Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mr Harper Goes To Washington

We still don't know much about Stephen Harper's secret visit to the White House. Or what he might have talked about with Donald Trump's senior economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

For that picture of Harper leaving the West Wing with his business partner Ray Novak, is the only evidence some kind of meeting took place, and nobody is talking.

Repeated attempts to confirm the reports of any meeting between Harper and Trump officials were met with silence until after the meeting was completed, and Harper’s team has still not responded to requests for more details about the meeting.

But at least we know that Harper and his beloved Robin Novak, are still together. 

Which I personally find extremely moving. 

Once Novak slept in Harper's garage, and now he's following him into the White House? Now that's a Cinderella story !!!

And as for the meeting with Kudlow, it's not hard to imagine what Harper told him...

Although I feel I must point out, that Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight doesn't agree with me.

He believes that Harper told Kudlow to be nice to Justin Trudeau. 

My guess is that Harper talked politics, not economics, with Trump's chief economic adviser. Harper likely explained to him that as long as Trump kept up his trade war with Canada, Justin Trudeau will become more popular in his home country.

Or the Cons could go down in flames.

This year, the Conservatives opened up a lead on the Liberals in the polls. That's created a very real possibility that Justin might be a one-term wonder. But the more Trump rants about Trudeau, the more likely Canadians will vote Liberal to give their collective finger to the Donald.

But although Smith is right about the polls.

The insane trade war is giving Trudeau a big Trump bump.

If Harper did tell Ludlow to tell the Donald to be nice to Justin, somebody forgot to tell the blabbering woozle Sarah Sanders...

And while Smith is also probably right about this:

Trump is likely oblivious to all of this. After all, who's going to tell a narcissistic, bullying boss that Canadians despise him so deeply that if he criticizes Canada, Trudeau immediately becomes more popular?

I think I'll stick to treason.

And like Lawrence Martin, wonder how much damage Harper's secret meeting did to the treasonous Andrew Scheer.

For he still hasn't said anything about the meeting, and one can only wonder why, and where he's hiding.

But then that's the fate of all Con Trumplings.

Scheer is a loser, Harper is the worst prime minister this country has ever known. 

And will almost certainly return to well deserved obscurity along with his business partner and faithful Robin Ray Novak....

While Justin Trudeau continues on his way to another crushing majority.

It has been a horrible story of intrigue and treason.

And it may get worse before it gets better.

But I'm pretty sure that Canada will prevail.

So it will have a happy ending...<


Anonymous said...

A simple treasonous strategy. No trade war especially on oily tar and frame Trudeau and socialist protectionism as the NAFTA stumbling block.

WILLY said...

You have Scheer hiding in a closet LMAO

Snowflakes melt in closets

Anonymous said...

On his way to another crushing majority....sure Liberal crybabies and sissies, sure. 3% ahead to 4% behind depending on the pollster.

Jackie Blue said...

And the notoriously right-wing Rasmussen gives Trump the support of half the U.S. Just like when Fox reported (and Trump repeated) that Hillary got "three million illegals in California" to cast phony ballots (thus invalidating her popular-vote victory), or that Obama got 133% of the vote in Philly or Chicago or someplace and that was evidence that he was an illegitimate president whose votes should be thrown out. (Hm, wonder why Fox of all places chose those cities to indicate "illegitimate votes"?)

Where are you getting your stats from anyway, the Koch-funded propaganda outfit that is the Fraser Institute? Rebel Media questionnaires on Facebook sponsored by Cambridge Analytica? Or just your own rear orifice? Oh, and "crybaby sissies"? Your insecurity and bigotry is showing, bigly. Please do us all a favor and fuddle-duddle right off back to Breitbart or Russia Today, where you can congratulate Putin on another (literally) crushing majority. Canadians will not be bullied or pushed around by the likes of swamp-dwellers and Con-artist frauds such as you.

Anonymous said...

No...the two polls released today...NANOS with a 3.4% LPC lead, and IPSOS with a 4% CPC lead. BTW, I think Trump is a blithering idiot. Now scuttle off yourself child, as you've been schooled.

Anonymous said...


You can see the results of those two polls at the following link BTW. But I know, facts are hard on some.

Anonymous said...

And a last addendum....I keep forgetting, on the Liberal troll farms where they think media and citizens alike should sing the PM's praises unconditionally and have a fit when they don't, they think everyone who doesn't is a Russian or but. Toodles.

Jackie Blue said...

I read a comment the other day that said Trudeau is likely to become the next "Rosie O'Donnell" in Trump's warped mind: an outlet for his personal hatred and insecurities who is constantly and ceaselessly targeted for no good reason whatsoever and certainly not because of anything that Trudeau did. Obviously it's got nothing to do with policy; nothing in Trump's world is about policy, just what lines his pockets and who he can make enemies of to pander to his sycophantic wrestling fans and make himself look good (or so he thinks).

I have no illusions whatsoever that Harper did or said anything to get Trump to back off from his attacks on Trudeau. Not even a backhanded, reluctant, strategic posturing for the interests of the Con party. Harper's only concern is Harper, and he probably found a like-minded enemy-of-my-enemy sense of camaraderie while there (albeit with a president and a team of coke-addled "advisors" who are far dumber than he is).

At the end of it all, he probably went home to his cat bed stewing that nobody really cared he was there in the first place. The only thing that motivates Trump or any of his "very fine people" like Colonel Red Hen Sanders is ratings, incredible ratings, bigly yuge and terrific ratings. Not poll ratings, TV ratings and clickbait ratings. He (and the various infotainment outlets, not just Fox but CNN and everyone else) would get a much more seismic reaction on the Nielsen scale if he keeps name-dropping Trudeau, the international rock star who everyone (love him or hate him) could pick out of a lineup, than his boring and irrelevant predecessor. Harper sucks at television-ing worse than even Richard Nixon. Scheer even more so; I doubt even Fox would give him airtime before a commercial break, and if they did, would stick him at the end of a late-night program competing for ratings with infomercials and Law & Order reruns. Virtually nobody gives a Schit about Scheer.

Barring some unforeseeable curveball, the only positives, really, are in Trudeau's favor, unless Trump escalates his obsessive "Rosiegate" rivalry to a hot war with Canada and then everyone is screwed. America has term limits, which means that if/when Trudeau wins again in 2019 he'd outlast Trump (or close to it) no matter what -- even if the unthinkable happens and Trump gets reelected in 2020 too (in other words, WWE Presents "The Apprentice: White House Edition" gets renewed for a second season). Then there's the inevitability of Father Time: In 2023, Trudeau will only be 52. Assuming he lives that long, Trump would be 78 years old upon leaving office the following year, and either die shortly thereafter or end up in a convalescent home like Reagan before him. Which means the only thing Trudeau and Canada really have to do is run out the clock, ride out the storm, and GOTV to consign Harper and his just-not-ready-for-primetime bit players to footnotes in the dustbin of history. A tough road ahead, but not impossible in the least.

Anonymous said...

If there's anything I've learnt from the #metoo movement it's we have to believe women. Trudeau needs to resign immediately.

Jackie Blue said...

"Russian or but"

Well, obviously there's enough domestic illiterates on the Con troll (or should I say manure?) farms to go around. If the cons are in a statistical dead heat depending on whose spreadsheets are being crunched, then it just goes to show you there's a never-ending supply of stupid, and we "Liberal troll farmers" (otherwise known as people who deal in facts and human decency) have some work ahead of us to do. It's a long way to November in the U.S. too, but your fellow deplorables are going to be drowning in a Democratic blue wave. The colors are reversed in Canada: your ilk is going to get smothered in red ketchup.

Your cognitive dissonance is showing too, by the fact that you say you think Trump is a blithering idiot but are singing the Cons' praises unconditionally and have a fit when people don't. And your insecurities and bigotry are still naked for all the world to see. Now please go cover up before you get charged with indecent exposure. Toodles.

Jackie Blue said...

So you believe the woman when she says to leave her alone, that the paper exaggerated, and an innocuous brush against her 20 years ago at a crowded music festival when he was a 28-years-old schoolteacher not even in politics, did NOT rise to the level of a sexual assault?

Because that's what the woman said. Now fuck off Warren, and quit poisoning the well.

Anonymous said...

LOL...you lying troll. Yes indeed the woman in question is saying leave her alone, but it was her co-worker's opinion that it would not qualify as a sexual assault. Meanwhile from CBC...

"There's no question in my mind that what was alluded to, written about in that editorial, did happen."
- Brian Bell, Creston Valley Advance editor

Meanwhile, here's some more reading for you, since you love facts so much......

"COMMENTARY: The facts about what Justin Trudeau can’t remember"


Matter of fact, this snippet is just for you......

"This is the point in the debate where a vast online army of supposedly fact-friendly Trudeau-supporting partisans will claim victory. Fine. But let’s make sure we understand the acrobatics we’re being asked to perform.

To dismiss the so-called “Kokanee Grope,” you must:

Dismiss the paper and its reporting (i.e. believe it’s fake news).

Ignore the apology attributed to Justin Trudeau (more fake news).

Ignore the contemporaneous accounts from the editor and publisher (which are detailed, sourced by multiple outlets, and on the record).

Or simply believe that whatever happened wasn’t all that serious, and that Trudeau gets to be judge, jury, and pardoner when he hasn’t afforded that luxury to others in his party facing similar questions about their conduct.

If you can square yourself with that — with all of that — then you’re as blind a partisan as those you accuse on the other side of being. You’re also as unwedded to facts — and skeptical of the media — as a Trump supporter."

Now kindly fuck off yourself, blinkered hack. Actually just fuck off, kindly withdrawn.

Jackie Blue said...

No, you fuck off and quit trying to weaponize this like the partisan hack YOU are! You con bastards are trying to do what Roger Stone and his willing accomplice did to Al Franken, but on a much larger scale and with VERY suspicious timing. The eve of G7, the Canada Day holiday, the day the tariffs kick in, and right as Harper touches down in D.C. to have a chat with Mr. Grab 'em By the Covfefe himself?

What about the fact that your operatives and trolls are on record on social media as trying to find a "brave conservative female" to "come forward" and paint this guy as Canada's version of Eric Schneiderman to derail his career and collapse the country? "Within the past 20 years" that phrasing seem suspect to you?



You can't win on issues, because you're nothing but bigots, warmongers and austerity fanatics, so you have nothing left to go on but lies, smear campaigns and outright dirty tricks. Scheer once tried to paint one of his NDP opponents as a pedophile. I mentioned Al Franken. This is more than fake news. This is extortion, blackmail and blood libel. And now it's war. There's a special place in hell for crucifying backstabbers, all right. Now once again, go fuck yourself, you blinkered hack, or find a way to have your mommy do it for you.

Jackie Blue said...

Oh, and P.S. I love the byline in that propaganda piece.

Andrew MacDougall is a London-based consultant, columnist and commentator. He was director of communications for former prime minister Stephen Harper.

God, is there ANYTHING that doesn't have the poison of Harper shills on it?

jrkrideau said...

It's a bit off topic but did anyone notice that Trump had a telephone conversation with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and said some nice, though slightly incoherent things about the new president-elect?

Any bets on how long before Trump is insulting or slandering him?

Simon said...

NOTE: I had to leave for Scotland a little bit sooner than expected so I won’t be able to reply to your comments or publish any new ones until I get to Edinburgh. Sorry.,..

Simon said...

Anon @1:31 PM...The most valuable thing one can learn from polls at this time is the trend. And in both the Nanos and Ipsos polls the trend favours the Liberals. And worse for the Cons, the Ipsos poll suggests that their advantage in Ontario has evaporated which means when you take into account the huge lead the Liberals have in Quebec if an election was held tomorrow Trudeau would get another super majority. Now go away and educate yourself you ignorant Con, and always remember I am much much smarter than you...😎

Steve said...

Playing with the economic future of Canada for political gain is a short term way forward for sure. We are in a crooked piece of time. The way out will not be easy no matter who holds the key. All I know at the end of the day I want to be Canadian no matter what the cost.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Simon said...

The above comment was deleted because it came from a foul mouthed Con and its bestiality far exceeded the norms of human decency. As a result all Cons will be banned from running any comments for the next three weeks. I regret being forced to do this, but I am determined to try to tame them as hard as that might be. Or at the very least try to teach them some manners. They may scream and howl now, but one day they will thank me...😇

Anonymous said...

The thought of sacrificing Trudeau on the altar of the MeToo movement must be like a super nova in an otherwise dark and fear driven Con world. Never mind that to do so they must hold the incongruent views that he is an effeminate fake eye lash kind of person with the view that he is a good ole red blooded groper unafraid to grab what he wants in a public place. The Cons who are already drunk on the poisoned Nix style Kool Aid won't even see the inconsistency while the smarter ones will try and paint it as a mystical sneaky type grope that no one else would notice. In the absence of any actual facts it is much more likely that Trudeau inadvertently made personal contact in a non sexual (but unwelcome) manner by touching her hands, arm or shoulder. That combined with mistaking her for an amateur with a free press pass set the tone. Its only speculation as there are no actual facts but at least my version does not require inconsistent mental gymnastics where an effeminate Con caricature suddenly becomes a raging red blooded take what you want Trumpian.

Frank said...

Warren, is that you!?

Scott in Montreal said...

Food for thought: while much was made of Stephen Harper's secretive and non-official visit to Iran war-hawk John Bolton - apparently without the knowledge of the actual, sitting Canadian government - I find it highly interesting how our same Peevey Stevie was in France pumping the tires of the MEK two days prior.

CBC reported: "Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen, former foreign affairs minister John Baird and Liberal MP Judy Sgro were also in attendance."

I imagine Bolton is sussing out how ready the MEK is to become a replacement government-in-waiting once the current regime is toppled by American/Israeli firepower. Hang on tight, folks.

e.a.f. said...

O.K., I give it until he gets back from his meeting with Putin. I'll put up $5 which. I suggest that be the limit, so we can all play and the money, if Simon tells us to pay up, goes to some kids food bank or seniors adventure park, etc.

e.a.f. said...

oH, THIS ought to be fun. The MEK. nice going there Bolton and others. If any Canadians were buying into that, they need their heads examined. Over throwing the current Iranian government will lead to much blood shed, a big civil war and no end in sight. Of course it will bring up oil prices, taking Iran out of the oil market. that would benefit the U.S.A. and Harper's good friends in the oil industry in Canada, the Communist Chinese. ah, with the former P.M. and Bolton what could go wrong? Would make the Syrian war look like a warm up game. Israel gets involved, Iran fires back with something they purchased from North Korea, the going could get nasty. perhaps the Pres. of France could have some of his security people have a "little sit down" with Harper to check if he is plotting any terrorist activities in France. One does have to wonder.

While all of that was going on Trump could continue with his ethnic cleansing of America and not too many would notice. he might even be able to deport them to the war zones. its not like Americans haven't taken people out of their country to other very nasty places before.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper was the worst Canadian Prime Minister, ever.