Monday, July 12, 2010

Why is Harper So Afraid of a Coalition?

Howdy Doody. Pity that poor pancake. Imagine having to stare at the sinister face under that black hat, and listen to this garbage.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper used a hometown speech Saturday night to tout his party's victories while warning of the potential perils of what he called an “opposition coalition” victory.

“They're moving ever closer together. They don't think they can beat us alone so what they hope is that next time they can deny us a majority and then form a coalition of losing parties...Friends, a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Québécois coalition is something we can never let happen to this country.”

What a pathetic rodeo klown. Still trying to demonize the idea of a coalition. Even though other far more decent  and smarter politicians are calling it the way of the future. 

"Something very, very big is happening in politics," Clegg said.

"I think what we are entering into is a permanent move to greater pluralism, diversity, and fluidity in politics that does not settle down to one associated pattern between parties."

Still trying to pretend it would be bad for Canada, instead of just VERY bad for the Cons.

Because why else would he be shitting in his  cowboy hat?

I give Mr. Harper credit. If I were him I’d use the scare tactics about a coalition because most likely it’s going to remove him from power and power seems to be his drug of choice.

But then we all know that. Right ? Does this rodeo klown really think he can flip us like pancakes? Does he really think we are that dumb and stupid?

And if we're not,  what are we waiting for to embrace the future? And grill the Cons like burgers. Are we really so old and tired we can't even imagine something new and different?

To allow Stephen Harper to get away with demonizing the idea of a coalition is to cut our own throats... and doom our country to destruction. 

Because it's really this simple. The old politics is DEAD.

And the sooner we form a mighty coalition.

The sooner we will defeat him...


Anonymous said...

It's easy: an organized and consolidated front is the only way to defeat Stephen Harper.

Because our 'opposition' parties aren't bothering to market the positive possibilities with a coalition and they've got their heads too far up their own asses to talk to each other, people can't help but think (a) they're working with Steve as opposed to for Canadians and/or (b) they're all useless.

Unknown said...

Harper is afraid of a coalition because he knows how well it worked for him when he and Peter McKay united the social conservative right-wing Reform/Canadian Alliance with the more socially moderate fiscal conservative pro-business Progressive Conservatives.

Simon said...

hi anonymous...sadly I agree with you. I realize the opposition parties all have their own problems. But not bothering to counter this ridiculous demonization of a perfectly legitimate polital option hurts all of them.And deprives us of one sure way we can get rid of the Harper Cons.I'm hoping that sanity will prevail. But then I am an optimist... ;)

Simon said...

hi Rev.Paperboy...yes indeed and the moment that Con coalition was achieved it should have been a wake up call for the opposition parties.
I'm not very good at mathematics, but even I can figure out that when the Con vote is united, and the Progressive vote is fragmented. The Cons can rule forever and we're going NOWHERE...

Anonymous said...

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July 13, 2010 at 2:54 am

The Bully in the Blue Shirt but not true blue which belongs to us old Progressive Conservatives who have only disdain for this tyrant in disguise.