Saturday, July 31, 2010

Me, Summer, and Stephen Harper's Ugly Canada

I wasn't planning to blog about politics this weekend. Just hang out at the beach with my friends.

Check out the wild flowers in the beautiful garden that is Canada in summer.

And play with my dog.

He's getting on. I don't know how many more summers we're going to share together. So I promised him we'd have an EXCELLENT one. 

And quite frankly these days I'd rather throw the stick all day, than write about Canadian politics.

But something James Travers wrote in today's Star kept coming back to haunt me.

This country today is not the country Conservatives inherited. For better or worse—and certainly to the qualified satisfaction of voters who share Harper’s brooding hostility to the Canada of Pierre Trudeau, Tommy Douglas and Joe Clark—this is becoming a different, sometimes difficult to recognize, place.

Because it's a question I keep asking myself. How could something so ugly happen?

In such a  beautiful place...

How could we let those poisonous weeds choke our beautiful garden? And what stinking heap of Amerikan manure are they growing on?

Oh well...speaking of flowers...this video is about the crazy war on marijuana.

But it might as well be about what Stephen Harper's Cons want to do to Canada...

Or have they already changed Canada beyond recognition? Because it all looks so familiar. So dark and so ignorant.

So will we get our garden back? Maybe. If we're smart enough to unite and drive Harper and his AmeriCons from power, before they destroy everything we love about this country. And change us FOREVER.  

I mean what else can you say eh?

In the meantime.... what does my old doggy think about all of this?

Summer is EXCELLENT.

Enjoy it while you can...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Yankee Monster Man

He's always been an Amerikan. He's always hated Canada. He called our country a second rate welfare state. He spent fourteen years trying to destroy our medicare system.

He's raped our precious Canadian values, shamed us in the eyes of the world, and now he's going after our history.

In 1666, Jean Talon, the Intendent of New France, conducted Canada's first census. Enumerators spread out through communities such as Montreal, Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres.

It was a landmark moment, not just in Canadian history, but in the history of census-taking itself, the first modern census in the western world.

It was something to be proud about. A Canadian success story. Statistics Canada is respected and admired by people all over the world.

Now Stephen Harper and his evil Cons are trying to destroy it because these alien ideologues think and act like tea baggers.

It was easy to laugh when the far-right Tea Party Movement announced its boycott of the U.S. Census. It's something else again when the Canadian government itself promulgates a culture of paranoia, by insinuating that the long-form census is some kind of grotesque invasion of personal privacy, or Liberal plot.

Even if their crazed ideology would bury us in the darkness of ignorance.

Even if it would turn us from census leaders.

Into census IDIOTS...

But then why is anyone surprised ?

Susan Crean remembered encountering a young, blue-eyed politico at a constitutional conference in Calgary in 1992. When the man learned that she had co-authored a certain book about American domination of Canadian and Quebec politicians, the man responded: "You should not have been allowed to write that book."

Harper was clearly still angry about having had to read it at university. In his view, I took it, the book was treasonous. I was so shaken by his words, and his open hostility, that I immediately left the dining room."

Because for Stephen Harper the desire to turn us into Amerika isn't just intellectual, it's VISCERAL. And he's always been a loutish bully and a would be dictator.

Anyone even vaguely familiar with the vast literature of management studies will recognize the prime ministerial style: bossy, bullying, cold -- or, in academic jargon, "exploitative-authoritative."

This kind of leader, say the experts, "has low concern for people and uses threats and other fear-based methods to achieve conformity. Communication is almost entirely downward ..."

So what can we do about it ? Unite, organize, put our country before our parties, and drive that political thug and his AmeriCons from power before it's too late. Period.

And of course, help spread the message: Stephen Harper and his tea baggers want to drown us in ignorance, destroy our history, turn our country into a brutish jungle, and Canadians into idiots.

But we won't let him eh? 

Because we're young not stoopid. Our history will save us.

If we frame the narrative as Canadians versus tea baggers we can't lose.

And we know a monster when we see one...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Monster Musical

Oh. My. Teddy bear. I had this HORRIBLE dream the other night. Stephen Harper was playing the piano again.

And legions of dumb Canadians were preparing to reward him with a majority. Just like they almost did the last time he tickled clawed the keys.

But then I realized I was just dreaming about that new almost ready for Broadway show Stephen Harper! The Musical.

Whew. What a relief. And I must say I LOVE the plot...

The plot of this amusing little goody involves bumping up the sturdy-haired leader’s dropping popularity by producing a flattering bio-musical on Broadway – Broadway, because Canadians seek American approval before embracing its own inventions, such as “Nickelback and insulin.”

One must laugh at the heroic efforts of the Prime Minister’s strategists, who puff up the musical-within-a-musical’s book with fantastical inaccuracies – that Harper had led the Riel Rebellion, and that he had defeated Carl Lewis in a sprint race.

Because it's so true eh? Stephen Harper is ALWAYS pretending to be other people. One moment he's Attila the Redneck sucking the bloody marrow out of the census. 

Or pretending to write a book about hockey, while listening to Omar Khadr's screams on his i-pod.

The next moment he's the Flying Nun...

But wait... there's a video...

Hmmmm...I don't know....mumble grumble. That Fake Harper looks too human, he's way too talented, and the plot is far too subtle.

So unless Jason Kenney waddles in wearing a polka dot bikini, and does a pole dance. Or Doris Day sings Que Sera Sera in a bathrobe...or a Nazi uniform... while goose stepping backwards.

Or Tony Clement shows us...this time completely he tried to drown the census fiasco story, and almost drowned himself.

I think I prefer this show.

Because I love shows that make me both laugh AND scream. 

But then let's face it people. This may be music to my ears.

After making the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons, Conservatives are resorting to the Big Lie in hopes of being mistaken for defenders of the little people.

But when it comes to the true horror of Stephen Harper: Man of Music and Multiple Personalities.

You know....the really SCARY Monster Musical.

Nothing can beat the ORIGINAL... 


P.S. When I made this video last October, I bet you thought I was kidding about the police state stuff eh? Well mumble grumble, that'll teach you...

Is This the Afghan Secret the Cons Are Trying to Hide?

It's one of the most famous pictures of Canada's mission in Afghanistan. It shows members of the secretive JTF2 unit escorting three detainees off a plane at Kandahar airport, and handing them over to the U.S. military.

The date was January 21, 2002. And the picture caused an uproar in Parliament. There were fears the detainees would end up in one of the CIA's secret torture dungeons.

As a result the decision was taken to hand detainees over to Afghan authorities, notably that country's brutish National Directorate of Security (NDS). The one staffed by many former KGB agents.

But now the Wikileaks have revealed that nothing really changed. Because the CIA was  running the NDS.

It’s the second-last line in a report of a March 8, 2008, meeting with Amrullah Saleh, at the time head of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security. And it casually notes that until 2009, the entire budget of this secret police force was provided by America’s Central Intelligence Agency.

As the New York Times, one of the handful of newspapers first given the documents by the non-profit group WikiLeaks put it: “For years, the CIA had essentially run the NDS as a subsidiary.”

Which leads to the obvious question.

Did Ottawa know this? If so, that could explain why the Conservative government is so adamant about keeping its files on the detainee issue secret.

If ministers knew at the time that their elaborate attempt to stay on the right side of the Geneva Conventions was a ruse, they would be in contravention of Canadian and international law. They could be prosecuted.

And that’s an incentive to keep things quiet.

You know, I realize that many Canadians don't care about any of the above. They'd rather not know. Just like they don't care about the fate of a Canadian child soldier who has been locked up and tortured for eight years in a place like Guantanamo.

And they don't understand why we need this public inquiry.

But I believe that a country that doesn't ask questions about human rights, or one that is afraid of the truth. Or one that settles for lies or the silence of the Cons.

Isn't much of a country, and is heading for a very dark place...

And that's all I have to say. Because it's so obvious eh?

Except that for the sake of the country I love.

I want the truth about EVERYTHING.

And I want it NOW...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tony Clement and the Con Klown Show

Because I was at work I had to watch the Tony Clement Show with the sound turned down. 

Which was almost as disappointing as the fact he wasn't wearing a life jacket.

But from the weird look in his eyes and the way he moved his fleshy beak. Buh buh buh buh buh. I knew he was just parroting the government line.

The government is resolved “to protect Canadians from the coercive and intrusive methods that had been used” to collect census data, Mr. Clement told the committee.

And from the manic way he rocked back and forth in his seat, it was obvious that his attempt to defend the indefensible, has clearly driven him over the deep end.

Just like Doris...

“Do you think it is right that you can threaten your neighbour with jail time if she doesn’t tell you if she has mental issues or not?” he wrote. “Or who does what chores in the house? Or whether she is a Jew or not? Don't you find that one even a little bit chilling?”

Gawd. Who has mental issues? Who are these Con klowns  going to try to scare us with next ? Ahmadinejad or Octopus Paul?

And can't they even get their story straight ?

Because you know Hitler is Hitler, Stalin is Stalin, and Harper is Harper.

And I really need to know which dictator is threatening my bedroom.

And why would they bother?

Oh well, all kidding aside, trying to reason with these klown ideologues is just a waste of time. The facts are simple and they speak for themselves.

These Cons are trying to plunge Canada into the darkness of ignorance, to please their smelly base who are too dumb, or too lazy, or too paranoid, to fill out a form.

The stench is killing Canada:

We won’t know any more, for sure, how many same-sex couples live among us, how many people are coping with physical or mental difficulties, how well people are speaking English or French, where people came from, how many Indians and other aboriginals there are, who has moved from where to where, who works at what and how much we get paid, who’s paying child support, how the housing stock is fairing, and much more.

The Cons are brutish ideologues.

And whatever those crazy sock puppets say or do. 

They are dangerous.

And it's all MADNESS...

Omar Khadr: A Letter from Guantanamo

In all the years this young Canadian has been jailed in the most sinister prison on earth, we have never heard a word from him.

Except for that ghastly CSIS interrogation video, where he realizes that the Canadians he thought had come to help him, are collaborating with his torturers. And weeps with despair.

So I was really glad to read this letter from Omar Khadr.

 Dennis you always say that I have an obligation to show the world what is going on down here and it seems that we’ve done every thing but the world doesn’t get it, so it might work if the world sees the US sentencing a child to life in prison, it might show the world how unfair and sham this process is, and if the world doesn’t see all this, to what world am I being released to? A world of hate, unjust and discrimination! I really don’t want to live in a life like this.

Coming as it does from the loneliest and most abused Canadian in the world, the letter both impresses me with its power.

And scares me.

I know it is hard for you. Just think about me as a child who died and get along with your life. Of course I am not saying that will or willn’t happen but its on my mind all the time.

Because if anything tragic should happen to this young Canadian, this child soldier, this victim of violence, gross injustice, and racism, the ugly stain on our country will never be erased.

But ultimately it inspires me.

 I’m so sorry to cause you this pain, but consider it one of your sons hard decisions that you don’t like, but you have to deal with, and always know what you mean to me and know that I will always be the same person you’ve known me and will never change, and please don’t be sad and be hopeful and know that there is a very merciful and compassionate creator watching us and looking out for us and taking care of us all, you might not understand these thing, but know by experience they have kept me how and who I am.

With love and my best wishes to you, and the family, and everybody who loves me, and I love them back in Canada, and I leave you with HOPE and I am living on it, so take care.

Because I believe it clearly shows what everyone who has ever met him has said. Despite the long agony he has endured, Omar Khadr has managed to hold on to his humanity. He is not a fanatic, and could easily be rehabilitated and reintegrated into Canadian society.

And I also love the way he spells HOPE. Like I do. Because if he can hold on to it in Guantanamo, I can hold hold on to it in Stephen Harper's Canada.

And what more can I say eh? Except what I've said for years. And always will say.

The trial is a travesty.

And Omar Khadr lives HERE...

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Census Fiasco: Now You Know EVERYTHING

Golly. I just LOVE it when the geniuses in the MSM tell you what I already told you.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided at the end of December to scrap the mandatory long-form census despite being told by Statistics Canada officials that important data would likely be lost or impaired as a result.

He considered going further by making the whole census voluntary, people familiar with what transpired have revealed.

The decision to gut the census came from Stephen Harper not Tony Clement. 

And the dumb idea had nothing to do with most of the wild theories bobbing around in the blogosphere. And everything to do with the Con libertarians, and the boob Maxime Bernier.

At a cabinet meeting at least 18 months ago, then-foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier – who has assumed a lead role in defending the government’s long-form decision – proposed major cuts to Statscan based on ideological libertarianism. The Prime Minister was reported to be supportive (while then-clerk of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch was not).

Just like I told you.

Oh BTW...did you know that Maxie once worked for this powerful right-wing/libertarian business group?

The Fraser Institute of Quebec. And so did she.

So now you know where she's coming from eh? What a small world.

And of course you know all about the hidden exposed agenda.

Stephen Harper seeks to diminish or destroy the Liberal Party to replace them with the Conservatives as Canada’s default choice for government. His greatest challenge is to dismantle the modern welfare state. If it can’t be measured, future governments can’t pander. I imagine that Stephen Harper’s view, Canada should be a country of individual initiative, not one of collective dependence “justified” through the collection of data.

The one I've been warning about for FOUR years; i.e. when Stephen Harper said he was going to change Canada beyond recognition he meant he was going to rip its guts out with his TEETH.

So now I guess you want to know what Tony Clement is going to say tomorrow when he appears before a parliamentary committee.

Oh well. That one's easy. He's going to say it was all the fault of his staff. And that he's an almost hero.

Oompa Loompa. How do I do it? I amaze myself.

Answer: Because I'm a genius eh? 

Disguised as an IDIOT.

And I know a monster devil  when I see one...

Tony Clement, the Census, and the Almost Hero

Golly. What a scare. My heart is still beating wildly. For a moment I thought Tony Clement had tried to take the easy way out of the Census Fiasco.

By jumping into a river fully clothed and almost drowning.

But it turns out he was just an almost hero.

Or so he told tweeted us.

The even shorter version:

I jumped into a river. I couldn't swim. I barely made it to the bank. I helped warm her up. I'm knackered. Kids don't do what I did. Tell EVERYBODY. All you need is love. Tweet. Tweet.

OMG. What an idiot. No wonder he wants to kill the census. 

And BTW...with all the pork he's pumped and hoovered into his riding.

No possible spending proposal seems to have gone unrewarded. There’s money for bridges, roads, hockey arenas, museums, health programs and college dorms. Small airports are getting fixed up, as are fire halls, train stations, libraries, water mains, parks and bike paths in the riding.

Can't that filthy rich neighbourhood  afford a proper lifeguard?

And where was that G20 steamboat when they needed it?

Oh well...the good news is he survived. And it could have been worse eh?

He could have jumped into the river without any clothes on.

And of course, the even better news is that now he'll have to defend his decision to gut the census before that parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

And I don't think he can. Nobody can. It's that dumb.

And he's clearly no genius.

Oh goody. Remind me to sacrifice a chunk of cheese to the Con Rat God for saving Clementine's life. I wouldn't miss that show for ANYTHING. I want to be there in the front row with a bag of chips and my vuvuzela.

Do you think he'll turn up in a life jacket? Oh I hope so.

Here's to the almost hero. Who would drown us in ignorance.

Play him out  Keyboard Cat  Man...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Afghanistan: The Horror, the Sorrow, the Madness

War is always like that eh? They tell you you're dying to make others safer. They tell you  it's a noble mission and that God is on your side. But sooner or later out of the bloody mist the ugly truth emerges.

The horror.

Bloody errors at civilians' expense, as recorded in the logs, include the day French troops strafed a bus full of children in 2008, wounding eight. A US patrol similarly machine-gunned a bus, wounding or killing 15 of its passengers, and in 2007 Polish troops mortared a village, killing a wedding party including a pregnant woman, in an apparent revenge attack.

The sorrow.

The madness.

The former director general of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency said Tuesday that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had greatly increased the terrorist threat to Britain and that intelligence available before the Iraq war had not been sufficient to justify the invasion of that country.

And I feel about that like Steve Bell does...

Why did it take so long to figure it all out when it was so OBVIOUS?

I wonder what historians will say about the war most Canadians preferred not to think about.

I'm sorry we didn't make a movie like this one...

Because that way we might have figured it out for ourselves.

But then how could we when the Harper Cons turned the conflict into cheap politics?

“Is it next going to be tea with Osama Bin Laden?” asked Peter MacKay. A Globe and Mail columnist indignantly wrote “Would he pull out the chairs for their representatives? Would he pour tea for those who have killed 23 Canadian soldiers this year?”

Independent bloggers –rarely known for putting the “B” in subtle — went even further one insisting that Layton “loves dead Canadian soldiers”.

And tried to hide the truth about torture.

And most Canadians didn't care one way or the other.

Yup. The Great War on Terror.

I can't wait to see this movie...

Because I might actually learn something I didn't know.

Everything else I did.

The horror, the sorrow, the MADNESS...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Census Fiasco and the Two Boobs

Well as Tony Clement prepares to go before a Parliamentary Committee to claim he's the master of his domain garden. And blame others.

Industry Minister Tony Clement says Statistics Canada staff never told him it was a bad idea to make the long-form census voluntary.

But only looks like even more of a boob. Just SMALLER.

Out of the bushes comes the Boob from the Beauce claiming it was always a bad idea.

Why in the world should peaceful and honest citizens be threatened in this way if they refuse to answer questions about how many hours of unpaid housework or yard work they did the previous week, who pays for what in their household, how many bedrooms there are in their home and if it needs minor or major repairs?

Because he knows nose eh?

While conveniently forgetting all those telegrams of support he claims he received, but somehow managed to lose. Or this new poll.

The federal government has argued that the long form census is intrusive and Canadians should not be forced to answer it. Only one-in-four Canadians (24%) agree with this assessment, while a large majority (58%) think the long form census yields data that is important to make policy decisions in all areas of public service, and should remain mandatory.

But then as Paul Wells reminds us, the Boob from the Beauce has been trying to kill the Census for a long long time.

Two years ago I was told, by a senior public servant and by a former employee in Maxime Bernier’s political office, that the randy MP from the Beauce had taken a particular dislike to the work of Statistics Canada when he was named industry minister in 2006.

So now the plot thickens. We know the decision came from Harper, we know it's probably a sop to the libertarians and others in his rabid base. But did he really get the idea from the libertarian idiot Bernier? The guy who hopes to succeed him. And  wouldn't it be funny if Clement who apparently opposed the move, ended up paying for his leadership rival's mistake? 

Not that it really matters eh? All we need to remember is what the Cons are trying to do. Destroy Canada as we know and love it. And plunge us into the darkness of ignorance.

When it’s over, and the jackboot of the state has finally been pried from the neck of the law-abiding taxpayer, we’ll wonder how we ever put up with such pervasive tyranny. We’ll be 33 million people living in liberty. Give or take a few million.

So do I agree with Wells that half the Con cabinet should be fired? Absolutely NOT.

I say multiply that by two boobs, and fire the whole lot.

I mean do we really want to be known as a nation of paranoid rednecks and rubes garden gnomes?

I didn't think so.

Tony, Tony, kiss my ass knee. We've got those Con tea baggers where we want them.

Have a great weekend everyone...

The Census Fiasco: Is it Time for a Con Mutiny?

He can run but he can't hide. Slowly but surely, like the roll call of a jury, the verdict is coming down.

The hidden agenda finally exposed.

For years Stephen Harper's Conservatives, sensitive to accusations of harbouring "hidden" agendas, and knowing that Canada's political culture is centrist, have sought to avoid being typecast as a party of ideologues.

Sadly, all the efforts to appear moderate, flexible and impartial are now discredited, as a result of the war Stephen Harper has declared on the census.

No one knows for sure why the Conservatives have surprised the country with this unexpected crusade. All we can say is that this government can no longer claim to be a pragmatic one, or even one looking out for Canada's best interests.

The shameful hypocrisy revealed.

The Harper government is not libertarian. It has used the full muscle of the state to walk over the civil and constitutional rights of those it purports to represent.

Whether such a proto-Republican base even exists to any meaningful extent within the Conservative Party is an open question. But as long as enough Canadians think it does, as long as they suspect that Harper and his cronies are closet Tea Partiers, they will mistrust this prime minister. The census controversy is not about statistics. Not in the least. It is about Stephen Harper.

A  government that would make us look like IDIOTS.

As ignorant and CRAZY as they are.

And now even a call for a Con mutiny.

Before this government does even more harm to the institution that is the government of Canada, the intelligent people within the federal cabinet have a duty to rise up and stop the pillaging. Otherwise, the Harper government may be remembered as one of the most incompetent and harmful governments this country has ever known.

It won't happen of course. The Conservative caucus is the most cowardly group of pathetic stooges this country has ever known.

But has a Canadian government ever been so condemned?

And isn't it WONDERFUL?

How about we mutiny and call it a Coalition for National Salvation?

We finally have these Con tea baggers where we want them...drowning in their own foul ideology.

And we are going to DESTROY them...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stockwell Day, the Census, and Colonel Klink

Achtung !! Achtung !! It's the Con Gotterdammerung !!

With the latest orders from the PMO...or Klink's Place.

When arrested approached by a census Nazi taker you vill only give zem your name, rank and serial number.

A senior Harper cabinet minister is invoking the Geneva Convention when defending his government's controversial decision to scrap a mandatory long-form census.

“All we’re saying is, people shouldn’t be threatened with jail because they don’t want to tell some unknown bureaucrat how many bedrooms they’ve got in their house,” Mr. Day told Calgary radio station QR-77 on Friday.

“And you know, even prisoners of war only have to give their name, rank and serial number.”

OK. I know Doris Day is an idiot.

And so is Tony Oh My Darling Dumb Clementine.

And that the Great Lord of Darkness is certifiably insane...

But this is the LIMIT. 

How dare these torture Cons use the Geneva Convention to justify ANYTHING?

Mein Gott. I realize it's terribly hot. I also realize that in Harper's Canada paranoia is a higher state of consciousness.

But two things are for sure eh?

These wretched Cons are morally and mentally unfit to govern.

And Doris needs JELLO...

Please. Please. Please. Mein Monkey God.

For the sake of our poor country.

Now can we ARREST them?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stephen Harper, the Census, and the Libertarians

I'm pretty sure that most Canadians don't remember what happened on the night of March 12, 2009, when Stephen Harper addressed the Con hordes at a Manning Centre conference.

Just like I'm sure I'll never forget it.

Because when he screamed "Freedom, Family, Faith !!!" I knew things would never be the same again. I called it the night the mask fell off. The night the Amerikan religious right came to Canada.

But something else happened that night, that I believe explains Stephen Harper's bizarre decision to gut the census better than anything else I've read so far.

Because he didn't just embrace the Christianists, he launched a blistering attack on his Libertarian supporters.

It was an odd message. In reality, libertarians are a mixed bag of people who roughly favour free markets, less government and greater individual freedom than we have now. Exactly how many libertarians exist in Canada, how many call themselves conservatives, or vote Conservative, isn’t known. But there can be no doubt that some core of conservative support comes from people who hold some libertarian views and favour smaller government.

An attack that left them reeling.

The treatment to classical liberals and libertarians--of which I consider myself--was nothing short of stunning. The condescension was literally dripping from his mouth. Was this his response to the disillusionment that libertarians across the country have had to his government and it’s policies of late? If it was, it did not build any bridges. Rather, it burnt them right down.

Since then these Libertarians have been further disillusioned by the Harper government's failure to abolish the Human Rights Commissions they hate so much. And the way the Cons have been spending money like hogs.

So I think this desperate census move, like the move to kill the gun registry, is probably just an attempt to lure them back into the fold. Harper may have thought he could do without them. But he can read the polls.

 This is cold comfort for both Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Harper. While the Liberals continue to trail, the Conservatives are still far off the majority mark.

And I know that everything Stephen Harper does is aimed at securing a majority, everything is political, and with those kind of numbers every vote counts.

So after reading all kinds of theories about why our tin pot dictator decided to gut the census. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Libertarian angle, because who else would this move appeal to? 

Surprised too because the two best known Libertarian politicians in North America are Ron Paul and his son Rand...the hero of the Tea Party movement. And they are ALWAYS attacking the census.

Which allows us to frame the census story for maximum political advantage by boiling it down to this:

To appeal to a small part of his squalid base, Stephen Harper was prepared to shroud our country in the darkness of ignorance, ignore the common good, draw on his inner demons,and turn Canada into a Tea Bagger Nation.

Which is why I like what Charlie Angus says here.

The Conservatives, he said, are importing the anti-census language of the "fringe" of the U.S. Republican Party and the Tea Party movement to attack an "extremely credible" organization.

"This is a manufactured crisis to play to a partisan base," Angus said.

Because it fits into a narrative that could KILL the Cons. Where we are the Canadians and they are the Teabaggers.

Yup. When you want to defeat your enemy, first you must KNOW him.

Or if you prefer....when you chase a bunny.

Make sure it's the right one...

Tony Clement and the Bedrooms of the Nation

Oh no. This isn't going to be easy eh? It hurts. But I have to admit that when I called Tony Clement  Oh My Darling Dumb Clementine, I wasn't harsh enough.

Because any man who starts his day by declaring that Statistics Canada will henceforth be known as the Con Ministry of Convenient Facts and Useful Disinformation.

And denies that there is problem.

Q: Is there tension between you and Mr. Sheikh?

A: I had a good chat with him last Friday and he has been in constant contact with my office and with [the Privy Council Office]. I believe we are working together to do what Statscan is supposed to do, which is provide data in a way that is pursuant to the legislation and pursuant to government policy to the best of its ability.

Q: So is the relationship strained?

A: I wouldn't call it that. No.

And then this happens .

Is clearly suffering from more than terminal idiocy. He's losing his grip on reality. And this doesn't help.

The government made this decision because we do not believe Canadians should be forced, under threat of fines, jail, or both, to disclose extensive private and personal information. We believe it is not appropriate to compel citizens to divulge how many bedrooms they have in their houses or what time they leave for work in the morning.

I mean REALLY. What is the dumb Clementine babbling about?

Why is he so obsessed about  the bedrooms of the nation? What does he have against urban planning? And does he really think the aliens want to know what time we leave for work so they can kidnap us...and probe us with their pointy things ?

And what about those weird tweets?

Are they really on the internet? Or are they in his head?  

Is his head buried up his ass? Or in the sand? Like an ostrich.

Clement’s rigid proselytizing in favour of the determined right not to know would be rib-cracking laughable if it weren’t so bone-headed ideological.

Or is he just hearing his master's voice? The sinister hum of Stephen Harper commanding him to gut the census, because he wants to feed his rabid base.

And he's KRAAAAAAAZY too...

Because Harper WAS the one who gave the order, and now he's going to pay for it.

If he backs down he looks like an idiot or a weakling. Which can be fatal for a tin pot dictator.

If he doesn't he looks like a MANIAC.

Golly. I don't know anything about statistics eh? But if I was betting that Harper is going to come out of this one badly.

I'd LOVE those odds...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ideology, the Census, and the War on Women

As you know I like to use ridicule as a blunt weapon against Stephen Harper and his gang of political thugs.

Because I want to do to them what those foul Con bullies have done to so many decent Canadians starting with Stephane Dion.

And because in the dumb brutish country we are becoming, I find laughter is the best medicine.

But there are some things even I can't laugh about. Like this most recent assault on the lives of women.

In the report presented by HIV-positive activists, researchers, AIDS organizations and human rights and HIV/AIDS lawyers, Canada received a failing grade in recognizing the needs of women and girls to protect themselves from HIV and to manage HIV infection.

In Canada, the number of infected women continues to rise from just over 11 per cent of new infections prior to 1999 to over 26 per cent in 2008, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

While Canada received a middling C grade for diagnosis, prevention and education, Canada received an F for stigma and discrimination.

And why is this happening? Because the Cons don't know what they're doing? No. They know what they are doing, and it's all because of their IDEOLOGY.

That's why they attacked the words "women's equality" the moment they came to office. That's why they killed the Court Challenges program. That's why they refused to fund abortions in poor countries. That's why they don't fund gay projects. That's why they went after KAIROS and Rights and Democracy. That's why they are letting a Canadian child soldier rot in Guantanamo.

That's why they are turning their backs on people with AIDS. Just like they did four years ago.

And of course, that's why they are trying to gut the census. It's not about Harper's legacy. It's not about trying to cover up crime statistics. It's ALL about their AmeriCon ideology, and feeding their rabid base.

Attacking women's equality, trying to make gay families invisible, opening up another wedge issue. As it was in the beginning so it is now.

"It is criminal neglect to ignore the plight of those affected by HIV and dying of AIDS now. However, the Government of Canada under Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not seem to hear their pleas for help."

The sooner progressive Canadians understand that deadly alien ideology, stop chasing shadows, and unite to confront it, the sooner we will defeat the Cons.

And of course the sooner I will stop mocking them.

What's that Great Leader?

Yes that's what I thought  what you said.

You would. You nasty monster.