Friday, August 28, 2009

Stephen Harper and the House of Pork

Oh great. I see the price of grade-B pork just went up again. With more Con piggies arriving in the Senate.

Including some choice squealers from the PMO.

And a model hockey coach.

”Believe me, there was no acting there,” he said. “That’s the violent side of me.”

OMG. Just what we need in that barn of sober second thought.

Poor Mike Duffy. He must be sooooooo disappointed. He begged and he squealed for a Senate seat for years. And now he's got one it's not worth ANYTHING.

Because let's face it at this rate ANYONE will soon be able to be a Senator. As long as they can spell Con Canada backwards, tap dance, and kiss Great Ugly Leader's humungous ass all at the same time.

Oh yeah....and OINK on demand.

People long can this pig fuck continue? Surely there must be a law about running a bacon factory on Parliament Hill.

Now that Stephen Harper has debased this colonial House of Pork beyond repair. And further debased himself.

There he goes again. After stuffing the Senate with Conservative bagmen, backroomers and election losers barely eight months ago, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was dishing out the $132,000 cash-for-life prizes again yesterday, vaulting yet more cronies into cushy places instead of naming people who are respected leaders in their fields.

If that's possible.

Isn't it about time we sent Great Porker Leader and his Cons to the sausage factory of history?

And abolished this piggy Senate...


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Maybe next time there's a vacancy, Harper will put in Michael Coren.
    Since he's no longer working for CFRB *w00t* *w00t* and CTS TV may be of the air by year's end, he'd be a natural piggie at the trough.

    Imagine him (Coren) with a crabapple in his mouth. Too funny for words.

    Typical of Harper, though. To cheapen the dignity of the Senate by appointing a job lot of assorted fruits and nuts and then argue for its abolition since it "isn't working".

    We heard that one last year about the Commons. The Commons worked; it was the parliamentary committes where the "not working" arose.
    Minority government has a minority of seats on committees. But you gotta admit Gary Goodyear does a wonderful tan and impeccably pressed shirts.

    Now if only CFRB would get rid of Bill Carroll!
    But I digress.

  2. hi Torontonian...yes I must say the news about Coren was like music to my ears.
    And I couldn't help thing that if Kathy Shaidle wants to get on the air from now on she'll have to go out into the street, and stand on a box with a megaphone... :)
    As for the Senate...although there are a few good people in there it is too cheapened by patronage to be worth anything. The only reason Harper likes this issue is because he wants to reduce the power of the federal government.
    The good thing about these neocons is that you can read them like a book...