Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harper and the Barbed Wire Nation

Well at least now we know for sure what Stephen Harper would turn Canada into if he ever got a majority.

Canada's blueprint for overhauling federal prisons is an amateur and "alarming" document that ignores human rights, gives the false impression that crime is rising, and provides no costs for flawed policies that would flood penitentiaries with more inmates, says a new report.

A barbed wire nation and a prison society.

At least now there can be no illusions.

“What this means,” said EKOS President Frank Graves, “is that the significant advantage that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives now have in public opinion may actually understate their potential strength in an election.”

Maybe now the Liberals will finally figure out that whatever Michael Ignatieff is doing in that enchanted forest isn't working.

...That trend shows slow but steady growth by the Conservatives, while the Liberals remain frozen in amber. (Seriously, you guys, are you playing dead to lull the Tories into a false sense of security? Because at the moment, it’s just a little bit too convincing. Maybe twitch a finger or something, just so the audience knows there’s still a twist in the plot to come.)

Because it isn't good enough to just say we deserve better. We have to show Canadians what WORSE means. By targeting Harper's nightmare vision of Canada.

And hitting these sinister Cons harder than they have ever been hit.

And we better do that in a hurry, because I think I finally figured out the place Ignatieff's enchanted forest reminds me of.

Not Narnia as the Cons say.

But the rabbit warren in Watership Down...

Before it was DESTROYED.

Denial is now suicide.The time for partisan games is over. We need to stop playing patty cakes, and attack these Cons like we never have before.

Because our country is in mortal danger.

And time is running out...

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Anonymous said...

There's a synchrony between the emergence of this report, the Conservatives' poll ratings.

Combine that with the value-laden phrase "soft on crime" and you have the synergy to keep the Cons up and the Liberals down.

An election in the air and Conservativie reverse psychology leading the nation into it,perhaps?