Monday, November 24, 2008

Stephen Harper and Dr Strangelove

Tom Flanagan is Canada's Dr Strangelove.

The American-born and educated neocon, and member of the sinister Calgary School, sees politics as warfare. Believes that the Cons should not just defeat their enemies they should exterminate them. And that government should be DESTROYED..

That neo-conservative agenda may read as if it has been lifted straight from the dusty desk drawers of Ronald Reagan: lower taxes, less federal government, and free markets unfettered by social programs such as Medicare that keep citizens from being forced to pull up their own socks. But their arguments echo the local landscape, where Big Oil sets the tone – usually from a U.S. head office – and Pierre Trudeau’s 1980 National Energy Policy left the conviction that Confederation was rigged against the West.

And he's such a buddy buddy of Stephen Harper that when he sneezes Harper farts. And vice versa.

So when Strangelove blows air through his asshole, like he did today, Canadians should really pay attention.

I'm hopeful there will be some ideologically-driven, neo-conservative cuts to government," political scientist Tom Flanagan, a former chief of staff to Harper, said in an interview.

Such cuts, he added, would be consistent with Harper's long-term goal of reducing the size and scope of government.

"I think that's always been sort of the long-term plan, the way that Stephen was going about it of first depriving the government of surpluses through cutting taxes . . . You get rid of the surpluses and then it makes it easier to make some expenditure reductions."

Because it explains EVERYTHING.

Why the Cons blew a $12 billion surplus. Why they lowered the GST and threw away another $8 billion soon to be more like $11 billion as consumers buy less stuff.

Why they don't have any money to do anything.

Why they really LOVE deficits. And what they might do in the future to destroy the government they hate so much.

Choosing a government like that at a dark and scary time like this one, is perhaps the greatest mistake in Canadian history. If the left can't form an alliance or a coalition. If the Liberals don't change their plans to wait six long months to change their leader. If the NDP can't mobilize people who are losing their jobs or living in fear.

If we can't do stop these crazy inhuman ideologues who would turn our country into a jungle.

By the time most people realize what danger Canada is in.

There won't be much Canada left...


Jennifer Smith said...

You seriously need to get yourself a copy of 'The Wrecking Crew'. It's right up there with 'The Shock Doctrine' for essential perception-altering, sleep-disrupting reading.

(geez, did I ever read fiction?)

Beijing York said...

I am terribly worried. But I'm sure you're not surprised. Yet this time, my fears are hitting home hard. We're experiencing major cutbacks and re-orgs where I work. Very unsettling to say the least.

Simon said...

Hi Jennifer...thanks for the tip. I have to admit I had never heard of it. But now that I looked it up it sounds very interesting. The challenge is to try to get all of this to people in an age of short attention spans. I'm going to have to add it to my Theory of Everything... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...I'm sorry to hear that you are worried, but so many people are. My job is fairly secure...touch wood...but I can't but pick up on the generalized anxiety. I cling to the hope that out of all this bad stuff will come something good. But I'm not sure whether that makes me a cheerful optimist...or an IDIOT..:)