Monday, November 30, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Chickenhawks

Well I guess it was inevitable eh?

When you don't do anything unless Obama does it first. Or you try to hide behind him, just like you try to hide behind our soldiers to conceal your actions on the Con Torture and Rape Scandal.

Sooner or later you're going to be humiliated.

Our colleague Susan Bonner in Washington is reporting that although Obama is speaking personally with leaders from Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Denmark, China, India, Russia, Afghanistan and Pakistan... he will not be making a personal call to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Vice-President Joe Biden will be phoning Canada's prime minister.

OMG. Not Biden? Not Italy before Canada? So much for Great Warrior Leader. So much for his "special relationship" with Obama. So much for punching above our weight.

Now will somebody please explain that to the absurd chickenhawk Rosie DiManno?

Who after detailing a million horrifying reasons Canadian troops shouldn't have handed any prisoners over to the Afghan torturers, attacks Richard Colvin for raising the alarm.

I am dubious, however, of a diplomat relying on journalists and embassy compound chatter for information and using that, in part, as a basis for copy-all email memos.

Nor does there appear to be, in any of that voluminous correspondence, an eyes-on grasp of the chaos on the ground in Kandahar in 2006 and 2007, when Taliban units engaged in traditional combat – standing and fighting, as they did during Operation Medusa – with Canadian troops taking into custody an unexpectedly huge number of prisoners.

What were they to do with them?

Golly that's a tough one. How about building our own prison compound? Oh we thought of that but decided we couldn't afford it. So what were we doing there in the first place?

Or should I ask Rosie's fellow chickenhawk Christie Blatchford that question instead? Because she's now accusing Colvin of being a Richard Johnny come lately.

By his own records, he was seized with the Afghan-detainee issue only after a series on alleged prisoner abuse appeared in The Globe and Mail in the spring of 2007.

When even she admits that the e-mails, so outrageously leaked to her by the Cons...the e-mails that Richard Colvin and members of the Canadian Parliament can't see but she this:

The sixth (June 2), at five pages the lengthiest, revisited what he saw at the prison in May, and devoted all of four paragraphs, mostly un-redacted, in which Mr. Colvin's source described detainees being held in "unsavoury" or "unsatisfactory" conditions, though his description of what the e-mail actually said was considerably more florid in the précis in his affidavit, where he told the MPCC it dealt with "the risk of torture and/or actual torture of Afghan detainees."

Almost a year before the Globe story.

And never asks herself the question why SHE didn't break the story first.

Or explain why she spent all her time in Afghanistan writing about our glorious mission, and all those hunky young men, and all that manly manly musk. And not a word about TORTURE.

Oh boy. So much for our Warrior Nation.

Oh what a lovely war...


Cartoon: Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Stephen Harper and Uganda's Gay Genocide

Well I see that Stephen Harper is claiming he privately warned the President of Uganda not to jail or kill gay people.

"It was not discussed multilaterally; however I did raise it directly with the president of Uganda and indicated Canada's deep concern, strong opposition and the fact we deplore these kinds of measures."

But of course I don't believe him.

How could he? When the people responsible are his kind of Christians?

Both opponents and supporters agree that the impetus for the bill came in March during a seminar in Kampala to "expose the truth behind homosexuality and the homosexual agenda".

The main speakers were three US evangelists: Scott Lively, Don Schmierer and Caleb Lee Brundidge. Lively is a noted anti-gay activist and president of Defend the Family International, a conservative Christian association, while Schmierer is an author who works with "homosexual recovery groups". Brundidge is a "sexual reorientation coach" at the International Healing Foundation.

And the Ugandan M.P. who introduced the Gay Genocide Bill is a member of the sinister Christianist political group The Family.

"[The] legislator that introduced the bill, a guy named David Bahati, is a member of The Family," he said. "He appears to be a core member of The Family. He works, he organizes their Ugandan National Prayer Breakfast and oversees a African sort of student leadership program designed to create future leaders for Africa, into which The Family has poured millions of dollars working through a very convoluted chain of linkages passing the money over to Uganda."

In short, the same kind of religious fanatics and homophobes who make up the Con base and are crawling all over Harper's PMO.

If Stephen Harper had really wanted to help save the gay people in Uganda he should have criticized the Ugandan government PUBLICLY, and threatened them with being expelled from the Commonwealth.

But he didn't. And neither did the Commonwealth of Homophobes.

The gays of Uganda have been abandoned.

But we will not forget them.

And when it comes to this Con government. That could have done more to save them but didn't.

Because their executioners are Christianist fanatics.

We will REMEMBER...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Warrior Nation

I have no idea why Stephen Harper is such a classless lout.

"Let me just say this: living as we do, in a time when some in the political arena do not hesitate before throwing the most serious of allegations at our men and women in uniform, based on the most flimsy of evidence, remember that Canadians from coast to coast to coast are proud of you and stand behind you, and I am proud of you, and I stand beside you."

Only his psychiatrist can answer that one.

What I do know is that our troops are NOT responsible for the torture and rape scandal. Only Harper is suggesting they are, so he can try to conceal his role in this sinister cover-up.

And that by smearing the opposition, like he tried to smear Richard Colvin, he has once again demonstrated why he is unfit to be Prime Minister.

But then he is an apostle of the Neo Con Philosopher God Leo Strauss. Who believed in the concept of the so-called "noble lie."The right of a small Con elite to lie to the masses. For THEIR good.

And what worries me is that the fascist nutbar Strauss also said it was necessary to replace a "deadly truth" with a "life giving delusion". By fabricating a new national keep those masses happy and ignorant.

Which sounds awfully familiar.

Historians and sociologists agree that there has been a profound cultural shift, that Canadians now have reimagined themselves as a military nation, lauding their army, navy and air force as never before in the country's history. The question is, how did we get here?

At the heart of the change, says Frank Graves, president of the Ottawa-based social research firm EKOS, is the continued stranglehold that the baby boomers have on Canadian society. As the boomers now age in large numbers, Mr. Graves says, they're growing more conservative and trading in their one-time open cosmopolitanism for visions of a darker world and the need for a more secure society...

Which is unfortunate because there are more and more aging boomers, and a Warrior Nation won't make us safer, only more Amerikan. Wherever their warriors go torture is sure to follow.

And when Stephen Harper started posing as a warrior...

We should have known that might lead us to a very DARK place.

But who knew it would force us ALL to decide what kind of country we really are?

A country that didn't mind if people were tortured in its name would yawn and go back to business as usual.

But a country that did view torture as a crime and abomination would not accept government stonewalling.

For the sake of our troops who have been smeared by Harper and his thugs. For the sake of our democracy. For the sake of our country which needs a jingo bingo Warrior Nation like it needs a hole in the head.

We need a full public inquiry and we need it NOW...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Con Torture Scandal and the Burning Question

As the tissue of deception continues to be ripped off the Con Torture and Rape Scandal, like the flesh off the backs of Afghan detainees beaten with steel cables.

And the sordid truth is slowly revealed.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay offered a dramatically different Tory narrative on the Afghan torture issue on Friday. This capped a week in which the government went from lampooning as Taliban "dupes" anyone who alleged prisoner abuse to claiming the government took such reports seriously from the start.

The Cons knew about the torture allegations but did nothing for over a year. Except deny it was happening.

I'm surprised more in the media haven't picked up on a story by the excellent CBC journalist Brian Stewart.

Who wonders why it took so long for Canada to notify the Red Cross about detainees it had handed over to Afghan jailers.

The Dutch were concerned enough to report immediately any handover to the local Red Cross officials. Britain acted within 24 hours. But Canada? In stark contrast it created what the whistle-blowing Colvin calls "a very peculiar six-step process."

It was peculiar especially in that it initiated a slow dance of bureaucrats that seemed almost designed to leave detainees in the maws of Afghan interrogators for weeks and even months at time before the Red Cross intervened.

And asks this extremely troubling question:

Was it just a case of bureaucratic hyper-caution, flowing possibly from the micro-managing style of the Harper government? Or was there something more sinister at play?

If you wanted to ensure your detainee was grilled to the hilt over days, weeks, or months, would this not be the kind of play-for-time system that you would devise?

Which screams out like a torture victim to be answered.

Because I suspect that when we find out who came up with this strange play-for-time scheme, and WHY. We will finally find out why the Cons are going to such extreme lengths to try to cover-up this scandal.

Do you understand what I mean? The e-mails are important to establish that the Cons were aware that torture was going on. But if they knew...and now we know they did... and they set up a scheme to allow the torturers enough time to torture, that would be a WAR CRIME.

And some people in this country could end in the Hague.

Enough of this criminal un-Canadian farce. We need a full public inquiry.

And we need it NOW...

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Catholic Church on How to Lie Without Lying

I've often wondered how the old boys club that runs the Catholic Church presumes to lecture gay people, or anyone else for that matter, about matters of morality.

After all the abuse. All the cover-ups and all the lies.

But that was until I learned that they have deluded themselves into thinking that they can lie without lying.

“John calls to the parish priest to make a complaint about the behaviour of one of his curates. The parish priest sees him coming but does not want to see him because he considers John to be a troublemaker. He sends another of his curates to answer the door. John asks the curate if the parish priest is in. The curate replies that he is not.”

The commission added: “This is clearly untrue but in the Church’s view it is not a lie because, when the curate told John that the parish priest was not in, he mentally reserved the words '…to you’.”

Oh boy. That's good one eh? Remind me to use that one the next time Sébastien asks who ate the last ice cream bar in the freezer.

---Gee Sebby I have no idea...I mean I don't DARE to remember. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was Angus.

----But Angus wasn't here.

----You mean you didn't see him?


----Oh well that's it eh? If you didn't catch me in the act how do you know it wasn't HIM? Huh?


Seriously though a couple of things come to mind.

The next time you want to complain to a priest, and his flunky opens the door, ask him if the priest is in....THE HOUSE. Because it's harder to mentally reserve that one.

And two... how dare these miserable old lying hypocrites go after the gay community?

Seriously, I refuse to hear lectures on wholesome values and the meaning of family from anyone affiliated with a church that engaged in such shocking and outrageous behavior. The Catholic Church has, indeed, lost its right to discuss such issues and expect thinking people to keep a straight face.

Just to reiterate, the Bishop's and Archbishop's have zero credibility to even discuss my healthy relationship. At least my boyfriend isn't an altar boy.

Because mental reservation is nothing more than moral illness.

Homophobia is a disease.

And despite my moral failings weaknesses reservations when it comes to ice cream bars.

We're soooooo much better than them...

Brendan Burke's Awesome Coming Out Story

Because I'm a Canadiens fan, I've always considered Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke a belligerent

But now, although it's painful, I have to admit he's a really neat dad.

Because this is one of the best coming out stories I've ever read.

He calls you "Moose" because you have always been a big kid. He cares very deeply about you and your happiness. You say he has always been there when you needed him. And he has a great sense of humor. Imagine that.

But on this night in 2007, you are petrified of your dad. Because you, Brendan Burke, at 19 years old, are about to tell your dad, Mr. Testosterone, that you are gay.

But what does Mr. Testosterone say?

I wish this burden would fall on someone else's shoulders, not Brendan's. Pioneers are often misunderstood and mistrusted. But since he wishes to blaze this trail, I stand beside him with an axe! I simply could not be more proud of Brendan than I am, and I love him as much as I admire him."

I stand beside him with an AXE. How many gay boys hoped they'd hear that from their fathers but didn't.

So imagine how gay boys who love sports feel when they hear Brendan say this:

"Imagine if I was in the opposite situation, with a family that wouldn't accept me, working for a sports team where I knew I couldn't come out because I'd be fired or ostracized. People in that situation deserve to know that they can feel safe, that sports isn't all homophobic and that there are plenty of people in sports who accept people for who they are."

Because he speaks for all of us.

Of course, it will take a lot more than that to rid sports of homophobia. But every step counts.

Well done dad.

Way to go Brendan !!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stephen Harper as a Gay Rights Activist?

OK. I know that Stephen Harper suffers from some kind of multiple personality disorder. One moment he's Mr Piano, the next minute he's Mr Ugly.

But who knew he could morph into some kind of gay rights activist?

The Conservative government is making its strongest defence yet of human rights for gays and lesbians, calling a proposed Ugandan law that would imprison and even execute homosexuals "vile and hateful."

The guy who believes that people CHOOSE to be gay?The homophobe who has voted against EVERY gay rights bill in this country?The political thug who treats gay Canadians like second-class citizens, to please his rabid base.

Golly. I guess that explains why his mouthpiece had to plagiarize a statement.

A statement issued by PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas regarding an anti-gay bill in Uganda is word-for-word identical with that of the statement issued by an American embassy official weeks ago.

Because these ReformCons could never write something like that themselves. The sinister SoCons in the PMO would never allow it.

So how seriously can we take Harper's new pro-gay stance? When the last time he met the homophobic Prime Minister of Jamaica.

They had to pry them apart with a crowbar...

And Harper never ONCE raised the issue of gay rights. In a country where gays and lesbians are routinely raped, beaten and murdered.

Oh well. I guess he really will do anything for a majority. But here's my question.

If he's such a human rights activist *choke*. Why isn't he calling for the end of this Commonwealth of homophobes.

Around 80 countries worldwide continue to outlaw homosexuality, with penalties ranging from one year's jail to life imprisonment – and even execution. More than half of these countries are former British colonies. A majority are members of the Commonwealth, headed by the Queen.

Because it's about time.The Queen, tea, and homophobia. Don't make me vomit.

Stephen Harper as a gay rights activist.

Don't make me laugh scream....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Generals and the Assghanistan Farce

If you want to get an idea how badly Stephen Harper's Cons have corrupted our Parliament all you had to do today was check out this Alice in Wonderland farce.

Or listen to General Rick Blowhard Hillier's ludicrous arguments.

"He said the reports written in May and June of 2006," said nothing about abuse, nothing about torture or anything else that would have caught my attention or indeed the attention of others."

Like saying that Colvin didn't say what he said, when the Parliamentary Committee hasn't read the e-mails so they had no way of challenging his statements.

Or claiming that he didn't know anything about torture in 2006 when allegations about widespread torture had been circulating since 2003.

Prison conditions remained poor; there reportedly were many other secret or informal detention centers (see Section 1.d.). Prisoners lived in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions in collective cells and were not sheltered from severe winter conditions. Prisoners reportedly were beaten, tortured, or starved.

Or having the nerve to say that Canadians only detained Taliban suspects.

"We detained, under violent actions, people trying to kill our sons and daughters, who had in some cases done that, been successful at it, and were continuing to do it."

Hillier said they may have detained the occasional farmer, but that they were "almost inevitably immediately let go."

Oh really. And how does he know that? When that old chickenhawk apparently had his head buried up his ass.

And all him and his generals did today was hijack a parliamentary committee, and turn it into a public relations exercise designed to take the heat off the Con government.

But maybe their time will come again. Because something about this story demands explanation.

All three of the independent military commands at that point — the Canadian, Dutch and British — knew that under international law they were responsible for the well being of all Afghans they picked up, even after they were handed over to Afghan prisons and interrogation centres.

It was therefore important that the International Red Cross be alerted as soon as possible in order to try to head off any possible torture sessions.

The Dutch were concerned enough to report immediately any handover to the local Red Cross officials. Britain acted within 24 hours.

But Canada? In stark contrast it created what the whistle-blowing Colvin calls "a very peculiar six-step process."

It was peculiar especially in that it initiated a slow dance of bureaucrats that seemed almost designed to leave detainees in the maws of Afghan interrogators for weeks and even months at time before the Red Cross intervened.

Was it just a case of bureaucratic hyper-caution, flowing possibly from the micro-managing style of the Harper government? Or was there something more sinister at play?

In other words, did our generals and the Harper government collude to hold off the Red Cross, and give the KGB trained torturers in Afghan prisons a chance to torture and rape prisoners before any help arrived?

Because if they did we REALLY need to know.

For the sake of Canada's soul, and what's left of our reputation as a decent country.

For the sake of all our dead soldiers. Enough of this wretched farce.

We need a public inquiry...

Stephen Harper's Disgusting Return to Parliament

Well I see that after running away from the Con Torture and Rape Scandal for a week, Stephen Harper crawled back to Parliament today.

And what an ugly spectacle it was.

"The diplomat in question, as everyone knows, has a right to his opinion and has given us his opinion," Harper told the House of Commons.

"We also know that a large number of his colleagues didn't agree with those opinions and … they have asked for their right to speak, so I’d encourage the opposition not to muzzle them."

Can you believe that ? Calling Colvin's allegations an "opinion." When that decent Canadian wasn't the only one sounding the alarm.

At the time, numerous reports in Canada and abroad concluded that torture and abuse was routine in Afghan jails, including warnings from the U.S. State Department, the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and the United Nations.

And Stephen "Handcuffs" Harper, who has muzzled everyone from his own caucus to the civil service and the military, is the LAST person in the world to accuse others of trying to muzzle ANYONE.

Has this political thug no shame? And how dare he try sabotage the Parliamentary Committee by suggesting that David Mulroney should jump the queue and testify before the committee has the documents to properly question him?

When Mulroney should just take a number, and then head back to China at his own expense to prepare for the Harper visit. Because it should be a doozer.

With less than two weeks to go before Harper heads to China, explosive allegations that Canada was likely complicit in torture in Afghanistan have given China everything it needs to rebuff any criticisms he might level over its controversial human rights record.

With Stephen Harper trying to score brownie points by criticizing China's human right's record, while him and the ambassador are pursued across the country by the media, asking about Canada's torture fest in Afghanistan. And WHO covered up WHAT.

But I guess that's why the Cons are so desperate. Because I noticed something really nice about Harper today.

The bags under his cold dead eyes...

Uh oh. It looks like somebody has been burning the candle at both ends trying to micro-manage this torture scandal. Just like he micro-managed the first one.

Golly. If those bags get any bigger we'll have to start calling him Great Coon Con...and shoo him away from our garbage cans. Although that's where him and his foul Cons belong.

For disgracing Parliament and shaming us in the eyes of the world. And that's BEFORE they humiliate us in Copenhagen.

Excellent. The universe is unfolding just as I hoped it would.

And the Torture Monster is almost DONE...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lou Dobbs to Run for President?

Caramba. I have to say I saw this one coming.

When one of the WTOP anchors joked that pundits were floating the crazy idea of the immigration-fixated Dobbs running for president, he shot back: "What's so crazy about that?" — and disclosed that he's talking to advisers to suss out his political options.

Because as I watched this ridiculous old racist blame Hispanics for just about EVERYTHING...from leprosy to acid rain... I couldn't help but notice that his ego was growing bigger than a Mexican sombrero...or a Jesus in a tortilla.

And that the chi hua hua on his shoulder was looking ever more menacing.

But Viva Dobbs eh?

What with Dobby and Sarah Palin and the Teabagger Party candidate all running after the right-wing vote, the Republicans will be lucky if in the next election they end up in sixth place.

After Ralph Nader.

So I just want to are not just the American Messiah. Halle-LOU-jah!!!

And the voice of Amerikan independent idiot voters.

You are my cucaracha mariachi Presidente.

So let the campaign fiesta BEGIN !!!!

Dumbo MacKay and the Con Torture Scandal

Oh boy. This is what happens when the Cons let Peter Dumbo MacKay be the front stooge on the rape and torture scandal.

One he is completely out of his league.

Anyone familiar with MacKay’s political stats knows he is a one-pitch wonder, resorting inevitably to throwing the ball directly at his opponent’s head.

So out of his league he didn't realize the implications of handing over prisoners to KGB agents.

When we interviewed the directing staff, they proudly admitted that to a man they had all received their training from the Soviets and were all former KGB officers.

And two... Dumbo thinks we are all as dumb as he is. Like when he insisted today that a Corrections Canada operative had visited Torture Prison and declared it A-OK.

And when did that operative visit the prison? Answer: just recently. And when did the scandal take place? Answer: in 2006 and 2007. And now we know that the problems continued this year.

Which leaves me with one question for Dumbo: Can you rule out that an innocent Afghan farmer who was brutally tortured and then released, WOULDN'T join the Taliban to get even with those who delivered him into the hands of those bestial torturers?

Could that help explain the increase in the number of deadly attacks on our troops in 2008 and 2009?

And one question for this guy...

Why do you take torture allegations so lightly, you turned your back on Parliament today to attend a cheap photo-op?

And isn't that the same callous attitude what led to the torture scandal in the first place? The one you are now trying to cover-up.

Even though this hideous scandal is covered with your grubby fingerprints.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office used a "6,000-mile screwdriver" to oversee the denial of reports of Afghan detainee abuse when the scandal first erupted in 2007, according to a former senior NATO public affairs official who was then based in Kabul.

It was highly unusual. I was told this was the titanic issue for Prime Minister Harper and that every single statement that went out needed to be cleared by him personally..."

Hmmm. Do you think Stephen Harper is running SCARED? I do.

Hey Mr Cut and Run come and face the music !!!!!!

Just leave the piano at home. Your lies finally caught up to you.

And now it's time to PAY...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Teabaggers are Coming !! The Movie

As you know I believe that we are witnessing nothing less than the Collapse of the American Empire.

So the racism, the hysteria, the death threats, and the screeching insanity don't really surprise me. I mean how would you expect it to end eh?

But who knew that those ridiculous old white rednecks known as teabaggers would make a movie?


And confuse freedom with FASCISM. And patriotism with parody.

Golly. I always KNEW that fascism would come to Amerika, in the shape of an ignorant rabble waving crosses, and talking in tongues.

But I thought they'd be dressed in black and wearing Nazi helmets.

Instead of being dressed like bellboys at a swanky hotel, with funny pirate hats.


Oh well. They're clearly insane, and since they're probably armed they should be considered dangerous. I just hope that Obammy is building lots of concentration maroon camps and insane asylums.

Because as Amerika continues to crumble.

I'm pretty sure he's going to need them...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Con Torture Scandal and the Web of Lies

Golly Sherlock. Some things about this Con torture and rape scandal just don't add up. Like why is Peter "Dumbo" MacKay insisting that Richard Colvin is a Taliban dupe?

When he should be thanking him, taking the credit, and blaming it on the Liberals.

I confess to some bafflement at the government’s handling of the Afghan prisoner story: a story that would be more of a crisis if Canadian forces were still handing over captured prisoners to the Afghan government without insisting on adequate safeguards and outside supervision. But everyone agrees, I think, that that is no longer the case.

It was the case in 2006-07, when a previous prisoner transfer agreement was in force, and Richard Colvin was writing all those memos warning his superiors of what he was hearing about conditions in the Afghan jails. And presumably it was the case before then, when the Liberals, who negotiated that earlier agreement, were in power. But the agreement was changed in 2007, by the Tories. So you’d think that would be the Tory story: We fixed the problem.

Because that's what these Cons usually do. Right?

But instead they're trying to defend the indefensible, and desperately trying to prevent a public inquiry. While their foul spin machine tries to destroy the reputation of a decent man.

This temptation is deeply ingrained in the Harper party. It shows itself in the Conservatives' propaganda attack machine, in which opposition leaders' physical mannerisms are mocked and patriotism is impugned.

It is revealed almost daily in the Commons and beyond in the ad hominem partisan attacks on previous Liberal governments. But, most starkly, it appears in the verbal muggings given anyone – even civil servants – who dare get in the way of the government's massive, well-financed and all-pervasive spin machine.

Which makes them look like bullies and torture groupies. It just doesn't make sense.

Which leads me to believe that they have something to HIDE. And that we really need to hear from Margaret Bloodsworth, who was Harper's security adviser at the time.

Because honestly Sherlock does she look like the kind of woman who wouldn't tell the Prime Minister that the Governor of Canadahar had a whip under his desk...and a dungeon under his house?

Especially since Harper had recently asked a CBC reporter whether she liked HANDCUFFS. And the motto of the civil service since the Cons arrived is " We aim to please...or ELSE"

Yes Watson, but that's the problem isn't it? A public inquiry would inevitably lead straight into the PMO. And almost certainly expose Stephen Harper as a liar AND a psycho.

A man who knew torture was going on, but like all the other Cons, pretended he didn't. The psycho who would let a Canadian kid be tortured at Guantanamo. The twisted, cruel man who says he likes to see fear in the eyes of his subordinates.

Which is why a judicial inquiry is so important.

If the allegations are true, those accountable for the mission put self-interest ahead of national interest. In protecting themselves they exposed Canadian troops to war crimes risk and local retribution, smeared this country's human rights reputation and made nonsense of the argument that Canada's guiding Afghanistan purpose is to seed values, rights and justice.

Gosh Sherlock....and does that mean the Prime Minister could be revealed to have REPEATEDLY misled Parliament ? Just like his hideous Cons have LIED to Canadians over and over again?

Elementary my dear Watson. You see we may never know how many poor Afghans were tortured and raped. But after it's over we WILL know Stephen Harper.

And I bet you that most decent Canadians won't like what they see. And will wonder what those bestial bullies might do if they ever got a majority

Yes indeed. Pass the opium pipe Watson. I do believe these ugly Cons have been caught in the web of their own lies.

We have them where we want them.

And it's time to clean house...

Canada: Where the Bullied are Forgotten

Well Bullying Awareness Week is over and as usual it didn't get the coverage it deserves. I checked Google News every night when I came home from work, but I was always disappointed.

Just a couple of stories in small regional papers, and nothing on the blogosphere.

I had almost given up when something amazing happened.The mighty CBC National News carried a story on bullying in Canada.

I found it hard to watch.The little redhead with his Spiderman toy. The small boy getting snow rubbed in his face.The girl with cerebral palsy who was tripped by the bullies. That kind of cruelty makes me wild with anger.

But I also practically wept with joy, because hopefully now more Canadians will understand that they live in a country with one of the worst bullying records in the world.

Canada is one of the developed world’s worst offenders when it comes to bullying, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) survey on Health Behaviours of School-Aged Children. The survey, which is based on children’s reports of bullying and victimization, ranked Canada 36th worst out of 40 developed countries for bullying.

In Canadian schools bullying happens every 7.5 minutes in the playground and every 25 minutes in the classroom (Craig and Pepler, 1997). “The human impact of bullying and interpersonal violence is heartbreaking. Children who are victimized can be emotionally scarred for life...”

One of the few developed countries with no national anti-bullying strategy. Where one of the few national organizations could be about to be crippled by a lack of federal funding.

Despite these dismal statistics, organizations like PREVNet that work to promote positive relationships and combat bullying among Canadian kids are about to run out of federal funding with no new funding in sight, despite their being linked with 62 expert researchers from 27 Canadian universities, and 49 national organizations.

Because the SoCons in the PMO don't want children to be taught that homophobia is bad. And of course, because those Harper Cons are the foulest gang of political bullies this country has ever seen.

And so many Canadians just don't care.

Oh well. Can you believe that someone would trip a girl with cerebral palsy? Did you see the helpless look on the face of that small bullied boy wiping the snow off his face?

When I next feel like giving up I'll remember THEM.

Those poor children. Those cruel bullies. Those bastard Cons.

Is this really happening in Canada?

What a mad world...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Afghan Horror and the Pig's Head

I always knew this mission would end badly. We never had enough troops to do what we said we wanted to do. And the longer an occupation goes on the more it corrupts.

But I never imagined that a Canadian government would refuse to hold a public inquiry into allegations of mass torture.

Claim it didn't know anything about this atrocity...when it obviously did.

And would attack the one Canadian who refused to be corrupted, and did the right and decent thing, in this foul manner.

MacKay painted Colvin as having been duped by the Taliban and said Canadians are being asked to accept the word of prisoners "who throw acid in the face of schoolgirls."

When by continuing this cover-up, these immoral Cons are corrupting the reputation of our army, dishonouring the dead, branding us as a Torture Nation in the eyes of the world, and making a mockery out of our mission.

Just like they are corrupting our country.

Canada has had an image as a liberal Eden since Thomas Edison did his light-bulb thing. The image is not yet undone. One need only look at the big-spending, deficit-building spree of today's government. But the old conception of Canada is at risk, threatened by an emerging conservative consensus that no one 10 years ago could have foreseen.

Our old voice of moderation – on the Suez crisis, on Vietnam, the arms race, the Cold War, on peacekeeping – is no longer much in evidence. And Canadians don't seem to mind.

Quebec remains a bastion of traditional Canadian values, but everywhere else they are dying. Stephen Harper doesn't even have a majority yet, but I feel I'm already living in a country I don't recognize.

And worse than that....on days like today when I hear analysts on TV say that this torture scandal won't hurt the Cons...I think of that scene in Lord of the Flies.

When that other Simon stares at the pig's head, and asks who is The Monster who is scaring the boys?

And turning them into savages.

And the pig says the monster is THEM.

Progressive Canadians really need to get their act together. We need to explore new ideas. We need to create a mighty coalition to clean out these corrupt alien Cons.

Because our country is slipping away. Time is running out.

And the monster is among us...

The Great War on Christmas Begins...

...with the Krazy Christianists attacking this ad...

By accusing it of promoting WITCHCRAFT

Did you notice it? Gap compares Christmas to the pagan holiday called "Solstice." Solstice is celebrated by Wiccans who practice witchcraft!

Which makes me feel like saying do what ever you wannukah eh?

But if you can't wiccer or liccer yourselves.

Why don't you go pray for a Wii?


Because I LOVE that pagan festival. Presents, food, drink, debauchery.

Almost as much as I hate religious fanatics.

So I'm with the ELVES...

The Carrie Prejean and Sarah Palin Show

Well I see that Sarah Palin is outraged...and I mean OUTRAGED...about this Newsweek cover picture.

But of course I don't believe a word she says. I think she's just trying to compete with her bitter rival, the Christianist bigot Carrie "Booby" Prejean.

Because although both are out flogging bad books, Booby's book tour is definitely more entertaining.


And at least Little Miss Family Values is getting some one great reviews review.

Vivid Entertainment Group, the world's leading adult film studio, has obtained a copy of the notorious sex tape made by Carrie Prejean and is ready to make a deal with the former Miss California.

"The footage we saw is a series of very graphic and hot clips," Mr. Hirsch said. "Let's just say that she appears to be totally enthusiastic and is thoroughly enjoying herself. Carrie says the tape was 'the biggest mistake of my life.' That may be, but she can take this mistake and turn it into cold, hard cash.

While Sarah Palin's book is getting panned.... for not revealing enough. Even though she and Booby are so spookily similar.

Which no doubt explains why she would dress up in a pair of red hot pants, lean coyly on the American flag, and then accuse Newsweek of exploiting her.

But who can explain this horror?

Sarah Palin...the redneck from Wasilla... brought Andrew Sullivan's mighty blog to a crashing halt?

OMG. When the Mayans said the world would end in 2012 did they know the results of that year's Presidential election?

And did the CBC do this on purpose?

A CBC spokesman confirmed that the network mistakenly put up a graphic depicting the cover of "Going Rouge: Sarah Palin An American Nightmare."

Because you really can't remind people enough. Booby the bigot is just a Christianist wanker. And her 15 minutes of exposure...bzzzzzzzzz...are hopefully OVER.

But Sarah Palin isn't just a rogue redneck.

She's an American nightmare who could tear that country apart.

And she can't be exposed enough...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10-Year-Old Stands Up for Gay Marriage

Meet Will Phillips who is refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag until there really is justice for ALL.

A substitute teacher tried to make him stand, but Will refused. He continued to refuse for several more days until the teacher became angry. At this point, Will admitted he had told her to "respectfully … go and jump off a bridge".

Meanwhile at Wingnut Central they're gumming themselves KRAAAAZY.

And this is in rural Arkansas, no less ... I shudder to think about the places we've lost to the Left.


You heard it first here eh?

There is still hope for Amerika. Bigots are fuck-wads.

And Will is my HERO...


P.S. Wait until he finds out who is responsible for torching the planet. May the Dirty Oil God protect them...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Extra ! Extra ! Cons Caught Faking it Again !

Golly. I used to believe that when Stephen Harper and his ReformCons said anything they were just lying.

But now I believe that they just mean the opposite...or are faking it..

The federal transport minister's office privately pleaded with Canada's big airlines to step up their lobby campaign to kill a proposed passenger bill of rights even as the minister publicly rallied behind the popular initiative, according to internal documents obtained by Canwest News Service.

"Gentleman, you're going to have to do some lobbying to stop this motion in its tracks," the minister's senior policy adviser at the time, Paul Fitzgerald, told officials at Canada's largest airlines in March 2008.

Which explains so much.

Like why when they said they were helping women with the Porky Daycare Plan, they were actually destroying a national daycare system... to try to keep women at home, barefoot and pregnant.

Or when they say their Porky Action Plan is designed to help us, it's actually a plan to help a majority.... with OUR money. And why when Great Fakir Faker Leader says he's in India to help improve trade relations.

There is no doubt the Conservative Party will give Harper a sixer for his performance, once the video and photos turn up prominently in Indo-Canadian media outlets back home.

He's actually just on another expensive photo-op to improve HIS polls. And of course, we're paying for the middle of a recession.

Oh boy. These sneaky porker Cons. If we can't arrest them we simply HAVE to find a way to defeat them.

Because when I saw the cold, wooden, nerd Harper pretending to go Bollywood.

I couldn't help thinking of one of my favourite Bollywood productions...

And in particular of the sinister Blue Condom...

And his apparently reassuring claim: I am a shield. I will protect you.

But now that I understand Con Opposite Speak, obviously means..... run for your lives !!!

Because he's the one we need to be protected from. And if he ever gets a majority we'll be SCREWED.

Oh boy.Those nasty cheaty rubbery Cons.

When will we finally flush them?