Friday, September 18, 2009

The Day the Cons Talked To Me !!!!

OMG. I'm still shaking. I was checking out the Con website today. Which is scary enough.

When suddenly it started TALKING !!!! ME !!!!

Wow. Is that a brush , close encounter collision with fame or what?


And there's a website too !!!!

To let you know that nobody but NOBODY loves the Duffer more than the Duffer does...

During his career as a journalist, "Duff" was known to millions as the most authoritative broadcaster commenting on the political life of Canada....He now brings those skills and integrity to a new arena.

His most cherished award came a few years ago from the editors of Chatelaine magazine, who selected Mike as "ONE OF CANADA'S 10 SEXIEST MEN".

I hope.

But it gets even better worse. When I clicked on Mike in the News look what I found.

His workout anthem...

"Steve Earle's Guitar Town. When you're thinking, 'I can't do this any more,' the guitar goes twang, and you play air guitar for a minute or so. Then you keep going."

And some handy advice from a fitness trainer...

Lifting free weights or even tossing around a medicine ball while balancing on an exercise ball or a Bosu balance trainer can be an excellent way to develop overall strength. "It will teach him to use his whole body in a fun movement."

Golly. If I saw that ridiculous Con flak tossing around a medicine ball while balancing on a exercise ball, I don't know what I'd do eh?

Would I shit myself laughing?

Would I throw him a sardine....or a barbequed chicken?

Or would I just join him ?

Mike hi it's Simon !!!!

You know most of the time politics in this country really sucks.

But sometimes it's HILARIOUS...


P.S. If you want to get a message from Mike Duffy you can sign up here.

Just keep your screen cleaner handy...

Have a great weekend everyone !!!


Anonymous said...

I typed in the first name Zbigniew and Duffy didn't say it. The program must close up the gap where the name is inserted.

Saw a person elsewhere on the internet trying to get Duffy to say Mohammed but kept getting Michael.

Talk about cheapening one's party to appeal or pander to the public!

CK said...

Torontonian, I found that on Warren Kinsella's page; ol' Mikey called 'Mohammed' 'Chris'. I thought it was funny & really weird!

Frank Frink said...

I typed in the first name Zbigniew and Duffy didn't say it. The program must close up the gap where the name is inserted.

Saw a person elsewhere on the internet trying to get Duffy to say Mohammed but kept getting Michael.

Yeah, I know, I tried it with Abfousian and the page shut down. Then I tried again with Abdihakim and shut shut down again.

Brenda worked just fine.

Also interesting to note that Senator Puffin Fresh likes to listen to musicians who hold progressive leftist views when he works out. Confirms my personal observation that conservatives make lousy and/or bland music .

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...I have to admit it's a pretty neat digital toy. Although I would enjoy it even more if it said "Hi Simon I'm Mike Duffy and I'm an IDIOT." ;)

Simon said...

hi CK...Mikey called Mohammed CHRIS? Does that mean somebody will launch a fatwa again the Fat One?
Gawd. I hope so... :)

Simon said...

hi frank...Wot? You expect the Cons to be able to pronounce the names of brown Canadians, when they won't even let them into the country? Are you an idealist or what? ;)
As for Steve Earle...I didn't know he was on our side, but now that I do I'm OUTRAGED !!!!
Where's Ted Nugent? Is he still around or did he shoot himself accidentally with his bow and arrow?
On the other hand I have to be brutally honest and admit that I'd be willing to sacrifice my big toe....or TWO barbeque chickens...just to see Duffy play the air guitar...

Unknown said...

LOL. That was scary.
I love how the Cons say they want to "move forward" when the very idea of conservatism is more to stick with what we've got--and make sure it stays that way. Especially with our Christian fundamentalist leader ;) This is off-topic, but I've always loved how Republicans fear the very idea of socialism (they obviously don't know what it is), and how they call Obama a socialist AND a fascist--political opposites (a heritage from O'Reilly, who calls us left-wing fascists… the brainlessness!). It's funny how when they confront people about healthcare, they say that THEY are happy with it (uh… "my liberty ends where yours begins"?). The lower class is treated horridly in America, and they aren't willing to see that because (a) more money for them and (b) they just can't be guilty! God wants them to do this!

Oemissions said...

Gee! I got that email awhile ago from Mr. Duffy. I was kinda surprised and wondered if he knew it was me who blasted CTV about that Dion interview replay and replay.The guy who did the interview actually called me twice and harrangued me so badly I had to say I was hanging up because it was impossible to carry on a conversation with him. He called again and I told him he was now seriously interrupting my Saturday morning and I am listening to CBC ,"The Debators." Goodbye!"
I followed through on the Duffy email.It was a surprise to see him so large right there and in my face. But I ticked off and filled in what was important to me. Maybe that's why I have not received anything since.I was obviously not a Conservative with my answers to the questions.
Gee! I didn't hear my name spoken. Maybe I'll try again using a different email.