Monday, November 10, 2008

When Monks Attack Each Other: The Video

I'm sure you've all heard about that unholy brawl at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Israeli police had to break up a fist fight that erupted between Greek and Armenian Orthodox clergymen at one of Christianity's holiest sites.

Brawls are not uncommon at the church, which is uneasily shared by various Christian denominations.

When police arrived to break up the fight, some were reportedly beaten back by worshippers using palm fronds.

But you really have to see it to believe it...

Gawd. What would Jesus say? Would he agree with H.L. Mencken?

"Religion is the greatest fomenter of hatred in the history of mankind."


BTW do you think that next time they could give the monks baseball bats instead of palm fronds to beat each other up?

Or holy cream pies?

Because that would be even BETTER.

Encore. Encore. More. More....


Anonymous said...

Make up your mind Simon. You either go for the slapstick and buffoonry or you go for the jugular. No one wants to be guessing whether that's strawberry jam in the cream pie or blood.

Either way, I have a suggestion for an event name:

Extreme Monk-tion

Simon said...

Hi debeauxos...I know that's always been my problem. That and the fact that me friends are always calling me a buffoon. Or buffon in French which is even WORSE. But anyway after thinking it over I think I would like to see them throw cream pies with strawberry jam and rocks in them.
Now that would be an Extremely MASSY Monk-tion wouldn't it? :)