Monday, August 31, 2009

Stephen Harper and Big Con Brother

I think the first time I realized how rabidly ideological Stephen Harper's Cons were, was when one of the first things they did was delete the words "women's equality" from every Status of Women document they could get their grubby hands on.

Just like Big Brother's totalitarian tools in Orwell's 1984. Changing everything into Newspeak.

This suits the totalitarian regime of the Party whose aim is to make any alternative thinking impossible by removing any words or possible constructs which describe the ideas of freedom, rebellion and so on. One character says admiringly of the shrinking volume of the new dictionary: "It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."

To ideologically align thought and action and make all other forms of thought impossible.

Well guess what? The Cons are at it again.

There's a change in language taking place in documents and correspondence put out by Canada's foreign service. Widely-accepted terms like "child soldiers," "gender equality" and "international humanitarian law" are disappearing. In their place are the phrases "children in armed conflict," "equality of men and women" and "international law."

With changes that would make it harder to bring child soldiers like Omar Khadr home, and would water down women's rights

It also edits the sentence "Canada urges the government of the DRC to take concerted measures to do whatever is necessary to put an end to impunity for sexual violence" to say instead "concerted measures to prevent sexual violence."

Can you believe that? And what does Lawrence "Marooner" Cannon have to say about this?

"It's our vocabulary. I've told my people that these are the policies that we carry out," Cannon told the Canadian foreign affairs newsweekly.

"In some circumstances, it's semantics; in other circumstances, we're going to be changing policies so that they reflect what Canada's values are and what Canadians said when they supported us during the last election."

It's OUR vocabulary. We're aligning words, ideology, and action. How Big Brotherly. Or in his case what a pathetic little tool of the crazed ideologue Stephen Harper. And his rabid base, that are dragging our country into the gutter, and shaming us in the eyes of the world.

Oh boy. The Cons want to take human out of humanitarian. Isn't it about time we rewrote history too?

Told Great Big Brother Leader and his crazies to go shove it eh?

And took the Con out of Canada...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Mask of Evil

Now that Stephen Harper's mask has finally slipped a bit, and he has revealed that he gets his marching orders from his Great Mamoona.... and not from mere mortals.

Stephen Harper says he's more concerned about God's judgment than how history books rate his term in office He said he is not troubled by thoughts of what judgment history will render.

And now that everyone can finally understand why he hates strong women and gay people. Why he doesn't care about the planet. Why his foreign policy is so bizarre. And why he supported the war in Iraq.

Just like that other crazy evangelical George Bush.

Because his church tells him that's what the Great Mamoona says.

According to its Statement of Faith, adherents believe the Bible is "inerrant" and the Second Coming is "imminent." Women are still not accepted for ordination, and a position paper on divorce does not mince words on a related matrimonial subject. "Homosexual unions are specifically forbidden," it decrees, "and are described in Scripture as manifestations of the basest form of sinful conduct."

And now that people can also understand why the Christianists always considered him one of their own....

They see him as an image-savvy evangelical who has been careful to keep his signals to them under the media radar, but they have no doubt his convictions run deep — so deep that only after he wins a majority will he dare translate the true colours of his faith into policies that could remake the fabric of the nation.

I just wanna say none of this crazy SoCon stuff surprises me because I've been warning about this hidden danger for years. About all those Christianists in the PMO. And the man behind the Mask of Evil.

But I have to admit this REALLY shocks me:

In the interview, Mr. Harper also talked about his well-known passion for hockey and his complicated relationship with the piano.

“When I play the piano, I become very involved emotionally, I'm no longer the same person. It's not just a hobby,” Mr. Harper said.

Golly. Can you believe THAT ?

Stephen Harper, the cold cruel psycho who says he likes to see fear in the eyes of others....and doesn't care about a Canadian kid being tortured in Guantanamo... hunched over a piano getting EMOTIONAL?

And then I remembered....uh oh....the madness.... the music.....the MASK. The man who is no longer the same person.

Where have I seen this movie before?

So now all I'm left to wonder is whether our cowardly right-wing MSM will ever have the courage to pull our monster's mask off ? Before it's too late.

Because if you think Lon Chaney looked ugly when his mask came off.

Take a good look at Stephen Harper thirty seconds after he wins a majority. And finally has the power to remake the fabric of the nation he hates so much.

Because he'll look even UGLIER....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Dark Side

Thomas Walkom takes a long hard look at Stephen Harper and doesn't like what he sees.

There is an absolutist side to the prime minister that he rarely expresses publicly any more but that comes out in some of his earlier writings, such as a 2003 essay in which he inveighed against the moral "nihilism" of liberals, warned that the modern left hated Western civilization and called for a foreign policy infused by "moral insights on right and wrong."

In such a worldview, the idea of treating equally those who share the same formal status (such as Canadian citizenship) is the worst kind of moral equivalency. For to do so ignores the fundamental distinction between us and them; between the virtuous and those against whom – at least in Harper's view – war must be eternally waged.

Such evildoers don't deserve a place in the paradise, the preserve of the saints, that is Stephen Harper's Canada.

It's an excellent article that sums up just about everything I've ever written about the monster. Except that he doesn't take it far enough.

Walkom doesn't look at Harper's extreme religious beliefs that condition his black and white world view. He hints at it but he doesn't dare say it.

So he can't properly explain this:

Critics have charged that the Conservative government's approach in these cases betrays its racism. But that's not quite it. Harper shuns Khadr. Yet he has publicly, if unsuccessfully, pressured China to release Muslim-Canadian Huseyin Celil, now serving time in prison there on terror-related charges.

In Harper's world, there is no contradiction here. Celil is worthy of support by simple virtue of the fact that he criticizes Communist China, which by definition is part of "them."

Because the reason Harper hates China so much is that his ultra-aggressive missionary church wants to be able to convert Chinese citizens.... but the Chinese government won't let them.

And if you can't understand the hold crazy religion has on him.

Stephen Harper says he's more concerned about God's judgment than how history books rate his term in office...

“To be honest with you, I am a lot more concerned by God's verdict regarding my life than the one of historians...”

You can't understand this.

But it doesn't matter because now the mask has finally slipped, and the message is clear enough.

Either we defeat this crazed theocon and his wretched Cons, before the darkness envelops us all. Or they will destroy our country....or take it to a place where most of us wouldn't want to live.

People said it couldn't happen in Canada. Now the danger should be obvious. Can you imagine what a Harper majority might be like with these SoCons free at last to do anything they wanted?

Because that's the thing eh?

When Stephen Harper said he wanted to change this country beyond RECOGNITION. He meant it.

Resist. Resist . RESIST.....

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Buju Bigot Bites the Dust Again

Holy bumbaclaat !!! It looks as if the Murder Music star Buju know the violent Jamaican homophobe who wants gay people to be shot in the head....

(Boom boom boom) Boom bye bye Inna batty boy head
Rude bwoy no promote the nasty man
Dem haffi dead
Boom bye bye

....or burned alive....

Dis is not a deal
Guy come near we
Then his skin must peel
Burn him up bad like an old tire wheel.

....has taken on the gay community and their straight friends. And come away with a burning sensation in his ass hole. And a bullet hole in his wallet.


The idiot bigot. When will he ever learn that homophobia doesn't pay ? And that we will NEVER let him get away with it. Not when so many gays and lesbians are being murdered in Jamaica.

You know I really love reggae music. But these days I don't feel like playing it.

So since it's Friday night....and it's going to rain all weekend. And we must end on a happy.... or a GAY note.

To celebrate our latest victory over the homophobes .

How about something completely different eh?

Like this new video from Bananarama...

Because the Buju bigot bumbaclaat (ass wipe) bit the dust.

Love beat hate. Again.

And when we win ...... we DANCE !!!!

Have a great weekend everyone...

Stephen Harper and the House of Pork

Oh great. I see the price of grade-B pork just went up again. With more Con piggies arriving in the Senate.

Including some choice squealers from the PMO.

And a model hockey coach.

”Believe me, there was no acting there,” he said. “That’s the violent side of me.”

OMG. Just what we need in that barn of sober second thought.

Poor Mike Duffy. He must be sooooooo disappointed. He begged and he squealed for a Senate seat for years. And now he's got one it's not worth ANYTHING.

Because let's face it at this rate ANYONE will soon be able to be a Senator. As long as they can spell Con Canada backwards, tap dance, and kiss Great Ugly Leader's humungous ass all at the same time.

Oh yeah....and OINK on demand.

People long can this pig fuck continue? Surely there must be a law about running a bacon factory on Parliament Hill.

Now that Stephen Harper has debased this colonial House of Pork beyond repair. And further debased himself.

There he goes again. After stuffing the Senate with Conservative bagmen, backroomers and election losers barely eight months ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was dishing out the $132,000 cash-for-life prizes again yesterday, vaulting yet more cronies into cushy places instead of naming people who are respected leaders in their fields.

If that's possible.

Isn't it about time we sent Great Porker Leader and his Cons to the sausage factory of history?

And abolished this piggy Senate...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Gays Bash Back: Part Two

The other day I wrote a post on whether the bullied should bash the bullies. And because I felt my old anger management counselor, my karate instructor, my boyfriend and my Mum were looking over my shoulder as I wrote it, it came out rather badly.

Some of my friends and readers suggested it sounded like I didn't believe gay people should learn to defend themselves. When all I was saying was they shouldn't have to, because it was up to society to protect them. And that we shouldn't pick fights even if we can win them.

But as for defending bashing the bigots who would kill us ....I'm all for it.

Although, I have to say that even if I was still sixteen and angry, I wouldn't be joining this gay gang.

Not because I have anything against anarchists....they do hold the best parties in Montreal. I just don't agree with their tactics. I find them juvenile and counterproductive.

But then they are young, juvenile goes with the territory, and I sure like their ATTITUDE.

"We're not trying to change people's minds, we're not trying to bend straight people to give us freedom—we're fighting back," says Milwaukee member Tristyn Trailer-Trash. "We're going to stop them from preaching hate, stop them from creating an environment that's unfriendly to gay, queer, and trans people. We're not going to be nice about it—they're not being nice about it!"

Because she's right about one thing...our enemies aren't nice. Just look what they did to poor Eudy Simelane.

The top striker, who was gay, was set upon by a gang of thugs, gang-raped and stabbed 25 times. Her sexuality and supposedly butch looks were a death sentence in a country in which the sport is still considered a man’s game by many.

So if what these kids are really saying is that they will never allow those violent homophobes to do to them what they have done to so many.

Or will never be silent while so many are hurt or killed. Or won't be told what women can or cannot do.

And that if gays are bashed they WILL bash back.

Then forget about the baseball bat. But gimme a pink bandanna !!!!!!

I'm with them all the way....

John McCain Confronts the Healthcare Mob

And feels the HATE....

From these kind of CRAZIES....

You know I HATE to say it. And it hurts like hell. But I think I'm forced to conclude.

Amerika is in REAL trouble eh?

And some Cons are better than others....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I Call Stephen Harper a Monster

A few years ago, after Stephen Harper attacked women and children's rights like a rabid piranha. Forced gay people to endure another vote on their human rights. And went after the poor gentle Dion like a loathsome cowardly bully.

I stared into his cold dead eyes and decided to call him a monster.

I'm sure that caused some of the snootier bloggers to roll their eyes and say: Gawd that silly stoopid faggot doesn't he know this is CANADA?

So I'd just like to say to them how do you like the monster NOW?

After years in solitary confinement, Mr. Khadr is now being held with other detainees. His Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney, describes the area as a "cage" in which his client is chained to the floor.

Mr. Edney said Mr. Khadr is blind in one eye and is slowly losing sight in the other. Prison officials have denied requests for glasses for security reasons.

So now this young Canadian is chained in a cage with a bunch of backward religious fanatics who I'm sure will force him to read the Koran all day instead of his beloved comic books.

He's still got so much shrapnel in him the guards call him "Buckshot Bob." Because he was first bombed by planes, and then shot in the back.

He's blind in one eye. His other eye is so damaged light causes him excruciating pain. But the war criminals who run that gulag won't allow him to wear sunglasses for security reasons?

And even after two Canadian courts have demanded he be returned, Stephen Harper wants him to suffer even MORE?

Gosh. If that doesn't a monster make what does? And who are we waiting for to make the diagnosis...a doctor or a veterinarian?

But then what do I expect ? Some bloggers were wondering today why Great Ugly Leader wants the Supreme Court to rule quickly.

When it should be so OBVIOUS. Harper wants a quick decision so he can use it to fire up his rabid base before an election. Because they hate the Supreme Court just as much as he does.

And not just that eh? Also go after the votes of all the people in this country who hate brown people and Mooslims.

For him it's just another wedge issue to use in the next election campaign. Even as the young Canadian who dreams of being an artist slowly goes BLIND.

Oh boy. You know when I said that if the monster and his Cons were not stopped they would end up destroying Canada and its values?

I may be a silly stoopid faggot.

But I meant that too...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When the Bullied Bash the Bullies

Oh no. The petals are falling off the flowers. They had a better summer than I had with all that rain. But now they are dying.

Just like thousands of Canadian children are probably dying a little bit. At the thought of going back to school and being tormented by bullies again.

As you know I hate bullies, of any persuasion, more than I hate ANYTHING. So I couldn't help notice this story.

A Winnipeg mother has sent her bullied son to learn kick-boxing and given him a green light to "kick the snot out of" his alleged tormentor when school starts next month.

The mother of the victim in Louis Riel S.D. said the bullying has included physical abuse, humiliation such as pulling down her son's gym shorts and underwear in front of the entire class and, more recently, anti-Semitism.

"His parents don't give a crap," she said.

Now I have to admit that I did the same thing as that kid is doing. When I came out at the age of twelve I was attacked by bullies all the time. So I learned martial arts, and when I was good enough I attacked them.

And I also admit that I would love to see the look on that bully's face, when his quiet little victim kicks him in the head. Although I know I shouldn't.

And I still think martial arts can be good for boys and girls to help protect them and boost their self confidence. But these guys are right.

"Martial arts is not about kicking and punching...Violence only invokes more violence...."

Mr. Beltran and Mr. Pabuaya both stressed that selfdefence preaches mental discipline before physical training. Both emphasize verbal interaction to avoid heated confrontations."

Violence is a dead end. And bullying and homophobia are ADULT problems. Kids should be protected from both of them and not have to become violent to defend themselves. Or live in fear.

So it's up to school boards, and teachers, and police officers, and above all parents to do more to fight the problem. Because bullying in Canada is a national disgrace.

It can shatter young lives

People who are bullied as children have twice the risk of having delusions, hallucinations or other psychotic symptoms as pre-teens as those who have not been bullied, British researchers said on Monday.

And sometimes it can kill them....

Speak up. Spread the word. Shout it out. Bullying is BAD.

Don't let it hurt the children....

Omar Khadr and the Madness of Stephen Harper

For years I have tried to understand the madness of Stephen Harper.

Did they drop him on his head when he was a baby? Was he bullied? Did he come from another planet?

Is the madness in his genes?

But nothing, absolutely NOTHING can explain his contempt for Canadian justice. And his psychopathic hatred for Omar Khadr.

The Canadian child soldier who never should have been tortured in Bagram Prison.

Or held in a place like Guantanamo.

The government accuses Khadr of killing a U.S. soldier with a grenade during the battle, but in 2008 the Pentagon accidentally revealed that it had no evidence of this; it had evidence only that Khadr was present at the time. Khadr was far too young to have any useful knowledge of al Qaeda activities. Still, at Bagram Air Base and then at Guantanamo, he was treated as a dangerous, savvy enemy combatant.

Nor did the Pentagon tell us that there was another Taliban alive in the bombed out ruins...and he was firing at the Americans. And that at the time Khadr was alleged to have thrown that grenade, and just before he was shot twice in the back, the small Canadian teen was on his knees facing away from the action, riddled with shrapnel, with one eye ripped out.

So now that Omar, who is said to be losing hope after so many years, will be tortured further in that hideous gulag..... for no reason ....waiting for the Supreme Court to rule. All I can conclude is that Harper must be missing some vital part that makes people human and decent.

And that he is simply EVIL.

And all I can say is that those who think this is the way a Canadian Prime Minister should behave, should have their own heads examined.

Or be held in a secure facility....and fed Con poop for dinner... until they admit they're not REALLY Canadians.

Because I want to be proud of my beautiful country. But as long as these cruel, crazy, and immoral Cons are in power, all I feel is SHAME.

This horror story has gone on for way too long.

And enough is enough is ENOUGH...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Halloween Election

Uh oh. It looks as if we're going to have a scary Halloween election after all. Not because Michael Ignatieff, or Jack Layton, or Gilles Duceppe wants one. But because Stephen Harper does.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have surged to a big lead over the opposition Liberals in the eyes of Canadian voters, reveals a new poll.... a trend that could dampen speculation of a fall election.

Try to ignore that last line. Because it assumes that Stephen Harper wouldn't want an election if he could win a majority. And maybe it's a rogue poll. But if it isn't it proves that Michael Ignatieff's peek-a-boo strategy was a disastrous failure.

If the trend continues, Ignatieff could soon be facing roughly the same poll numbers as his beleaguered predecessor, Stephane Dion.

Bricker said Ignatieff needs to come up with some policy issues soon that will allow the Liberals to differentiate themselves from the Conservatives. "You don't want to peak too soon, but you have to peak at some point," he said. "We've seen how the peek-a-boo strategy works. If you're not there, you're not there."

So maybe it is that one in twenty fuckup. But if it isn't...... would ANYBODY really be surprised? When there's no there there, and no coherent narrative.

It's a crude game, politics, and an opposition party to win needs one word or one phrase that sticks in the public's mind about the government – time for a change, corrupt, incompetent, uncaring, the tool of big business. Whatever. It's not at all clear what that word or phrase is that the Liberals have hung around the Conservatives' neck.

And Stephen Harper has had the summer to himself handing out billions of dollars and staging one mega photo-op after the other.

Oh sure the government can't fall unless the opposition parties defeat the government. But does anyone SERIOUSLY think that Harper won't give them a reason to do that?

When he has the majority he has slobbered over for so long in SIGHT. Before the economic situation deteriorates further, or the Swine Flu hits.

Great Angry Leader would still have to come up with a way to defeat his own government without making it look like he wanted an election. So he could blame the Separatist Coalition. Which explains this urgent memo.

Harper Tory talking-points flew out of the PMO on Thursday, warning Conservatives that a fall election is not part of the Prime Minister's strategy

But knowing Harper my guess is, if the numbers are there, he'll go for it.... like a wolf for a salami sandwich.

Oh well. Thanks to Jeffrey Simpson's handy list I'm working on some new videos about Harper's corrupt, incompetent, uncaring, tool of big business government. And why it's time for a change.

Simple stories that fit into a simple narrative: Would you really trust this hyper partisan ideological maniac with ANYTHING?

But I leave you with this one I made earlier this summer.

To remind us what a Harper majority might FEEL like....

Because sometimes I think we need to be reminded how bad it would be. The summer and the denial are over.

Prepare to fight these Cons harder than ever.

Because the final battle for Canada could be about to begin..

The Lockerbie Bomber and My Scotland

When I was a small boy living in Scotland the Lockerbie bombing haunted me. If it could happen to that little village I was SURE it could happen to mine. Especially since we lived next to two large RAF bases.

And when we left Heathrow airport about a week later for a Mediterranean holiday, I expected the plane to blow up at any moment. All the way there and ALL the way back. So at the time, if I'd had the chance, I would have smothered the bomber with my teddy bear.

But now that he is dying and has been released on compassionate grounds, and some Americans are in a foaming rage. And threatening to boycott Scotland.

A FURIOUS anti-Scottish backlash over the decision to free the Lockerbie bomber erupted last night as Americans threatened to cancel trips across the Atlantic and were urged to stop doing business with Scotland.

And every Con in Canada from Small Dead Chihuahuas to the National Disgrace has jumped on the bash Scotland bandwagon.

All I can say is I've never felt prouder to have been born in that small but beautiful country..

And I agree with this guy.

For 16 years now, our statutes have given us leave to release from prison anyone who is deemed by competent medical authority to have three months or less to live. It was a concession rooted in compassion, pity and forgiveness. Few in the United Kingdom have ever taken issue with it. It is a good and just law. MacAskill simply applied it.

You don't sacrifice the values of a country upon the altar of political expediency. And you certainly don't take any morality lessons from the United States.

Scotland needs no lessons in matters of fairness from a country that has been routinely waterboarding suspects in Guantánamo Bay.

The next time Clinton calls to express her disgust about the decision to send Megrahi home to die, perhaps someone in the Scottish government could ask her in return about the leniency shown to US soldiers involved in the Mai Lai massacre in 1968. And then they can remind her about the US warship Vincennes, which blew an Iranian Airbus and its 290 passengers out of the sky in 1988.

I'm sorry many of the relatives of the victims are so angry. And I share their disgust about the way the dying bomber was received in Libya. But that's Libya's problem not Scotland's. And revenge isn't justice or a Scottish value....unless you belong to a Glasgow street gang. So they are just going to have to live with it until the bomber dies.

Because values are what make a country. And showing decency and compassion in an ugly world...or showing the scummy terrorists that we are BETTER than them... is as they say PRICELESS.

So let the Americans stay away. The Scottish people don't need them. No fish and chips and mushy peas for them...

That'll teach 'em...

Let them scream I'm so ASHAMED to be Scottish. WAAAAAAAH !!!

But when I next visit my humble little village on the north east coast of Scotland. Like I do in the following tape.

I'll be looking out of the window of the plane as it comes in to land in Glasgow.

Thinking you don't have to be big to be GREAT.

And singing this song....

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Killing of Alain Brosseau

They lit up the Alexandra bridge in Ottawa tonight, to remember Alain Brosseau.

The straight guy who was murdered on the bridge because his killers thought he was gay.

The last thing that his murderers said to him was, 'I like your shoes,'" Stewart said. "And then they let him go."

And they remembered how his death changed everything.

"I think the fact that he wasn't gay meant that it could happen to anyone."

In a city where gay people were attacked all the time and nobody cared.

Earlier that month, the Ottawa Citizen ran an article explaining that there would be no inquest into the number of men who had "fallen off cliffs" that summer, all near Major's Hill Park. The headline of the article emphatically quoted the chief regional coroner, declaring that an "inquiry won't solve cliff deaths."

"We weren't falling from cliffs, and they knew it — we were hurled over. If you were lucky, you grabbed onto something and broke your fall."

In Ottawa, Canada. Only twenty years ago. They were throwing gay men off cliffs and nobody cared. Not even the police.

Which is why I found this particularly moving.

On Friday evening, 300 people, including Gatineau and Ottawa police officers, gathered at the amphitheatre of the National Gallery to pay tribute to Alain Brosseau, and the changes sparked by his senseless death.

Because the same hate that killed Alain Brosseau is still out there.

"People are still insulted in the street, people are still assaulted on the street, people are still killed."

It happened to me. It could happen to you. As long as these crazed violent homophobes roam the earth it could happen to ANYONE.

So I'm glad they lit up the Alexandra bridge for Alain tonight.

He was a straight guy. But his tragic death served to make life a little safer for gay people .

And we will always remember him...


h/t Slap Upside the Head.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Perfect Photo-Opp

Well I guess this is no surprise.

The federal Conservatives, breaking their own taboo, are calling on Canadian voters to give them a majority in the next federal election.

Not after a summer of giving away billions of dollars of our tax money to try to make the Cons look good.

Not after this perfect photo-opp

Then, Defence Minister Peter MacKay sauntered onto the deck with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. They stopped to make idle chit chat until urged by handlers to move forward a few metres in order to have them perfectly positioned with the other two vessels in the background.

But wait! There's more! Three CF-18 jets flew past in formation. But the fly-by was a little too fast for some camera operators and photographers to catch the entire montage of sub, jets and coast guard, so the CF-18s passed over four more times.

Golly. Isn't it good to know our armed forces have the time to keep the Taliban AND the Russians from invading Canada?

And can STILL put on a jolly good show to help the Cons try to win a majority. By posing as the Defenders of the North. When they just want Big Oil to own it.


You know all things considered when it comes to portraying Great Ridiculous Leader as a WARRIOR.

I think I prefer this one...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

Because he's no warrior...or Leader eh?

But he REALLY has to go....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Republican's Plan to Screw Canada

Republican Senator David Vitter is probably best known for being a good client of the so-called D.C. Madam's high-class hooker service. Getting caught. And getting away with it.

He promised The Great Mamoona and his poor wife he was very very sorry....and he'd NEVER pay for it again. But he's always been a whore for Big Business. So now he's wanking furiously trying to screw Canada.

Vitter was asked at a town hall meeting about the fact that he opposes government health care, but supports re-importing prescription drugs from, as a constituent said, "countries that have socialized medicine." Vitter has campaigned in the past on re-importing drugs from Canada.

"My ultimate goal," Vitter explained, "is to use that (re-importation) to cause that (pricing) system to collapse."

Lordy. How did a high-class hooker end up with a sleazy slug like Vitter?

Meanwhile.... right out of the darkness of RepubliCon Amerika..... another horror story.

She had been in a car accident. She said she needed me to pick her up take her to the hospital. She was too afraid to take the ambulance that was already there. She was terrified that it would bankrupt her.

Here was a woman who in her first car accident had broken her back, yet what was nearly bringing her to tears this time was the fear that she would once again be losing years to fighting for her financial life.

Can you imagine being in a car accident and being too afraid to call an ambulance?

And these crazy animal Cons have the nerve to attack OUR beautiful human system?

So what is Stephen Harper waiting for to defend it? Oh right.

You know..... the National Health System in Britain has also come under attack from these RepubliCons. And the Brits have been fighting back because they understand that this is not just an attack on their health system. It's also an attack on their country and its VALUES.

So I thought this cartoon by Martin Rowson of The Guardian summed it all up nicely....

(click pic to enlarge)

The EVIL loose in Amerika. The horror and the FEAR

And of course the MADNESS of it all.

So all the great Steve Bell had to add was the GREED.

Will that be cash...... or EYEBALL?

Oh medicare. Oh Canada.

You never looked more BEAUTIFUL....

Save the Women Save the World

Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn weigh in with this powerful plea for women's rights.

In the 19th Century, the paramount moral challenge was slavery. In the 20th century, it was totalitarianism. In this century, it is the brutality inflicted on so many women and girls around the globe: sex trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnings and mass rape.

The world is awakening to a powerful truth: Women and girls aren’t the problem; they’re the solution.

I'm not going to add any yappy comments like I usually do.

All I'll say is, as I have mentioned before, I was raised by strong and proud women.

Sébastien taught me that I didn't have to fight to be a real man.

But the beautiful women in my life taught me just about EVERYTHING else.

If you're a guy you really need to read this article.

If you're a woman go for it sister.

Because I'm counting on you to save us...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stephen Harper's Ridiculous Arctic Parade

As Stephen Harper and his Con cabinet continue their extravagant pre-election junket ,photo shoot, vote buying Parade of the North.

Hoping to fool Canadians into thinking that Great Angry Leader is a warrior who will lead us to victory over the Russians.

Political aides travelling with the prime minister were thrilled with the series of photo opportunities they had arranged.

Some told reporters privately that, ahead of a fall political season that could see yet another federal election, they felt the images of Harper amidst a display of military vigour would help boost his popularity among voters.

Instead of a bitter deranged nerd who is leading us all to disaster. A man who couldn't give a damn about improving the lives of the people of the north.

Local politicians in Nunavut, for example, told reporters earlier this week that while they appreciated the prime minister's enthusiasm for the North, they remain hopeful federal funding will materialize for projects such as drug and alcohol abuse treatment centres in the territory.

A Con with only two missions: to try to fool Canadians into giving him the majority he craves so much.

And to make sure that the oil and gas pimps in Calgary are protected as they drill the Arctic DRY.The pimps who walk him like a poodle, and have supported his criminal crusade against Kyoto.

Even as global warming kills the north .... and the planet.

"If this process becomes widespread along Arctic continental margins, tens of megatonnes of methane a year - equivalent to 5-10% of the total amount released globally by natural sources, could be released into the ocean."

They're killing the north. They're killing our country and its values. They're killing the planet. And now they're holding a PARADE?

Because they think it can help them win an election.

Could there be anything more obscene?

Could there be anything more RIDICULOUS?

You know they really shouldn't have called him a nerd when he was young....and he wanted to play Stalin.

Because it made Stephen Harper really crazy.

And now we're ALL going to pay for it...

Mike Duffy and the YouTube Cons

When Mike Duffy waddled off to the Senate I thought that was the last I'd ever see of that abominable Con hack.

But alas I was wrong. I see he's making a sort of comeback as the star of the Con YouTube Channel.

The Winnipeg new media design firm, Mars Hill Group, has landed a contract with the federal Conservatives to "deliver their message to supporters nation-wide."

The company's website says they will be helping individual Conservative MPs and Senators make personal, customized videos. The first one will star former CTV host turned Conservative Senator Mike Duffy and will "start hitting inboxes early this fall."

So now I'm thinking what WOULD a personal, customized video of Mike Duffy look like?

Would it be a fireside chat with Duffy in a Lay-Z- Boy .....and a two chickens roasting on a spit in the fireplace?

Would it be a tour of PEI's lobster festivals...with the Puffer polishing off three dozen large crustaceans in less than two minutes. Because I'd watch that one.

Would he put on an Anne of Green Gables wig and take part in a sack race? Scaring the tourists, causing a major earthquake on the mainland...and a tsunami in Europe.

Or would it be Sexy Mike in a silk dressing gown telling dirty jokes about his opponents. And going har har hardy har....slobber....*gasp*

Because he's done that before. And it was HORRIBLE.

Oh boy. I don't know if Stephen Harper promised Duffy anything more than a Senate seat for helping to bring down Dion.

Because he's sure acting like now he wants to be a Cabinet Minister.

But I do know something.

If that bozo Bezen can have a horse...

Duffy can have all the lobsters he wants.

AND a dancing chicken...

Or a dancing dog...

Because at least the dog would be good eh?

Now somebody please make that ridiculous Con hippo hack the Minister of Mashed Potatoes.

And tell him to go away...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stephen Harper and The Great Flying Toilet

Is it my imagination or is Stephen Harper being followed on his trips by a Great Flying Toilet?

Because after you say HARPER, VISIT, and EMBARRASSING eh? That's what comes to mind.

First he misses not one but two summit photo ops because nature called at the wrong moment.. Then he flushed what was left of his credibility/sanity down the toilet by attacking Michael Ignatieff...for something he didn't say.

Now he goes up north and insults the people of Iqaluit by making it sound like THEY don't wipe THEIR bums?

Just because he has John Baird to do that for him. What a nerve eh?

While he tries to win the Don Cherry vote by picking a fight with the Russians.

During his five-day tour through Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, he will hold a Cabinet meeting, board one of Canada's submarines and try to send a message to Russia, the United States and other Arctic powers that Canada's aspirations to be a northern power are not to be taken lightly.

Because he'll say or do ANYTHING for a vote.

And because he's suffering from minority constipation, he needs an election before he EXPLODES. And he thinks the time is NOW.

And his mentor Tom "Strangelove" Flanagan thinks he knows how to provoke one.

The opposition parties formed their famous coalition and threatened to vote non-confidence against the Conservatives, who quickly retracted the proposal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, has vowed to bring it back as part of his campaign platform in the next election.

Because the good doctor knows very well that it would be perceived as an attack on the Bloc Quebecois. And that would allow Harper to run against the separatists/Quebec and place the other parties in a difficult position.

Hmmmm.... I know that most people don't think there's going to be an election this fall.

But with this gigantic Arctic photo-op, and yet another Obama photo-shoot coming up. And the fact that the real economy is melting faster than even the ice up north. And the ominous flight of the Great Flying Toilet. And the madness of Stephen Harper.....and Dr Strangelove.

And oh yeah...the war with the Russians.

I don't know about you eh?

But I can feel the Big One coming....