Wednesday, September 30, 2009

James Dean and the Dead Men on the Moon

Today is the 54th anniversary of the day James Dean was killed in a car crash on a highway in the California desert.

I love Dean's movies, I've read quite a bit about him. I admire the way an Indiana farm boy was able to be so cool, dreamy, wild, rebellious.... and gay.

I sometimes wonder what he would have become if that other driver had seen him coming in his low slung silver Porsche Spyder...the one he called Little Bastard.

And not made that left turn.

And the two cars hadn't collided almost head-on.

And Jimmy Dean had survived...

Pretty neat ad eh?

And not too far off. I read that Dean had decided he didn't want to be an actor anymore. He felt he was being treated "like a puppet." He wanted to direct movies instead.

I wonder what movies he might have made. I bet they would have been interesting. But of course we'll never know.

Just like we'll never know what it would have been like to listen to the speech the late William Safire wrote for President Richard Nixon.

To be delivered if the first men on the moon had been stranded there..

Pretty chilling isn't it? Would they really have cut off communication with the astronauts and allowed them to die without even the comforting sound of another human voice?

Would we ever have been able to look at the moon in the same way?

The what ifs of life.Thank goodness the astronauts survived. Too bad James Dean didn't.

One of his favourite lines was from The Little Prince "What is essential is invisible to the eye." And it's engraved on a monument near where he died.

But when you think about it eh? Given more time... imagine the possibilities.

Isn't a bad epitaph either...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Gays: The Video

One of my straight friends asked me today why I am so worried about a Harper majority. And why I keep beating my battered drum for a united left.

When if I played the NDP against the Liberals or vice-versa, I'd have a lot more wicked fun, and be a lot more popular.

And my answer was I haven't the slightest shadow of a doubt that a centre-left united is the only sure way to save the country I love. Which isn't perfect. How could it be when stuff like this keeps happening again and again?

But I am equally sure that if if Stephen Harper ever got a majority it would be much much WORSE. For all decent Canadians...but especially for this country's gay people.

Because the religious fanatics in his evil government would make homophobia legal, strangle gay rights, terrorize gay kids by telling them God wants them killed. And although many Canadians don't realize it, Stephen Harper is the Homophobe in Chief.

I'd like to explain that by launching a campaign like this one.

Because it's such a brilliant idea. Such a good way to show support for our beautiful sisters. Such an awesome way to remind people of the twisted horror of Stephen Harper.

But unfortunately all I can sew is a sail or a button. And even if I made some t-shirts nobody would buy them.

Because that's what being marginalized means eh?

So I made a video instead....

I know it's not very good. But I'll get better.

And as for the t-shirt....

Oh well...I guess I'll just have to keep wearing this one....

Which may not be as classy as the women's one. But it is my message to Stephen Harper. And it's really easy to make eh?

It also comes with the promise that I will NEVER stop beating my drum for a united left to build a kinder, gentler, better Canada.

And that even if those filthy homophobic, anti-women, racist Cons do get a majority.

I am not afraid of them.

And I will fight them FOREVER...

Michael Ignatieff and the Midnight Hour

They say a week in politics can be an eternity. So I can only imagine what a few weeks must be like for Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals.

Back then they were clamouring for an election. Now they have gone silent. And even Jeffrey Simpson has figured out.

It must therefore be awfully tempting for the Conservatives, having spent all that taxpayers' money on ads promoting themselves through the Economic Action Plan, having doled out more billions of dollars than any government since the Second World War, having governed politically on the theory that “an announcement a day keeps the Liberals at bay” and having avoided a serious mistake the past six months or so, to find the means of defeating themselves, thereby laying off the blame for a vote on one or more of the opposition parties, and so try their luck in an election campaign, at the start of which they would be tantalizingly close to a majority government.

What I figured out a month ago.

And the news isn't getting any better.

Which raises another disturbing question: should the NDP do what the Liberals want them to do...or DID? And bring down the whole house of cards

And the answer is still NO. Because the future of Canada is far more important than the electoral advantage of any party.

And our time will come.

The number of people on E.I.may be going down....but numbers can be deceiving.

Labour economist Erin Weir agreed the decline in new entrants to the rolls of those on EI was welcome, but cautioned that the fall-off in Canadians receiving benefits is likely an indication that workers have exhausted their entitlements rather than that they have found new jobs.

And as welfare rolls start to swell, in a couple of months the damage to the real economy will become obvious.

And even if the economy does recover slightly the big question will remain. How are we going to bring down that massive deficit? The Liberal and NDP way?

Or Stephen Harper's way?

Because that's what the next election should be about. As well as the filth and corruption of the Harper regime.

You know when you are not blinded by political partisanship, and your country comes first, and nothing is more important than denying Stephen Harper a majority, it tends to concentrate the mind.

Which is why I dare to suggest that perhaps the Liberals and the NDP might think of having secret talks to coordinate their strategy, so we can strike when the time is right.

I know it's quite a concept, and I realize it would be difficult. Although not impossible.

But with Canada in such mortal danger, and the midnight hour upon us, I can't see why we can't learn to dance together.

Just like these guys did...

Oh's not as much fun as the chicken dance.

But if we don't stop playing into the hands of the Cons, history will laugh at us.

And Canada will never forgive us....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pope Benny and the Spider

Three good reasons to declare Pope Benny's tour of the Czech Republic a total BUST.

(1) hardly anybody turned out.

The pope got a tepid response: No posters or billboards promoted his visit, and local media coverage was thin.

That came as no surprise in this nation where polls suggest half the population of 10 million don't believe in God.

(2) The country's top churchman threw in the towel...

In an astonishingly public display of self-deprecation, Cardinal Miloslav Vlk made his confession to reporters, saying: "I have achieved almost nothing during my 20 years" as archbishop.

(3) The Big Question after Benny left was why did he bother to come?

And of course, did the spider go with him?

Now I know some mean people were hoping the spider would bite him. But not me.

I think they make a lovely couple. The arachnid and the homophobe.

May they live happily ever after.

Oh yeah. And one more thing.

Long live the Czech Republic !!!

Tubby and the Sounds of Fascism

When Peter "Tubby" Van Loan was the Con House Leader, he earned a reputation as the cheap shot specialist of Question Period.

And for being such a bumbling idiot he kept spilling glasses of water all over Stephen Harper. Who can forget those touching shots of a red-faced Tubby.... dabbing furiously away with a paper towel Great Ugly Leader's crotch?

Now in his new role as the ridiculous Public Safety Minister he's making a jackass of himself again.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan says he fears for the government's ability to fight terrorism in light of "an increasingly complex legal environment" in which judges no longer defer to the government in its efforts to deport foreign suspects.

By attacking the courts that guarantee our the ReformCons always do. While failing to protect Canadians from sex offenders.

Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan is refusing to fund a program that helps keep convicted sex offenders from reoffending.

Because Tubby and his gang of political thugs want to turn our country into a dark and dangerous barbed wire nation. And they NEED sex offenders running around untreated, so they can scare the population, and the Cons can jail as many Canadians as possible.

Which makes me wonder what would happen if these sinister Cons ever got a majority.

Would they deploy a weapon like this one to disperse demonstrators?

Like police did in Pittsburgh.

Even though these sonic cannons can damage your hearing permanently... and could even cause a fatal aneurysm...

I'm sorry if it hurt your ears. But listen to the sounds of fascism. Listen to the sounds of a Harper majority.

Because if we don't defeat these ugly AmeriCons, first they'll destroy our justice system.

And then they'll destroy our country...

The Invasion of the Gay Tweenies

One of the reasons homophobia is a growing problem in our schools is that gay kids are coming out at an earlier age.

And as this article shows many schools aren't prepared.

A middle-school counselor in Maine summed up the view of many educators I spoke to when she conceded that her school was “totally unprepared” for openly gay students. “We always knew middle school was a time when kids struggle with their identity,” she told me, “but it was easy to let anti-gay language slide because it’s so imbedded in middle-school culture and because we didn’t have students who were out to us or their classmates. Now we do, so we’re playing catch up to try to keep them safe.”

So many schools are still dangerous places for gay kids..

What is clear is that for many gay youth, middle school is more survival than learning — one parent of a gay teenager I spent time with likened her child’s middle school to a “war zone.” In a 2007 survey of 626 gay, bisexual and transgender middle-schoolers from across the country by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (Glsen), 81 percent reported being regularly harassed on campus because of their sexual orientation. Another 39 percent reported physical assaults. Of the students who told teachers or administrators about the bullying, only 29 percent said it resulted in effective intervention.

Just like they are in Canada.

The good news? Despite that hatred and violence more and more gay kids are standing up for the right to be who they are.

“When I first realized I was gay,” Austin interjected, “I just assumed I would hide it and be miserable for the rest of my life. But then I said, ‘O.K., wait, I don’t want to hide this and be miserable my whole life.’ ”

And parents everywhere have a new/old challenge to make their lives even interesting.

Mother: And he has a shaved head and piercings everywhere. Is this who you really want to date?

Ely: All kinds of people have shaved heads.

Mother: I don’t think you’re ready to have a relationship right now.

Ely: Ugh.

May the Parent God protect them. Here comes the invasion of the gay tweenies.

And of course, whether you're ready or not eh?

Here comes Lady Gaga....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Poison Pill

Uh oh. I see Stephen Harper is getting ready to deliver an economic statement.

The kind the Parliamentary foodtasters have to lick before they dare table it.

And I can only imagine what a state of arousal Great Ugly Leader must be in...walking around hunched over, getting a sponge tongue bath from John Baird to try to bring down his raging fever. Or just thrashing around on the floor biting the carpet. And asking God what he would do.

Because it's going to be really really hard to keep that mask on, and pretend he doesn't want an election, when he can practically SMELL a majority.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is outshining rival Michael Ignatieff and putting the Conservatives on track for a possible majority in the next election, a new Angus Reid Strategies/Toronto Star poll has found.

And he's slurping with agony, because he can't decide whether to force a poison pill down Jack Layton and Gille Duceppe's throats. Or shove one up their asses.

Although that's the thing that worries me eh?

I don't understand why the Liberals are in such a hurry for an election. Why would they take shots at the NDP when one day they will have to work with them?

Shouldn't they be thanking them for finding a good excuse to delay an election? And saving Ignatieff from HIMSELF.

You know... stopping his mad charge up the hill from turning into a massacre. Or preventing his peaceful picnic in the Enchanted Forest.

From turning into a Stephen King Harper nightmare...

Golly. From playing dead to BEING dead. Is that progress?

Can we really risk having an election at this time...and handing Harper the majority he craves so much?

Can you miss the trees for the enchanted forest ? Does a bear shit in the woods?

You know I love my Liberal friends as much as I love my NDP ones. But impatience isn't a virtue.

And suicide isn't victory...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rick Mercer and the UQUAM Kids

Lordy. I thought I better write something to make up for my last gloomy post. I thought I'd blame it on missing Montreal at this time of the year.

Tell everyone that I've almost convinced myself that a Harper majority government won't be THAT bad. And that I'm not really planning to kill myself.

But then I read Rick Mercer's great piece in the Globe. And now I'm depressed again.

It may be a myth that the Inuit have 100 different words to describe snow; it is an absolute truth that people on Parliament Hill have twice as many words to describe Stephen Harper's various levels of angry.

We have a minority government that bombards us, practically year-round, with campaign-style ads that are more vitriolic and personal than anything ever witnessed in Canadian history.

When it comes to issues that Canadians care about – the economy, Afghanistan, heath care, medical isotopes – there is a campaign of misinformation that qualifies as pathological.

Because it's so true. And so is the stuff about Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff is, as we speak, surrounded by a brigade of young people in pointy shoes and designer glasses who work for him, worship him and twitter about him. Why we should vote for him? I've read the tweets; I've yet to see an answer.

If that's the best he can do, his next trip to the woods is going to involve a shovel and a bag of lime.

And when the only one in the MSM telling it like it a COMEDIAN... what does it say about the state of our country?

Oh well. Never mind. Some questions are better left unanswered.

And besides I did find something to cheer me up.

Courtesy of the kids at the Université du Québec à Montréal....

Not bad eh? Thank goodness for the other solitude. But then they all vote for the Bloc so no wonder they're so happy.

Oh boy. I really miss Montreal.

But I will try to get accustomed to the idea of a Harper majority. The divided left is a good thing.

Toronto isn't really THAT gloomy.

And I promise not to hang myself...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Canada and My Bad Blogging Day

Oh boy. Sometimes it isn't easy being a Canadian eh? It still looks like the summer that arrived about three weeks ago. But if you go out without a hoody you can freeze your little tits off.

And then there's the state of the progressive blogosphere...

The Liberals have suddenly stopped crowing about an election, or calling the NDP fascist collaborators for propping up the Con government. It's like the Big Chill. For reasons.

While the NDPers having recovered from the shock of finding themselves in bed with The Creeper..... for .... um..... obvious reasons. Are now desperately trying to regain the high moral ground by claiming that Michael Ignatieff is the same or worse than Stephen Harper.

Unfortunately, Harper’s challenger, Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff, is just as much a wolf, but poses a much greater danger to the Left because he dresses as our shepherd.

Which is ridiculous. Because we're not sheep. Ignatieff may be badly flawed, but he's still better than Harper. And nothing could be worse than a Harper majority.

But then maybe you have to be gay to understand that.

Just like I now realize you probably have to be gay to understand that this woman is no hero.

And that it's not even funny.

Oh well. WTF? Even the best can have a bad blogging day.

And there was some good news today. They arrested another hero for allegedly gay bashing this guy.

The bad news? You can arrest one gay basher, but there's a lot more where that one came from.

And even if they do convict that guy in London, he'll probably get off with a slap on the wrist. Because he's a hero eh?

Just like the other one.

Golly. I can hardly wait to hear what Don Cherry has to say about that.

But of course it's my fault. I really have to pack away my dreams and face up to REALITY. For a change.

Progressives will never unite until Harper gets a majority. Summer is really over eh?

And I am where I am...

Woohoo!!!! Countdown to Liquor Day !!!!

10-9-8-7-6-5.....booze is bad for you.

But right now I don't really care...

Glambo and the Gay Acting Soldiers

Something about this story disgusts me.

Not just the violent homophobia.

But the way this drunken bigot is being treated like a hero.

When Womanizer came on these guys went crazy. They were humping each other, grabbing their ties and whipping each other - pretending to be like Britney in the video for the song. Not just in Britain.

"It went well beyond a joke. They were being perverted.

Not just in Britain.

But now also in Canada.

Complete with comments like this one:

I am please with Ms Wolfes' behavior. This is a typical Western attitude. We don't take gruff from anyone. I'm just surprised she only knocked out one person. I would have expected her to take out at least three. She should consider further training for future activities. I suspect she will be welcomed back to BC as a hero.

When she is nothing but a piece of shit white trash homophobe who should be locked in a cage.

I leave it up to you to figure out why the sight of men dancing closely together can drive a person to attack them. Because I've tried to think whether the sight of a straight couple dirty dancing could ever drive me to violence.

And I can't even IMAGINE it.

What I do know is that homophobia is a dangerous mental illness. And until these violent homophobes are cured or caged.

Nobody is really safe...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harper and the Barbed Wire Nation

Well at least now we know for sure what Stephen Harper would turn Canada into if he ever got a majority.

Canada's blueprint for overhauling federal prisons is an amateur and "alarming" document that ignores human rights, gives the false impression that crime is rising, and provides no costs for flawed policies that would flood penitentiaries with more inmates, says a new report.

A barbed wire nation and a prison society.

At least now there can be no illusions.

“What this means,” said EKOS President Frank Graves, “is that the significant advantage that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives now have in public opinion may actually understate their potential strength in an election.”

Maybe now the Liberals will finally figure out that whatever Michael Ignatieff is doing in that enchanted forest isn't working.

...That trend shows slow but steady growth by the Conservatives, while the Liberals remain frozen in amber. (Seriously, you guys, are you playing dead to lull the Tories into a false sense of security? Because at the moment, it’s just a little bit too convincing. Maybe twitch a finger or something, just so the audience knows there’s still a twist in the plot to come.)

Because it isn't good enough to just say we deserve better. We have to show Canadians what WORSE means. By targeting Harper's nightmare vision of Canada.

And hitting these sinister Cons harder than they have ever been hit.

And we better do that in a hurry, because I think I finally figured out the place Ignatieff's enchanted forest reminds me of.

Not Narnia as the Cons say.

But the rabbit warren in Watership Down...

Before it was DESTROYED.

Denial is now suicide.The time for partisan games is over. We need to stop playing patty cakes, and attack these Cons like we never have before.

Because our country is in mortal danger.

And time is running out...

Help !!! The Homosexuals are Coming !!!

When I watch this video from the bigots who want to kill gay marriage in Maine...

Trying to make people believe that gay marriage threatens children...and we're the baby snatchers from outer space.

Then I find out that one of their leaders thinks we're even MORE dangerous.

Last year, Heath blamed the nation's financial crisis on gay unions. Writing at his blog he said amending state constitutions to ban gay marriage, and eliminating domestic partnerships and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples would make God “crack a smile.”

He also blamed a gloomy summer on gay marriage, saying at his blog, the “moral climate in Maine has caused the sun to hide its face in shame.”

And that we have the power to make the sun DISAPPEAR.

I really can't blame this guy for calling 911.

To tell them the homosexuals are COMING !!!!!

Although he was wrong about something. Those bigots SHOULD be scared of us.

Because the day the planet we came from finally allows us to use our ray guns.

We may not make the sun disappear. Because we love it eh?

But they're really going to get ZAPPED.


P.S. It did rain a lot in Maine this summer.

But strangely enough the clouds DISAPPEARED.

As soon as I arrived ....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harper, the Donuts, and the Dust Storm

Sometimes three pictures ...and a video... really do tell a story.

At the United Nations Obama urges other nations to do more to fight climate change.

While in Australia the sky turns an apocalyptic red.

A warning of all the dust storms to come. From Sub Saharan Africa to the fields of Western Canada.

Meanwhile as the fate of the planet is being discussed where is Stephen Harper?

Playing cheap politics in a donut shop.

Gawd. Have you ever seen anything more ridiculous or vulgar? Is that REALLY a Canadian Prime Minister...or a Great Cruller Leader? And what kind of a crummy little donut shop are these Cons turning Canada into?

But what do we expect eh?

His father worked for Imperial Oil. Harper's first job was in that company's mail room. He has served Big Oil, and the Calgary dirty oil pimps all his life. He denied global warming was a problem. When he got a chance he knifed Kyoto bloody.

Now he wants a majority. So the oil pimps can run Canada like they run Alberta. And because we love our dirty oil, our cars, and our donuts so much, and have turned a donut chain into a tacky national symbol, it wouldn't take much more idiocy to give him one.

Which for some reason reminds me of this video of what it's like to be driving merrily along.

And suddenly find yourself in a world you don't recognize....

Like the dark world of a Harper majority.

Or the scorched world we will have to live in thanks to Cons like him

Stephen Harper. Bad for Canada. Bad for the planet.

Bad for EVERYONE....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Reason Why Our Medicare is Better

When the media finally asks Stephen Harper why Canadians should trust him with medicare.

When he spent 15 years trying to destroy it. And he refuses to defend it now.

Maybe they should point out this story.

Research released this week in the American Journal of Public Health estimates that 45,000 deaths per year in the United States are associated with the lack of health insurance.

And if that's not sickening enough...

The ranks of the uninsured have grown, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. It says the number of Americans without health insurance rose to 46.3 million last year, up from 45.7 million in 2007.

So how many people die each year in Canada because they can't afford insurance?

Exactly. We win. They LOSE. Forty five thousand to zero.

This Canadian knows that.

As Canadian citizens, we all pay for this incredible privilege of universal health care through our taxes, which are slightly higher than in the US. But I think about those MasterCard commercials from a few years back – "Piece of mind knowing that you and your family will never be financially ruined by health care bills? Priceless." There was a long, hard political fight for universal health care in Canada. Man, was it worth it.

So why doesn't Stephen Harper? Don't let him destroy our beautiful human system....or ship you out in a body bag.

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Get rid of him instead.

Tell him we're Canada not Amerika eh?

And we expect BETTER...

Stephen Harper's Killer Action Plan

Well I must say the timing couldn't have been better. And neither could the hideous spectacle.

There was Great Ridiculous Leader flogging his Economic Action vote-buying plan, like some cheap huckster on late-night TV.

"Yabba dabba doo git ya Economic Action Plan !!! Double the dough if we don't have an election!!! "

On the same day as this story was making headlines.

The Conservative government is spending more than five times as many taxpayer dollars on promoting its economic plan as it is on raising public awareness about the flu pandemic.

Yikes. Can you believe that? They're more interested in buying votes than saving OUR lives? Harper doesn't care about us, it's all about HIM.

And BTW don't these Cons have ANY Canadian values?

Because let's face it, the only other place you can find a government website like this one.

Is in a place like North Korea. And that's after they did a hasty little reno job..

The government of Canada website set up to promote the Conservative economic action plan had a slightly different look Monday: more than 30 photos of Prime Minister Stephen Harper had been removed.

Ouch. That must REALLY hurt. I bet Great Shrinking Leader is furious. First he gets snubbed by Obama now this humiliation.

Golly. If he gets any smaller they'll have to carry him around in a jam jar.

Hmmm.... you know I think we can work with this one. Heh heh heh.

Because killing Canada is one thing eh?

But killing us is even BETTER...


P.S. I've been feeling pretty gloomy about an election recently.

But now my mood is definitely improving....

Woof. Woof !!!

First we chew them up a bit.

Then we bite their ASSES...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jonathan Couturier and the Useless War

Photo: Fred Thornhill, Reuters

They brought Jonathan Couturier home today. Back from the war he considered useless.

And who I wonder could blame him?

Army staff and National Defence headquarters officials were told in 2007 that young boys had allegedly been sexually abused by Afghan security forces at a Canadian base in Afghanistan, but the concern at the time was that the incident might be reported in the news media,

I've written about this moral swamp before. About what they do to the dancing boys.

And the women who are raped.

And how they raise the hopes of little girls....only to dash them.

In the span of about one year, the 15-year-old, named Sitara, has been yanked out of school, off a path that hinted at promise, and sold by her father for 700,000 Afghanis (about $15,000) into a marriage that, already, she has “nothing left for.”

But this is the absolute limit.

Former Cpl. Travis Schouten told military officials he had witnessed an Afghan boy being sodomized by two Afghan security personnel at Canada’s Forward Operating Base Wilson in Afghanistan in 2006. Another soldier also came forward to a Toronto newspaper to report a similar occurrence at the same base in 2006. A military chaplain talked about the abuse in a report sent up the chain of command at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa. Two other chaplains have also come forward to state that soldiers came to them upset about such abuses.

Because it happened right in front of our noses, and we did NOTHING to stop it.

I saw a story yesterday on CNN about a poor little shoe shine boy in Kabul. And it practically broke my heart. I want to help those children so much. And we must never abandon them.

But who can save OUR kids from this doomed mission?

Jonathan Couturier dead at twenty-three.

And who can say it was worth it?

Misogyny and the Death of a Canadian Blogger

Renée Wathelet was a Canadian blogger who was brutally murdered the other day in Mexico.

And now it turns out she may have blogged about her killer.

Wathelet wrote of “Jose’s” kindness and humour, as he answered her numerous questions about local history, landmarks and politics. She called him a “veritable encyclopedia” and even suggested she would begin a special blog feature where she would share his stories, titled Jose Tells Me.

And what was one of the stories Jose told her?

Les Xtabay sont des très très belles femmes, bien habillées, elles portent des hipils merveilleusement brodés, de beaux bijoux, elles sont parfumées … et très dangereuses à rencontrer pour un homme : si tu rencontres une Xtabay, elle va t’attirer, te séduire, te promettre de merveilleux moments en sa compagnie, en fait elle te promet tout ce que tu voudras. Et si tu la suis, si tu l’écoutes, tu te réveilleras tout seul, au milieu de nulle part, loin de ton chemin, dans un champ rempli de cactus et de buissons épineux. Et bien sûr la Xtabay ne t’aura rien donné de ce qu’elle t’a promis. Juste des problèmes. Ce sont de vraies démones que l’on peut rencontrer partout à travers la péninsule… Il vaut mieux les éviter, bien sûr, mais tu connais les hommes…

The Xtabay are very very beautiful women, nicely clothed, they wear marvellously embroidered hipils( Mayan dresses), beautiful jewels, they are perfumed...and very dangerous for men to meet. If you meet an Xtabay, she will attract you, seduce you, promise you marvellous moments in her company, promise you everything you want. And if you follow her, if you listen to her, you will wake up all alone, in the middle of nowhere, far from your path, in a field full of cactuses and prickly bushes. And of course the Xtabay will not have given you anything she promised. Just problems. They are real demons that you can find all over the peninsula. It's best to avoid them, but you know men...

Oh yes we know them. And the misogyny of the ages. Women as seductive temptresses who must be shunned....or KILLED.

Scary isn't it?

Poor gentle Renée was enchanted by the story.

When it should have been a WARNING.

But now it's too late. Her ashes are going into the sea she loved so much. The misogyny monster rears its bloody head again.

And the real demons still roam the earth...

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Day the Cons Talked To Me !!!!

OMG. I'm still shaking. I was checking out the Con website today. Which is scary enough.

When suddenly it started TALKING !!!! ME !!!!

Wow. Is that a brush , close encounter collision with fame or what?


And there's a website too !!!!

To let you know that nobody but NOBODY loves the Duffer more than the Duffer does...

During his career as a journalist, "Duff" was known to millions as the most authoritative broadcaster commenting on the political life of Canada....He now brings those skills and integrity to a new arena.

His most cherished award came a few years ago from the editors of Chatelaine magazine, who selected Mike as "ONE OF CANADA'S 10 SEXIEST MEN".

I hope.

But it gets even better worse. When I clicked on Mike in the News look what I found.

His workout anthem...

"Steve Earle's Guitar Town. When you're thinking, 'I can't do this any more,' the guitar goes twang, and you play air guitar for a minute or so. Then you keep going."

And some handy advice from a fitness trainer...

Lifting free weights or even tossing around a medicine ball while balancing on an exercise ball or a Bosu balance trainer can be an excellent way to develop overall strength. "It will teach him to use his whole body in a fun movement."

Golly. If I saw that ridiculous Con flak tossing around a medicine ball while balancing on a exercise ball, I don't know what I'd do eh?

Would I shit myself laughing?

Would I throw him a sardine....or a barbequed chicken?

Or would I just join him ?

Mike hi it's Simon !!!!

You know most of the time politics in this country really sucks.

But sometimes it's HILARIOUS...


P.S. If you want to get a message from Mike Duffy you can sign up here.

Just keep your screen cleaner handy...

Have a great weekend everyone !!!

The Liberals and the Election Madness

As I stumbled down to the beach today I couldn't help thinking about the last scene in the Bridge Over the River Kwai. When the bridge blows up, all the main characters die, and the British doctor comes stumbling out of the jungle muttering "Madness. Madness."

Because that's how I feel these days when I gaze at the smouldering wreckage of the Canadian political scene. Except I'm not sure whether it's madness or IDIOCY.

The Liberals accuse the NDP of caving. Even though they did the same thing 79 times in a row... for exactly the same reason.

Ignatieff joins the "Socialist/Separatist Coalition."

Not because he wants to help the unemployed. But so he can bring down the government sooner. Force the NDP to fight an election it can't afford.

And he can't win.

But could lose badly.....and hand Harper a MAJORITY.

Huh? What's wrong with this picture?

Look NOBODY wants to see these hideous Cons toppled more than I do. But whatever happened to you don't CHOOSE to fight an election unless you can win it ?

And if you choose to fight it anyway, what's the difference between a Liberal and a lemming?

Because here's the hard and ugly truth: Ignatieff's message is falling flat and his numbers are going south. Harper has the wind in his sails. Launching an election before letting out some of that air, could be a disastrous mistake.

One of the worst mistakes in Canadian history. Period.

Oh boy. Lucky I went to the beach eh?

Because talking politics with my dog always clears my mind. Makes me feel like a genius.

And this is how I see it.

Unless we get our act together. Focus all our attacks on the REAL enemy. And choose the right time to strike. We could wake up in the darkness of November.

In a country we don't recognize.


P.S. One more thing.....

Gimme a parachute .....and order a lot of them body bags.

Because I fear we're going to need them....