a fair share to friendly ridings, promoting the party with a lavish advertising campaign and pushing Louis Ranger, the highly regarded deputy minister of transport, into retirement for failing to shovel taxpayer’s loonies out the door fast enough.

Oink. Oink.

Which reminds me if Stephen Harper tries to spring a snap election on us, before the Auditor General completes her report. And tries to run on the economy, and claim that his outrageous attempt to buy votes with OUR money saved Canada. When it didn't.

I just want Great Napoleon Leader to know that he won't fool me.

Grunt. Oink. Squeal.

Because I know a Con when I see one...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why We Could Have a Spring Election

Well I see that all of the Liberal bloggerati were in a sunny mood today, cheerily dismissing any speculation that the showdown in the Commons could lead to a snap election.

So I thought I'd send them a picture of some tulips, for brightening up my day....if only for a moment. One good turn deserves another eh?

And of course if they're wrong, they can always take them to their our funerals.

Because I watched Question Period and I got the opposite impression.

“The fact of the matter is the government cannot break the law,” Mr. Harper continued, “it cannot order public servants to break the law, nor can it do anything that would unnecessarily jeopardize the safety of Canadian troops.”

Obviously, the government seeks to respect that decision. At the same time, it seeks to respect its obligations established by statute and passed by this Parliament. That is the position of the government. The leader of the NDP talks about confidence. Of course, the government’s position always depends on the confidence of the House.”

And then there was the way he replied to a question from Gilles Duceppe by launching a diatribe on national unity. Which for some reason made me think of that dastardly separatist coalition.

And only confirmed my belief that if Stephen Harper can he'll go for it. Run on the economy, wrap himself in the flag.

Because now is the time to run on the economy, before higher interest rates expose its fatal weakness. And I agree with Paul Wells.

Every time the prospect of an election has increased sharply over the past four years, the Conservative poll advantage has increased. A few days’ brinksmanship is usually all it takes to put SNAP ELECTION? into a front-page Globe headline, and a distracted electorate starts to engage and polarize, and the Conservatives start to climb in the polls to the Liberals’ disadvantage.

Harper's numbers aren't a problem, not with the Liberals at twenty seven percent. The high NDP numbers might conceivably help the Cons by splitting the vote.

And above all Stephen Harper wouldn't mind a minority one little bit. Because he's only ever had a minority and a little power can go a long way.

It will be the only victory he has sought since January 2006: a chance to stay in power a while longer and make a few more decisions that will cement a broadly Conservative perspective on the way the country should be governed. A few more months during which Bev Oda, not Carolyn Bennett, will be setting the agenda for a G8 summit, and Jason Kenney, not Bob Rae, will have friends on the Rights and Democracy board, and Ken Dryden won’t be opening safe-injection sites, and so on.

Yup. If the monster can he'll go for it. He'll pretend to be as reasonable as possible right until the very last moment. And then he'll force the opposition to either table a motion of contempt.


Which is why I believe that the opposition should start hammering the Cons on the economy. Beating this drum a little louder.

Why I believe we really need to remind Canadians in the most graphic way what  the Canadian army is accused of doing in Afghanistan. So instead of wrapping himself in the flag, Great Torture Leader can mummify himself with a soiled and bloody diaper.

And why of course we need to prepare for an election, and the biggest and most brutal culture war this country has ever seen.

Because if we're not prepared to do that, and the opposition is forced to cave on a matter of such importance, we might as well tip toe crawl through those tulips.

And start singing this song...

Stephen Harper and the House of Pain

It was simple, clear, and so wonderfully Canadian.

A firm but gentle reminder that Parliament can't be stepped on. And a call for compromise.

A great decision from a decent and brave man.

Mr. Milliken can now look forward to a taste of the conservative anger machine that seemed to paralyze our Governor-General a year and a half ago. What will be said of our nation's Speaker on the openmouthsphere in the days to come? Not a Canadian? Tool of the separatists? Wants the terrorists to win? A crypto-socialist? Must be from Toronto?

It was also one of the most significant decisions in Canadian Parliamentary history, and Stephen Harper wasn't even there to hear it. Can you believe that? Talk about CONTEMPT.

No doubt he was watching it in his office, surrounded by his thuggish Con henchmen, swearing like a mob boss, and plotting his next move.

Because let's not kid ourselves, the danger of a snap election is still very real.

And let's never forget the kind of political monster we are dealing with. A power hungry  ideologue desperate to implement his RepubliCon agenda, and change Canada beyond recognition.

A sinister religious fanatic who would put his extremist beliefs and those of his rabid base before the lives of poor women.

Even when pushing a proposal to save lives among those living in wretched faraway conditions as his signature accomplishment, Harper has found a way to set his government apart from the opposition parties

Given that he’s never seen parliamentary harmony he couldn’t inflame into political divisions, perhaps poisoning this motherhood initiative will end up a fitting Stephen Harper legacy after all.

The legacy of a twisted, tortured man who will do ANYTHING to smear his opponents.

Once he called Richard Colvin a Taliban dupe. Today his thugs are going after Frank Graves and the CBC.

Tomorrow he'll be going after the Speaker...

Oh yeah. The danger is very real. The next two weeks could determine the future of this country.

Organize, unite, prepare to attack Stephen Harper and his evil RepubliCons harder than ever. Because they are preparing to launch the greatest assault on our Parliamentary system this country has ever seen.

The culture war that some Canadians don't believe is happening, because as Doyle says they're too polite or something, is about to EXPLODE.

And two burning questions demand to be answered. Or scrawled on every wall in Canada.

How can such a loathsome regime call itself a Canadian government?

And what is the monster HIDING?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me, the Cons, and the Space Invaders

As I've mentioned before,  I spend a lot of time staring up at the night sky and waving my arms wildly. Hoping against hope that the space invaders will rescue me from this barbarous planet where I clearly don't belong.

And of course, zap Stephen Harper and his brutish Cons all the way back to the redneck province of Alberta...where THEY clearly belong.

So I found this warning rather shocking.

OMG. I never thought of that. What if they are WORSE than us? Who knew that was possible?

And if they are...never mind our resources. Because they can take the dirty oil sands anytime they want eh?

But what if they are HUNGRY? know if I threw a pork chop...or some cocaine...into that spaceship. And told the Cons the alien planet was a capitalist jungle. I bet you I could convince the Harperite cult to go with them.

And I'm sure I could tantalize the evil aliens into sparing my life, by telling them how many more space burgers they could make out of Jason Kenney. me your alienship... MUCHO tasty...piggy...porko...YUMMY.

But as for me I'll only be waving at the space invaders who finally answered my call. The ones from Planet Gay.

Because it turns out I'm one of them eh? We're getting ready to zap the Cons all the way back to Alberta. The Pope is next.

And I'm happy up down here...

Stephen Harper and the Backwards Blitzkrieg

I've been worried that Stephen Harper might use the Speaker's ruling on the Afghan documents, as an excuse to call a snap blitzkrieg election.

But now I'm feeling a little better.

And I'm quite sure I'm feeling a LOT better than Stephen Harper. Because his planned blitzkrieg is going backwards. And Great Ugly Leader must be rolling on the floor of his war room, and biting the carpet. Or sobbing.

What must I do to make Canadians love me? WAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

Of course the Liberals must be asking themselves some questions too.

But now that the Conservatives have launched yet another offensive in their never ending culture war.

And have clearly shown once again that they are prepared to put their hideous Amerikan-style ideology before the lives of human beings, in this case poor women in the developing world.

I think the answer is OBVIOUS:

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.

Frank Graves

Because if these Cons want a culture war I say we give them one. I mean they re-opened the abortion debate eh? So let's  beat them them over the head with it until they cry uncle mercy.

Oh I'm sure Stephen Harper will try to claw back some points in his usual classy Con way...

But I think a lot of Canadians are seeing the monster for the misogynistic, homophobic bastard he really is and they've had ENOUGH.

Which brings me to Jack Layton...and the NDP.

The NDP has reached the 20 percent level since the fall of 2008 -- they are at an all-time high in BC; are virtually tied with the Liberals and Conservatives among female voters; and in fact lead the Conservatives among urban and suburban women.

Not bad for a guy battling cancer eh? Way to go Jack.

You know even though my friends mock me, I really am a non-partisan progressive. I want both the NDP and the Liberals to do well, and I dream of the day when we can form a mighty coalition and drive these foul alien Cons from power FOREVER.

But right now I'm just enjoying the moment. Thinking of Stephen Harper sobbing in his war room.

Why can't I fool them ? Why don't they love me? WAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

Awwwwwwwwww. Gimme my party hat !!!!!

And please. Somebody. ANYBODY.

Give the monster a BLITZKRIEG....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Blind Man and the Gay Dog

As you know I love dogs almost as much as I hate bigots. So I found this story particularly disturbing.

An Australian restaurant that refused a blind man entry because a waiter thought his seeing-eye dog was "gay" has been ordered to apologize and pay compensation.

The restaurant's owners said a misunderstanding had arisen between Jolly's female companion and a waiter who understood the woman "to be saying she wanted to bring a gay dog into the restaurant"

And our dog was even more upset...

Because although he's a little flamboyant, he's as straight as a bone eh? 

So I had to tell him we love him anyway.

Seriously though...can you believe that story? And the world we're forced to live in. it prejudice or is it MADNESS?

And when will it go away...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Frank Graves and the Con Homophobes

I'm sorry to see that Frank Graves has apologized for the crime of offering some free advice to the  Liberals.

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.

Which is completely absurd, because there's nothing to apologize for, any other serious pollster would have told the Liberals the same thing.

And the Con complaint to the CBC is ridiculous, and nothing but a  smear.

Especially since the CBC is CRAWLING with Cons, and the ugly repuglican dwarf Rex Murphy sounds like Sarah Palin's little puppet. 

Sucking up her farts and blowing them out of his piehole. And he's the editorial voice of the CBC National News. WTF?

Oh well. At least Frank Graves didn't completely cave back down on this:

I don’t think the Prime Minister’s racist or a homophobe, nor do I think members of his cabinet or his caucus are,” he told The Globe.

“I do believe, and this gets more subtle, that there is a higher incidence of people who are less tolerant to homosexuals and more wary of other races, within the Conservative Party. I can demonstrate that empirically."

Although now it's his turn to look ridiculous. Because the truth is the Con caucus and cabinet are CRAWLING with homophobes. The PMO is run by religious fanatics who are waging a culture war on gay people and women. The repugnant bigot Charles McVety is Great Ugly Leader's spiritual boyfriend.

The poison is spreading everywhere.

Mr. McVety, president of Canada Christian College in Toronto, said the curriculum must be seen in the larger context of liberal social engineering.

"This is part of a militant homosexual agenda to normalize homosexuality in everyone's mind and thereby promote homosexuality. If we teach our children these things ... guess what? That's what they'll practice."

And in the ReformCon homeland of Alberta, gay bashing isn't even a hate crime.

Oh yeah. Stephen Harper and his Cons are the foulest homophobes this country has ever seen.

They may be pretend they're not. They may fool some idiot Canadians...and muzzle others. Or turn good people into COWARDS.

But they'll NEVER fool me eh?

Because I see the blood their hate is spilling.

And I got them on TAPE...

You know I think the reason the Cons are squealing so much about Frank Graves, is because they're TERRIFIED about what he told the Liberals.

Are you ready for a culture war?

Oh boy am I EVAH...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frank Graves and the Way to Beat the Cons

I tuned in to Power and Politics this afternoon to see Frank Graves getting mugged by the Con flunky Kory Teneycke because of some advice he gave the Liberals.

Frank Graves of Ekos Research, in agreement with the analysis, has told the Grits that the wedge politics of the Conservatives provide them with an opportunity to stake out a stark alternative. Stop worrying about the West, he’s told them. No need to fear polarizing the debate. It’s what worked for Mr. Chrétien against Preston Manning and Stockwell Day.

“I told them that they should invoke a culture war. Cosmopolitanism versus parochialism, secularism versus moralism, Obama versus Palin, tolerance versus racism and homophobia, democracy versus autocracy. If the cranky old men in Alberta don’t like it, too bad. Go south and vote for Palin.”

But I think that a Con like Korny calling anyone too partisan is like Harper calling anyone a liar and a dictator. And that Frank Graves deserves a medal, because he's absolutely right. That is the missing narrative, and the ONLY way to go.

The Cons have been playing wedge politics from the moment they came to power. They've been waging a culture war against our precious Canadian institutions. They are racists, homophobes, dangerous religious fanatics, sinister autocrats, they're raping our values, and trying to turn us into Amerikans. If that isn't a culture war what do you call it?

Michael Ignatieff has been playing a fool's game by sucking up to Alberta.

When NOTHING he ever says or does will make the rednecks and oil pimps in that province vote for him. And his support for the oil sands only loses him votes in a province like Quebec.

Instead he should be attacking the province for torching the planet, smearing Canada's reputation abroad, and destroying manufacturing jobs in provinces like B.C. and Ontario...where the next election will be decided. Attacking the theocons in the PMO and standing up for our secular values.

I think it's time to give the Cons a taste of their own medicine. Let's give them a wedgie they can CHOKE ON.

Nothing will heal the divisions in this country. Stephen Harper has made sure of that. So let's use them to our advantage to beat these AmeriCon thugs over the head, and win the war for the country that reflects our CANADIAN values.. 

Because it's about time

It isn’t complicated. The choice between Harper Conservatism and progressive Liberalism is amply clear. Thus far, Mr. Harper has done a better job of articulating his brand than the Liberals have done of theirs. He knows how to fight a culture war. They've barely been trying.

Oh yeah...and if those Cons and rednecks don't like it we tell them to go south and vote for Palin eh?

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Hit them where it HURTS....

Harper's Boyfriend and the Gay Agenda

Uh oh. I see the absurd Christianist bigot Charles McVety is foaming like a rabid hippo jabba, and going on about the "gay agenda." Again.

"Christian right leader Charles McVety, who is also part of the coalition, said it is unconscionable to teach children as young as eight years old gender identity and sexual orientation. He accused the Premier of listening to 'special interest groups with an agenda,' including former education minister Kathleen Wynne, who is openly gay. "

And I think that Robert Silver has some very good questions for Tim Hudak, the Ontario Con Leader: 

1. Does he see homosexuals in Ontario as a "special interest group with an agenda"?
2. If yes, what exactly is that agenda?

Now I just wish somebody would ask Stephen Harper why a wingnut bigot like McVety gets to spend sooooo much time whispering into his ear. I mean they're practically boyfriends. 

McVety believes that saving the planet is a satanic plot that could delay the return of The Messiah. He doesn't believe Israel should ever be criticized for the same reason, which sounds strangely familiar. Remember what happened to Rights and Democracy. 

He helped destroy the national daycare program because he believes women should be subordinate. He got Stephen Harper to demote Diane Ablonczy, one of his most faithful supporters, for funding the Gay Pride parade.

And the most frightening thing is that Harpo and him are just soooo close. Garth Turner says McVety once boasted he could get Great Boyfriend Leader on the phone in less than two minutes. 

And there was his little hoggy group the other day having yet another cozy intimate chat in the PMO.

Yes believe it or not, the Prime Minister of Canada meeting with McVety's Canada Family Action group that puts out this kind of homophobic garbage.

Just a few days before the government announced it would not be funding abortions for poor women...even if it killed them.

Golly.  The Cons say Harper's office is PADLOCKED, but who gave the bigot jabba the key?  And who is REALLY running Canada?

You know I think Canadians should be asking a lot more questions about the Theocratic Agenda because that's the one that is killing Canada. And the one that  could KILL the Cons.

As for the "Gay Agenda," if anyone finds it please let me know.

Because I don't believe it exists.

But then I could be mistaken...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Day I Missed the Marijuana Party

I know what I was doing at 4:20 today: Studying my ass off for a big exam on Friday. So sadly I couldn't attend one of these rallies.

But if I had attended the one on Porker Hill, I would have told this old Con to go fuck drink himself STOOPID.

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson took advantage of the unofficial holiday by holding a news conference to announce a tough-on-crime bill.

"We're not the party that will be decriminalizing this," he said. "We don't encourage this kind of activity. But we have zeroed in on our drug bill, it targets people who traffic, people who import, export drugs, manufacture, people in the grow-op business."

"That's my advice to anybody here who's smoking up, that they should tell their supplier that when our government introduces a drug bill, they won't like it.

And to go fight REAL criminals instead of jailing even more young Canadians. And to tell his fascist Cons to stop promoting the use of cocaine.

 Because like booze that's a REALLY dangerous drug eh?

And then I probably would have had a toke...or two. Followed shortly by a cheeseburger...or two. And then I would have rushed strolled home, walked the dog in the park, smelled the flowers...and bought a hotdog. Mmmmm. And then maybe watched a couple of videos. While waiting for Sébastien to come home, and the real fun to begin.

Because unlike booze or cocaine, marijuana is a gentle drug that doesn't hurt ANYONE. And I'm sure if I was a little high I would have enjoyed this video even MORE...

But of course I couldn't. In fact I can't even blog. Sébastien is staring at me with wolfy eyes, drumming his fingers on the table, and looking at his watch a lot.

So I'm afraid that video will have to do for now. Back to the books I go. Pray for me everyone. 


See you all soon...
Video from Vimeo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Justin Bieber and the Bullies

I watched the Juno awards last night and I thought it was a fabulous show. 

I loved the street party in St John's, and although my favourite band Billy Talent didn't win best single, and Michael Buble is a just a little too mellow for me, I thought he was a classy winner.

“I love you from the west coast to the east, black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight, thanks for the support.”

And although I have to admit that I would probably like Justin Bieber more a lot...if I was fourteen... I think he's a talented and very together Canadian kid.

And nobody deserves this.

It's so disgusting and cowardly it almost makes me vomit. It takes a lizard's brain to be homophobic and misogynistic at the same time. 

But that's why I hate bullies eh? That's why I write about them all the time even though almost nobody cares.  

And that's why I love K'naan, the Somali Canadian artist who closed the show last night with a version of this song of peace, love, diversity, and RESPECT.

Because when I listen to it I believe we can change the world...

Here's to those Canadian artists who even in the dark days of the bully Harper regime are giving us something to be proud about.

Justin don't listen to the bullies.

Here's to that better world...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lech Kaczynski: Hero or Homophobe?

I see they buried the late Polish President Lech Kaczynski in a place usually reserved for Poland's heroes. And I'm glad that at least there was SOME controversy 

Not everyone is proud of the decision taken by the Catholic Church and the late president's family.

Some 40,000 people have signed up to a Facebook group opposing the idea.

Others have started a group called "Yes to burying the president in the Great Pyramid of Egypt".

Because although some really good people died in that tragic plane crash, like Izabela Jaruga-Nowacka.

Lech Kaczynski was not a hero, he was a xenophobe and a  bigot .

Speaking to an audience at Dublin Castle on the final day of his three day visit, Lech Kaczynski said that the promotion of homosexuality would lead to the eventual destruction of the human race.

When serving as mayor of Warsaw, he attempted to ban Gay Pride marches in 2004 and 2005.

He refused to meet with the parade organisers, saying, "I am not willing to meet perverts."

Which makes me wonder what Stephen Harper was talking about when he said this the other day:

“President Lech Kaczynski was a man who stood proudly and defiantly for democracy and human rights through even the most difficult times."

But I guess Harper would wouldn't he? Because for him and the theocratic homophobes in his ReformCon party, gays aren't really human and don't deserve any rights. And he's our Kaczynski.

You know I hate to say bad things about the dead. But people are always rewriting our history, or burying it, or making heroes out of monsters. And the truth is the truth and enough is enough.

Oh well....on a more positive note.

I had a Polish sausage the other day at the ball game...

I told the sausage man to stick a fork in it... to make sure it was well and truly done.

And it was DELICIOUS...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

When Blogging Comes Up Against Spring

Well I have to admit that in the monumental battle between blogging and Spring, Spring is winning.

Because after a long winter in Canada it's just so AWESOME.  Everything comes alive again.

And of course wherever you look love is in the air...

Gawd. These straight people are SHAMELESS. But I know how they feel, because I've got Spring Fever too, so does Sébastien, and so does the dog.

I left him tied up outside a Starbucks the other day, and when I came back he was trying to hump a fluffy white poodle thing, who had been tied up next to him.

Now that he's almost a hundred in human years I think he prefers it that way eh? When they can't get away from him.

Yikes. How embarrassing. We won't be going back to that Starbucks anytime soon.

But what can you do when the swans in the nearby pond are setting such a bad example?

Smooch. Smooch. Smooch.

Boing. Boing. Boing.

Whoops. Where did she go?

Baby I love you. Glug. Glug. Glug.

Golly. That's disgraceful. For that I fed them spinach all winter? These animals are SHAMELESS.

But then so am I.

I'm supposed to race Sébastien tomorrow  to a beach about ten kilometres away, for a barbie with some friends. And for once I'm thinking of letting him win.

Let some air out of one of my tires, pretend I had a puncture, smoke a cigarette, wait for him to come chuffing up. And then lead him to this quiet little place in the woods where the cherry blossoms are bursting forth.

And read him my latest poem. Because I love a captive audience. Just like I LOVE Canada in the springtime. 

So blogging might have to wait a while eh?

I promise to show you pictures of the swan chicks when they hatch.

In the meantime, since it's Friday night, let's hatch these... know if I was wearing that chicken tail costume when I read my new poem, I bet it would sound even BETTER.

And Sébastien would be even MORE impressed.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Fallen Women

I don't know if Helena Guergis is guilty of anything except marrying Rahim Jaffer, but something about her ritual humiliation at the hands of Stephen Harper is really starting to stink.

Because either Harper believed the word of this character

And thought it was sufficient to sic the cops on her. In which case his judgement must surely be questioned.

Or he knew that it all sounded a little dubious, but made a show out of humiliating her anyway, to make himself look like a strong leader, make her look like a fallen woman. And buy himself some time, in case he decides to go for an early election. 

In which case he deserves to be scorned for being an immoral bastard...and a COWARD.

Because humiliating female cabinet ministers comes all too easily to this political thug. 

Remember how he treated Rona Ambrose?

And who can ever forget what he did to Diane Ablonczy...

Throwing her on the bonfire for daring to fund the Gay Pride parade, and upsetting his rabid theocratic base. Even though she was one of his most loyal followers.

But then again why would anyone be surprised? When Stephen Harper's church tells him that women should be subordinate.

The Alliance Church, to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won't ordain women, strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren't born-again are "lost." 

And no doubt in his mind, fallen uppity women must be PUNISHED.

But not fallen men like Maxime Bernier, who was not kicked out of the Con caucus. Even though he lost secret documents, and partied with a biker chick who once hung out with the Hell's Angels.

Now I don't care what happens to Helena Guergis. Anything that hurts the Cons is good as far as I'm concerned. And any woman or gay person who works for a man like Harper deserves what they get.

But fair is fair. And now that he called in the cops this story is as much about Stephen Harper's judgement as it is about Helena Guergis.

And never in the history of Canada has there been such a twisted and evil Prime Minister. A hyper partisan who would do ANYTHING for a majority. And never stops spinning his little webs of deception...

So all I can say, is what I always say.

Defeat him, crush him, send him back to his spidey hole in Alberta.

Before he destroys our country.

Before he burns us ALL...