Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama's Blow and the Birth of Hope

What a cruel blow.

I only she could have lived one more day to see the boy she taught to dream become President of the United States.

The only consolation is that after the great sadness will come the joy of victory. And the rebirth of hope.

I ran this video a few month ago.

But now that it really is the day before the election.

I thought I'd run it again.

Barack for your beloved granny who believed in you.

And all the others who still do. The ones who knocked on a MILLION doors in Pennsylvania yesterday. Who are sad tonight but thanks to you full of hope for a better future.

Yes you can.

Yes you WILL....


  1. I wonder if she got to vote for him...

  2. Unspeakably sad.

    May the family have comfort.

  3. Hi Woozie....I've got good news she DID!!! So that must have been special and makes me happy...

  4. Hi Sassy...yes isn't it? What bad luck. Life can be so cruel sometimes. But at least she lived to vote for him. And she must have been so proud...

  5. I saw tears run down his face while he was talking about her at a sad..

  6. Woozie, what Simon said about Madelyn Dunham voting

    Simon, Yes, Mrs. Dunham had good reason to go into "that good night" with a smile of contentment in her heart.