Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Cons, the Cat, and the Great Fear

The other day I saw I guy standing at the end of this pier, and for a moment I thought he was going to jump. And I wondered if I jumped in to save him...since he was a pretty big guy... whether we'd BOTH go down in history as one of the first casualties of The Greatest Depression.

Wouldn't that be a dubious honour? It must be the Great Fear in the air.

Then at work I noticed the kind old Boomer in the corner was looking sad. And when I asked him what's up he said he's afraid he won't be able to retire next year...even though his wife is sick and needs him to take care of her....because the little money they managed to save is being slowly chewed up.

And there must be million of others like him out there.

On my lunch today I wandered over to the Eaton Centre where two of my friends work and they both told me business was down by about forty percent. And they both expect to get laid off after Christmas.

So they can join these workers on the unemployment line.

Oh yeah. The Great Fear is EVERYWHERE.

All of which makes me wonder whether Stephen Harper has a clue about what is really happening in this country, or what to do about it. When he probably doesn't even know what hit him. Everything he ever believed in or said was BULLSHIT. And now he's forced to pretend that neocons can change into Liberals....just like pigs can fly.

Harper was elected on a firm promise to deliver balanced-budget, fiscally-prudent government less than 50 days ago.

Be it campaign deception or denial, having tens of thousands suddenly face the loss of jobs, savings and perhaps their homes has twisted Harper's old beliefs into policy pretzels.

For this Conservative government, the age of ideology is over -- technically and realistically.

And whether that explains why his absurd and incompetent Finance Minister little Jimbo Flaherty seems to be paralyzed into doing nothing.

Is it just incompetence or is it that they can't get away from their failed ideology? Can't really accept that EVERYTHING has changed and they've been written out of history. Can't throw off that neocon leash....even as the country goes down the toilet.

Just chase it around and around the crapper.

Like this cat does...

Oh boy. Wouldn't it be funny if we could get the cat to forget about the leash? And chase that nasty little Con Jimbo instead. Play with him like catnip. Or EAT him.

But these days nothing seems funny.

The Great Fear is EVERYWHERE...

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