Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Night of Hope and Disappointment

So it really happened. He did it. History has been made.

America has a black president. The black people of that country have finally ARRIVED.

And young people played a big part, by turning out in record numbers, and voting overwhelmingly for Obama.

Hope won out over fear...and the Republicans were crushed .

If I was any happier I think I could FLY.

Except that I am also disappointed. Because Proposition 8 ....that would ban gay marriage in heading for victory.

Largely because black people turned out in record numbers and voted overwhelmingly FOR it.

African-Americans voted for Proposition 8 by a 69 percent to 31 percent margin. However, 55 percent of white voters and 52 percent of Hispanics voted against the proposition.

Isn't that ironic? On a night when we are celebrating equality, the people most affected voted to take equality away from others. Thanks to crazy religion. And Mormon money.

But more about that later. Not tonight.

Tonight is a night to focus on hope rather than disappointment.

Tonight is the night to CELEBRATE.

Hmmm.....I guess after what happened tonight black people can say we DID it.

Young people can say we COULD. Or we showed you.

And gay people get to say yes we can.

Yes we WILL...


Woozie said...

And what of young gay black people?

ur merit said...

i got 'stuck'here coz its the last year in my high school and i gotta struggle for university,however,i still take time to watch obama victory speech.After the long campaign,we finally reach to a degree where at least situation will change.I dunno much but i surely hope the gay situation will be getting better and im sure obama can give it to de gay people in u.s even throughout the world.CHANGE IS COMING.