Monday, November 16, 2015

Justin Trudeau and Those Who Would Destroy the Dream

He's at the G20 summit in Turkey, doing a great job of repairing this country's soiled reputation, and getting mobbed by his many admirers.

And making us look cool again in the eyes of the world, instead of the slack jawed residents of the insane asylum Harperland, or the Army of the Walking Dead.

But back home his enemies are already using the bloody tragedy in Paris as a weapon to try to destroy him.

Led of course, by the chunky chicken hawk and religious fanatic Jason Kenney.

The absurd buffoon who masqueraded as a defence minister, and made an absolute idiot out of himself. Before losing the immigrant vote with his foul bigotry, and help sink the Cons. 

But who clearly is the new leader of that shattered and demoralized cult, no matter what Rona Ambrose says.

For who else would dare, after Rona told all her MPs to improve the tone of their discourse, tweet something like this.

And make reference to this old story...

Even though it can only remind Canadians of how Kenney came up with the sordid story that Justin Trudeau was planning to allow brothels on every street corner...

And further shame that old political hooker, and his humiliated Cons. If that's possible.

Or for that matter who else would dare to suggest that ending our six-plane bombing mission is a big deal, or the end of our military involvement?

Even though experts point out that bringing our aging bombers home won't make any difference. 

“Nothing has changed. The attack on Paris makes no difference whatsoever to the rationale for not bombing. I actually think bombing is effective, but Canada’s contribution to it is minimal. It really doesn’t make any difference one way or another,” he said.

And others point out that Trudeau's plan to concentrate on training troops on the ground makes much more sense.

Because those troops are the only ones who can defeat ISIS.

But of course Kenney is not alone. Postmedia's boss Paul Godfrey has instructed his reporters to do all they can to bring Justin Trudeau down. 

And writers like David Akin are working hard to earn their brownie points. 

ISIS long ago declared war on the West. The Paris attacks were its latest, most sophisticated, and game-changing attack. France’s president is ready to bring the fight to ISIS. But Canada is now governed by a dove. Just as the world turns more hawkish on ISIS.

By portraying Trudeau as a dove, instead of a voice of reason with a better military plan. 

And a definite improvement when compared to this ridiculous chicken hawk...

But unfortunately there is real danger ahead. The Paris massacre has changed the political calculus. Trudeau's honeymoon is sadly over. And as Tim Harper writes, he is about to face his greatest challenge.

The triumphant walk to Rideau Hall, the showmanship, the welcome move toward more transparency, the big shift in “tone” — it all now seems so easy. And distant. Was that really barely 10 days ago? Now Justin Trudeau will have to show something much more important. Resolve.

The Paris slaughter has put Trudeau in a terrific bind. He is meeting with world leaders as the new guy swimming against the tide, and back home opponents are waiting for him, emboldened, again arguing that his refugee plan will bring extremists to our land and that his soft power credo is naïve and ill-suited to the times.

He must explain why pulling our bombers out makes sense, from both a military and moral point of view. He must reassure Canadians that bringing in thousands of refugees is the right and safe thing to do. He must resist calls not to modify or scrap Bill C-51.

And for the man who has so many hopes for a better and sunnier future riding on his shoulders, so much is at stake...

He can remain true to his campaign promises, but he cannot pretend nothing has changed. He didn’t know the when, where or how of the day that sunny ways had to give way to hard decisions, but he had to know it was coming. 

The test is here, early, and Canadians who have invested so much in the Liberal Prime Minister know this is no time for skittishness.

I choose to believe that Justin Trudeau can meet the challenge. 

But he is going to need help fighting off the powerful interests, and the MSM, and the right-wing fanatics who are determined to bring him down.

The honeymoon may be over.

But don't let them destroy the dream...

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  1. Idiots like Jason Kenney, who essentially have done nothing with their lives other than be an obnoxious mouthpiece, wait patiently for tragedies like Paris to spew their meaningless rhetoric. The sad truth is that whatever Canada does, bomb or not bomb, will make zero difference in the fight against ISIS. As many more well educated folk have said since Friday, the only solution is to cut off funding. Kenney, who is well practiced in cutting off funding to programs he doesn't like, should really understand that quite well, but it doesn't serve his agenda, so all we'll get are more stupid tweets against Justin Trudeau. You're right though Simon, this despicable little creep is the one pulling Rona's strings, these guys would never let a woman call the shots.

    1. I fully agree,,,,,pathetic!

    2. hi bcwaterboy...yes, if you remember I frequently portrayed Kenney and his depraved master praying in a closet for a terrorist attack. And I haven't the slightest doubt that's exactly what they were doing. Kenny has been a political extremist all his life, and now that he has no power, the situation must be driving him crazy. And yes there can be no doubt, Rona Ambrose is just a figure head, and Kenney is now in charge...

  2. One of the things that gives me a measure of comfort at this point, Simon, is the fact that the Trudeau government is a majority government, and despite all of the undermining and tearing-down the rabid right-wing will attempt, nothing can change that fact. The new government needs to stay true to its vision and not make the mistake of trying to placate the right, such as Bob Rae tried to do when he was premier of Ontario. It never works, and only serves to undermine support among progressives.

    1. Actualy Bob Rae took over from the Cons. Flaherty was the finance minister and sent all the monies promoting the cons. He left Rae with over $50million big ones. While he chased Ambulances hoping to get new customers to line his pockets. You know those that would sue the hell out of drivers for accidents they caused or perhaps were the causes of those so called accidents. I am not exactly sure of what really transpired but I do remember this when the Reformatories took over the conservative party.

    2. hi Lorne...yes that is a big consolation, and a healthy majority. But for some reason in some Con circles they still believe they can force Trudeau to resign long before his term was up. My Bay Street uncle tells me that some of the big Cons who work there are even taking bets so see how long he will last. It may be delusion, but they do have a lot of money and most of the MSM on their side, so we should be prepared to fight back, and not allow them to derail our progressive agenda. I know it's not the best example, but I am reminded of what Fidel Castro once said when he visited Salvador Allende shortly after he became President of Chile. He took a look at what the rich were doing, and at some of the faces in the crowd, and said to somebody "Esto va terminar mal." Or "this is going to end badly." Forewarned is forearmed...

  3. What gets me is that Kenney's rhetoric only really resonates with that lowly 30% base that catering to just lost the Conservatives the election. It's like the Reformer's in the fold just can't help themselves appealing to that lowest common denominator. I'd be more concerned if Kenney brought some informed insight and rationality to his game, but he seems incapable of that. It's all good in my books!

    1. hi just shows you how important is that Con base, and Kenney never would have got anywhere with out it. But as you point out, keeping that base happy does have a price. And unless him and his Cons can expand their support beyond that, they will keep going nowhere...

  4. Considering that ISIS is primarily the product of Saudi Arabia, other Sunni dictatorial oligarchies, the USA and UK "intelligence" services, ... I think the blitherings of an ignorant asswipe like Jason Kenney are particularly foul.

    These chickenhawk scumbags have less than zero credibility. un-fuck 'em all.

    1. hi thwap...yeah, Kenney's tortured world view is rife with contradiction and hypocrisy. And thank goodness now that he has been stripped of his power, we don't have to take him seriously any longer. And losing the immigrant vote with his foul bigotry, after attending at least a thousand ethnic banquets, will hopefully give him a massive case of indigestion that will last for years...

  5. Justin, don't back down from your election promise to withdraw Canada's 6 CF-18's from Iraq.

    Stand your ground. Even right-wing journalist Jen Gerson said today on P & P that although she doesn't agree with their withdrawal, Justin would lose credibility from his Liberal supporters if he caved in and extended the CF-18 mission.

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - I Won't Back Down

  6. Thinking about Paris by Murray Dobbin

  7. I would suggest you and the media stop using the word slaughter It creates conotations which are not necessary. These were simply killings or murders. Less than 150 have died.

    France has been killing civilians in the Middle East for some time. ISIS is simply returning the favour. What makes the lives of the French more important than those in the
    Middle East

    Brad wall is already flapping his gums with nonsense. Especially more to follow
    People want to use the killings in France as an excuse to not have refugees come

    Now that France has its 90 days of martial law just watch the politicians and police take advantage of it

    No one will miss our 6 old jets

    Canada could help train Kurdish fighters who are about the only ones who can deal with ISIS

    1. Anonymous4:30 AM

      Perhaps Brad Wall is grandstanding because he wants to become the next PM.

    2. hi e.a.f...I don't know how you can describe what happened as anything less than a slaughter of the innocent. But as you point out there are many innocent people who get murdered on an industrial scale all the time. And there are no tears for them. And yes I've noted that Brad Wall is flapping his gums in a grotesque manner, and my next post will deal with that....

  8. Thank the heavens (so to speak) that Trudeau has a majority. Hopefully he will stand fast on his proposals. Use Canada's expertise where it matters most. If I remember correctly, Harper begged to be part of this bombing coalition, we were not invited.

    As for the refugees - I believe there are many already pre-screened and waiting in camps. The risk is minimal. (As well, it appears the Paris terrorists were "home grown". What are the roots of this terrorism? Apparently our Harper government ordered a report on this!)

    1. hi UU4077...yes I am hoping that Justin, who seems to be a really nice guy, won't be too nice to the Cons for they are out to destroy him. They should use the levers of government against the Cons as they used them against us, and show them no mercy....

  9. Anonymous4:35 AM

    The Con spin is that Canada was asked to contribute jets. Where is the evidence for this?

    1. Why, I believe that Mr. Harper, himself, said so.

    2. hi anon...the Con spin that Canada was asked to contribute jets is in fact just another Big Lie. If you remember, about a day after Stephen Harper started spreading that story, a Pentagon official revealed that it was Harper himself who begged for a chance to join the in the bombing. That's why I kept such good records of everything the Cons said and did during their monstrous years in power. For the record does show that they lied like thieves, and couldn't be trusted as far as you can spit....

  10. The mainstream press is spinning this daily. "Justin refuses to change course" Aside from idiots like Kenny and Wahl, nobody serious is asking him to. No world leader is saying change your mind Justin. So fuck off and if you support Kenny your Canadian Taliban