Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Desperate Cons and the NDP "Plot"

I usually try to avoid watching CTV news, because ever since the Mike Duffy outrage I consider them the broadcasting armpit of the Stephen Harper Party.

But I was flicking through their so-called news channel today and there was the ridiculous little dickhead Peewee Poilievre blabbing on about an NDP plot.

Which was so absurd it really made me wonder about the mental state of the RepubliCons. How could they send out that nasty little prick to talk about ANYTHING?

And why is John Baird acting as Great Chicken Leader's messenger boy these days....instead of just his consort?

Or ridiculous Transport Minister....

Are these Cons DESPERATE or what?

As for the so-called "plot" who the fuck cares who talked to who first? The only thing it proves is that the coalition was motivated by more than the party funding part of the bill. That some could see where the Harperites were leading this country and were trying to do something to save it. Because you've got to start somewhere. So good for Jack.

And the fact that these Cons are now bugging private conversations after threatening to kill democracy is just ANOTHER good reason to throw these thugs out.

They can scream like rats and do foul ratty things ...while their leader gnaws his nuts off...and wonders what happened? And where did that majority go?


But nothing will save them now.Because NOTHING can change the fact that in a time of economic crisis instead of governing they tried to play their dirty political games instead. They tried to kill democracy, and they put their alien ideology before the real needs of suffering Canadians.

Just like nothing can change the fact that we need a Great Progressive Coalition to save our beautiful country from these scummy Cons even MORE today than we did yesterday.

So my advice is just ignore them. Don't let their desperate screams distract us. Because that's what they want. Concentrate on coming together, and building a great and noble coalition that will show them that we are not just MORE than they are. Many many more. We are also so much BETTER than them.

And that's why they gotta go. Before they turn this country into the kind of sewer where they like to romp and roam. But we don't.

Aren't we lucky that a beautiful progressive coalition is about to be born, to save us from these evil ratty Cons?

GO BABY GO !!!!!

Catch them. Squish them.

Finish them off...


UPDATE: Does this mean before we overthrow them we can ARREST them?


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Harper Planning to Shutdown Parliament?

I ask that question because the Uber Hound of the Blogging Tories seems to think it might be a good idea.

This would provide some breathing room for the government and let Canadians consider a Bloc-supporter NDP-Liberal coalition while they eat their Christmas dinners and/or get together for their holiday parties.

The opposition will cry foul, but it’s within the Prime Minister’s power. The effect on Ottawa would be to pour some cold water on the heated political atmosphere on the Hill.

And when Great Crazy Leader's little blogging poodle barks you know what that means...the PMO boys have been scratching his tummy.

So let me get this straight.

First they threaten to kill democracy, destroy pay equity, and deny the public service the right to strike. And call that an economic update. While failing to provide any help for Canadian workers who are losing their jobs all over the country.

Even though economists point out these idiot ideologues don't know what they are doing.

“This economic statement has done little but inject venom into Canada’s politics and uncertainty into the minds of already worried consumers and businesses. And of course, it has badly undermined the credibility of a government whose nasty partisanship used to be balanced by an image of competence. Now it looks both partisan and inept.”

Then they delay the debate on the economic statement until December 8. Then they back down and say they won't kill democracy after all. Not at this time anyway.

And now they are threatening to shutdown Parliament altogether...even as the country sinks further into recession? Huh?

Holy Mussolini. Are we still living in Canada or is this the Duce of Grand Fenwick? Are these crazy RepubliCons and their truly disturbed leader out of control or what?

That's why I'm with Scott Reid.

First things first: take him out.

After all, Stephen Harper is the most dangerous animal lurking in the jungles of Parliament....
He doesn't play to win. He plays to conquer. Under his guidance, the public interest is always subjugated to his personal political advancement. And he poisons Parliament with an extreme, bare-fanged breed of partisanship that has no hope of repair until he is banished.

Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power. Because you can be damn certain he will never again be so reckless as to give you a chance to finish him off.

By even considering shutting down Parliament. By playing more dirty political games in the midst of a crisis, these foul criminally incompetent Cons have sealed their fate.

And have shown us yet again why we NEED a Great Progressive Coalition to save our beautiful country.

Don't back down now. These Cons MUST be defeated.

Crush them. Squash them.

Finish them off....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Stephen Harper and The Canadian Rising

"In light of the government's failure to recognize the seriousness of Canada's economic situation and its failure in particular to present any credible plan to stimulate the Canadian economy … this House has lost confidence in this government and is of the opinion that a viable alternative government can be formed."

I've been staring at that Liberal motion for about five minutes. I can't quite believe it. Can Canada's long nightmare really be almost over? Can the foul neocon tyrant really be toppled?

I see Great Angry Leader knows he's just made the biggest mistake of his disgusting political career. And he's running for cover like a coward.

But it won't save him. Because the representatives of more than sixty per cent of the Canadian people have every right to bring down a government that would put its evil alien ideology before the lives of real people at a scary time like this one. And condemn millions to lives of MISERY.

And because these filthy RepubliCons are trying to kill Canadian democracy so they can turn our country into a jungle. And if tomorrow they don't succeed they'll try it again and again until they do. So they must be STOPPED if the Canada we love is to survive.

As you probably know I've always dreamed about a coalition or a united left, and I've always called Stephen Harper a MONSTER. Not just because he's raped our beautiful Canadian values...turned our Parliament into a fascist sewer....and disgraced us in the eyes of the world.

But above all because he's such a foul stinking BULLY. He can't help it. It's in his genes. And as a gay guy I hate bullies more than anything else in the world.

So tonight I just want to send out a message of encouragement to all the members of the Great Canadian Coalition, who could be about to make this gay boy's dream come true. Tell them not to be discouraged, or nervous, or afraid....but bold, decisive and BRAVE.

Because what they are doing is a great and wonderful thing. And Canada and future generations of Canadians will thank them FOREVER.

And I want to end with some musical encouragement, courtesy of the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.

Rehearsing a song called My Rising Up from New World Waking....

Now we're rising up. Because enough is ENOUGH.

A New Canada is waking. Long live our beautiful country and the Great Canadian Coalition !!!!!

Down with the bully !!!!!

Down with the TYRANT !!!!

Stephen Harper and the Parable of the Penguin

Now that the Canadian opposition has called the Bush Cons' bluff.

And even Paul Wells thinks that the super-genius 3D Vulcan chess master is an idiot.

Stephen Harper is my prime minister and for all I care he can go on being my prime minister as long as he cares and can win the little fantasy confrontations that so excite him. But he is acting like an idiot and I am ashamed of his behaviour.


I'd like to try to explain the situation to those Canadians who don't follow politics that closely. And may be nervous about jumping ship at a time like this one.

Try to think of yourselves as a penguin in a pool full of killer Con whales. Who aren't really hungry, but would like to eat you anyway. Because it's in their GENES.

Then think of a coalition government as a rubber zodiac.

And let this video explain EVERYTHING...

Oh sure. Riding a dinghy in a pool full of killer whales is always going to be a little scary.

But did you see the look of shock when the big sardine stuck its head out of the water and saw the penguin and the humans?

Huh ??? WTF???

Then imagine Stephen Harper saying the same thing....or making whale sounds like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Think of the BLOODY alternative.

And consider yourself one lucky penguin...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Mad Neocon's Tea Party

When I watched little Jimbo Flaherty present his so-called economic update today at first I was stunned.

Then I started to laugh. No deficits? Just Surpluses? But no GUARANTEES? Oh no. You don't say. Muahahaha.

It was the Mad Hatter's tea party with Stephen Harper as the Mad Neocon and little Jimbo as the March Budget Hare!!!

It was THAT unreal.

There’s a thin line between a government putting on its best face to stare down a gloomy situation and practicing fiscal delusion. With this document, Finance Minister Flaherty crossed the line.

And then I got angry.

How dare those angry RepubliCons go after the representatives of the sixty percent of Canadians who didn't vote for them?

How dare they play their brutish Rovian political games at a time of crisis like this one?

How dare these inhuman fanatics put their alien jungle ideology before the real lives of frightened and suffering people?

"Everyone was shocked. Some female managers were crying. Everyone else was really quiet. People are just trying to get through the day. It's hard to think about the future."

"I'm too old....How am I going to find a job when everyone else looking for one is young and has finished school?"

Shame on them. Enough is ENOUGH.

I don't know if a coalition government is possible.

But I do know one thing. If we don't move mountains with our bare bleeding hands to try to make it happen we'll regret it FOREVER. And history will never forgive us.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions. Let's crash this Mad Neocon tea party.

And throw the bums OUT !!!!

Global Warming and the Day of the Locust

One of the scariest things about this economic meltdown is that nobody is talking about global warming anymore.

Even as the planet burns.

Swarms of the crop-munching insects are sweeping across drought- affected areas and feasting on grass and weeds sprouting at roadsides following the rain. In western New South Wales, near the country town of Condobolin, a swarm measuring four miles long by 560 feet wide was spotted last week.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology, meanwhile, is forecasting a swelteringly hot summer that will add to farmers' woes, as well as increasing the likelihood of bushfires and their ferocity. On the coast, amid rising ocean temperatures, record numbers of jellyfish have been recorded, along with giant schools of baby sharks.

And Canadian scientists have just discovered a new and potentially catastrophic source of greenhouse gases. Not in the sky or in the oceans, but in the ground.

Natural processes of decomposition of soil organic matter provide plants and microbes with the energy source and water they need to grow, and carbon is released into the atmosphere as a by-product of this process. Warming temperatures are expected to speed up this process which will increase the amount of CO2 that is transferred to the atmosphere.

Which could dramatically speed up the rate of global warming along with the methane bubbling out of the melting permafrost.

The effects of melting permafrost are not incorporated into any global climate models. Runaway warming in the Arctic alone could flip the entire planet into a new climatic state. The Middle Climate could collapse faster and sooner than the grimmest forecasts proposed.

And leads to the OBVIOUS question:

Do we want to be remembered as the generation that saved the banks and let the biosphere collapse?

But at this critical point in human history we are paralyzed. The economy is EVERYTHING. Cheap gas is good. Coal is clean.

As if we can simply ignore the problem and it will go away....instead of getting WORSE.

When in fact the puny forces of our economic house of cards are nothing compared to the awesome power of Nature aroused...

Isn't that amazing? And a reminder.

The economy won't kill us.

An angry planet will....

Stephen Harper's Assault on Democracy

Well it didn't take very long eh? After a month of trying to fool Canadians into believing he was a new/nouveau Stephen Harper, Great Ugly , Nice , Pretty , Monstrous Leader is back with a vengeance.

Now he doesn't just want to kill government. Now he wants to kill democracy.

First cripple the opposition, then engineer an election in the Spring....after a budget and BEFORE the Liberal leadership convention. Then get a majority, and use it to destroy the power of government and turn Canada into a neocon jungle.

But why should anyone be surprised after his old economics professor informs us that Great Ideological Leader is a groupie of Friedrich Hayek?

(Crowley) puts Harper in the "Austrian school" of economic thinking, which featured Friedrich Hayek as the great adversary of John Maynard Keynes in the 1930s and '40s. Harper spent a lot of his university years reading Hayek, says Crowley.

"He's a Hayek fan."

Fundamentally, Harper favours markets over government intervention, deregulation over increased government programming or economic regulation, lower taxes over more government activity and balanced budgets over deficits.

Just like his wacky idol who like most right-wingers couldn't understand the simple fact that humans are fundamentally social animals. And can work together for the common good.

Hayek doesn’t seem to grasp that human beings can exist both as individuals and as members of a society, without necessarily subordinating them to the needs of an imposed social plan (although he acknowledges that the state can legitimately serve social needs, he contradictorily views collective benefits as incompatible with individual freedom). He rejects the very concept of social justice, for much the same reasons that he rejects the arbitrary valuation of labor: in Hayek’s view there is no way to put an objective value on a grievance or to weigh it against other claims. And because he locates all responsibility and agency only at the level of the individual, he sees no way in which any claim can be generalized to society. Hayek’s political philosophy recognizes only negative rights. Positive fulfillment beyond the most basic needs is a matter of individual striving.

In other words he rejects the kind of collective effort that most sane people would agree is needed to get out of this mess AND save the planet.

That's why Hayek is so dangerous, and so is his pathetic acolyte Stephen Harper...the Last of the Neocons. The crazy ideologue from the Calgary AND Austrian Schools. Great eh?

That's why I agree with Robert at My Blahg.

I’ve been against a 3 party (NDP-Bloc-Liberal) coalition government in the past simply because it has always felt to me that creating one was nothing more than an attempt to circumvent democracy. However, in light of this latest attempt by the Harperkhans to once again use the levers of government to attack our democracy I think the three opposition parties should begin formal discussions in order to do just that.

Faced with a threat to democracy like that, from a Hayek groupie like Harper, at a time like this one, for the centre-left in this country to pretend that it's business as usual, is nothing less than INSANITY.

It must form an alliance or a coalition and be prepared to tell the Governor General it is ready to govern in case the government falls.

Extraordinary times demand extraordinary strategies. And if not now? When?

The Monster is back and time is running out...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Bad Sex Awards and the Worst Animal Video

I realize that most Canadians are probably not interested in the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards. Gosh. We don't write about THAT...and except in Quebec and Newfoundland...we hardly do it either.

But of course I do, and I love them.

And I have to say this one is my fave.

Sebastian was lying across his bed with the blinds drawn wearing nothing but a towel, hands lazily laced behind his head as he watched the cricket on a small flickering television screen in the corner. His chest was the size of a South American country. A slanting tongue of lamplight lit up his lap and I could see the outline of his large appendage.

After agonizing for, oh, about two-fifths of a second, I straddled him on the bed, pinning his arms beside him with all my body weight. 'Remember what you said about chastity being curable if caught early enough?'

Especially the part about his chest being the size of a South American country...let's say Brazil. Which would make his large appendage about the size of Alberta.

Which seems strangely fitting.

Although I have to admit this one was pretty good too.

Inside, the room was dark, lit only by the lurid scarlet of the electric stars atop each of the eight spires of the Kremlin outside the window. They backed on to a bed that sagged in the middle, the sheets rancid with what she later identified as old sperm and alcohol in a cocktail specially mixed for Soviet hotels. She wanted to struggle, to reprimand, to complain, but he grabbed her face and kissed her so forcefully that a lick of flame burned her to the core.

He's a madman, she thought as he made love to her again. Oh my God, after twenty years of being the most rational Bolshevik woman in Moscow, this goblin has driven me crazy!

Gobble gobble...

Which reminds me... it's also time for the Bad Animal Video Awards.

And this year I'm nominating this Argentinean internet ad about the duck who adopted a dog.

With the sweet beginning.

And the bittersweet ending....

Yikes. It's true. Eh?

Animals, like humans, are meant to be loved when they are ALIVE.

And sex should be DONE not written...


P.S. I think we have a BOTH categories.

I'm just waiting for the video....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Cons, the Cat, and the Great Fear

The other day I saw I guy standing at the end of this pier, and for a moment I thought he was going to jump. And I wondered if I jumped in to save him...since he was a pretty big guy... whether we'd BOTH go down in history as one of the first casualties of The Greatest Depression.

Wouldn't that be a dubious honour? It must be the Great Fear in the air.

Then at work I noticed the kind old Boomer in the corner was looking sad. And when I asked him what's up he said he's afraid he won't be able to retire next year...even though his wife is sick and needs him to take care of her....because the little money they managed to save is being slowly chewed up.

And there must be million of others like him out there.

On my lunch today I wandered over to the Eaton Centre where two of my friends work and they both told me business was down by about forty percent. And they both expect to get laid off after Christmas.

So they can join these workers on the unemployment line.

Oh yeah. The Great Fear is EVERYWHERE.

All of which makes me wonder whether Stephen Harper has a clue about what is really happening in this country, or what to do about it. When he probably doesn't even know what hit him. Everything he ever believed in or said was BULLSHIT. And now he's forced to pretend that neocons can change into Liberals....just like pigs can fly.

Harper was elected on a firm promise to deliver balanced-budget, fiscally-prudent government less than 50 days ago.

Be it campaign deception or denial, having tens of thousands suddenly face the loss of jobs, savings and perhaps their homes has twisted Harper's old beliefs into policy pretzels.

For this Conservative government, the age of ideology is over -- technically and realistically.

And whether that explains why his absurd and incompetent Finance Minister little Jimbo Flaherty seems to be paralyzed into doing nothing.

Is it just incompetence or is it that they can't get away from their failed ideology? Can't really accept that EVERYTHING has changed and they've been written out of history. Can't throw off that neocon leash....even as the country goes down the toilet.

Just chase it around and around the crapper.

Like this cat does...

Oh boy. Wouldn't it be funny if we could get the cat to forget about the leash? And chase that nasty little Con Jimbo instead. Play with him like catnip. Or EAT him.

But these days nothing seems funny.

The Great Fear is EVERYWHERE...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Stephen Harper and Dr Strangelove

Tom Flanagan is Canada's Dr Strangelove.

The American-born and educated neocon, and member of the sinister Calgary School, sees politics as warfare. Believes that the Cons should not just defeat their enemies they should exterminate them. And that government should be DESTROYED..

That neo-conservative agenda may read as if it has been lifted straight from the dusty desk drawers of Ronald Reagan: lower taxes, less federal government, and free markets unfettered by social programs such as Medicare that keep citizens from being forced to pull up their own socks. But their arguments echo the local landscape, where Big Oil sets the tone – usually from a U.S. head office – and Pierre Trudeau’s 1980 National Energy Policy left the conviction that Confederation was rigged against the West.

And he's such a buddy buddy of Stephen Harper that when he sneezes Harper farts. And vice versa.

So when Strangelove blows air through his asshole, like he did today, Canadians should really pay attention.

I'm hopeful there will be some ideologically-driven, neo-conservative cuts to government," political scientist Tom Flanagan, a former chief of staff to Harper, said in an interview.

Such cuts, he added, would be consistent with Harper's long-term goal of reducing the size and scope of government.

"I think that's always been sort of the long-term plan, the way that Stephen was going about it of first depriving the government of surpluses through cutting taxes . . . You get rid of the surpluses and then it makes it easier to make some expenditure reductions."

Because it explains EVERYTHING.

Why the Cons blew a $12 billion surplus. Why they lowered the GST and threw away another $8 billion soon to be more like $11 billion as consumers buy less stuff.

Why they don't have any money to do anything.

Why they really LOVE deficits. And what they might do in the future to destroy the government they hate so much.

Choosing a government like that at a dark and scary time like this one, is perhaps the greatest mistake in Canadian history. If the left can't form an alliance or a coalition. If the Liberals don't change their plans to wait six long months to change their leader. If the NDP can't mobilize people who are losing their jobs or living in fear.

If we can't do stop these crazy inhuman ideologues who would turn our country into a jungle.

By the time most people realize what danger Canada is in.

There won't be much Canada left...

The British National Party and the Fuhrerbunker

Last week I wrote a post about how the racist British National Party was in a state of Gotterdamerung after its entire membership list was leaked.

And everyone was shocked to see that BNP members are EVERYWHERE.

Which is making a lot of these xenophobes extremely nervous and upset. The BNP leader Nick Griffin, a plummy Cambridge graduate, had promised them they would be acclaimed as true British patriots.

But now people are calling them Nazis.

And nobody is more worried AND angry.

Than the Fuhrer himself...

OK OK it's been DONE. Right?

But don't blame me it's a cultural phenomenom.

The only previous film to provoke such an avalanche of parodists is Brokeback Mountain, but there the subject matter remained strictly local to American culture. With Downfall, the phenomenon of the mash-up, as this subgenre is known, has gone global.

Amazing isn't it?

Although not as amazing ......and disgusting the fact that sixty years after the Second World War.

The New Nazis are everywhere in Britain...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bishop Who Would Die to Stop Abortion

Oh.My.Godzilla. I know religion is a crazy thing, but it's not every day you hear a Roman Catholic Bishop threatening to commit suicide.

"Every Bishop should be willing to give up his life, if it meant putting an end to abortion. And if we're willing to do that, then we should be totally fearless of promoting this cause."

Gawd. Isn't suicide a SIN? Or are we talking about something else? Like a Christianist jihad against the baby killer in the White House...

If American youth are willing to go to war and lay their life down to defend our freedoms, then every bishop should be willing to give up his life, if it meant putting an end to abortion.

And if so wouldn't that make him a TERRORIST? Like these Krazy Kriminals.

Now look because I value life too much I hate to see anyone talk about dying for nothing. Even a man who would treat women as less than human, and condemn them to a life of guilt and misery. And of course would send me and my gay brothers and sisters to the lowest part of Hell. If it existed.

On the other hand if he is determined to take his own life who am I to stop him? So I only have three questions for the kamikaze Bishop.

One...if he doesn't plan to go down leading the Christianist hordes into the Valley of Death...or the White House DOES he intend to kill himself? Will he strangle himself with his expensive crucifix, drown in his communion wine, or choke on a fat pheasant?

Two...would he mind giving me a call a couple of hours before he does it ?So I can put some ginger ale on ice, program my iPod, and put on my PARTY tuque.

And three can I please, please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Read his epitaph?

“In general, higher rates of belief in and worship of a creator correlate with higher rates of homicide, juvenile and early adult mortality, STD infection rates, teen pregnancy and abortion in the prosperous democracies.

“The non-religious, proevolution democracies contradict the dictum that a society cannot enjoy good conditions unless most citizens ardently believe in a moral creator.

“The widely held fear that a Godless citizenry must experience societal disaster is therefore refuted.”

Golly. Doesn't that explain EVERYTHING?

If I was a purple hatemonger and everything I yapped about turned out to be BULLSHIT, I'd probably kill myself too.

BUH BYE you batty Bishop.

Don't let the Gates of Hell...if it exists.

Hit your ASS on the way in....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

When the Bullies Go After Redheads

I must admit that I found this story really disturbing.

Not just because it happened in the middle of Bullying Awareness Week. And so many kids took part.

Nearly 5,000 people joined the online campaign which urged members to "get them steel toes ready" for a day of booting this week.

Or because as a gay guy I know what it's like to be attacked just for who you are. But also because I'm a redhead too !!!!

Not as red as Anne of Green Gables or this little fella.

But enough to stick out in a crowd, and when I was a kid to be called carrot head and other names enough times to wish I wasn't.

Which is absurd of course because redheads are not just GORGEOUS, we are practically an endangered species.

Although luckily for the world, rumours of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Still it does make you wonder how easy it was to get thousands of kids to sign up to beat up others kids just for how they look. And what kind of nasty gene is buried deep inside all humans.... that can lead to that kind of bullying and this kind of horror.

Buyers from as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Kenya and Uganda believe the legs, genitals, eyes and hair of people with albinism can help them achieve instant wealth. The youngest victim so far was seven months old.

It's too ugly and awful. And why I believe that the most important thing you can teach a child is not just to tolerate differences and respect them, but CELEBRATE them as well.

I mean really, wouldn't it be a horribly boring world if we all looked the same?

So I say hurray for the redheads, and the blondes, and those with black, white or curly hair. Or those with no hair at all.

Hurray for the albinos, and all the other colours of the world. Hurray for short people and tall ones and thin ones and big ones.

Vive la difference !!!!

Bullies take a hike eh?

Aren't we all BEAUTIFUL?

How Do You Blog About the End of the World?

Maybe it was the cold wind blowing across the lake. Or the sight of the empty rink. Or the guy in the wheelchair. But I think I finally realized how much trouble we're in.The signs of the Greatest Depression are everywhere.

Factories are closing down. Small businesses are struggling to survive. Pensions are crumbling. You don't dare walk anywhere near the financial case a broker lands on you. And now the CLINCHER. A friend of mine came back from Disney World and told me the place was half empty.

Can you believe THAT?

But how do you blog about the end of the world as we know it? I almost give up.

Every time I think I've found a new and brilliant approach it turns out to so brilliant.

Like this soccer throw-in..

Ouch. I bet that was painful.

Just like it is living in Stephen Harper's Con Canada.

Gawd. How I wish we could do to the Cons what the Democrats are doing to the Republicans.

Post Secret

Mmmmm.....hmmmmmm.....HEE HAAAAAW !!!!!!!

But of course in Canada, WE are the ones getting screwed.

Screwed by the Cons, screwed by our own stupidity, screwed by cruel fate.

FUUUUUUUUUCK !!!!!!! How come that sucker sailed over Saskatchewan but DIDN'T hit Small Dead Chihuahuas? You know how she's always going on about not waiting for the asteroid? Wouldn't that have been awful? I mean PERFECT.

Then I saw this list.

And for a while it really boosted my spirits. It was just what the doctor ordered...along with lots of alcohol.

But then I thought nah. Who needs that aggro shite? My parole officer says it's bad for me. And Canada these days is grey and bland and humourless and depressing enough... who wants to spend Christmas in prison? I need a more POSITIVE message.

Cue Christina...

NOW we're talking. C'mon Canada repeat after me: It just keeps getting BETTER.

Being reduced to grinding poverty because Harper's Cons blew the rainy day surplus.... trying to buy votes..... ISN'T the End of the World.

Who needs turkey when we can have PIGEON?

And of course, and above all, and never forget it, Stephen Harper's bestial and incompetent Cons are the government we DESERVE.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!

While you still can...

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Free Speech Screamers and Queen's University

I suppose it started with this story in the ever more right-wing Globe and Mail.

Which turned out to be not true.

But by that time the so-called Free Speech Screamers were in a screeching foaming FRENZY. As Dr Dawg notes it was practically raining spittle.

But then what do you expect from a group that includes Kathy Shittle, Free Duminion, Lezra of Paypal, and the greatest collection of flying fascist monkeys, racists, and homophobes this country has ever seen? The Christianists and Palinists of Canada.

Not much.

Then I noticed that the right wing rag had struck again...this time with an absurd editorial.

And that in the comments only one person..... out of more than thirty ....pointed out that the Queen's initiative just might be intended to TEACH students tolerance, and protect vulnerable MINORITIES from being insulted and degraded.

First of all, the role of the 'student facilitators' is not to "stamp out the expression of incorrect thought" but to bring attention to the use of racist, homophobic and intolerant offensive remarks in public. This is a far cry from stamping out "expressions of incorrect thought." People are entitled to say what they want in private, but in public, they need to learn to respect other individuals right to not hear intolerant remarks.

Someone has to teach these kids who utter offensive, intolerant comments that their behaviour is inappropriate. Obviously their parents, their high schools and their athletic activities failed to teach these kids to be more mature and more tolerant, so its up to the university to do it.

And I wondered why more people just don't GET IT.

Even if they were planning to use hall monitors so WHAT? Teaching students tolerance and respect in a society as diverse as ours is probably one of the most important things you can teach them.

And Gay and Muslim kids have the right to go to school and not be forced to listen to offensive or intolerant remarks.

It's one thing to encounter them on the internet. And I think Section 13 should be examined and maybe improved to try to avoid unnecessary claims. But it's another thing to encounter this in person. Not just because it's unpleasant and humiliating. But also because when that foul shite is normalized into our day to day discourse, and aimed at groups of people who are already marginalized and hated, it can hurt or KILL.

One day it's the faggots or the dykes.

The next day it's the beaners.

Their freedom to hate. Our right to live our lives free from the threat of being insulted, attacked or killed for who we are. Our freedom is life itself. Their freedom is FASCISM.

How hard is it to understand that? How hard is it to understand that a society that doesn't fight hatred and intolerance will turn into a jungle. Foul and savage enough to consume us ALL.

Some people .....including some who should know better...are trying to take this country to a VERY bad place.

Words have consequences.

Hate KILLS...

Bush, Hitler, and the Collapse of America

Well at least now we know how historians will sum up the Imperial Presidency of George Bush.

He ruled for eight years. He cheated, he lied, he tortured, he murdered hundreds of thousands of people, he tanked the economy, he made ignorance a virtue. And before leaving office he set the stage for the Collapse of the American Empire.

A government report released Thursday paints an alarming picture of an unstable future for international relations defined by waning American influence, a fragmentation of political power and intensifying struggles for increasingly scarce natural resources.

Wow. I don't envy the nasty Chimp. A hundred years from now the survivors of The Great Darkness will still be dancing on his grave. Or gnawing on his bones to stave off starvation.

Just like I don't envy poor Obama who has to try to save the world.

Even though some say it's already too late.

Ongoing turbulence will make it harder to focus on long-term changes. Recent weeks have seen much chatter about a second Bretton Woods, a gathering of states to rescue the world's economy from its woes. But what if we have not yet reached 1944? What if we're still in 1914, when the world's first period of globalisation was about to end to be replaced by 30 years of upheaval, depression and conflict?

Yikes. That IS pretty depressing. First the grinding poverty. Then the bloody carnage. Then the cannibalism. And then the planet burns.

But I'm an optimist so I suppose it could always be WORSE. Eh?

With house prices going down the toilet....and homeowners debating whether to use some rooms for fire wood, and others for chicken they can keep warm, eat, and STILL pay the mortgage.

Imagine how awful it would be.

If you were Hitler's real estate agent...

People I warned you.

Make sure you have a bunker....and lots of chickens.

This is going to be really BAD...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Would a New Great Depression Look Like?

By now it should be obvious that Canada is heading for a major recession.

And the only thing that remains to be determined is how long will it last and how bad will it be?

And will it turn into another Great Depression? And if so what would that be like 80 years after the last one?

These are the images that are burned into our collective memory.

But would this one be very different?

Unlike the 1930s, when food and clothing were far more expensive, today we spend much of our money on healthcare, child care, and education, and we'd see uncomfortable changes in those parts of our lives. The lines wouldn't be outside soup kitchens but at emergency rooms, and rather than itinerant farmers we could see waves of laid-off office workers leaving homes to foreclosure and heading for areas of the country where there's more work - or just a relative with a free room over the garage. Already hollowed-out manufacturing cities could be all but deserted, and suburban neighborhoods left checkerboarded, with abandoned houses next to overcrowded ones.

And above all, a depression circa 2009 might be a less visible and more isolating experience. With the diminishing price of televisions and the proliferation of channels, it's getting easier and easier to kill time alone, and free time is one thing a 21st-century depression would create in abundance. Instead of dusty farm families, the icon of a modern-day depression might be something as subtle as the flickering glow of millions of televisions glimpsed through living room windows, as the nation's unemployed sit at home filling their days with the cheapest form of distraction available. for bloggers life wouldn't change at all.

And unlike Americans we have medicare so forget about those long lines at hospital emergency rooms. And if older people had to fight young people for the privilege of flipping hamburgers....well tough. It's about time granny got out.

But then the Americans have Obama and we have Harpo and his idiot Cons who don't know what they're doing.

Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page told MPs Thursday that Canada's deficit next year could be as high as $13 billion and that Conservative government decisions to cut the GST and raise government spending are to blame, not global economic events.

So things could get REALLY bad.

I KNEW we should have won the last election.

May the Monkey God save us all....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Throne Speech, the Brassiere, and the Cat on the Roomba

Gawd. What a SCARY Godzilla of a day off.

The other day I was joking about my gay gorgeousness. But what I really meant to say was that I'm just glad I look so good without having to go to the gym five times a week like all my gay friends.

Even if I have to put on shades.... and turn down the lights.

But what I also didn't say was the reason I don't like going to the gym too much, is because I've always had this irrational fear about over developing my pectoral muscles.

And know I know why.

OMG. Or should that be Mammary Mia?

The only thing scarier than that was watching Stephen Harper's Throne Speech.

And realizing that he doesn't have a clue what to do.... or where this country is going.

Like a government-killing neocon who has run out history.

Or a cat on a Roomba.

Gosh. Wouldn't it be great if we could put a brassiere on Harper?

And put his rotten little Finance Minister Jimbo Flaherty on a Roomba....

And have it chased by a hungry hound.

Hey we'd still probably go bankrupt.

But wouldn't it be FUN?

The BNP and the Normality of Racism

The British National Party likes to claim that it has come a long way from its skinhead roots.

It has toned down its rhetoric a bit and if you check out its website you can find just a slightly more extreme version of the shite you can find on the Blogging Tories every day.

The BNP says that Britain is full and it’s time to shut the door and to kick out all immigrant criminals, bogus asylum seekers and anti-Western Islamists.

The BNP would treat criminals as the anti-social vermin they are, and make deterrence and fair play for victims the fundamental aims of the criminal justice system.

Sound familiar? Are we channelling the Halls of Macaroni and Small Dead Chihuahas or what?

But now somebody has leaked the BNP's entire membersip list and it's panic in Bigotville.

Soldiers, police officers, teachers and doctors were in fear for their jobs last night after the entire membership list of the far-Right British National Party was posted on the internet.

The good news is the racist rats are squirming.

The bad news is that they are EVERYWHERE.

The list describes the occupations of some members that are deemed to be sensitive or of use to the BNP, such as NHS doctor, teacher, journalist, vicar, company director, scientist, engineer or construction manager. Others are listed as public speakers. The list appears to include several former police officers.

My favourite member of this anti-immigrant anti-European party? The prima ballerina with the French name...and the Cuban boyfriend.

Aren't bigots PATHETIC?

The moral of the story....when you normalize racism and make it part of the daily discourse....the poison can leak into the mainstream.

And kill a country's soul...

Stephen Harper and the Ghost of Chuck Cadman

Something tells me Stephen Harper is going to have a bleak Christmas. As he look out of 24 Sussex Drive all he will see are the bonfires of the unemployed. He didn't get his majority and Santa won't be bringing him ANYTHING. Except a big red balloon... of a deficit.

And then there's the ghost of Chuck Cadman.

Clankety, clankety, clank.

The revelation that Stephen Harper will have to find a new lawyer to represent him in his $3.5-million defamation suit against the federal Liberal Party suggests that the Prime Minister's own advisers are not getting his full co-operation.

The Liberal Party's lawyer has said that his client has been waiting for months for documents that Mr. Dearden had promised to provide. Details of a four-hour meeting in early 2008 between Mr. Harper and his senior communications staff are of particular interest.

Boy this case just gets more and more interesting and complicated. Luckily Paul Wells has this handy guide.

And that HAUNTING Star story.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Denis Power said the party had no right to renege on the deal with Ottawa lawyer Alan Riddell, a candidate in Ottawa South… Party officials first denied there was a deal and then, when Riddell went public with details of the deal, said he had violated the agreement… ‘There is no agreement and he hasn’t been paid anything,’ Harper said in December 2005, referring to Riddell, a member of the Conservative party for 20 years.

Gawd. That sounds soooooo familiar.

You know sometimes I think that when Stephen Harper isn't pretending to be his hero Stalin, or the ghost of Leo Strauss, he wishes he was Canada's Margaret Thatcher.

Wouldn't it be great if he turned out to be Canada's Richard Nixon?

I LOVE ghost stories !!!!!

Clankety, clankety clank...