Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rick Mercer and the UQUAM Kids

Lordy. I thought I better write something to make up for my last gloomy post. I thought I'd blame it on missing Montreal at this time of the year.

Tell everyone that I've almost convinced myself that a Harper majority government won't be THAT bad. And that I'm not really planning to kill myself.

But then I read Rick Mercer's great piece in the Globe. And now I'm depressed again.

It may be a myth that the Inuit have 100 different words to describe snow; it is an absolute truth that people on Parliament Hill have twice as many words to describe Stephen Harper's various levels of angry.

We have a minority government that bombards us, practically year-round, with campaign-style ads that are more vitriolic and personal than anything ever witnessed in Canadian history.

When it comes to issues that Canadians care about – the economy, Afghanistan, heath care, medical isotopes – there is a campaign of misinformation that qualifies as pathological.

Because it's so true. And so is the stuff about Ignatieff.

Mr. Ignatieff is, as we speak, surrounded by a brigade of young people in pointy shoes and designer glasses who work for him, worship him and twitter about him. Why we should vote for him? I've read the tweets; I've yet to see an answer.

If that's the best he can do, his next trip to the woods is going to involve a shovel and a bag of lime.

And when the only one in the MSM telling it like it a COMEDIAN... what does it say about the state of our country?

Oh well. Never mind. Some questions are better left unanswered.

And besides I did find something to cheer me up.

Courtesy of the kids at the Université du Québec à Montréal....

Not bad eh? Thank goodness for the other solitude. But then they all vote for the Bloc so no wonder they're so happy.

Oh boy. I really miss Montreal.

But I will try to get accustomed to the idea of a Harper majority. The divided left is a good thing.

Toronto isn't really THAT gloomy.

And I promise not to hang myself...

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