Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When in Doubt Blame the Young...

Good Lawdy. It must be Blame Somebody Anybody Week. First Stephen Harper blames our refugee system for letting too many darkies... or people with strange names... into Canada.

Now Lawrence Martin investigates why Canada is becoming such a boring old country, and ends up blaming young people.

The young reject the political status quo, as they should, but they are too lazy to do anything about it. Most of the under-25s don't even bother to vote. Instead of fighting for change, they wallow in their vanities and entitlements. Not much turns them on except the Idol shows, movies with smut humour and the latest hand-held instruments.

Which is absolutely absurd....and insulting.

Martin is right about some things. Many young Canadians are not properly engaged in the political life of their country. But it's not because they are lazy or idiots...although some of them are. It's because the political parties can't reach or motivate them. And they are being crushed by the greed and depleted idealism of those older than them.

So nobody cares about their problems.

Since the employment peak of October 2008, some 205,000 youths aged 15-24 have lost their jobs, almost half of the 414,000 total jobs lost in that time.

Like how are they going to pay for soaring education bills without being poor for twenty years...or spending their lives flipping hamburgers in a hollowed out country?

Or how are they going to stay out of jail in a country that once promised to decriminalize marijuana? But now wants to lockup even more young people for no sane reason.

Or most importantly, how are they going to live and raise their own children in a world torched and torn apart by global warming?

When we live in a country where people care more about their cars than they do about the future of the world. And even the leader of the Liberal party thinks that Alberta's dirty oil sands are a good thing...not an environmental nightmare....and Canada's SHAME.

And how can they vote for those Liberals when, according to the same EKOS poll, 44 % of them think the country is heading in the RIGHT direction? And one third of them would choose Harper's Conservatives as their SECOND choice.

But then how can they really support the NDP or the Greens, the political parties closest to their hearts? Or at least closest to mine. When they know that older people are too stuffy to follow them, and all they are really doing is further dividing the left, and making it easier for Stephen Harper's Cons to win a MAJORITY.

So they can destroy the rights of gay people, restrict access to abortion and murder medicare.

You know I do believe that demographics is DESTINY. But I also know some old people who are more idealistic and younger at heart than some of my own friends. Who are living on toast and macaroni and are full of despair.

And when I look out over the Canada I love I see a country in a political rut that is going absolutely NOWHERE. With progressives that attack each other more than they attack the dirty Cons.... or living in denial. Even as the country's values shrivel. Even as Canadians suffer. Even as the planet BURNS.

So while it's easy to blame the young, or the epic fail of the older generation, I blame EVERYONE.

And this is my song...

But don't call me an idiot eh? For saying what nobody wants to hear.

Because I still believe in a better Canada and a better world.

I'm just running out of HOPE....

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