Saturday, November 07, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Grim Hypocrisy of the MSM

As I've mentioned before, ever since the good Prince Justin toppled the evil King Harper, I've feel like I'm living in some kind of fairy tale. 

A really nice one.

Trudeau is wowing people in this country and all over the world, for some of the princely moves he's been making... 

As well as for his sunny personality, and his coolness.  

And of course for having crushed and humiliated the depraved tyrant Stephen Harper, and liberated Canada from his nightmare rule.

So I wasn't surprised to see that when he visited a government building in Ottawa, civil servants gave him a rock star reception. 

Hundreds of usually buttoned-down federal civil servants gave Justin Trudeau and other members of his cabinet a rock-star reception Friday at the Lester B. Pearson building in downtown Ottawa.

In a routine that's become familiar in the three weeks since his Liberals won a surprise majority mandate on Oct. 19, Trudeau waded into the crowds wearing a huge grin and clutching hands. After running the gauntlet of hundreds of cheering employees, the prime minister made a short impromptu address in both official languages.

And I thought it was a great and happy scene. 

So I wasn't too impressed to see this from Michael Petrou, a senior writer at Macleans.

And see that on the CBC program Power and Politics, a National Post writer, and one from the Globe joined all the others in denouncing that warm reception...

Which I thought was absurd and made them all look like pompous prigs or asses.

For how did those reporters expect those civil servants to react after Justin Trudeau just liberated them from ten years of bullying and intimidation at the hands of Harper and his political thugs?

And had just announced that he was taking off their muzzles. 

Have they no idea how that must feel?

And how dare those writers accuse those civil servants of lacking impartiality? When most of the MSM, which is supposed to be relentlessly impartial, kissed Stephen Harper's ass from the beginning to the end of the Con regime.

Talk about hypocrisy.

But then of course there's also something else. An unfortunate tendency in this country to want to tear down anyone who is too successful or too popular.

Or treat optimism like some kind of disease...

Or try to make us as cynical or as grim, or as boring as they are. 

But I can't live like that. I believe that optimism and hope are everything. And that you can't change the world without them.'

Or for that matter get through a Canadian winter...

And when I see that Justin Trudeau is being cited as an example to others all over the world, from Ireland to Australia.

I know that something good is happening here.

Just like when I see that some of my friends in the Scottish highlands are so envious of Trudeau's plan to legalize marijuana they want to emigrate here, I know that we are cool again. 

And I want this fairy tale to go on as long as possible...

And I'm going to keep celebrating that and this...

For as long as I possibly can.

Because after the grim Harper years it feels so good and so magical.

We do all deserve it.

And at least in the place where I live, it is looking like Canada again...

The lights are going on, the nightmare is over.

In a few days they'll be making ice in that rink.

And if those pompous prigs in the MSM don't understand why so many Canadians are so happy.

They don't know their own people.

And don't know what freedom feels like...

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  1. These media clowns have never seen cows let out of the barnyard where they spent the winter and onto fresh , green, spring grass. They play and run like they are calves again.

    The people at Pearson showed us how threatening and unpleasant our late , unlamented ruler was.

    1. hi rumleyfips....yes and believe me there were many other media clowns saying the same thing who I didn't have time to mention. Like John Ivison and John Geddes. And you're right, they wouldn't know joy or freedom if it hit them in the face...

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Power and Politics has become a real shat show lately Simon.... Sorta like the Village Idiot now welcoming enquiry into MMIW!!!!! Some humans just cannot handle the genuine ideals of people like Trudeau. Envy is so obvious in morally depleted, self serving humans!!!!! Keep positive, we now have Canada back!!!!!

    1. There is not a genuine anything to Trudeau, he's a shiny facade from Gerald Butts.

    2. Oh please. And Tom Mulcair would be what? A shiny facade from Quebec City intent on playing the role of progressive in order to gain power? Sour grapes much, Gyor?

    3. e.a.f.11:22 PM

      Gyor, 12:52 p.m. even if you are correct , its such a shinny new toy, we want to play with it, if only for awhile. We can wash and polish it and it will still shine. That old toad harper was just plan ugly, mean and hurtful and just no fun to play with. He didn't even want to play. He would just take all the things home and stomp on them and break them and the play yard was so lonely because everyone was afraid to come out.

      And just for the record, Trudeau is genuine. You can't fake being nice for that long.

      as for the ways of Gerald Butts, gee you'd think the Cons would have gone out and found a magician like him, but it was not to be. Nothing could shine up the Cons.

    4. Anonymous11:37 PM

      Yep Tom...sorry Thomas is as vacuous as Andrea Horvath. Look where their positioning got them... both of them. Screaming nay- sayers. Only the shiny baubles of power motives them. Crashing failures at provincial and federal levels.. What has happened to the (n)DP?

    5. Anonymous1:24 AM

      Gyor 12:52, I've had the good fortune of meeting and engaging in a couple of hours conversation with JT before he entered politics. Didn't know who he was until later but I'll tell you he was a very genuine, smart person who didn't appear in any way to be privileged or expecting preferential treatment. In short, he's someone I could easily have become good friends with.
      As you don't explain your stance on JT, I'll assume as Omar put it, it's sour grapes.

    6. hi anon 10:33... yes Power and Politics is going down hill. I think Rosemary Barton can handle herself well, but the quality of some of its panels leaves a lot to be desired...

    7. hi Gyor....I understand you are disappointed, but bitterness won't help you or your party. I voted for the NDP too, but I am glad that Justin Trudeau bounced the tyrant out, and I have to say I think he is off to a brilliant start. The NDP still has a useful and productive role to play, so instead of being bitter, move on and get back to work...

  3. Anonymous11:21 AM

    What did Micheal Petrou or the other "journalists" expect when these civil servants were finally liberated from the Harper Regime. After being treated like shit for 9 years I can't say I blame them. True, they're not supposed to show bias, in this case though, Harper has shown his utter contempt for them by pitting Canadians against them by releasing erroneous data re: sick leave, taking away bargaining rights etc. I say celebrate PS 'cause Harper's "gone gone gone".

    1. hi JD....I don't think that greeting the new Prime Minister warmly means that they won't be as professional as they always are. It's only human that they should act like that after the way they were treated by Harper and his Con thugs. What it is is just another example of how the media has lost touch with the feelings of most Canadians...

  4. Even before I read past the fold (and your site is actually my go-to site for the latest news) I figured that the media (and the right-wing numbskulls) would frame this as "The Big Government Liberal Bureaucracy Welcoming The Hand That Feeds Them With Our Hard-Earned Tax Dollars Blah, Blah, Blargle Gargle."

    While there might be some truth to the idea of a Liberal bureaucracy built up over decades of Liberal rule, it is also, as you say, the fact that harper bullied the bureaucracy, denigrated their work, muzzled them in an appalling fashion, and built policy on stupid ideology and not facts.

    It is entirely natural for anyone in the public service to feel relieved they have the Liberals back.

    Even as a leftist, I acknowledge that the Liberals are less repulsive than right-wing troglodytes like harper.

    1. hi thwap...if those civil servants had reacted in any other manner after the way they have been denigrated and oppressed I would have feared that they had lost their humanity, and that we were now dealing with an army of robots. Justin is quite a character, and you'd have to be a robot not to like him. Quite frankly those pompous media asses should try a little harder to get a life....

  5. Power and Politics is now the Canadian Faux news..just as out of touch, just as derisory, and just as pointless..
    The Yankee Right has gone completely bonkers, and perhaps the Canadian Right is goose-stepping right along with them..

    1. hi mizdarlin...I don't think there CBC has slipped that far, and I think that Rosemary Barton on a good day is better than Evan Solomon. But their panels are getting increasingly shallow and irritating, and the faux outrage of those in the screen shot I took was simply beyond belief. It was simply a spontaneous eruption of affection and that's all....

  6. They are not just the mainstream media, they are the corporate media. The same media whose bosses all decided to support Harper or in the Globe and Mail at least Conservatives. The same media who are owned and operated by a very specific few moguls. The sun is not shining at Global, CTV, CBC or any of the newspaper media. The muzzles have not been removed. They don't live in the sunshine. Their either write the crap that their owners decide or they are unemployed. There is no extra work in the media. It doesn't not pay as well as it used to and the jobs are tenuous since the corporate media are there to make as much a profit as possible and to sell as many products and services as possible. Not to spread the news or pay for investigative reporters.The news is secondary and their ownership cannot tolerate this sunny overview for long The thought that capitalism doesn't work for us anymore will not be covered, just like most environmental, indigenous or working class rallies or movements. The revolution will not be televised.They need us to keep buying their dirty oil and their dirty minerals and their dirty products and if they told the truth about how they make their profits we would be sickened. The media will continue to spew its poison as long as they are shackled by corporate ownership and they are no longer the free press that is essential to a democracy. We need more people like you Simon who are willing to spread the truth in enlightened ways. Your blogs get a lot of attention and they show a much better aspect of the news than any corporate images will ever show. I am following the developments of the Leap Manifesto and I believe that this is one of the directions we must go if we want a future for everyone not just for the 1%. The 1% are still in power and they do not intend to share. They are just as surprised at Trudeau as we are. May we all together show that a better world is possible. A world without abject poverty, inequality, without unsustainable exploitation and a world created for the benefit of our children and all the creatures on our planet.

    1. hi John...great comment, and yes you're right, I probably should refer to them as the corporate media, for that is who they are. And it's also true that these are bad days for the MSM, a lot of them have lost their jobs, and their bosses have the rest of them over a barrel. But I believe being a journalist should be a calling, and if they can't behave honourably then they really should find another profession. And yes, we should not let them get us down. I refuse to be cynical, and would rather believe in hope and keep on fighting for change....

  7. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Seems the will of the people across this beautiful and magnificent country we call Canada were up to the task and shared the necessary responsibility of electing the right person from the best team to bring us back from the brink. I joined the LPC shortly after the 2008 election and have being engaged in the rebirth and restructure of the party ever since - we have accomplished a lot for which we can all take a great deal of pride. We must remember that we still have a serious role to play in ensuring that the vision we have all shared is kept on track and supported with full disclosure and unfettered access to OUR governments actions and resolve. Interesting note on the commentary about the MSM machine. I watch the CBC and most of the stuff on the political landscape and notice that their back screens are calling our new and improved government ' THE TRUDEAU GOVERNMENT' - this is a blatant falsehood - it is now the Gov't of Canada...This gov't will not lead by dictate nor advise Dept. Heads to refer to our public service as anything more than what the people expect. These are very 'heady' days but we must stand on guard lest we become overly complacent and fall prey to the 'neanderthal' ways of the past roughly ten years.

    1. Anonymous11:14 PM

      right on!

    2. hi anon 1:49 pm...I agree with everything you say even though I voted for the NDP. I think Justin Trudeau and his team have got off to a very good start. I have never been more excited about a new government, and they have already made me feel like I'm living in Canada again. And as I mentioned in my post, Justin has managed to improve our horrible image in the world in a matter of days, which is truly fantastic. But yes, as you say, we can't be complacent and we should keep pushing the new government to do even better...

    3. Actually, speaking of the "Trudeau Government", "Harper Government" or whatever is a slightly different meaning of the word than "Government of Canada". The former is a meaning in parliamentary democracies - think "bring down the government", which does not mean the same as "smashing the state".

      Like just about everyone here, I'm thrilled to see the back of Harper's crew, and think the Trudeau Government will make some positive changes - even the bourgeoisie needs science and statistics,hein? And many of them are interested in culture.

      anonymous 1:49, I guess we just have different political and social outlooks. The Liberals remain the other "natural governing party" of the Canadian ruling class.

  8. Friday's tweet to Rosie:

    .@RosieBarton citizens incldng civil servants hv been under the rule of an oppressive regime 4 lst decade! We R all celebrating! MSM sucks

    Today's tweet to Rosie

    .@RosieBarton @montrealsimon says it best: … I repeat: MSM SUCKS! Friday's P&P pathetic & cheap. U all were!

    You totally rock Simon! Thanks for all that you do.

    1. Anonymous11:30 PM

      Right, Thanks Simon
      I am totally repulsed by the CBC's P&P. Now the "inebriated by his own verbosity" Evan S is gone we are left with the vacuity that is Rosie. Routinely now go to hear what Don Martin has to say on CTV. Not much better but at least a level cynicism which rises above the giggly "skepticism" Rosie displays. P&P needs a new (intelligent) host. Who(m). Well of the contenders we have Terry M who has unfortunately adopted the role of smarmy cynic in chief. Rosie deserves some credit for lasting through the interminable campaign. But she is giggly and vacuous. Give the only serious analyst/journalist a chance at full time host. My vote goes to Mr Hall/

    2. hi Sandra...thanks, I do what I can with the limited time I have. And I just couldn't remain silent after seeing how the MSM is doing what they can to take Justin Trudeau down a peg, and only succeeding in degrading themselves further. I don't think anyone can deny that Justin and his team are off to a great start, and the least the MSM can do at this point is give them a chance to show what they can do. But I do hate bullies, and if the MSM wants a war then they shall have one....

    3. hi anon 11:30...thank you. As I said above I think Rosemary Barton is capable of being a great host, but you're right she sometimes allows a giggly scepticism to get in the way of a more balanced presentation. You sometimes get the feeling that you are watching some kind of Ottawa club, and she needs to understand that doesn't play well in the rest of the country. The Ottawa media needs to spend more time in the rest of the country and get down from their high horses...

  9. The MSM including Macleans, gave Harper a complete Pass, They are such gutless wonders. They feel safe though in attacking Trudeau, this time for being popular. It's interesting how out of touch the MSM is compared to the Canadian people. This last criticism of Trudeau verges on malevolence.

    1. hi Pamela...I thought it unfair that Justin Trudeau should be attacked in a harsher manner than the MSM ever attacked Harper, and before he was even sworn in. There is something very petty about that, and whether they are or not, does make them look like stooges of their big bosses....

  10. Despite my joy at the end of Harper's reign, I partially disagree with you Simon. It was fine for public servants to cheer the Prime Minister and the Minister of Global Affairs. In their place, I would probably cheer too. But these public servants went too far when they booed a reporters question. That type of undignified behaviour was tolerated at Conservative partisan rallies but it should not be tolerated in government offices.

    1. I have to agree with Cycles on this one. I had no problem with their warm reception of Dion and Trudeau after all they had been through, most hostages would react the same way once liberated and being CERTAIN their nightmare was over. However, going so far as to boo the media because they didn't like the questions really was a line too far, even under the current circumstances in my view. They have to remember that theirs is not to be so partisans, theirs is to be professionals.

      As to the way the P&P crowd reacted, it was especially irksome listening to Jen Gerstien say that this somehow made it OK for the next CPC government to treat the civil service like the enemy, because obviously they must be partisans if they are acting this way. This of course while ignoring the 9 years of abuse, ridicule, and destruction said professional civil service received while under the Harper Government, and it still carried on with honour and professionalism. This while ignoring how being finally freed from all that would of course cause warm feelings, especially going from a government that treated them like the enemy and never trusted them in the slightest to be professionals and do their job professionally to a new government that does as part of its first day in power send them formal release from that tyrannical regime and tells them they are trusted and valued professionals once again and seen as such by THIS government. If anything I'm surprised they weren't even MORE exuberant to see Dion and Trudeau!

      No, the civil service is as entitled to a certain degree of openness in showing their relief in once again being trusted to do their jobs without not just political minders but PMO run control on what they did and PMO censorship on everything they said. Given how many of these MSM journalists prostrated themselves to the Harper Government instead of calling it out as they should have, they are hardly in a position to be this way now.

      One thing that media better be wary of. I suspect after the last decade there is Harper and Harperesque behaviour fatigue in the public, and more than a little anger at how the Harper government got away with what it did for so long without exposure by the media. If they turn around and try to over do to the Trudeau government what they should have been doing to the Harper government they may well find it blowbacking on them majorly.

    2. Anonymous4:12 AM

      Her name is Jen Gerson. On P & P it takes her 3X as long to get her point across, and often repeats herself. (Jen, don't waste words. Get to the point.)

    3. Thanks on the name correction, I thought I might be getting it wrong.

    4. hi anon...yes I know Gerson, and she is one of the worst Harperites in the MSM. There is nothing subtle about her, and to make matters worse she is a raving Alberta Firster who is always suggesting it's all some kind of plot against that province. I have absolutely no idea why she is on the Power and Politics panel...

  11. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Rosie is a giggling ninny. Hope she does not get the P&P gig full time. The macleans guy is reasonable in print but a lousy interview pundit. Short pants guy should go back to CTV's sucking up to Martin and Harper. Vastel (Sic?) is the only "journalist" worth listening to because most times she is the smartest, most thoughtful and sincerely genuine. In my opinion the staffers booed the press question cause they went way off topic only to advance their gotcha "journalism".

  12. Simon, TPP looks like it could be very bad.


    Anne Peterson •
    I'm not even a liberal voter but I am willing to be patient and give him lots of time.. It took nine years to create this mess so it will take a while to sort it out. It's the media that is doing the number on Trudeau and asking when, when, when. You'd think the media maybe learned some lessons about the mistake of trying to set the agenda themselves instead of reporting on it and researching it in depth.

    Sven BornFree •
    Trudeau critics have to understand that the Liberal Party IS democracy. The media's constant innuendos about Justin Trudeau is a threat to all canadians.

    Tigerlily1 Sven BornFree •
    Are you serious?

    ordinary Cdn •
    There has been so much ink and oxygen expended on negative hypotheticals about our new government by the MSM chattering class that it's refreshing to read something that simply states the case as it stands now, just over two weeks since the election.

    In their current fixation on making headlines the chattering class seems to have forgotten that they played a large part in the dark decade by ignoring their responsibility to challenge statements and actions by the harper government that didn't represent the facts. The Liberal platform is ambitious but at least we know that the grownups are finally in charge, and my expectation is that when something goes sideways they will simply tell us how and why and how they're going to fix it without resorting to the stupidity of 'you're with us or you're with ... the bad guys'.

  14. Vastel has cred, and so does Jennifer Ditchburn.

    Here's Coyne, Raj, and Wells:

    At Issue - New Prime Minister, New Opposition Leader, New Census


    It's like they've been liberated. Justin Trudeau joyfully mobbed by federal civil servants.

  16. Anonymous4:53 AM

    11:52 mark

    Tasha Kheiriddin STILL voted Con this election, despite the way Harper ran the government, lacking empathy and inspiration. Listen to her reason why she voted Con.

  17. ExMTLer16426:56 AM

    The condescension showed by media pundits and academe toward civil servants' happy reaction to meeting Justin Trudeau just reflects how the talking heads are so removed from regular society. Having worked for some horrid bosses in my day, and having been filled with joy when these jerks were transferred -- or better yet, thrown out on their ass -- the bureaucrats were just being human: New people are coming in! Our mean old bosses are toast! Time to celebrate. Anyone one who can't recognize that should turn in his/her punditry membership.
    From my experience, I can tell you that at least half the time, feature columnists or correspondents got their job because they were
    A) Very highly educated, thus intimidating/over-impressing the editor hiring them;
    B) British (same effect as above);
    C) An accomplished ass-kisser/backstabber who made him/herself into the editor's pet.
    D) All of the above.
    Notice the terms "best reporter/writer on staff" and "understands people" aren't included. Sometimes, people with those talents make it to Media Pundit level. But not usually.

  18. ExMTLer16427:14 AM

    If I may add: Booing reporters is out of bounds. Media people aren't saints, but no one deserves to be derided in public for doing their jobs -- unless it's a pro athlete.
    Even so, the media have to take some blame for the lack of respect they're now being showed. For years, they were owned by the Harper regime, mewling weakly about the restrictions they suffered instead of standing up for themselves. If you don't face down a bully, you'll keep getting pushed around. That's what's happening now.

  19. hi Cycles...well I can't defend booing reporters, but as far as I can determine it was not a regular news conference, and it was limited to one question from a reporter who was screaming questions as Trudeau greeted the civil servants. The media has to understand that a leader has the right to spend time with his people, and that the media can't stamp its little feet and demand his attention all the time.
    But beyond that, it was a unique occasion, and everybody should relax. Honestly how grim do people want to make this country?

  20. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Good points raised here, love the post. Say it clearly. The mainstream media was complicit in what Harper did. They have no place in free speech as their self interest shone through for too many years. It can't last forever because the youth know how to find real information and the old guard will fade away.

    1. hi anon...I am not a media basher, and I recognize that they are going through hard financial times. But if they are to survive they need to understand their own people better. And they need to take a close look at their own behaviour during the Harper years, for it was with a few exceptions absolutely shameful....

  21. Anonymous12:02 AM

    Aside from a few (admittedly important, but still few) differences, the Liberals likely won't represent the type of change people are talking about. The signs are there: five of the women in Cabinet are Junior Ministers(the only Junior Ministers are also Women), who might still receive bonuses (as Trudeau Promises) but who will still answer to a (Male) Minister above them. Oh and he's going to Paris with Harper's GHG reduction targets, and he's going to keep the barbaric cultural practices act, a slew of undemocratic anti terrorism bills, including C-51 in place. I see the facade, and I agree, it looks nice. I'm just not optimistic about actual, quantifiable change, very little was actually promised during the election, but among the things they said will change, I hope they keep their promises, my experience tells me this hope is probably unfounded. The Mainstream Media has a heavy Liberal Media bias as well, in case you hadn't noticed, VICE news, and the CBC for example haven't really heard of the 3rd or 4th options, based on their coverage. CBC likes Trudeau so much they seem to be giving him the treatment the royals get when they visit Canada, which is disheartening, because I used to go to them for news, and trust them, and consider the CBC part of my identity.

    1. hi anon...wel you may be right, but I am willing to give the Trudeau government a chance. They have started off well, and we'll just have to see what happens next. After ten years of living under the Harper regime it's a very pleasant feeling....

  22. Wow! Lots of great opinions on this post, Simon. But, as the old saying goes....."you can't please everybody"!

  23. You people whom are admiring Trudeau must be the ones that supply his weed. You are living in a fairy tale kingdom with the new KING at the lead. Oh well backwards thinking equals backwards living. The easterners come to west to make their pot o gold and then move back east where they're set for life and bring in a government that will see their money keep them fat and happy. The blind leading the blind. Don't think you'll be so welcome here next time the money runs out that way. Ashamed to be a Canadian. The farmer has left the door to the chicken coop open and now the foxes will feast.