Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year that Was and our Great Gay Cause

Ok that's it.... I'm outta here. I'm off to ring in the New Year in Montreal with some of my oldest.... and wildest friends. And I'm in the party mood!! Sebastien called up to wish me a Happy New Year in case he can't reach me tonight. And gave me the exact date and time of his arrival. So that's reason enough to celebrate. Whoopee!!!!

And there are so many others...

The criminal Chimp Bush regime is falling apart like a soggy bag of shit. Even the dummest yankees now know that Iraq is a disaster. The Republicans lost control of Congress. Ted Haggart literally blew the wingnuts off the electoral map. And here at home, after threatening to give Stephen Harper a majority.Quebec flipped Great Leader onto his tummy and fucked him in the ass. Ooh la la. Ouch!

And then there was our glorious gay cause. For those of us who fly the rainbow flag of freedom this was another winning year.

We raised our victory flag over the gay marriage battlefield again. And we didn't just beat the crazy wingnuts this time. We whupped them.

Ours is the noblest and best cause in the world. The one that really stands for tolerance and diversity. The one that doesn't hate or exclude anyone. The one that doesn't attack others with baseball bats. The one that just wants everyone to be free. Free to love the ones they love.

I didn't choose to be gay. But boy I'm glad I am. I'm proud to belong to such a beautiful gay family of all races, languages, and religions.

Proud to belong to the great liberation movement that despite all the hate, the setbacks, and the disappointments. Keeps marching on towards that glorious day when we will all be free.

And I mean all of us........ gay and straight.

A movement where every generation is playing its part coz it has to. The seniors who were thrown in jail when they were young or lost their jobs just because they were gay. The AIDS holocaust generation who fought for the rights of our dying brothers.When nobody else would. The thirty something slackers who led the fight for gay marriage.

Then there's my generation that does all kinds of things..... up after the Gay Pride parade

Oh boy was that fun!! Although next year I want security...

And then behind us are the kids. Who are coming out earlier all the time. Who are joining our struggle and making us proud.

When I see a really young gay or lesbian couple walking down the street holding hands unafraid to show their love. I feel like doing one of these.....

If gay and lesbian kids can be protected from bigots and bullies so they can be free to spread their wings and fly like me. And love who they want to love. Instead of having their lives snuffed out or stunted by hate. Then they will be the generation that finally leads us to victory one day.

So we know what we have to do next year. But you knew that...

So right now I'd just like to thank all my blogging friends who made my first year as a blogger such a fun and rewarding experience. People like Mark, and Bruce, and JJ, and Scout, and Lenny, and Waterboy, and Beep, and Jay, and Kenn and Scott and Rashid. And all my other friends.

And of course I'd like to thank Sebastien my hero and lover. For everything. Bonne Année mon amour!!!!!!

Sebastien who made me promise today that I wouldn't climb the giant cross on Mount Royal. And dance on it as the New Year roars in. And the fireworks soar into the sky. And the ships blow their horns in the harbour below. As I'm always threatening to do. Especially when I'm drunk....

So instead I think I'll let this young couple from Derby, England ring in the New Year. With their awesome sync version of this eurodance Romanian!!!

Wow!! Numa ...numa....yay. Doesn't that want to make you get up and dance? How dare they bully them? How can we lose? Long live our precious gay and lesbian youth!

Long live our beautiful rainbow family!

Long live our glorious freedom cause!!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hanging Saddam and Blowing General Scumbag

Wow! Wasn't that an awesome tv show ?Although without a program it was hard to tell who were the good guys and the bad guys. The pathetic old dictator staring death in the face. Or the hooded thugs who hanged him. And then danced around his body.

BTW ...... if you're a crazy neocon nutbar and you're pissed about not getting a chance to witness the grisly finale. Don't worry you will

"I think it might be appropriate at some point to see an image of Saddam after he is hanged..."

"I think about that iconic image of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, lying literally in the gutter. I want to do this with a measure of taste, but I don’t want to stand in the way of history.”

Oh please. Don't make me vomit. Somebody please tell that network bimbo that history couldn't give a shit what he does. It's already decided who won the war in Iraq. Iran did.

"If Iran's influence has expanded, the United States has done it. We removed its worst enemy to the east, the Taliban. Then we got rid of its worst enemy to the west, Saddam Hussein. We went even further and installed a Shia government in Baghdad, which is likely to be friendly to Iran."

Wow! Let me see if I can get this straight.... although I hate that word. The criminal Chimp Bush regime goes after a handful of Sunni religious extremists who planned the 911 attack in a Hamburg mosque. By attacking Iraq the only secular state in the Gulf region. Only to end up handing most of the Middle East over to gazillions of Shia religious extremists.
Who on the Crazy Religious Fanatic Index make the Sunnis look like pansies.

See what I mean? The whole thing is going from tragedy to farce. Just like our little war in Afghanistan.

The one you'd know more about. If the correspondents they allow over there weren't so busy blowing General Scumbag.

"After sunrise Gen. Hillier addressed the troops on the deck of the ship. This was the first of countless speeches he would give over the next four days. He is funny as hell and inspiring as anyone I have ever seen speak. He makes soldiers laugh and then he makes them cry. He thanks them all in a way that makes everyone grow inches..."

Hmmm.....maybe I better sign up....just a few inches more in the right place and I'd be REALLY popular. But what is it about men in uniform that drives some men to distraction?

Or makes that crime hag Christie Blatchford gush like this in the Globe today....

"As I write this, I am for the first time in more than two weeks fully, completely warm. I am dry. I am clean, having scrubbed myself in a long hot shower.... I have done a huge laundry, and washed the thick Afghan dust and mud from my clothes. I even spritzed on a little perfume......"

And then goes on to write how all those hunky men make her wish she was twenty five.

OMG! What a horrible thought. Forget about signing up. Never mind the Taliban. Who is going to save us from her? The thought of that little right-wing ferret coming after me is enough to make me queer.

But seriously.....this isn't war reporting this is Harlequin Propaganda. So I can't really understand what NATO is trying to hide.

"Media embedded with Canadian troops conducting operations with coalition forces generate discomfort amongst allies..."

"Despite our explanations, most allied nations consider our media posture as very progressive and risky."

I just don't get it. Aren't we ALL supposed to be on the progressive side? And since when are blow jobs bad for morale?

It's all so confusing......but at least the grisly Saddam Show made me finally decide just how I feel about the criminal war in Iraq.

Just like this Traitor Beaver does.....

".....I'm now silently rooting for the Iraqis to wrest their country back from the invading crusaders by whatever means they can. I'm hoping they find a new Saladin or even if all else fails a new Lawrence...."

".....We're just there to convince them or maybe force them to be more like us. Or failing that to kill them."

You know although I've always opposed the war in Iraq. I've always felt sorry for most of the American soldiers there. I can't stand the idea of seeing our neighbour's kids getting killed, blinded, and mutilated for nothing. Just like I can't stand that happening to our own.

But the crazy yankee war machine has brought so much misery and bloodshed to the Iraqi people. Inflicted so much horror on the world. And made it such a crazy and dangerous place.

That I now think this collapsing Evil Empire is going to need to be taught a lesson they'll never forget.

Until they finally get the message most Iraqis, and most of the rest of the world is trying to tell them...

Holy dat da bomb or what?

You know I still feel for those yankee soldiers... I can't help it....I don't really want to see them hurt or killed.

They're so young and dum they're almost innocent.

But if their war criminal leaders can't understand enough is enough. Or get the fuck out.

Maybe they'll understand .... KABOOM!!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Killing Saddam and Hanging Themselves

Oh great. Just what we needed. Having to spend the last weekend of this wretched year waiting for Saddam to die. Respectfully.

What a fucking joke. As if you could hang someone respectfully. Although I see that the Criminal Bush Regime is worried that the body might be mutilated. So much for the new Iraq. What a horrifying little hell these monsters have created.

And what good will it do to kill one more person in that slaughterhouse called Iraq? Except fuel more violence. And please the bloodthirsty mob and the crazy mullahs in Iran. Just ask this Baghdad Blogger.

"Why make things worse by insisting on Saddam's execution now? Who gains if they hang Saddam? Iran, naturally, but who else? There is a real fear that this execution will be the final blow that will shatter Iraq. Some Sunni and Shia tribes have threatened to arm their members against the Americans if Saddam is executed. Iraqis in general are watching closely to see what happens next, and quietly preparing for the worst."

As for me...I don't care whether the trial was fair or a farce. I don't care whether Saddam Hussein was a monster or just a bloody butcher. I'm opposed to the death penalty no matter what. And I don't care whether the prisoner is killed by lethal injection or stoned to death, or hanged or thrown into a snowblower. So every member of the brutish mob can take home a piece of him. It's an abomination. Period

How can you teach children that every human life is precious? When the state is allowed to get away with legalized murder.

But then what can you say about that rotten and barbarous country called Amerika where killing people is as Amerikan as Paris Hilton, New Coke and apple pie? Where crazy wingnut born agains demand human lives to appease their vengeful ju ju gods. Even when it's torture.

What can you say about a sick society where doctors have to hide their faces? Because instead of healing people as they are supposed to do. They're murdering them.

Not much. Except thank goodness we live in Canada. And let's make damm fucking sure that Stephen Harper and his bloodthirsty neocon crazies never get a majority. Or we will soon be murdering our own people just like the Americans do.

They are so fucking stupid they don't even realize that the more people they kill. The more they kill themselves. If you're not better than the brutal savages of this world you don't stand for anything at all. You are just one of them

They don't understand that the rope they use to hang Saddam will be just be just another inch on the giant rope that will one day hang them all.

I'd be opposed to that of course. I don't believe in the death penalty under any circumstances.

But since they have created an ocean of blood. Nothing would make me happier.

Than watch them drown in it.

Respectfully of course....

UPDATE 11:17 pm

They killed him.

"Saddam's execution marks the end of a dark period of Iraq's history."

Oh really? One more drop in the ocean.

Talk about tragedy turning to farce...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

From Tragedy to Farce in Afghanistan

Uh oh....I see the Great War on Terror in Afghanistan has claimed another innocent victim.

Yikes! A few weeks ago we gunned down the 85-year-old friend of the President. What are we going to do for an encore? Shoot a blind, crippled, pregnant woman?

And now we can't find the real enemy? While the Taliban are giving interviews just a few kilometres away...

Is this Operation Bazooka or Operation Bozo?

Oh boy this little war to please the criminal Chimp Bush regime is going from tragedy to farce just like the other one has.

"All pretence at liberation has finally been abandoned. The sort of people who guided the coalition into the quagmire have decided that the only way to get out is to impose the will of the western powers by force on a reluctant - or downright hostile - people."

The British are turning against the war in Afghanistan. Just like they made the yankee poodle Tony Blair pay for the war in Iraq. Why are so many Canadians supporting our dirty little war....instead opposing it like Quebecers are?

Don't Canadians realize that this mission is doomed ? That the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Why are so many of them suffering from chickenhawk fever while other countries are dying from it? Don't they realize what it's doing to our image as peacemakers. Once we steered a proud Canadian course. Now we're just yankee stooges.

Don't they realize what it's doing to our soldiers?

"You sit and wonder if it should and you wonder why it doesn't bother you; I mean to see bodies explode or to see them chopped into little pieces by a machine gun and know that you did it..."

"The Taliban are doing things I don't agree with. My country says it's all right for me to do it, my God says it's all right for me to do it. They're doing things he doesn't agree with too, so it makes it easy to do it..."

Great. And I thought it was just a hockey game. Where sometimes you lose your life. And sometimes just your foot.

Now it turns out it's a psycho murder mass. God's little fucking war.

But don't worry about gunner boy. Or what he might do when he comes home.... He may be casually chopping the enemy into pieces. But most of the Taliban are killed by the Americans. We spot them.They bomb them.

The dirty little secret of this war is that the Americans are bombing the shit out of the place.And we're going along because we can't afford to take any more casualties.

If you want to know what the war in Afghanistan is really like check out this video made by some American soldiers. Advance it to the 3:50 mark and wait for the bang...

Can you feel the love? Somebody please jerk him off. It's kind of fitting isn't it? We flush them. They kill them.

Kinda says a lot about how rotten and right-wing and small and Amerikan this country has become.

We think we're God's Warriors.

But we're just yankee dogs...

Monday, December 25, 2006

James Brown and the Night Boston Didn't Burn

The Godfather of Soul is dead. And after so many bows and so many shows how ironic that the final one should come on Christmas Day. And how delicious.

I bet Mr Dynamite, the Minister of Super Heavy Funk, or just the Sex Machine would have loved that. Jesus and James. All those pious goody goody hypocrites. All those headlines. And all that funk.

Ooh baby. He wouldn't just be laughing...he'd be jumpin' !!

It was as if fate finally decided to give James a break. After ripping him off for most of his life.

He was one of the greatest performers and musical geniuses this continent has ever produced. But most people came to know him in his later years for his stoned and drunken appearances, and his troubles with the law. And they forgot all the great things he had done before.

They forgot how great he was when he was in his prime. How he influenced so many other musicians. And how he contributed mightily to the Civil Rights struggle. With songs like Say it Loud...I'm Black and Proud.

They forgot his famous concert at the Boston Garden the day after Martin Luther King was killed. Young blacks were rioting in more than a hundred cities. The authorities wanted to cancel the show. But James was against the rioting. He wanted to make a statement. He persuaded the mayor to let the show go on. And televise it live to try to keep the black kids at home.

If you want to see what James Brown was really all about.... as a man and a performer.... all you gotta do is check out this clip from that show. (6:30) When the theatre was so tense, it was ready to explode...

It worked. The kids did stay home. Boston didn't burn.

Oh many people forgot what James once was. Forgot from what kind of racist America he came from. And how hard he had to struggle just to survive. Picking cotton and dancing for pennies. He didn't help himself. He was always his own worst enemy. But people tried to make him out to be just a washed up buffoon. And he was always much much greater than that.

But I'm happy coz I know history will be kinder to him than life often was. His legend is secure. And one thing is for sure. If there is a place where great musicians go....

It's jumpin' tonight!!!!

P.S. I just hope that at the funeral somebody puts a cape on the casket....takes it off....puts in on....takes it off. And after one last bit of wild singing....puts in on and leaves it there forever....

Family Gatherings and Other Christmas Horrors

Whew...I think it's finally safe to come out. The greedathon is over. Until tomorrow...when they'll start killing each other in the aisles again. Right now most families celebrating Merry Cashmas are just threatening to kill each other at home.

I got a call from my older brother who is at the big family gathering in Scotland. They were just about to sit down for dinner. But he wasn't sure whether they would be carving up the turkey. Or carving up each other first. Then my poor dad got on the phone and all he could whisper was "the kids....the kids..." I know. I know. Family gatherings and Christmas horrors. Geez....too bad I couldn't make it this year.

The one good thing about spending Christmas alone is that it's so peaceful and quiet. Kerouac and I had a marvellous time. I didn't have Sebastien. Alas. I didn't have Baby Jesus. I don't believe in that garbage. I didn't have Santa. Not even one of the gay bear kind.

But at least I didn't have to line up to be served turkey and horseshit by that bloated blood pudding Scumbag Hillier. Barf. Anything would be better than that.

And at least one of Santa's reindeers did deliver some presents....

And of course we had all those inspiring Christmas Messages to keep us amused....

Oh not the boring old Queen's Massage. Why would I want hear what that English bag has to say? I'm Canadian. The sooner we sever our link with that absurd monarchy, the sooner we'll be a real country.

And I don't really care what that other old queen had to say either. Who is he to call our relationships dismal?

When he's having boyfriend troubles.

It's enough to make you blow a gasket.

So something has got to be done .... will one of the many other closet queens at the Vatican please do the saintly thing and make him sit on a washing machine.

No...the Christmas Message I could hardly wait to hear was Great Leader's Yuletide Address to the Canadian people. I knew it would be scary and it was.

Oh not this version....

The Ministry of Propaganda and Disinformation version is only designed to try to fool Canadians into thinking Great Leader is human. Instead of a ruthless coldblooded ideologue who would turn Canada into an inhuman yankee jungle.

No I mean President Harpo's real Christmas message to Canadians....the one that gives us a better idea of how these neocon crazies might behave. If Canadians were ever dum enough to give them a majority.

Hmmm....kind of sums up the stinky neocon year we've had. Doesn't it? And for that matter what I think about Christmas too...

But the part I like best is what it suggests we do to rid our country of these crazy pests.

Arm ourselves with giant flyswatters. And swat them down like bugs.

Now isn't that a cheery thought ?

Splat! Splat! Splat!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Our Bittersweet Gay Marriage Victory

3:21 pm EDT. The vote is announced in the House of Commons. The Conservative's foul anti-gay marriage motion has gone down to defeat.

And I'm watching it with tears in my eyes. All alone in a crowd...

Our beautiful flag of freedom has once again carried the day over the forces of hate and religious intolerance. I'm so proud of our cause. I'm so proud of my country. I'm worried others might see me cry. But I don't need to be. Because in the place where I work I'm the only one watching...

Apparently it wasn't a big story for most straight Canadians. It didn't even merit a headline on the CBC National News tonight. But it was a big story for me, and other gay and lesbian Canadians. And others all over the world. On a big American gay blog tonight one reader reacted to the news with just four words: "What an advanced country."

And I can only imagine how gay people in places like Iran must feel tonight. How much hope it must give them that their dreams of not being murdered for who they love might one day come true.

Or the gay teenagers everywhere who will draw strength and hope from our victory to keep on living. And never give up. Even when they're bullied.

So I wish I could have felt more like more like a party animal tonight. And joined the other gay boys in the bunker in celebrating our great triumph. Until they got too drunk... But I just didn't feel like it. I feel like the generals who led us to this victory.

“This is a bittersweet day, because today does not mark an advance in equality, but rather the defeat of an attack against us. We are happy that we can now avoid years of divisive and difficult debate, but we are weary that for over a year now we’ve had to defend our hard-won inclusion in the fabric of Canadian society.”

I'm happy that we won. Angry that we were forced to fight a battle we never should have been forced to fight. Not once but twice. But most of all I'm just beat. It has been a long struggle. And this is just one battle. We've been fighting for more than forty years ever since were considered criminals. I've been fighting for more than ten years ever since I was a teenager.

And because of people like the porky homophobe Charles McVety I'm sure I'm going to be fighting this battle again.

The porker who never saw a cheque he didn't like....doesn't want to call it quits.

"The people of Canada are not going to let this go, because marriage is too important an institution to just let it evaporate because of the emotions of a few people in Parliament...

Not as long as there are so many wingnuts in Harper's ReformCon party. Like this goof.

“When we cease to be MPs, sadly we will likely be forgotten by our fellow man -- but not by God, who knows each of us intimately. If God Himself is truly the author of marriage, then let us be able to give a good account of ourselves when we stand before Him, as we all must stand before Him...

The one who prayed to Jesus in the House of Commons yesterday. The one who according to Le Droit, believes that public schools should be closed because they spread STDs and cause teenage pregnancy. God help us all if these freaks ever get a majority.

But you know what? These wingnuts are running out of time... That's what I take away from this debate. Not how hard and stupid it was to have to fight these crazies. But how easily they collapsed in the end. Drowned like rats by the tide of history. Ten years ago almost everyone was against us. Now they're not.

The world is changing. More gay kids are coming out. One day people will wonder what the fuss was all about. Sometimes it changes in big ways like today's gay marriage vote. Sometimes it changes in small ways. Like how about this incredibly popular Japanese animated series? Where the two heroes fight each other a lot. But love each other too....

Welcome to the story of Naruto and Sasuke. Sometimes it's those little things that help make the bigger things possible. Like teaching people that love comes in many shapes colours and sizes. But it's always good...

Now about this marriage thing....I want to make one thing clear....I fought for it because it was a battle for equality. And because all humans should have the choice to commit themselves to and honour the ones they love. NOT because I wanted to get married myself. I've always valued freedom above all things.

So nobody better put any pressure on me to do something crazy....

Because I'm feeling kind of vulnerable.... And when the guy I love above all things, ever since I was a teenager....comes home from his faraway and dangerous mission.

You never know what crazy thing I might do....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Gay Marriage Vote and the Rainbow Flag of Victory

In a few hours the foul and shameful debate on gay marriage will begin. Again. For a few more hours after that we'll have to endure the unendurable. As they grope our rights, describe us as less than human. And insult our love.

But at least it looks as if the debate will be a short one.

And when it's over, and the vote is taken, it looks as if we're going to win. Again. And that's all that counts...The whole world will get the message that our beautiful rainbow flag of freedom and victory still flies proudly in Canada. That we won!!! And they lost!!!

Although it's too bad we had to win this way.This foul vote should never have happened. It will stain Canada forever. As the Toronto Star wrote in an editorial the other day:

"!t is difficult to imagine Parliament seriously questioning the constitutional right of women, visible minorities or the disabled to be treated equally under the law. The hard-won right of gays and lesbians to marry, which has been affirmed by courts across the country and by Parliament itself last year, should be given the same respect..."

But of course it wasn't...not only did they put our equality rights to a vote. They voted on them twice. But since the foul deed is done.... Stephane Dion should do the smart thing, instead of the right thing, and allow a free vote.

"If we have a party vote, he'll say that I muzzled my MPs and that if I had let them vote freely the motion would have passed," Dion said of Harper.

What's one more small humiliation? If we can still win the vote...and hurt Harper as well. But of course that's just cheap politics and our struggle is so much more than that....

The sinister ReformCons delayed the vote as long as they could. To give their religious bigot base the time to prepare their hate offensive. They even allowed them to dictate the motion. They fed these monsters the Status of Women and the Court Challenges programs. They let them tell our government what to do.. Even as these nutbars attacked gay children.

But we never gave up. The bigots said it was all about gay marriage. But we knew it was all about us. And about who we love.

The crazy wingnuts had all the money and the organizational strength, courtesy of the American right. While we had practically nothing. After so many struggles and court battles our brave fighting groups are battered, worn down and poor.

But we had this group and letters from gay teenagers like this one....

"I wonder if those fighting so hard against same-sex marriage ever consider how much it means to gays.

They can’t understand what it’s like to listen to your friends talk about how they hate queers and how they wish they were dead. You consider suicide, because you never want anyone to find out the truth about yourself; your shame is too great to bear.

And these people can’t understand the hope that filled my soul when I first found out that Canada was considering allowing same-sex marriage. This legislation goes so far beyond marriage. It is a symbol. It represents the hopes and dreams of gays for a better world. Now that I’m 18, I can finally admit to myself that I am gay and no longer feel the shame that almost drew me to suicide. At least now I have hope..."

And that was enough to never give up.... And now we are almost there... I wonder if straight people can imagine how it feels to fight so many years for the right to be equal. And to finally have victory in sight. To see the barriers and obstacles they put on our road to freedom not just going down. But crumbling to dust. It's such a deep and joyous feeling I couldn't even try to describe it...

Oh I know that bigots like the porker homophobe Charles McVety will never give up.

But he does homophobia for a living so what do you expect? And judging by how fat he is he must live really well.....But I don't want to badmouth the porker tonight. I want to be generous in victory.

So I just want to play this little video, in honour of the occasion. Where he gets to play the hippo. And I get to play the dog....

You see one good thing about fighting for so long. And suffering so much. And putting up with so much shit. About who you are and who you love. Is that when you finally win.

You don't just feel really really good. And so damm proud of your brothers and sisters.

You also get to celebrate early!!!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Canada's Superbeasts in Afghanistan

Mothers hide your children! Afghan mothers that come the Canadians!!!! We may not have enough soldiers. And we're not going to get anymore from NATO. But at least our troops can say tanks for the tanks.

Our Leopard tanks have gone into action.And not surprisingly those Afghan mud huts don't stand a chance.

Their first target was an abandoned grape drying hut with metre-thick mud walls said to have the resiliency of bullet-proof armour....But against the tank guns, the hut never had a chance.... The shells punched holes through the mud walls and blew the roof off in a dramatic plume of smoke and dust....

Oh great....first we call in yankee airstrikes against villages...and kill all kinds of innocent civilians. Now we're destroying villages hut by hut. The real story isn't getting out.

The intensity of the challenge in Afghanistan is greater than the headlines admit to - the US Air Force has carried out 2,000 air strikes there since June compared with 88 in Iraq. Some 41 British soldiers have been killed there since 2001 while 3,000 civilians, militants, Afghan troops and aid workers have died so far in 2006 alone.

And don't you love what the Taliban now call us?

"The Taliban refer to the tanks as the superbeast. They used to refer to the Russian attacks as beasts and we're called the superbeasts now..."

Hmmm..... is that an insult..... a compliment.......or a warning? You know what happened to the Russians?

Not just that they lost. But what happened in their minds.

It is hard to kill people without demonizing them....In 1988, my unit accidentally hit an Afghan wedding party. My friend, whose mortar shells had killed innocent people, was shocked when he learned of it. Some soldiers, however, were indifferent. "That village supports the resistance, anyway," they said. Like NATO now, we didn't count "their" casualties. ...... As another friend, Alexander, would later write: "We thought that all of them -- old and young -- were insurgents."

It happens to every army that ever occupies a foreign and rebellious land. It happened to every army that ever occupied Afghanistan. I'm afraid it's starting to happen to us. Because we want to avoid even more casualties we're calling in more artillery and airstrikes against populated villages. And becoming careless with Afghan lives.

If we don't watch it we'll end up using those tanks like the Americans do in Iraq.

That's what happens when you don't know what you're doing...when you start thinking you're a conqueror instead of liberator. Just like we will. If we start thinking of ourselves as superbeasts instead of peacekeepers.

The thought of Canadian troops being responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in a primitive and barbarous land, in a war that can't be won, doesn't fill me with pride. It fills me with revulsion.

Pulling our troops out sooner rather than later might not just save a whole bunch of Canadian and Afghan lives.

It just might save the reputation of our army and the soul of our country as well...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Wacky Professor and the Quebec Challenge

Well well what a surprise...the wacky professor has run away with the Liberal prize. Uh oh listen up everyone..... Here comes another politician like Great Leader who thinks he owns the truth. And doesn't like to be told he doesn't. A friend who attended his classes at the University of Montreal told me his filthy temper is even worse than mine. So when he tells you he has a plan to save the attention or else....

The big question of course is whether he has what it takes to rid Canada of the ReformCon cancer that is killing it. One heavyweight columnist doesn't think so. He's calling Stephane Dion's victory a gift for Stephen Harper.

While all of the four frontrunners in the race have considerable political handicaps, Dion's lack of charisma, his broken English and relatively low public profile outside his native Quebec will combine to make him a hard-sell in parts of the Maritimes and from Ontario west.

Even in Quebec, Dion's hardline and often strident handling of the unity file has made him a highly polarizing figure and a favourite target of the separatists, a choice for Liberal leader that one Montreal columnist calls "a wet-dream for the Bloc Quebecois."

Yikes.....let's hope he's wrong.... it's true that in the years after the last referendum his irritating tendency to treat Quebecers as children...and his dire warnings about the consequences of separatism made him the most hated man in Quebec. He was seen as English Canada's Stepin Fetchit.

Or as just a rat....

"No Mr Dion you are not suffering from paranoia at all...people REALLY DO hate you...."

Six years ago they booed him at the The Rocket's funeral. You can't get more hated than that...

On the other hand....some time has passed. Quebecers would be proud to have one of their own as Prime Minister. The environment is a powerful issue in Quebec, as it is elsewhere. He's smart. He isn't tainted by corruption. He's against the extension of the mission in Afghanistan. If he portrays himself as a champion of the kind of Canadian values Quebecers share. In clear unambiguous opposition to Stephen Harper's yankee values. And stays away from the constitution. He just might have a chance.

But old habits die hard. Particularly for people who believe they own the truth. And get very angry when they're told they don't.

I wish him luck. He's off to a promising start

He could be just the man for the times. The wacky professor anti-politician who could unite this country by giving it a new sense of purpose. Or he could be a fucking disaster.

But one thing is for sure...if he blows it in Quebec again...he won't get another chance...neither will the Liberals.

And neither will Canada...

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Gay Marriage Motion and the Plot to Kill Canada

If you want to know how dark it's getting in Stephen Harper's Canada. All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions. Like how did the crazy wingnut homophobes find out the wording of next week's vote on gay marriage? Before any other Canadians did. has obtained the wording of the Conservative Motion to be debated next week. Parliamentary sources have revealed that the motion states:

"That this house call on the government to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions, and while respecting existing same sex marriages."

Then ask yourself who changed the motion? Wasn't it just supposed to be a vote on whether or not to re-open the same-sex marriage debate?

How come it's now a far more aggressively worded motion? Clearly aimed at forcing gays and lesbians to settle for civil unions. To complicate the debate. And make it even more divisive.

I looks as if gay and lesbian Canadians have been betrayed.

I always warned that Harper would introduce the notion of civil unions. Even though it is clearly discriminatory. To appeal to straights who think that would be an excellent compromise. We get our pension rights and all that. But they get to keep their Apartheid Marriage. And we still remain less than them.

Then ask yourself if all of the above might have something to do with one of Stephen Harper's brothers in faith? The porker homophobe Charles McVety...

You know the wingnut who claims he can get Great Leader on the phone. Quicker than anybody can.

“You know what? I can pick up the phone and call Harper and I can get him in two minutes. It's going to take you a month.”

Although now he's denying it....

I don't know about you...but one look at that pig bigot face. And I believe Garth. Why would I believe anything these religious perverts say?

"As the keystone of society, the family is the most favorable environment in which to welcome children...”

And how fucking dare these kinky bitchops talk about children. When everyone knows about all those priests that diddle them.
Or kiss and lick their feet.

Then ask yourself the final question....what's happening to Canada? What kind of government would let these crazy wingnuts get their hands on the levers of power?And let them dictate policy on everything from the Status of Women and gay marriage, to foreign policy and the environment.

This isn't a government any longer. It's a TheoCon Conspiracy. As Marci McDonald warned.

Unless these Albertan ReformCon nazis, and their wingnut homophobe allies, are driven from power...this country will be destroyed from within.

Unless Canadians wake up soon and realize the extent of this sinister wingnut plot to kill Canada as we know it. This country doesn't stand a chance.

You might as well spare it the agony. Take it behind the barn.

And put a bullet in its head...


Porker McVety now admits he wrote the motion.

Asked about the decision to go directly to a vote on rescinding the new definition that was brought in under the previous Liberal government, Dr. McVety said “the consensus, at the end of the day, was to restore the traditional definition of marriage or have no motion at all.”

Whose consensus? So now these wacko wingnuts not only tell our government what to do. They are writing our laws.

See what I mean? This country is in mortal danger. But let's not take poor old Canada behind the barn. I changed my mind...

Let's take these homophobe pigs to the barn instead.

And turn them into bigot bacon....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Free Scotland, the Klan Zoo, and the End of Canada

Wow!! Just when I thought Canada and Quebec were heading for a nasty divorce. After all that nation nonsense. And we'd be in the headlines again. Just like the Hollywood stars. It seems that Britain and Scotland are going to steal our brief moment in the spotlight. By splitting up first.

And the worst thing is they don't just want Scotland and England to separate. They want Wales and Northern Ireland to become independent too!

Our poor little two-way split wouldn't even be a player. We'd be lucky if the world even noticed...

Although can you imagine how the breakup of the U.K. would play in Quebec? I imagine the Quebecois being prudent people would wait for a couple of years to see how things worked out. And then my gut tells me they'd go for it. Just like Scotland should.

"In reality, the political cultures of the two countries have drifted so far apart, they are no longer compatible. The Scots want a Scandinavian-style social democracy with high taxes, generous welfare and big government. In Scottish politics, there are virtually no right-of-center voters left..."

The English want a U.S.-style free market with lower taxes, and a smaller state. The only reason they can't have it is because of the Scots. That is hardly healthy...."

Talk about Canada and Quebec....

Something tells me that Canada better have a contingency plan ready for an After Quebec and maybe After Alberta country. So despite our pathetic state of constitutional denial. It won't be too much of a shock.

In fact, maybe it's time we all split from Canada. The Atlantic provinces could form a country as well as Quebec and Ontario. Manitoba and Saskatchewan could band together or join Ontario. British Columbia could finally turn it's back on the rockies and face its future in the Pacific Rim. And then they'd be the First Nations. And as for the Banana Republic country of Alberta it could become a dinosaur park.

Maybe it's just time to be really honest and acknowledge that this country is becoming like a real bad marriage. And that there's nothing holding us together anymore. Once we shared Canadian values. Now we don't.

Once I felt proud to be a Canadian. Now I'm ashamed. You see the brutal truth is like a lot of people in this country I don't want to live in a country that includes Alberta. Or live in a country that is governed by nazi theocon Albertans. Why would I? Why would anyone?

I don't want to live in a place where filthy bigot homophobes scream for my gay blood. And attack women's rights and other minority groups to feed the monsters of the religious right. Or blow the butchers of the Bush Regime. And tell the rest us what to do. That's not my kind of country. That's a Klan Zoo.

I'd rather live in a country called Quebec or Ontario, with people who share my values. Where I could be truly free and not have to look over my shoulder all the time. For the crazy wingnut quoting his murderous Hate Bible. Or mouthbreathing bigot with the baseball bat. Who would kill my lover too.

You see that makes it personal for me.....just like it is for the Scots and the Brits...Oh there may be many reasons for the separatist surge. The weight of history, devolution, and North Sea oil. But the main reason is just too much bad blood. You got a taste of it during the soccer wars. And now it's even worse.

Just like it is here....for once let's face the facts. There is just too much hate in this country and not enough shared values to keep us together anymore. Just for the sake of staying together.

The chorus of hatred and threats aimed at the Quebecois is now a deafening howl. The chorus of hatred against gays is now a bloodthirsty scream. Native people are angry and frustrated. We can't agree on anything. It's time to breakup this dysfunctional family before we start killing each other.

Why should anyone put up with that kind of aggravation? For a piece of cloth on a stick.. a set of values that are stinking in the grave... and a constitution signed by an English Queen.

Or a stinkin' corrupt Liberal Party that would discriminate against gay teens. As if they weren't discriminated and brutalized enough. Now they want to criminalize them for making love. What is it about the evil heterosexuals? How fucked up are those freaks?How much gay blood do they want.? How much lower can those stinking bigot breeders go?

But let's look at it on the bright side....... If we separated we wouldn't have to live with each other anymore. There would be no useless quarrels or hatemongering. No constitution to worry about. Everybody could just concentrate on living with the people they want to live with. And building their own societies according to their own values.

The rednecks would build Klan worship centres , gay concentration camps and extermination centres. And monuments to greed. While other countries in the Canadian Confederation would build schools, daycare centers and hospitals.

And even Alberta would be a better place. Now that you'd need a tourist visa to visit it. It would just be another exotic destination. And think how much fun the kiddies would have...

You know what happened to the dinosaurs coz they couldn't adapt. Their world ended with a bang. Our country is dying of bigotry and right-wing craziness. This isn't Canada anymore it's AlbertaCan.

Let's separate from it while we still can...

Scotland forever! Go for it Ontario! Bye Bye Alberta...

Vive le Quebec Libre!!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Gay Vote and the Homophobe House of Pigs

Oh goody goody! The nazi vote on gay marriage is finally going to be held.

Won't that be fun? There's nothing better than seeing your House of Parliament turned into the Homophobe House of Pigs. Or listening to all those filthy Klan Klowns putting down gay love. Or fucking and fondling my human rights. In a debate that never should have been held. Oh Kanada! I'm really going to love that.

I'm going to love it so much..... and the wave of hate it will unleash...... I've got a feeling Sebastien is going to call up and ask the boys in the bunker to tie me down. So I don't go looking for a fight. And end up getting into trouble. What a cruel blow that would be. On the Great New Great Day for Gay Marriage in Canada (the other one didn't count.) Lying flat on my back...strapped to the bed. Whoopee! Won't that be fun?

And don't you love the day these yankee suckin' ReformCons chose for the vote in the House of Pigs? December 7th....the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attack. So while it may be a victory for us. For them it'll just be another Day of Infamy. I guess that means we get to play the japs...

Oh well...I guess that happens when you live in a world where so many straight people think they're more human than us. Or a country where so many of even our so-called friends, think we're so much less than them. And that our love doesn't count.

But maybe this Piggy Fest will serve some purpose. If it distracts Canadians. And makes this country killer story go away. As well as the filthy comments...

It is obvious that the Quebecers are different by wanting some kind of status, but not in a way that I would consider good. Kinda like that mangey coyote that needs to be put down for its own good.

These Quebec people seem to forget, that the land they want is not theirs, it belongs to Canada. How are they going to form a Nation, with out land?

You know....ever since the last referendum I've had this recurring nightmare..... That where once English Canada defined itself by being against the Americans. Now so much of its culture has been so Americanized. Sucked right out of its bleeding marrow. Now it's starting to define itself by being against Quebec. Now it's starting to eat itself.

Or maybe it's just a fatal ignorance. An inability to understand that a minority needs to feel respected more than a majority does. Surely only that can explain why even someone as decent as Ken Dryden doesn't get it either...It's a good speech. But he thinks too much like a lawyer. He still doesn't understand it's all about the heart. But then he never did...

For years he was the hero of millions of French-speaking Quebecers. The hero of the Canadien Nation. But he never bothered to learn French...Never understood that sometimes it's the small gestures that count.

Or that the French nation debate isn't about words. It's all about respect. Just like allowing gays to marry is. If English Canadians don't understand that. If they'd rather threaten and humiliate minority groups. Instead of making them feel at home. If they treat the French like they've treated us. If they make them as angry as they've made us. If Canada becomes Kanada. Then this country will really be fucked. Kaboom!

Forget the Tora Tora Tora. It might as well use the same rope the boys are going to use to try to tie me down.

And use it to hang itself...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Ted Moron, Klanberta, and the Libby Bloggers

Remember how I warned you about Alberta's exploding syphilis problem?
Well I'm sorry to report tonight that my warning came too late for the many rednecks in that backward province. Now it's spread to their small brains. Welcome to Klanberta...

Can you believe it ? The U.S.-style wingnut homophobe and traitor separatist Ted Morton could actually become the Rube King of the Bigot Province. Heil Moron!!

The crazy professor from the sinister Calgary School, who along with his buddy Stephen Harper wrote the infamous firewall letter

The yankee-born right-wingnut who would privatize Canada's medicare system. The ridulous self declared Jackass Senator-In-Waiting from the Confederacy of Klanberta. The darling of the religious extremists who has promised to introduce his Final Solution to the Gay Problem. The nazi Bill 208 ....Again.

The effects of this bill, should it become law in Alberta, would be devastating for gays and lesbians.
[Bill 208], if passed, would allow employers to fire gays and let landlords evict gay tenants with impunity because they’re “exercising a belief against same-sex marriage..."

The hero of the angry old men and the mouthbreathing white trash of rural Alberta. Who would rape our Canadian values. Wage perpetual war on us. And turn their barbarous wingnut breeding ground into this kind of place.

A place where gay people would be hounded like animals. A place where the message would go out. It's ok to fuck with the fags. It's ok to bully gay kids and beat them and drive them to suicide. You can attack them, put up religious tracts calling for them to be murdered. You can fire them, evict them, and they can't fight back. No gay person would be safe.Not even in their own homes. If I was a gay person living in Klanberta I'd buy a gun.

So with this horde of redneck wingnut nazis coming straight for us what do you think one of the last libby Lib bloggers left in Calgary is doing? Attacking Ted Moron and his nazi plans to wage war on Canada as we know it? No I'm afraid not. He's too busy spouting nonsense about Quebec. Along with a whole bunch of other Libby Bloggers.

And both those bloggers are usually great. So how depressing is that?

As if Quebec wasn't a nation. As if Pierre Trudeau's vision of Canada wasn't as dead and buried as the man himself. As if anybody gave a shit about whether Iggy is a piggy or not. When the country is burning.

As if those few harmless words weren't one of the most devastating body blows the separatists have ever received. As I've pointed out over and over again. As Chantal Hebert points out in today's Toronto Star:

"The expected adoption by the House of Commons of a Conservative motion recognizing that Quebecers make up a nation within a united Canada is likely to blunt one of the most potent weapons left in the sovereignist psychological arsenal.

Its adoption also makes the possibility of another referendum more remote, even if the Parti Québécois comes to power after the upcoming provincial election..."

How dumb can you be? No wonder English Canada is falling a wet paper bag. With friends like that who needs enemies?

As for me I figure that the only way Quebec really will separate one day is if these Alberta paleocons, drag Canada too far to the right. So it may eventually come down to a choice between the Quebec nation or the Redneck one. And you know where I stand on that... If anyone has to separate I say let it be Alberta.

And if Moron does become Rube King I plan to make my feelings public. With a new license plate...

Ok it's in the development stage...and after the Quebec part I'd have to add as long as Quebecers want to. But yours to discover ....a brand new country....can you imagine how beautiful an Alberta-free Canada would be? Sure we'd be a little poorer. But there would be no more Harper. No more ReformCon party. No more having to pretend that we're interested in Alberta Alienation Disorder (AAD) No more listening to their wretched bigoted wingnut yapping.

And of course.....above all... with King Moron at the helm no more having to take them seriously. Ever again. And who can put a price on that? That's priceless.

But if we can't convince these redneck homophobes to separate. And join the United States where they belong. I think we should at least try to isolate them. Persuade them to build that big wall they're always talking about. So we don't have to look at them in their funny cowboy hats and Klan hoods. Or smell their foul bigotry. Or watch them wacking off at the thought of all that gay blood. Or sucking off the dying Bush Regime.

Or better know a firewall is supposed to keep viruses out. But once one gets in and you can't kill it, you have to quarantine it. So let's quarantine Alberta. Join forces and drive these paleocons from power. So if Ted Moron ever becomes the Rube King of Alberta. And tries to fuck with our Canadian values. We can just tell him to go fuck himself. And keep them at bay that way.

You see it's not just syphilis that is contagious.

So is bigotry and ignorance...