Monday, November 03, 2008

Why Obama Couldn't Happen in Canada

As Obama heads for a landslide, while Stephen Harper celebrates 1000 days in office, Roy MacGregor wonders where is our Obama?

And concludes that it could never happen here.

If Canadians only could vote in tomorrow's U.S. election, Barack Obama might take upward of 90 per cent of the vote.

Yet if Obama were a Canadian and running for office in this country, voters might well put the boots to him for being so damn full of himself.

Success can be admired from afar, as in the case of Mr. Obama's amazing rise, but don't bring it into the house. They speak in Australia of the "tall poppy syndrome," the cutting down of anyone who dares stick a head up above an acceptable level, but in Canada of late, political poppies often get trampled before they even have a chance to bloom

Peter Newman once suggested that "The quintessential Canadian hero may have been Mackenzie King, who ruled this country longer than any other man, enjoyed the sex life of a gnat, never took a political chance and was so fastidious that, on a 1949 visit to his good friend John D. Rockefeller, he brought along six spare shoelaces.".

Six spare shoelaces? The sex life of a gnat? Gawd. As if it wasn't depressing ENOUGH to be a Canadian these days.

But you know I still think we can learn some things from the American election.

Like this ad to encourage people to vote in North Carolina.

By reminding them it's the only legal way to cancel out .....or FUCK your neighbours.

Now we're TALKING. That could be the Canadian way eh?

Smile at them politely.....then STICK IT to them in the voting booth.

OK.OK. Just don't call me cynical. If I had six spare shoelaces I'd probably hang myself.

Just colour me DISAPPOINTED...

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