Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Time To Take A Break From What Our Country Has Become

I've been trying to get away from the heat, and the crowds on the waterfront where I live, by heading out to the quietest and coolest part of the lake.

But while that works relatively well, there is something else I can't get away from no matter how far I go, or how hard I try.

And that's the stench of the Canadian political scene.

Mr Harper Goes To Washington

We still don't know much about Stephen Harper's secret visit to the White House. Or what he might have talked about with Donald Trump's senior economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

For that picture of Harper leaving the West Wing with his business partner Ray Novak, is the only evidence some kind of meeting took place, and nobody is talking.

Repeated attempts to confirm the reports of any meeting between Harper and Trump officials were met with silence until after the meeting was completed, and Harper’s team has still not responded to requests for more details about the meeting.

But at least we know that Harper and his beloved Robin Novak, are still together. 

Sunday, July 01, 2018

What Will Stephen Harper Actually Do At The White House?

It's not hard to figure out why Stephen Harper wants to visit the White House. He's been waiting for an invitation for a very long time.

And goodness knows he needs the publicity, since no Canadian Prime Minister has been forgotten by so many, so quickly.

But since we don't know what exactly Harper is going to do in Washington, and we can't trust him as far as we can spit.

Harper's sudden return is like something out of some scary Twilight Zone episode.