Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Palin Prank and the Grateful World

I knew this Palin prank was going to be devastating. But I could never have imagined how humungous it was going to be.

It's gone global. It's exploding on the inter tubes. It's the story EVERYONE is talking and laughing about.

For many Americans it's the last straw.

This does it. This is the last straw. If there were still a scintilla of a possibility that Sarah Palin is qualified to be Vice-President or, should the need arise, President of the United States, it’s now vanished.

Others have been comparing its impact to the Kathy Couric interview.

Sarah Palin got punked by the Canadian comedy duo known as the Les Justiciers Masques (the Masked Avengers) and, given the way the McCain campaign has controlled access to Palin, the prank feels like just plain good journalism -- almost as good as the real thing delivered by Katie Couric last month.

And then there are the comments:

Canada, this was PRICELESS...thank you....God bless you all !!! Let the real vetting continue.

I love Canada.

I welcome our new Canadian overlords.

OMG. We haven't been recognized like that FOREVER. What an unexpected boost to our low self esteem. I can't quite believe it. Despite having voted in a third-rate neocon government at a time of economic crisis, the whole grateful world thinks we're BRILLIANT !!!

So let's not blow it now. Eh?

They MUST not know we are not worthy. I'm counting on you English Canada....especially you Alberta.

When they call up to congratulate us, and start asking embarrassing questions.

Tell them we're ALL Québécois....


penlan said...

LOL...good one. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!

Scott in Montreal said...

My favourite part is when "Sarkozy" talks about killing baby seals, telling her how much he enjoys taking the life right out of something. LMFAO

unokhan said...

with a little spin and the usual snake oil, this prank could be parlayed into a minor windfall for the neocons

unokhan said...

i just listened to the audio.........nah, even karl rove couldn't turn this one around :-P

Simon said...

Hi penlan...extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures...I'm sure those Albertans will understand... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Joris....well thank you. I accept your congratulations on behalf of all mean the Quebec Nation. Because we are ALL Quebecois....

Simon said...

Hi Scott ...yes that was a good one but I have to say the one about Marcel and the loaf in the armpit was the one that almost made me shit myself. And the frightening thing is that after months of being on the campaign trail that was the most REVEALING interview I think I've heard.

Simon said...

Hi unokhan...yeah all the snake oil in the world couldn't turn that one around.
Now imagine Poppy McCain won then croaked, she became President, the phone rings and it's....Putin.
"Hello SAH-RAH it's Vlad...I love your big babuchkas."
"Why geeze Vlad thank you...I love the way you hunt bears with a bow and arrow..."