Monday, November 30, 2015

Justin Trudeau and the Magic Honeymoon

Ever since Justin Trudeau was sworn in, and our enchanted fall began, the Con media has been attacking him like they never attacked Stephen Harper.

They denounced his decision to stop the bombing after the Paris massacre. They said it was a BIG MISTAKE that would pop his balloon.

And after Justin had been in power for about ten days, most of the MSM solemnly declared that the honeymoon was OVER.

But sadly for them, they couldn't be more wrong.

The magic honeymoon continues. 

In our latest nationwide poll, fully 49% say that they would vote Liberal if there was an election today, signalling that the early choices made by the Trudeau government have been generally well received by voters. Conservative support today stands at 24% and the NDP level of support is 16%. 

This is an extraordinary achievement.

Polling at 49% support means that some people who didn’t vote for the Liberals are happy enough with the early efforts of the Liberal government. Among those who now say they would vote Liberal are 17% of those who voted NDP on October 19%, 12% of those who voted BQ, 11% of those who voted Green, and 9% of those who voted Conservative.

For it shows that progressives from different parties have never been more united.

And I suggest the Con media focus more of their attention on the only one whose honeymoon is really over, the Con clown Rona Ambrose. 

Now desperately playing nurse again, trying to heal her wounded party. 

Familiar, experienced Conservatives will take their places on the opposition benches this week in the House of Commons, but behind them is a party that is exhausted, in organizational limbo, and only slowly beginning to plan for a leadership race.

Which is now on life support.

While trying to restrain Kellie Leitch ...

Recent signals that Ontario MP Kellie Leitch was on the verge of announcing her candidacy went over poorly among weary colleagues and party members, insiders say.

And of course, trying to control Michelle Rempel. 

Who once again yesterday, tweeted this trailer from the new Star Wars movie.

Which tells you a lot about how she sees what happened to her party, and even more alarmingly, a lot about how she sees herself... 

The one who will lead them to victory. 

If Jason Kenney, who is reported to be suffering from exhaustion, can't catch her.

So pity Poor Rona.

And that's before we bring in electoral reform and blow them all out of the sky... 


So you know that somewhere, wherever he is hiding, Stephen Harper must be screaming like a maniac.

Or living in denial...

While in the real fairy tale, Justin Trudeau is making us look good in the eyes of the world.

It is a stark contrast: Canada has come to a climate conference with a very different approach to that taken by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, and Justin Trudeau’s government is being hailed as one of the “signs of hope” for global climate talks.

And thousands of Syrian refugees are preparing to reinforce our new message...

Canada is back.

Yes, I know, it isn't as good as this...

But we have come a long way in just six weeks.

And after the horror of the Harper years.

It is something worth celebrating...

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  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    If lying too oneself gets you through the day....

    1. That certainly was the preferred way for Harper, his party, and his supporters, so now seeing this offered up by what I suspect is one of those supporters is not only ironic but pathetic. Mind you if you are a Dipper these days that alas works almost as well there too.

    2. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Maybe one maybe the other. The best part is knowing how the Trudeau saga will end. The hubris, the mental issues the family history the only question is if his victims will be female, male or both.

    3. W.O.W.


      There is being bitter about a loss, there is being a partisan, there is even being an asshole, but what you have just been here, there are not words sufficiently able to properly negatively characterize what you just revealed here and you are being. Anon@9:35PM, you are one very seriously disturbed individual and I will not insult hard core partisans by calling you one, what you wrote is just that ugly as well as slanderous.

      Wow, just wow.

      Simon, I know it takes all kinds, but whenever I run into this sort of thing I am both disgusted and dismayed, because this is exactly the sort of thing Harper would thrive on and encouraged by the way he practiced politics, but it is still exceptionally ugly and beyond even the realm of traditional partisanship. A part of me wants to ask you to erase/delete it because it is so ugly, yet another, and louder part says leave it for all to see as it reflects one of the faces to which Harper was pandering throughout his time as a politician.

      Nasty stuff this.

    4. hi anon 9:35....Are you a fortune teller? Because if not that's a rather nasty comment. I especially dislike people who use mental illness to discredit others. So please don't do that again. Nobody can know how the Justin Trudeau story will end, but nobody who is fair can deny that he is off to a very good start. Or that after the Harper years he is a huge improvement....

    5. hi Scotian...If I had noticed that comment about the mentally ill I would have deleted it, because that really is a low blow. Especially since Margaret Trudeau is such a nice person. I understand that some people are bitter, that's perfectly understandable. But let's please keep it decent...

  2. Dear Mr. Anymouse:

    Years after WW2 ended Japanese soldiers lived in jungle caves unable to process their loss. I guess it will be years before the embittered rump of the reformatories stops trolling.

    1. hi's funny but I had the same thought myself after reading all the ghastly comments that are erupting all over the place, from people who can't seem to accept that the election is over and they lost. Let's hope that they finally accept the verdict of the voters, and place the blame where it belongs...

  3. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Thank you Simon, it is taking a very long time to sink in for me that Harper is really gone! But little by little ,every day it is getting more real.I am thrilled with Justin, and so happy that we took our Canada back!

    1. hi anon...well thank you for sharing my joy at the way things turned out. I too am finally accepting that the nightmare is over. And I'm very very happy to have my Canada back....

  4. Empire types rarely see themselves as the Empire. Especially when they are defeated by Liberal Ewoks.

    1. hi Dan...yes can you believe Rempel's obsession with the new Star Wars movie. And how she seems to believe that Darth Vader's stormtroopers are progressives not Cons. I fear for her mental state, and wouldn't be surprised if her Death Star blows up... ;)

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Anonymous , Don't you mean "If lying to oneself gets one through the day....." ?

  6. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Ha Simon.... the honeymoon will continue for some time with the village idiot Rona and the equally morally depleted Michelle Rempel and their combined CRAP!!!!!!..... it will certainly take more than a little lipstick to bring that depleted ReformCON party back to life. As the comment prior to mine....I guess that now that the REAL LYING is must take some energy for a ReformCON cult follower to get through the day!!!!!!!!!

    1. hi anon....yes I hope this honeymoon of Canadian values restored continues for a long time. And yes, the Cons really are pathetic. They should be apologizing for their disgraceful years in power, but they will insist on blaming others for their own mistakes, so I'm afraid it will take some time before reality sinks in. And in the meantime we should not let them dampen our celebrations. Glory hallelujah, we are free at last....

  7. I'm with Anon 10:24.........Justin is open and honest Because We are as Canadians on Common Ground........let the naysayers get out their frustrations while putting the negativity where it belongs!

    Happy Saint Andrew's Day! Simon.

    1. Anonymous9:36 PM

      Justin Trudeau isn't the man or saviour you think he is.

    2. Asanas.9:36

      Trudeau might not turn out to be the man we thought he was but I do know one thing. He will be light years better than Steve and his Cons. Harper truly was the worst PM Canada ever had.

      I would suggest that Harper is not brooding about the election results any longer. He is waiting for the Duffy trail to be over and then move on to his corporate rewards

    3. Hey Anon 9:36: Is Trudeau going to make some mistakes and miscalculations over the next four years? Of course! He's only human (not divine).

      But would you rather have another 4 years of Harper? Get a life, bro!

      "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
      -- George Santayana

    4. Poor Michelle Remplestiltskin, who expected another four years with her Harp daddy as leader. When that didn't happen, she now has delusions of wanting to be Con leader/PM herself. So sad.

    5. hi Kathleen...thank you for your St Andrew's Day wishes. I had some Whisky cake that my Mum sent me, and since I don't drink, it made me feel tipsy. ;)
      But yes, this should be a time to celebrate. We have come through a nightmare, and we deserve to enjoy this new freedom as much as we can...

    6. hi anon 9:36...I don't see Justin Trudeau as a God, or a man who can walk on water. But what he does seem to be is a very nice person, who is restoring our Canadian values, and making us look good for a change in the eyes of the world. And for that I am grateful...

    7. hi e.a.f...yes Trudeau is an enormous improvement over Harper. No sane person can deny that. But knowing Harper I am sure he is brooding and full of dark thoughts, and almost uncontrollable anger. Tom Flanagan told us about his dark moods, and they are scary. Hopefully he will recover soon, head off into the dark hole of history, and never be seen or heard from again....

    8. hi David...yes isn't Rempelstiltskin turning out to be an annoying little Con. I don't know why she is so full of herself, because she keeps going on about deficits and how governments don't create jobs. Even though the Cons had us in a permanent deficit situation and her Great Leader was always boasting about the 1.2 million jobs the Cons had created. I am afraid Rempel is someone who manages to combine the worst of both worlds. Incredible stupidity and incredible arrogance....

  8. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Having run out of room at the CBC and polluted the comments section of the Star and Globe, apparently Knuckledraggers United, a Division of Harper Enlightenment Industries Worldwide, have directed their more advanced and literate authors to troll the progressive blogs and iPolitics.

    If t'were my blog, such comments would disappear or be extraordinarily renditioned to Calgary Southwest.

    1. hi anon...yes it is horrible to see the way the Cons are filling up the comment pages with the most filthy stuff. I haven't seen anything like it in years. I do delete about ten to twenty comments a week. But I do want even Cons to have a chance to reply and challenge anything I write. However if they abuse that, I will not hesitate to delete even more.

  9. I wish the Anonymous folks would make a distinction among themselves. At the very least, how about Anonymous1, Anonymous2, Anonymous3, etc. and always end your posts with that distinction.

    1. hi David...well one simple way to do that is to end each comment with any kind of name. That would make it more personal, while respecting people's privacy, and it would help everyone interact better...