Thursday, November 06, 2008

Joe the Plumber: The Final Chapter

Ever wonder what Joe the Plumber is going to do next, now that his Republican sponsors have gone down the drain?

And he still doesn't have a license, and he's got all those unpaid taxes to worry about.

Well now you know.

“You know, fame is fleeting, leaves you hungry, leaves you cold, leaves you tired. Fortune never comes with it...”

He's got a book deal. And a brand new

Where for only $14.95 you can get a copy of his book (when he or somebody else writes it.) PLUS a Freedom Membership AND free shipping on all Joe the Plumber merchandise.(When somebody makes it)

Uh oh. I have a feeling that next month you can have it ALL for $4.95. And that shortly after that the website will be available to ANYONE to sell ANYTHING.

But don't forget he's still got plans to record a country album...and record a hit song.

Like "Your cheatin' ACORN." As soon as somebody writes the song...and he can memorize the words.

And I bet the B-Movie about him is going to be good too....

OK OK so maybe not.

But hey Joe..... you Republican TOOL.... before you leave us do us all a favour.

Don't forget to flush the crapper. Eh?


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