Saturday, November 15, 2008

Proposition 8: The Rally in Toronto

It was a miserable day. Wet and windy. But about sixty people turned out to join in the Day of Protest against Proposition 8. Even though we're Canadians and we have our rights. And it was GREAT.

Great to send a message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the United States who are still fighting for their human rights.

And hear the cars honk as they went by.

Great to stand up up for love. How often do you get a chance to do that?

Or say thank you?

Great to support gay couples.

And those who dream of marrying the one they love.

One day...

Great to be part of a huge rally for human equality.

And a new movement.

Something bigger than I am. Bigger than all of us. And really really BEAUTIFUL.

Oh sure I wished it hadn't rained today. I wish more people had turned out.
But I'm glad I was there.

Because whatever the religious fanatics and pig bigots say or do, I know that I'll never stop fighting them.

And because our enemies made love a battlefield. We have no choice but to whup their sorry asses.

Because love is EVERYTHING.

And for EVERYONE...

Have a great weekend everyone...


Woozie said...

There was actually a Proposition 8 protest here in Athens (Ohio, not Greece although there was probably one there too.) I didn't get to go, was feeling miserable due to a combination of 9 1/2 drinks the night before and some weird stomach virus or something I've got. Wasn't a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Sure wish there had been one in Kelowna. There is one particular homophobe who writes a weekly column who is aghast at the anger the gay community is expressing. Pastor Dave he calls himself.

Always buries homophobic/anti-abortion/Harper loving diatribes in folksy stories. As big a liar and hypocrite as all the rest of the busy-body god-bots.

ur merit said...

i love that last pic!!!if people do understand we fight not because the right we should have but the love we care,they might be aainst te prop8,anyway,here the situation doesnt change at all or maybe i got little information coz i stuck in the school,btw,the government has so much bullshit to deal with,no time to care the gay matters,o.o

Simon said...

hi Woozie...I am sorry to hear you weren't able to go beacuse you weren't feeling well. Stomach viruses are bad enough...but 9 1/2 drinks is probably WORSE !!! :)

Simon said...

Hi's too bad there wasn't a rally in Kelowna. But I went for you too !! :)
As for that clicking castanet...what an absolute FREAK.
I also read his ridiculous post on AIDS and it practically made me vomit. These Christianists are not just crazy they're evil...

Simon said...

Hi Ur Merit...yeah isn't that photo great? So simple and powerful. I'm thinking of putting it in my sidebar. And you're right I think that the more people see gay love...and realize that love is the same for everyone...they will eventually realize how cruel and unfair anti-gay discrimination is.
I'm sorry to hear that the situation in China is moving so slowly, and I'm worried that you have been studying too hard...
Remember Richard too much work and not enough play makes a gay boy not gay enough... ;)