Monday, November 23, 2015

The Wonderful Humiliation of the Ghastly Ezra Levant

Gosh. It's not as if Ezra Levant hasn't been humiliated enough recently. 

His recent trip to Paris to try to convince the French to hate Muslims as much as him and his crazies do was a complete bust.

This trip has been depressing, because no one here is angry. They certainly aren't talking about -- God forbid -- letting people arm themselves. It's time for irrational hatred. It's time for vehement patriotism. This city needs a slap in the face.

And no doubt a devastating blow to the budget of his tacky shoe-string operation...

His attempt to stir up bigotry in this country also failed miserably, and helped elect Justin Trudeau. 

Which along with his mounting legal bills, must be enough to make him wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

But this has to be the final humiliation. 

Alberta’s NDP government is imposing an economy-wide carbon tax starting in 2017 and a cap on emissions from the oil sands in a sweeping plan aimed at showing it is serious about fighting climate change.

Or the final betrayal.

Suncor Energy Inc. chief executive Steve Williams, Shell Canada head Lorraine Mitchelmore, Cenovus Energy Inc. CEO Brian Ferguson and even Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. chairman Murray Edwards, who had been among the sharpest critics of the NDP’s economic policies, stood with Ms. Notley and environmental groups to endorse the moves.

Or the straw that broke the bigot's back, and finally sent the self-styled Rebel Commander over the deep end.

Rachel Notley just announced a massive, job-killing carbon tax. It’s a made-in-Alberta version of Trudeau's National Energy Program. Alberta’s already lost 100,000 jobs this year. And if her plan succeeds, she’ll kill 100,000 more. But we can stop it if we fight back now.

Along with the crazies from the Wild Hog Party. 

Despite the plan having the full support of the oil and gas industry, Wildrose finance critic Derek Fildebrandt thought: why don't I try to brand its supporters as "extremists"?

So remember that, Calgary Chamber of Commerce: the Wildrose finance critic must think you're pretty extreme too.

But of course nobody must be suffering more, or feeling more betrayed and more humiliated, than the fallen oil pimp Stephen Harper...

Who spent years railing against an imaginary NDP carbon tax, only to have a real one hit him in the face.

And is now living in a country with a Liberal government, and a Trudeau as prime minister, in a province with an NDP government and a carbon tax, and in a city with a Muslim mayor.

So I can only imagine how he must be feeling...

But of course Harper is a millionaire, so he has nothing to really worry about. Apart from his shrinking legacy.

Unlike the Rebel Commander, who will leave no legacy, only a faint whiff of a foul stench. 

But does have mounting legal bills, and limited sources of revenue. 

So he must be absolutely desperate...

And isn't that a bonus?

Time is moving on, and so is Alberta.

And these two bigot bullies, who sniffed each others fumes.

Were in the end left looking like idiots, and humiliated together...

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  1. Always good to hear that Ezra Levant is suffering. Especially when I don't have to keep tabs on the sleaze-ball myself to do so.

    Thanks Simon!

    1. hi thwap.... you're welcome. I do monitor Levant from a safe distance as a public service. It's not very pleasant but I do have an Ebola suit to protect myself from and flying foam, and I've always considered it a public service. But after reading your comment I've changed my mind. Now I want a medal dammit !!#@!!!

  2. Anonymous9:20 AM

    All we have to do is wait for levant to finally snap and actually hurt somebody. He will be then the guest of the state at an appropriate grey-bar hotel for an extended period of time. It's too bad somebody will pay that price to finally stop this insane fuckwad levant (of course, come to think of it, it didn't hurt black much did it?) but it will probably be worth it to them when they have the satisfaction of knowing they own every cent levant will ever earn ad infinitum because of winning their civil suit against him.
    Not a good scenario but it works. Fuck, I'd take one for the team under those circumstances myself.

    1. hi anon....well I don't want to encourage anyone to harm that appalling bigot. I'd much rather he harmed himself. And in his present mental condition I fear that it won't be long before he starts biting himself. And I'm sure you agree that would be more entertaining...

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Ezrant. . .

    1. hi anon.... hmmm Ezrant? Yeah that would be a good way to describe the stuff that flies out of his pin hole. But what do we call the stuff that flies out of his other hole?

  4. What a delightful synopsis of Mr. Levant's free fall, and of the crumbling Rebel. I've been chortling at each bounce off the cliff face.
    - The nearly immediate flight of Michael Coren, who realized quickly and with horror what a cesspool he'd signed up for.
    - The launch and subsequent collapse of their "Daily Hit" pseudo newscast.
    - The proliferation of pop up ads, fundraisers, "paid" petitions, requests for special contributions to "send a message", requests for special contributions to fund a "poll", bursting all over the sight like pustules on a plague victim
    - The increasing reliance for content on unpaid bloggers (as opposed to un-or-underpaid "staff"
    - The escalating level of shrill, hysterical Muslim hatred, culminating a few weeks ago in the comments with a demand by several readers that all Muslims, including Canadian born citizens, be rounded up and exiled
    - A corresponding precipitous decline in the quality and quantify of discussion, to the point that the same fifteen or so readers seem to make up the entire discussion
    - Most telling of all, the failure of the site to secure even one real sponsor (i.e., an advertiser that's not part of a random click-ad purchase package).

    1. hi Terry....yes that Rebel "show" really is approaching a state where spontaneous combustion is a very strong possibility. And I can only hope they can afford a fire extinguisher. And yes, its extreme fundraising also reminds of Audrey the monstrous plant in Little Shop of Horrors, always hungry and always screaming "Feed me!!!!!!!"
      And I wouldn't be surprised if that's how the Ezra "show" ends. With the Levant running for his life pursued by his tiny underpaid staff screaming "Pay us!!!!!"
      If I was a betting man I'd give six more months....

  5. Here comes the sun, drying out the toxic mould; and here come the vehement Alberta winds, blowing it away.

    Even if this all turns out to be another disappointment, it will have been worth it. And maybe this time it won't be one.

    Thanks for the chuckles, Simon. Here's another one:
    22 Minutes: Sunny Ways


    1. hi're welcome. I'm afraid the only way I can handle writing about Levant is to laugh at him. Because although I can't believe his ugly bigotry, the man has become a parody of what he once was. Totally absurd and absolutely classless. And thanks for the link. I thought it was cute, and goodness knows these days smiles are at a premium....

  6. I vote to stop referring to Ezra Levant's "news" organization as Rebel Media.

    He and his cohorts like to portray the mainstream media (MSM) as the "Media Party", so I figure Levant and his ilk should henceforth be known only as the Howler Monkey Media.

    1. hi David....well maybe the Rebel soon to be the Rubble is a bit pretentious. However, on a couple of expeditions to the Mayan ruins in Belize, I befriended a group of howler monkeys. I had a fabulous time sitting in a tree imitating their amazing sounds as the sun went down. And they were far too nice to name Lezra's "show" after them....

  7. Ah, sweet Schadenfreude! It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of crapagandarati...

    1. hi Bina...nice to hear from you I hope everything is good. And yes crapagandarati is a great word to describe those useless bigot Cons. You know I actually think Levant could become a third-rate comedian, and he does like dress up. So who knows he might have a future. But as for his "show" fuggedit.... :)

  8. Simon you always make me smile, I think I might just cross post this over at my blog as well tomorrow.

    As for kneeing Ezra in the nadz, I caught our mighty free speech warrior redacting his own facebook group page, entire article flushed down the pooper.

    1. hi Grumpy...thanks for that, I do enjoy trying to make people smile. i work with a lot of dying people so it does come in handy. But yes, isn't Ezra a beast? He's never looked more crazy desperate, so I'm not surprised he's redacting his own garbage. I pray for the day when he finally realizes what he has become. Because it's not going to be pretty....

  9. In a way it is a minor point but it shows the 'quality' of Ezra's productions or Gavin McInnes perhaps. I, often, am annoyed by movies that get little details wrong. You know, the jet in the background in a historical film, and so on. Your link to Paris needs a slap...” led to a prize.

    At about 29 second into the video there is a cut to four people wearing what I'd term an Arab-syle head cloth, (a gutra). No one is wearing a egal (the black headband) and all four of the figure I can see clearly look like they think they're wearing a niqab.

    For heaven's sake, Rebel try to make the fake shot look even slightly believeable. Here's how you wear a gutra:

    Note I am not saying that one cannot wear a gutra across the face, just try do to it with class.

    1. hi jrkrideau... surely you don't expect good production values from that gang? I must admit I didn't watch the video. I watched Ezra's ghastly one with a guy blowing bubbles in the background, so that one did have some entertainment value. And I was hoping when he promised to visit a Muslim neighbourhood and provoke its residents, that it would end with him running in the general direction of the airport. But alas, him and the camera person probably went out to a restaurant, blew the budget on a single meal, and had to leave town early...

  10. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Obama refers to ISIS as ISIL.
    Isn't the last letter Levant?

    1. hi don't tease me, or raise my expectations. If I think of ISIS and Levant at the same time, I might think of him making an ISIS video, and threatening to behead himself if his sucker viewers don't send enough money...

  11. Here's the thing: Levant has used the "Everyone knows what I write is crap" defense in his libel suits, and The Sun has had to print retractions on their op-ed page for his columns to avoid even more libel suits. How totally fucking stupid do you have to be to believe ANYTHING this guy has written?? I guess we'll find out as replies start coming in...

    1. hi Adrian...look I agree with you, I have never understood why the guy is so popular with a certain demographic. I guess it must be because he says what they only dare think. although there are studies that show that Cons not only have an enlarged so-called fear gland in their brains, they're also generally speaking not to bright. And as you can imagine a large fear gland and a small brain is an extremely dangerous combination....