Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Bigot Woozle of BC Loses Again

When I read how the BC Human Rights Tribunal had slapped down some ugly homophobe for her deranged proposal to "cure" gay kids, at first I didn't pay too much attention.

BC’s Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint from anti-gay activist Kari Simpson alleging the lack of therapy for students “who suffer from homosexuality and other dysfunctional sexual orientations” is discriminatory.

So many crazy homophobes to slap little time.

But then when I took a good look at her, and read what she had to say, this one did seem even crazier and definitely UGLIER than most. Pretending she wants to help gay kids when she is really putting them down.

“What you seek is to have the Tribunal proceed with a complaint that identifies homosexuality as a dysfunction, amounting to a disability...”

And then I REMEMBERED. This raving rube is no ordinary backwoods homophobic hee haw. Born and raised in the U.S. she's Canada's would be Anita Bryant.

The mother of Amerika's anti-gay movement. Or the Bigot Woozle of British Columbia !!!!

Except that now she's not just ridiculous, she's a pathetic LOSER...

Simpson isn’t surprised. She told Xtra West the decision lays the groundwork for a case of systemic discrimination she now wants to lay against the Tribunal itself.“They have conveniently assisted me greatly in this,” she says.

Oh really? Paging Ezra the Con Wizzle. Muahahahaha.

But seriously you know... this story made me wonder what I would have said if when I was a teenager somebody had tried to "cure" me.

I was a lot shyer then. But I'd had to fight the bullies who wanted to "cure" me...or kill me.

And they had FAILED. Any sex-ed teacher who tried to "cure" me would have met a similar fate. I probably would have told them to suck my you know what ....and see if THEY can change.

So I'm pretty sure what I say now.

I would have said then...

Because the gay youth of Canada are amazingly, totally, fabulously AWESOME.

These bigots really NEED. And the Woozle can wizzle all she wants.

But she'll NEVER be Anita Bryant....


h/t my awesome buddy Mark.


  1. I believe she also ran for a Liberal nomination in BC sometime ago.

    The American Psychological Association has just come out with a decision that therapists should not tell gay patients they can become straight.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    You mean to say she got a bitch slap from the Human Rights Tribunal? Does Ezra Levant know about this travesty of human rights? What about Coren?
    Oh! the humanity!

    I always thought that a Woozle was code for Teuchter.

    Maybe you know the term.

  3. Anonymous12:22 PM

    does this mean that if kari go fucks herself that she's a lesbian? cause she really should go fuck herself.

  4. Hi Ricky...OMG. I always have to remind myself that in BC the Liberals are the Conservatives. I saw the APA decision, and of course screwing around with young gay people, and damaging their self esteem is practically criminal. And can lead to tragic results. This woozle should be ashamed of herself...

  5. Hi Torontonian...yes I'll be very interested in what Lezra has to say about this. As far as I know he doesn't seem to be riding to her defence. Is it because he sees that this one ain't going anywhere?
    Or is it because he's JEALOUS? I mean how many Anti-HRC Crusaders can poor pay-pal support? ;)

    P.S. A Woozle is ALWAYS worse than a teuchter. I know because the chavs in the lowlands have called me one before... :)

  6. Hi Scout...A lesbian woozle? No. She's not nice enough for that. There are good woozles you know. But she ain't one of them... :)