Saturday, August 29, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Dark Side

Thomas Walkom takes a long hard look at Stephen Harper and doesn't like what he sees.

There is an absolutist side to the prime minister that he rarely expresses publicly any more but that comes out in some of his earlier writings, such as a 2003 essay in which he inveighed against the moral "nihilism" of liberals, warned that the modern left hated Western civilization and called for a foreign policy infused by "moral insights on right and wrong."

In such a worldview, the idea of treating equally those who share the same formal status (such as Canadian citizenship) is the worst kind of moral equivalency. For to do so ignores the fundamental distinction between us and them; between the virtuous and those against whom – at least in Harper's view – war must be eternally waged.

Such evildoers don't deserve a place in the paradise, the preserve of the saints, that is Stephen Harper's Canada.

It's an excellent article that sums up just about everything I've ever written about the monster. Except that he doesn't take it far enough.

Walkom doesn't look at Harper's extreme religious beliefs that condition his black and white world view. He hints at it but he doesn't dare say it.

So he can't properly explain this:

Critics have charged that the Conservative government's approach in these cases betrays its racism. But that's not quite it. Harper shuns Khadr. Yet he has publicly, if unsuccessfully, pressured China to release Muslim-Canadian Huseyin Celil, now serving time in prison there on terror-related charges.

In Harper's world, there is no contradiction here. Celil is worthy of support by simple virtue of the fact that he criticizes Communist China, which by definition is part of "them."

Because the reason Harper hates China so much is that his ultra-aggressive missionary church wants to be able to convert Chinese citizens.... but the Chinese government won't let them.

And if you can't understand the hold crazy religion has on him.

Stephen Harper says he's more concerned about God's judgment than how history books rate his term in office...

“To be honest with you, I am a lot more concerned by God's verdict regarding my life than the one of historians...”

You can't understand this.

But it doesn't matter because now the mask has finally slipped, and the message is clear enough.

Either we defeat this crazed theocon and his wretched Cons, before the darkness envelops us all. Or they will destroy our country....or take it to a place where most of us wouldn't want to live.

People said it couldn't happen in Canada. Now the danger should be obvious. Can you imagine what a Harper majority might be like with these SoCons free at last to do anything they wanted?

Because that's the thing eh?

When Stephen Harper said he wanted to change this country beyond RECOGNITION. He meant it.

Resist. Resist . RESIST.....


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I don't remember any Conservative leader so out of step with reality.

    I remember Diefenbaker, Clark and Mulroney and all three of them are greatly different from Harper.

    Frankly I'd suggest to Mulroney not to get too close to Harper lest he further taint his [Mulroney's] already tattered reputation.

    I notice Joe Clark is nowhere to be found in the orbit of Harper.
    He may have been a short-lived Prime Minister, but he was a true Prime Minister. Harper fails that leadership test.

  2. AnnieS1:54 PM

    Montreal Simon, I have just finished reading The Family by Jeff Sharlet. Heavy going sometimes but saying what you are saying in very great detail. I will fight.

  3. hi Torontonian....yes the problem is Harper lives in his own reality. And because the Cons are such sheep and so afraid of him nobody dares open their mouth.
    As you know I'm not against politicians being religious, but when a tyrant like Harper says it's between him and God I get worried. Shouldn't everyone.
    And yes Joe Clark is an excellent Canadian and I greatly admire his decency...

  4. Hi Annie S....I haven't read that book myself, but I've read about it. And the picture it paints is really scary. It's one thing when these hatemongers stand on a street corner and scream crazy things.
    And quite another when they have money and power behind them.
    And yes if we want our country to be a kind and gentle place we must fight them...

  5. Simon,
    I'm not sure I understand your comment about not caring if politicians are religious (not talking any particular party here) but you don't accept that they should first be accountable to their God rather than to their politics? I fail to see this type of reasoning.
    Logically, after 2 years of attempted Senate reform which was not supported by the H of C or the Senate itself, I think Harper did what any of the other parties would do --attempt to reform the Senate from within. Do the Liberals support Senate Reform and/or 8 year terms? If you disagree with the status quo of partisan appointments, perhaps this should signal some effort from parliament to move forward with a more accountable Senate. But until the provinces cooperate in terms of holding elections, this will be difficult to acheive.