Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Republican's Plan to Screw Canada

Republican Senator David Vitter is probably best known for being a good client of the so-called D.C. Madam's high-class hooker service. Getting caught. And getting away with it.

He promised The Great Mamoona and his poor wife he was very very sorry....and he'd NEVER pay for it again. But he's always been a whore for Big Business. So now he's wanking furiously trying to screw Canada.

Vitter was asked at a town hall meeting about the fact that he opposes government health care, but supports re-importing prescription drugs from, as a constituent said, "countries that have socialized medicine." Vitter has campaigned in the past on re-importing drugs from Canada.

"My ultimate goal," Vitter explained, "is to use that (re-importation) to cause that (pricing) system to collapse."

Lordy. How did a high-class hooker end up with a sleazy slug like Vitter?

Meanwhile.... right out of the darkness of RepubliCon Amerika..... another horror story.

She had been in a car accident. She said she needed me to pick her up take her to the hospital. She was too afraid to take the ambulance that was already there. She was terrified that it would bankrupt her.

Here was a woman who in her first car accident had broken her back, yet what was nearly bringing her to tears this time was the fear that she would once again be losing years to fighting for her financial life.

Can you imagine being in a car accident and being too afraid to call an ambulance?

And these crazy animal Cons have the nerve to attack OUR beautiful human system?

So what is Stephen Harper waiting for to defend it? Oh right.

You know..... the National Health System in Britain has also come under attack from these RepubliCons. And the Brits have been fighting back because they understand that this is not just an attack on their health system. It's also an attack on their country and its VALUES.

So I thought this cartoon by Martin Rowson of The Guardian summed it all up nicely....

(click pic to enlarge)

The EVIL loose in Amerika. The horror and the FEAR

And of course the MADNESS of it all.

So all the great Steve Bell had to add was the GREED.

Will that be cash...... or EYEBALL?

Oh medicare. Oh Canada.

You never looked more BEAUTIFUL....


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    i just don't know simon....everything's in such a muddle and we have our own self interests. for instance, spending the winter in hawaii, i would LOVE to be able to order the cheaper meds. if it gets through again because of a lug nut, so be it.

    and our health care system is so seriously eroded.....too much power was given over to the provinces and it's been a federal/provincial political game ever since, with the people who do the suffering. gordie campbell just axed 6,000 surgeries.

    and really, we can call ourselves a two-tier sytem like britain just about any day.

    at least the hard core dems....what do you call them , the blues or are the blues the soft dems? anyways, at least the hard core dems are pushing like a strong wind against any watered down medicare system. yay.

  2. hi Scout... I'm not suggesting that our system is perfect just that it's much better than the American one.
    I would like to see our system improved, and I would like to see such things as dental care included.
    But I'm trying to focus on the big care as a human right.
    Because in my opinion that's what it's all about.