Friday, July 09, 2010

Omar Khadr: When Hope is Finally Lost

I know most Canadians don't care about Omar Khadr. I know I live in a country where many people actually hate him.

Even though he almost certainly didn't throw the grenade that killed an American Special Forces soldier. Even though he was a child soldier.

I've written so many post about this shameful travesty of justice, I don't know what more to say. Except that this really bothers me.

“He is a young man in an adult’s body now,” Edney said. “He appears to have given up hope. He doesn’t wish to participate in a process he sees as not only illegal but going against justice.”

It has always amazed me how that Canadian kid managed to hold on to hope for so long, after all the terrible things they did to him.

Dragged off to Pakistan by his crazy terrorist father. 

Horribly wounded.

Tortured over and over again.  Locked up for years in the cages of that hellhole called Guantanamo. Betrayed by his own government.

Through all of that he managed by all accounts to keep hope alive. Now this horribly traumatized young Canadian is apparently losing it. And that makes me both sad and angry.

Because this case is so cruel and unjust it's beyond travesty.

The Federal Court has given the Harper government until Monday to intervene in Khadr’s case. If Ottawa did ask for his repatriation at this late date, there is no certainty that President Barack Obama, under his own domestic pressures, would agree. But it is time for Harper to show confidence in the Canadian legal system and make the request.

Stephen Harper should do the right, decent, and Canadian thing and make that request. But I doubt he will because he knows a wedge issue when he sees one.

And this sinister, inhuman, authoritarian would rather appeal to the basest instincts of the population. The kind of people who are shrugging their shoulders at the massive violations of human rights that occurred during the G20 summit.

Oh boy. What more can I say? Except hurray for Jeremy Dyer.

Because my parents taught me to try and be a good and kind person, and to stand up for my rights and the rights of others.

So I wouldn't shake Harper's hand either.

And of course, whatever they say, or whatever they do.

Omar Khadr lives HERE...


Unknown said...

What Jeremy did took conviction and courage. He is right the New Conservatives Harper's leadership are complacent to torture and perhaps even worse have encouraged torture in Afghanistan.

Hope is lost. Hope must be restored.

Simon said...

hi Socially Active...yes I think what Jeremy did was great.I can't imagine how anyone could shake the hand of that gross bully and keep their self respect. I haven't lost hope yet though. But I have to admit that holding on to it in Harper's Canada is quite a challenge...

Jeremy Dyer said...

Hi Simon,

You are such an inspiration.

The case of Omar Khadr is one so completely overlook by the majority of Canadians, and just another thing that makes me ashamed to be Canadian.

I've organized an Amnesty International group a few years ago, and have been involved with the organization ever since. The main focus of our group over the past few years has been that of Omar Khadr. Through having multiple campaigns, it has always exposed me to some pretty horrible ignorance, but it's when meeting people like you that I realize there is still hope. You give me hope, You give me strength.


Simon said...

hi Jeremy...thank you for your kind words. I don't deserve them of course. But coming from you I think that's the best comment I've ever received. :)
The case of Omar Khadr should never have been a partisan issue. The fact is whatever he might have done or not, he WAS a child soldier. We were the first country to sign the U.N. protocol on the treatment of child soldiers. So to turn our backs on OUR child soldier is simply unforgivable. Thank you for working with that Amnesty group to help justice prevail in this case.
And congrats on your human rights art and all the other things you are doing to help build a kinder, gentler, more just world. I wouldn't have shaken Stephen Harper's hand either. And I think you're AWESOME... :)

Julie said...

Wow...I'm almost ashamed to be Canadian when I see such a collections of vile, putrid, sub-troglodytes terrorist-sympathizers (that would be the Khadr family) supporters (that would be you) creatures like yourself.

I hope you and your terrorist sympathizer relatives all get cancer and die you worthless piece of terrorist sympathizer shits.


Simon said...

hi Julie... I know you are too dumb or mentally ill to appreciate the nature of your comment. But it just proves what kind of scum we decent people are up against. And why we will defeat you. In the meantime try to seek help. Syphilis is a terrible thing and it can make you CRAZY...