Monday, November 30, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Magic Honeymoon

Ever since Justin Trudeau was sworn in, and our enchanted fall began, the Con media has been attacking him like they never attacked Stephen Harper.

They denounced his decision to stop the bombing after the Paris massacre. They said it was a BIG MISTAKE that would pop his balloon.

And after Justin had been in power for about ten days, most of the MSM solemnly declared that the honeymoon was OVER.

But sadly for them, they couldn't be more wrong.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Portrait of a Tyrant

As you know Stephen Harper hasn't been seen in public since he was crushed and humiliated by the Son of Trudeau. 

And nobody knows where and in what closet he might be hiding in, until the Duffy trial is over.

But no doubt he must be wondering about his legacy, and hoping that Ezra Levant sells enough of these.

And that this portrait of him doesn't become the one that history will remember...

Stephen Harper and the Torture of Omar Khadr

In a country full of Stephen Harper's victims, Omar Khadr is without a doubt the one who suffered the most.

The one he went after like a bully in heat, or a rabid animal. The one he allowed to be tortured in a place like Guantanamo, even though he was a child soldier.

The one he demonized to please his bloodthirsty bigot base, suck up their sucker dollars, and pleasure his inner demons. While muzzling that young Canadian for almost ten years, and never letting us hear his story.

So I'm glad to see that the Liberal government may finally be preparing to end this monstrous travesty of justice. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Learning How to Live in the New and Harperless Canada

It's a strange feeling. I want to celebrate the end of Stephen Harper's ghastly Con regime. I want to think that the monster has disappeared into his own darkness.

But I still can't quite believe it. 

And what with the state of the world, and the sound of the Cons grinding their teeth like cicadas, and violence and insanity everywhere.

I'm having a hard time getting into the spirit of the season... 

But luckily a lot of good things really are happening in the New Canada, and this has got to be one of the best.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day Justin Trudeau Left Stephen Harper in the Dust

For years Stephen Harper attacked Justin Trudeau as only a bully and a political pervert could.

Smearing him in every possible way, distorting his words, questioning his masculinity, and trying to brainwash us into believing that he was just not ready.

And for years Justin just shrugged those attacks off, much to my dismay. Because I believe that bullies should be taught a lesson, put down, and humiliated.

But in London yesterday, at last, Trudeau finally rang Harper's bell.

Why the Canada Revenue Agency Needs to be Investigated

It's the burning question that remains to be answered about Stephen Harper 's monstrous years in power. The one that could make him Canada's Richard Nixon. The one that could send him to prison.

Did he or did he not order or pressure the Canada Revenue Agency to go after his political opponents, and audit and harass one left-wing charity after the other?

And because it's the kind of question that could shatter the confidence citizens should have in their government, I believe it demands an answer.

So I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wants the Trudeau government to set up a Commission of Inquiry. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rick Mercer and the Refugee Lifeline

As you know, I believe the challenge of settling thousands of Syrian refugees in this country is a gift not a burden.

A chance to show that after the darkness of the Harper years, we still remember what it means to be a Canadian.

So although the Con media is running around gleefully screaming "broken promise!!!! broken promise !!!!!"

I'm glad Justin Trudeau has decided to give us two more months to get ready to receive them. 

Why Justin Trudeau Should Fire the RCMP Commissioner

When the RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson was working for the Con regime, I couldn't help feeling that he was turning the force into the Harper Police.

Or help wondering whether he was willingly collaborating with that sinister mob, or whether like so many others he was being held hostage by them, and their depraved leader Boss Harper. 

And was suffering from the so-called Stockholm syndrome.

I still can't decide what the real reason was, but one thing is for sure, Paulson just doesn't get it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How To Blow Up Stephen Harper's Patronage Appointments

In the last desperate weeks before he was crushed and humiliated, Stephen Harper,  must have thought it was a brilliant move. 

One that would ensure his insane policies of Total Oily Domination would continue even if he was defeated.

He would stack the board of directors of the National Energy Board with patronage appointments, and make sure they could not be replaced until after the next election.

And since he knew that NEB directors can only be removed after a vote in the Commons and the Con Senate, he must have thought that Justin Trudeau wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

But sadly for Harper he's wrong.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the New and Better Canada

Isn't it great that after all the challenges he has had to face since he came to power, and the way the corporate media has gone after him, that Justin Trudeau is still incredibly popular. 

In Canada and all over the world. 

Have you seen the news from Canada lately? It’s all good. Canadians are currently basking in the glow of the world’s handsomest prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who has just appointed a cabinet we can only dream of.

Imagine, the folks in charge of protecting the land and its people are the original owners. Can you handle it? There’s more. The minister for sport and disabilities is a visually impaired Paralympian. Logic and experience? Please make the acquaintance of politics.

Isn't this a great sign that our Canada is back?

Why the Ambrose Cons Are Still the Harper Cons

Rona Ambrose has been working hard to try to put a new face on the shattered and shadowy Cons.

And I'm glad she has spoken to some of the members of that little mosque in Peterborough that was torched by bestial bigots.

But almost three weeks after she took over the Cons, she has yet to apologize for the way her party and their depraved leader used bigotry as a weapon.

And helped take us to this dark and crazy place. 

And don't be fooled, the Cons are still very much Stephen Harper's party.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Breaking: Stephen Harper's Monstrous Patronage Scandal.

He was the the most disgusting leader of the worst criminal regime this country has ever known.

They lied, they cheated, they muzzled their opponents.

And now they're trying to cripple the Trudeau government with the worst patronage scandal this country has ever seen.

The Wonderful Humiliation of the Ghastly Ezra Levant

Gosh. It's not as if Ezra Levant hasn't been humiliated enough recently. 

His recent trip to Paris to try to convince the French to hate Muslims as much as him and his crazies do was a complete bust.

This trip has been depressing, because no one here is angry. They certainly aren't talking about -- God forbid -- letting people arm themselves. It's time for irrational hatred. It's time for vehement patriotism. This city needs a slap in the face.

And no doubt a devastating blow to the budget of his tacky shoe-string operation...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why the Con Clown Joe Oliver Should Go Missing Again

It's hard to imagine a more absurd spectacle, than the old Harper Con Joe Oliver making an absolute fool out of himself. Again.

For after going missing for two months during the election campaign.

Until half the country was wondering where he was...

And the other half was looking for him.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Missing Surplus and Stephen Harper's Last Big Lie

Up until the very moment his Con regime went crashing down in flames, Stephen Harper's waxy face stared out at us trying to brainwash us into believing that he knew what he was doing.

That only he, Great Economist Leader, could protect the tanking economy from the opposition and other terrorist sympathizers, spend billions trying to buy votes, but still balance the budget. 

And still produce a miraculous $2 billion dollar surplus !!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

The Con Media's Insane War on Justin Trudeau

As you know the Cons, led by the flying chicken hawk Jason Kenney, have been trying to use the massacre in Paris to go after Justin Trudeau.

Accusing him of letting down the side, or siding with the terrorists, for his decision to end our bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. And focus instead on better and more Canadian ways to help defeat ISIS.

And what makes it even worse, is that the Con media is going after Trudeau for the same reason.

Like bats out of hell...

Are Rona Ambrose's Ghastly Cons Out of Control?

When Rona Ambrose was crowned temporary Queen of the Cons, and promised that her shell shocked MPs would set a "new tone" i.e. raise their behaviour out of the gutter, and stop acting like animals.

I remember wondering whether she was dumb or delusional, and whether she really believed she could do that in the snake pit of a party Stephen Harper created. 

And Jason Kenney now runs.

And sure enough she couldn't. She just couldn't CONTROL them.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Syrian Refugees and the Friendly Holiday Isle

The other day I told you how Scotland was getting ready to welcome its first group of Syrian refugees, and how that small country had been working hard to try to make them feel at home.

In a country so different from the ones they were coming from.

Well now they have arrived, on a miserable cold wet afternoon in Glasgow, which must have made at least some of them wonder to what icy grey hell had they been condemned.

But they did get a warm welcome. 

And this picture probably sums up how many of them were feeling...

The Face of Hate and the Inspiring Message of Antoine Leiris

When I see how the tragedy in Paris has some of the bigots in this country crawling out of their holes, to spew ignorance and hatred. 

Like this ghastly joker. 

Half maniac, half beast.

Or I read the comments from those who are so afraid, they would deny desperate refugees safe haven in Canada. And by so doing play into the hands of the ISIS death cult.

I like to think of the message Antoine Leiris, who lost his wife at the Bataclan club, had for her killers: 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Not So Nice Cons and the Bitterness of Candice Bergen

When Rona Ambrose became the interim leader of the defeated and humiliated Cons, she promised that they would adopt a "new tone."

I predicted that wouldn't last long, and sure enough it didn't.

Because now Candice Bergen has made it only too clear those were indeed hollow words.

And she for one REALLY hates Justin Trudeau.

And that only about ten days after she herself promised to engage her opponents in a more respectful manner.

Which can only make some wonder if she has any idea how most Canadians felt about her and her depraved leader...

But then who can blame Bergen and the other Cons?

When Justin Trudeau is systematically dismantling the foul legacy of the Harper regime.

He has ordered the return of the long-form census, he has unmuzzled scientists and civil servants, he has given directions that all Charter challenges be scrapped.

And yesterday at long last his government buried the Great War on the Niqab. 

The federal government has formally withdrawn a controversial court challenge involving the niqab, says Jody Wilson-Raybould in her first act as Canada's attorney general and justice minister.

Whose passing deserves to be marked, because it was without a doubt one of the worst things Stephen Harper ever did.

Using bigotry as a political weapon, and stirring up hatred that along with the events in Paris, is still poisoning our country.

Teenage Muslim girls at a north Toronto mosque have a new rule this week: Don’t walk alone to Islamic night school. And whatever you do, don’t jaywalk – you don’t want to give drivers any excuses, cautioned Aleemuddin Syed, director of Darul Khair Islamic Centre.

The warnings came after the Islamic State’s co-ordinated killings in Paris and an ensuing spate of anti-Muslim hate crimes in Canada. The incidents this week include the burning of a mosque in Peterborough, Ont., and racist graffiti and many reported verbal encounters across the country, leading Muslim and police groups to offer safety advice.

Which couldn't be more disgusting.

But of course the real reason Candice Bergen and the other Cons are so bitter is that it is finally sinking in that after ten years their time is really over.

And that Justin Trudeau is dismantling the Harper regime like Keir Dullea dismantled the evil computer HAL in the movie 2001 Space Odyssey...

And although Trudeau still has a lot more work ahead.

On Harper’s watch Canadian law grew ever more heedless of civil rights, contemptuous of the judiciary, unreasonably punitive, and unfriendly to minorities and refugees. Canadians voted for something better on Oct. 19. The Liberals have work to do, restoring the public’s trust. The niqab was a start. It must not end there.

That is the good news.

It was a horrible nightmare. He was a real monster.

But Stephen Harper's ghastly regime is being taken apart.

And he's never coming back...

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Paris Massacre, the Children, and the Flowers

It's hard enough for an adult to understand the horror of the Paris massacre. Or how some people can be so cruel and vicious.

So imagine being a parent in that city, and having to try to explain that horror to children.

So I have to say I thought this dad did a really great job.

Brad Wall and the Phoney Con Refugee Scare

I like to think that in some refugee camp in the Middle East, a mother and her children have just found out that they could be in Canada in just a few weeks.

And that they are a lot happier than they are in this photo.

For they have been living in hell.

So you can imagine how I felt when I saw that Brad Wall, the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Little Con on the Prairie, the ferocious oil pimp, thinks they and 25,000 other refugees should just cool their jets.

Because he thinks they're too dangerous.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Justin Trudeau and Those Who Would Destroy the Dream

He's at the G20 summit in Turkey, doing a great job of repairing this country's soiled reputation, and getting mobbed by his many admirers.

And making us look cool again in the eyes of the world, instead of the slack jawed residents of the insane asylum Harperland, or the Army of the Walking Dead.

But back home his enemies are already using the bloody tragedy in Paris as a weapon to try to destroy him.

Led of course, by the chunky chicken hawk and religious fanatic Jason Kenney.

Ezra Levant's Grotesque Visit to Paris and the Wages of Bigotry

As if the people of Paris hadn't suffered enough, as if they hadn't seen enough ugliness.

Well now that horror show just got a little uglier.

Because the self styled Rebel Commander Ezra Levant is in the City of Light, sowing his darkness.

And he couldn't be more disgusting. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Day the Cons Came Back From the Dead

It seems only too tragic that just ten days after being sworn in as Prime Minister after promising to restore our Canadian values, and bring back sunnier days, that Justin Trudeau should be hit by the darkness of the Paris massacre.

Only too ironic that the son of Pierre should have to choose so soon between emotion and reason. 

The deadly terror attacks in Paris will not lead Canada to change course on its two main policies in relation to Syria: welcoming 25,000 refugees this year and ending Canada’s bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.

And of course only too ghastly that the horrible tragedy in the City of Light should bring the Cons back from the dead.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Paris Massacre and the Monstrosity of the Cons

What a difference a day makes. One moment I'm celebrating the restoration of Canada, and the return of hope and optimism

And the next moment I'm holding my head with both hands, and mumbling oh no not again. 

And wondering who are those bestial religious fanatics who would slaughter the innocent, and then blow themselves up happily?

And as if that wasn't horrible enough, then there was the Con media in this country, trying to use that tragedy to attack Justin Trudeau.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Humiliation of Postmedia

Ever since Justin Trudeau defeated Stephen Harper, and sent him and his Cons packing, the mood in this country has improved beyond anything I have ever seen, or ever could have imagined.

The totalitarian grimness of the Harper years has been replaced with a new mood of hope and optimism. 

But unfortunately that new and hopeful mood is seen as threatening by the powerful interests that control the MSM, who would rather have us ground down by the lack of hope or the darkness of perpetual pessimism. 

And are doing their best to bury our hopes and expectations under a stinking heap of cynicism.

Stephen Harper's Incredible Shrinking Act

Few people know where Stephen Harper is or what he is doing these days. He's disappeared from public view after his humiliating defeat.

Or is now so shrunken in stature he can't be seen with the naked eye. 

He's fading from our lives, and even vanishing from the internet.

Last week his propaganda YouTube channel 24/Seven went to black.

Now his twitter feed has gone down down the memory hole along with Great Leader...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Could Stephen Harper Be Forced To Testify At the Duffy Trial?

When we last saw Stephen Harper he was running or waddling quickly down a corridor, in a desperate attempt to escape the media.

Or as portrayed in this Le Devoir cartoon, crawling out the back window for the same reason...

But according to some parliamentary experts, he could soon be running for his political life.

Should Mike Duffy decide to summon him to his upcoming trial, and he can't use his parliamentary immunity. 

Harjit Sajjan and the Con Racism Epidemic

As you know, I think Justin Trudeau's decision to make Harjit Sajjan Canada's defence minister was an inspired choice.

Firstly, because it sends out a powerful message of real diversity and inclusion.

And secondly, because no Con is ever going to accuse him of being soft on terrorism. Not after this letter from the coalition commander in Afghanistan. 

Sajjan was considered “the best single Canadian intelligence asset in [war] theater” whose "hard work, personal bravery and dogged determination undoubtedly saved a multitude of Coalition lives," according to the letter, recently obtained by National Observer.

Which as I have pointed out, can only make us feel safer than Jason Kenney ever did, with his grotesque War on the Niqab...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Why Peter MacKay Should Not Lead Any Canadian Party

When I saw Peter MacKay heading off into the sunset, and paying for his own flight for a change.

After jumping over the side of the sinking Con ship...

I was hopeful that we'd seen the last of him.

But sadly it's pretty clear now, even if he won't admit it, that he is planning to run to replace Stephen Harper...

Remembrance Day 2015: Remembering the Dead and the Living

It's Remembrance Day 2015, and this year it will be for me like no other I have ever known. A day of sadness and celebration.

A day to mourn all those who sacrificed their lives for this country.

And a day to give thanks that this other tragedy, this other gaping wound of war, is finally going to be recognized.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jen Gerson's Bizarre Attack on Canada's Civil Servants

The other day I wrote a post complaining about the way all the MSM reporters on a Power and Politics panel, had dumped on a group of civil servants for giving Justin Trudeau a warm welcome when he visited their building.

Accusing them of being "biased" and calling their behaviour "disgusting."

When in fact it was just a natural human reaction to meeting the glamorous young leader who had just liberated them from the foul bully Stephen Harper and his gang of Con thugs.

And those stuffy Con tools on that panel should really get a life.

But alas, now one of them, Jen Gerson of the National Post, has taken this assault on the civil service in a new and deranged direction.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Rona Ambrose and the Nastiness of the Cons

As I said the other day, I think it's going to be really hard for Rona Ambrose to move herself and her Cons out of the darkness and into the light.

When among other things, she was prepared to put her foul ideology before the lives of thousands of drug addicted Canadians. Which is almost impossible to forget.

And after the way Stephen Harper and his foul regime brutalized the people and the values of this country for so many years. Which is almost impossible to forgive.

But I see that hasn't stopped Ambrose from claiming that from now on the Cons won't be so nasty.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Fall of Darth Harper and the Revenge of Michelle Rempel

As the whole Galactic Empire knows by now, Darth Harper's evil plan to complete his total destruction of Canada failed catastrophically.

When his tiny Death Star was blown to smithereens by his nemesis, Hans Solo Trudeau...

But although Harper's party has lost its head, and Rona Ambrose is steering her even tinier Death Star to disaster.

The Con conspiracy in this country is very much alive, and apparently plotting to take back the country by whatever means necessary.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Grim Hypocrisy of the MSM

As I've mentioned before, ever since the good Prince Justin toppled the evil King Harper, I've feel like I'm living in some kind of fairy tale. 

A really nice one.

Trudeau is wowing people in this country and all over the world, for some of the princely moves he's been making... 

As well as for his sunny personality, and his coolness.  

And of course for having crushed and humiliated the depraved tyrant Stephen Harper, and liberated Canada from his nightmare rule.

So I wasn't surprised to see that when he visited a government building in Ottawa, civil servants gave him a rock star reception.