Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why the Con Clown Joe Oliver Should Go Missing Again

It's hard to imagine a more absurd spectacle, than the old Harper Con Joe Oliver making an absolute fool out of himself. Again.

For after going missing for two months during the election campaign.

Until half the country was wondering where he was...

And the other half was looking for him.

Now, believe it or not, after the voters in his riding gave him the boot, and nobody cares what he has to say about anything, he's EVERYWHERE.

Frantically searching for his missing surplus. 

Canada's new finance minister is playing the classic "cupboard is bare game" with his fiscal update, which paints the government's books as in far worse shape than the Conservatives projected, his predecessor Joe Oliver says.

"That of course is the classic scenario when a new government comes in: 'I'm shocked, shocked! The cupboard is bare! These guys are more incompetent and profligate than I could have imagined!'" said Oliver, who was the Conservative finance minister from March 2014 until last month's election loss.

And even suggesting that the Liberals have cooked the books, instead of Boss Harper and his Con gang.

You know, the usual suspects...

Who as every decent Canadian knows did lie like thieves. And were capable of saying and doing ANYTHING to try to win an election.

And that, even though Oliver admits the economic situation has deteriorated since he issued his rosy forecast.

He acknowledged, however, that the global economic situation has worsened since he came with out with his spring budget. The price of a barrel of oil was hovering around $55 US at the time and is now down below $42 US. China — the No. 2 destination for Canadian exports — has seen its economy slow. And predictions for Canada's economic growth have become less rosy.

As anyone with a high school course in economics, and half a brain, could have predicted.

And the only reason his forecast was so rosy, was because Oily Joe was trying to put lipstick on a pig...

To try to make him and his morally depraved leader Stephen Harper, look like real economists...

When sadly for them, and the legion of unemployed in this country, they were not. 

They were only trying to buy the election. 

As only Cons could...

So for Oliver to suggest that the Liberals are either cooking the books, or grossly incompetent, couldn't be more outrageous. And is just another crass attempt to smear Justin Trudeau.

Which strongly suggests to me that maybe, just maybe, it's time Ol' Joe retired.

Or found himself a real job...

Or considering his state of mind, spent more quality time wandering around that exclusive men's club of his, relaxing in his bathrobe...

If that's possible.

Or better still.

Went missing again...

For his sake and ours. And before we call the police and ask them to investigate whether the Harperites cooked the books.

You know, Cons like Oliver and all those other losers, really need to understand one thing:

This country is under new and better management. The voters have spoken.

And their day is done...

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  1. "Lousy finance minister doth protest too much."

    1. hi Dan...that's exactly what I thought. He doth protest too much, when if he had any sense he'd keep his mouth shut...

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hi Simon.... Oily Old senile Joe Oliver was well past his expiry date long before he became the mere puppet finance blabbering idiot, passing for finance minister, in the Hiter Harper regime. While most of us REAL Canadians would be sitting in a jail cell for fraud, this idiot still gets to spew lies..... Still trying to protect the morally depleted Hitler Harper who should be sharing a jail cell with him!!!!! Why any news agency would give this has been Hitler Harper puppet any air time is behind any understanding!!!!!!!! He is just another ReformCON "horde"!!!!! Ha ha ....

    1. hi anon....yes as you probably know I have always portrayed Olly as a man out of his depth, too dumb to realize that he was just a shabby tool of the PMO. And now apparently desperate to try to prove he didn't cook the books. Good luck with that one....

  3. The vehemence of his fake response "I'm shocked, shocked!' is the give away to me. He knew he would not have a surplus and he knew that Canadians knew he would not have a surplus, So why all the incredulity at the Liberals saying they found a deficit instead of a surplus? That extreme reaction is meant for his base. If the base thought for one moment, they were not going to get the surplus promised by Harper and that they were lied to, then the CONs would be in big trouble.If they lose their base then they are toast. Their base are the ones that gave them their 99 seats and their base are the only reason that they still exist at all. Better to act schocked, so the base will think those terrible Liberals are trying to put one over on them again, when in fact it's their own party that wants to put one over on them. The CONs need their money and votes and will and do anything to get them.

    1. I'd say you hit the mark on all counts here. Well done.

    2. hi Pamela....yes, I was stunned to see him waxing indignantly about the missing surplus, when I was obvious to anyone who can count to ten that the surplus was just a figment of his imagination. And yes you're right, the only people who will believe him are the dummies in the Con base, who will no doubt be howling at the moon and screaming "We wuz robbed!!!"

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Except... way back when in 2006...

    The Conservatives COULDN'T play the classic "cupboard is bare" game because the Liberals had left the books in excellent shape.

    Even when lying, they're lying.about lying.

    1. hi anon...yes, that's true too. And how strange the Con media failed to point that out. Or maybe how predictable....

  5. Why are the media still covering him? He is irrelevant. He lost his bid for re-election and he is done like toast. The sooner the losers are all forgotten the better. Soon the media will see that these losers don't sell products and they will leave them alone to waste the remainder of their lives getting money for nothing and doing nothing positive for society.

    1. hi John...I have no idea why the media is still covering him, when he is now just an ordinary citizen. And no idea either why they didn't give him a harder time over his obvious inability to count, and him and Harper's last Big Lie....

  6. Jolly Roger6:45 PM

    Lets not give Oliver all the praise for the short, but atrocious job he did as harper's sockpuppet finance minister, -- flaherty was in there for 90% of the time, and considering the cooked book and destroy the economy statism he pulled, while in the Ontario legislature -- he CONtinued the same garbage economics under harper. -- and I want his name ripped off that building in Ottawa harper named after him, he doesn't deserve any recognition at all --.considering his contempt for the struggling taxpayers Canada....

    1. hi Jolly Roger....yes Flaherty did even more damage than the idiot Olly. But at least near the end of his life he summoned up the courage to disagree with Harper over such things as income-splitting for the rich, which is more than Oliver ever did. But yes no monuments for any of them....

  7. .. Can we actually measure Joe Oliver's significance as a Public Servant .. or is it simply not measurable.. At least Jim Flaherty blatantly pimped out Harper's numerous Un-mandated Un-Canadian Omnibus 'Budget bills' .. whereas multimillionaire Oliver was more of an obscurest technician.. glib with a talking point phrase even while huddling with the PMO moneywankers.. & movers & plumbers..

    There's nothing to recommend Joe Oliver or his counterpart Tony Clement fiscally ethically or in any damn way.. Lauding them as a successful political opportunists or animals is gilding the lily.. better said, they wore the lipstick Harper put on his pigs with a grin ..

    1. hi salamander...I don't think Joe Oliver contributed a thing during his short term in office. And the only thing he might be remembered for is the way he attacked environmental groups by calling them terrorists. And that's not exactly something to be proud about...

  8. Anonymous9:35 PM

    First time I ever heard of Oliver was when CBC Radio interviewed him as Environment Minister after he went out West to tell off environmentalists and First Nations in no uncertain terms for opposing Northern Gateway.

    No doubt noting his incoherency when attempting to flap his gums and utter real words, nobody took the slightest notice of him.

    In the interview with CBC, the man was quite incapable of expressing himself, could not string words together, and made me wonder if he was, shall we say, in need of immediate treatment.

    Knock me down with a feather when Harper made him finance minister. Good lord. A complete ninny, supposedly with a stellar business background. Never heard of him before and wish I never had. The picture of him in the Globe article shows him roaring like a Reformacon lion. Well, you would too if you had been made minister of the environment when your only discernible talent was adding up columns of numbers, and now you had to deal with actual people who could sense you were a fraud from a mile off.

    Just another member of the wind-up-the-clockwork team Harper sent out to insult Canadians, along the decade-long path where he attempted to convince us that all government could only be run by one man, and that the old adage that many hands make light work was just a socialist, liberal, communist theory. There are still millions of Canadians willing to believe this BS.

    Look at the Reformacon caucus right now, milling around in aimless circles because they have to use their own initiative, not something they're used to. Hell, even Hitler had Himmler sneakily building his own empire right under the fuhrer's schnoz. No Reformacon had the gumption to even think of doing that under Harper, which is why they're clueless now.

    1. hi anon...yes I remember the way he bungled the environment file, and accused his opponents of being extremists, For he might have been a stumblebum, but he was a very aggressive one, and for me his defeat was one of the highlights of the last election. He didn't know what he was doing, he allowed himself to be used like a tool, or muzzled by the PMO. And good riddance to bad rubbish....

  9. e.a.f.3:16 AM

    "cooking" the books is a time honoured political activity. If people are dumb enough to believe that kind of news, they get what they deserve.

    Certainly am not surprised there was a deficit. at the rate Harper and his Cons cut taxes and kept spending money, there had to be a deficit. if a government doesn't take in money, they don't have it to spend, so they need the "charge card". Now some times that is a good thing, if they are spending it on things the country, all the majority of citizens benefit, but in Harper's case I really didn't see a lot of benefits to average people

    Loved the milk carton pictures. Poor Ollie, lost his surplus, his job. He has enhanced his reputation though............

  10. Anonymous4:53 AM

    What gives the Cons some "cover" is that their last fudget budget (April) ASSUMED an economic growth of 2 per cent. And so "presto!"-- Harper et al. said (with a straight face) they had a budget surplus for 2015.