Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why the Ambrose Cons Are Still the Harper Cons

Rona Ambrose has been working hard to try to put a new face on the shattered and shadowy Cons.

And I'm glad she has spoken to some of the members of that little mosque in Peterborough that was torched by bestial bigots.

But almost three weeks after she took over the Cons, she has yet to apologize for the way her party and their depraved leader used bigotry as a weapon.

And helped take us to this dark and crazy place. 

And don't be fooled, the Cons are still very much Stephen Harper's party.

For who else would try to blame their political opponents for their own scandalous behaviour?

The crude attempt to cook the books, to make a deficit look like a surplus...

And make Stephen Harper look like a Great Economist Leader.

Who else would try to cripple the Liberal government with a barrage of patronage appointments?

The Liberal government is looking into whether it can rescind dozens of appointments that were quietly made last June in the dying days of the Conservative government, The Huffington Post Canada has learned.

Trudeau’s office was caught by surprise Monday when iPolitics published a story noting the Conservatives made 49 appointments and reappointments last spring that would come into effect only after the federal election had passed, apparently an attempt by the Conservatives to bind the hands of a new government.

And then run from reporters, or try to run from the Con's monstrous past...

Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose — who took part in the appointment bonanza, recommending in July the reappointment of Leanne Lewis to the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse — was unavailable for an interview.

And in what other other party would its shadow critic for refugees, Michelle Rempel, go on a show like The Rebel to stir up irrational fears about them?

When its grotesque so-called Rebel Commander Ezra Levant is stirring up those same bigot fears in this hideous manner. 

Even though the RCMP, CSIS, and lawyers are satisfied the refugees will be properly screened. 

And the UN's High Commissioner for refugees, Antonio Guterres, points out that rejecting applicants because they are Muslims only plays into the hands of ISIS.

Guterres cautions against rejecting Muslim refugees,especially now, warning that ISIS will exploit Western fears to feed its propaganda. 

 "That is a fantastic argument for them to then try to initiate more people, to recruit more people, saying, 'Look, Muslims are discriminated, Muslims are rejected by the Western world, they are our enemies so if you want to be a true Muslim, join us.'"

And finally, in what other party would Ambrose herself and all the other Cons still be beating the hollow drum of more bombing?

As Stephen Harper did so feverishly. Even though there are new allegations that our bombing campaign is killing innocent civilians.

Canada's military is facing fresh allegations its bombs may have killed civilians in northern Iraq, CBC News has learned. According to local Iraqi media reports, 10 civilian workers were allegedly killed and as many as 20 others injured after an airstrike by Canadian warplanes last week in Mosul.

Which is inconsistent with our Canadian values.

And the good news? The UN refugee head still believes in those values.

Asked for a final message to Canadians before he leaves the UNHCR, he urges: "Please preserve the extraordinary values that make Canada what Canada is."

The values we kept alive through the darkest days of the Con regime.

And because we defeated that filthy regime, thousands of refugees will soon start arriving like this little one in Calgary yesterday...

And it couldn't be a more wonderful sight. Or more evidence that our Canada is back.

The Cons who will never change cannot understand that.

But they should understand this: 

When we defeated them and their ghastly leader...

We also buried everything they stood for.

We ended that nightmare. 

We are going to make sure it never returns.

And now we are moving on, out of the darkness and into the light...

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A Political Junkie said...

Here, in their own words, is how ISIS is using the current situation with Muslims around the world to its own advantage:


Many of our politicians from the right side of the spectrum are playing right into their hands.

jrkrideau said...

I often had the feeling that George W. Bush was an Al Qaeda plant but apparently it is more general mental disorder affecting the more rabid right-wingers such as American Republicans, especially sitting governors , and now Harper Cons, especially those with cabinet experience. "I suspect genetic engineering", he mutters darkly.

It is sad to see that the Repubs and the Cons are so stupid or so unaware of world politics that they so perfectly and unknowingly follow ISIS' playbook almost to the letter.

Simon said...

hi political junkie....yes, it's depressing to see how right wingers play into the hands of the ISIS death cult. Studies show that Cons have a larger fear gland and are also dumber than most. But repeating the same mistakes over and over again, with no hope of a different result, is of course the definition of insanity. If you are going to defeat a terrorist group like ISIS you need to be smart, media savvy, understand the root causes, and be selective in your use of violence. Wildly bombing anything that moves is a prescription for disaster and will not make us safer...

Simon said...

hi jrkrideau...you know when I look at the world today I sometimes wonder whether humans are suffering from a mass mental breakdown. Whether the amount of information out there has exceeded our capacity to process it. But we better smarten up in a hurry or we will not survive the challenges ahead....

Anonymous said...

Even the Cons who are no longer MPs are getting into the act:


Peter MacKay, who sat poker-faced throughout Sajjan’s address, later asked the panel whether NATO should invoke Article 5 in order to get “all hands on deck” in the fight against ISIS. It was an arrogantly dismissive rejection of everything he had just heard from the man who now holds the position he once occupied.

Tellingly, Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Jon Vance, didn’t think invoking Article 5 was a good idea. In fact, Article 5 would not even oblige Canada to take military action. Vance later went further, observing that “you can’t carpet bomb your way to victory.”