Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pink Unicorn and the Blogging Addict Test

The other day I got a chance to send a message to my friend JJ, the awesome blogger known as Unrepentant Old Hippie, who has gone for a ride on a sparkly pink unicorn.

Now I really miss her. Not just because she's such a BRILLIANT blogger for human rights. And we all love her. But also because she has supported me so much over the years.

So I told her it's OK to take a short break...because she deserves it. As long as it's a very very very very short one.

And I made a joke about how we're all blogging addicts.

But then I took this test.

And now I'm not laughing because it turns out I'm a hopeless junkie ...or

91%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Gawd.I KNEW my ass was expanding exponentially, but how SCARY is that?

All I can say is thank goodness I don't live in China.

China is likely to become the first country in the world to officially recognise internet addiction as a clinical disease as it battles with the increasing number of people who spend almost of their time in chatrooms, blogging or playing online games.

Mr Tao runs a "boot camp" in Daxing, a suburb of Beijing, one of several hundred across the country. During the therapy, Mr Tao, who built his career on treating heroin addicts, offers addicts counselling, military discipline, hypnosis and mild electro-shock therapy to help them reform.

Military discipline and mild electro-shock therapy?

Uh thanks. I guess I'll just keep blogging until I get a perfect score...or my chair collapses. Or JJ comes back from China to relieve me.

Anyone seen a sparkly pink unicorn?

It can't happen soon enough...


JJ said...

LOL, Simon. You're a sweetie.

I'm such a sick blog addict that I just surfed in to copy your url for the blogroll of the "New Blog" I'm trying to make.

Arrrggghhh! I'm weak!!

Simon said...

WOOHOOO!!!! Now that's the BEST news I've heard in a long time. !!!
A NEW blog? Now THAT'S worth waiting for. How exciting. I'm going to hang up a sign outside your domain PLEASE DON'T DISTURB. MASTER AT WORK !!! And of course sacrifice a BBQ chicken for you, as an offering to the HTML Gods.
Have fun come back soon... :)

Beijing York said...

Ha ha! You two are funny :-)

Great news about the "new" blog JJ.

sassy said...

That's good news JJ.

Simon - HTML Gods? and I thought you were an "A". Shows how much I know.

Jennifer Smith said...

Phew! My husband keeps telling me that I'm a hopeless junkie, but it turns out I'm only 75% addicted.

Although now that I think about it, if I count my DailyKos diary I actually do post to five blogs and not four. And maybe I do read more than twenty blogs in a day. Sometimes. So what if I do?

Frank Frink said...

Naw, JJ... you're not weak. You, and your unique voice, are meant to be here.

Besides, I need something more to read than the the maybe half-dozen Canadian blogs I still bother visiting on a daily basis. Yes you're still one of them, Simon even if I hardly ever comment here.

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...yes it is good news isn't it. I mean I'm squatting in a corner of the Canadian blogosphere, but JJ helped build it.
And BTW you are another person who encourages other bloggers a lot.
So on behalf of them and yours truly...ahem...I'd like to say THANK YOU :)

Simon said...

Hi Sassy...well I am an Atheist of course. But I also know that some things can NEVER be understood...and cannot be TRIFLED with ...or else. i.e. HTML scares the shit out of me !! :)

Simon said...

Hi frank...I agree with you. The last thing I would call JJ is WEAK.
I wouldn't dare. Do you know what happens to bad people who step on her lawn? Not nice things :)
And thank you for reading my blog. I like to tell people they should, because patience is a virtue, and you never know when I might write something good. By mistake. :)

Simon said...

Hi Jennifer ... only 75% addicted? Well that's DISGRACEFUL.I'm sure you can do better than that.
Now I did exaggerate a bit. I said I wrote three posts a day, which is true, but only THREE times a year.Most of the time I write one or two depending on how many expressos I have. But what truly shocks me is how many blogs you write for, and still manage to keep your quality up. I gave that part up long ago. So now I'm totally DEMORALIZED !! :)

Jennifer Smith said...

Yeah, well, every new one I start seems to mean fewer posts per blog (unless I cross-post, which I do frequently). Canada's World is lucky if they get more than the minimum once a month I signed on for, and I'm been neglecting Sprawlville rather badly lately. Too much election nonsense on the brain - I should do better over the winter.