Thursday, December 28, 2006

From Tragedy to Farce in Afghanistan

Uh oh....I see the Great War on Terror in Afghanistan has claimed another innocent victim.

Yikes! A few weeks ago we gunned down the 85-year-old friend of the President. What are we going to do for an encore? Shoot a blind, crippled, pregnant woman?

And now we can't find the real enemy? While the Taliban are giving interviews just a few kilometres away...

Is this Operation Bazooka or Operation Bozo?

Oh boy this little war to please the criminal Chimp Bush regime is going from tragedy to farce just like the other one has.

"All pretence at liberation has finally been abandoned. The sort of people who guided the coalition into the quagmire have decided that the only way to get out is to impose the will of the western powers by force on a reluctant - or downright hostile - people."

The British are turning against the war in Afghanistan. Just like they made the yankee poodle Tony Blair pay for the war in Iraq. Why are so many Canadians supporting our dirty little war....instead opposing it like Quebecers are?

Don't Canadians realize that this mission is doomed ? That the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Why are so many of them suffering from chickenhawk fever while other countries are dying from it? Don't they realize what it's doing to our image as peacemakers. Once we steered a proud Canadian course. Now we're just yankee stooges.

Don't they realize what it's doing to our soldiers?

"You sit and wonder if it should and you wonder why it doesn't bother you; I mean to see bodies explode or to see them chopped into little pieces by a machine gun and know that you did it..."

"The Taliban are doing things I don't agree with. My country says it's all right for me to do it, my God says it's all right for me to do it. They're doing things he doesn't agree with too, so it makes it easy to do it..."

Great. And I thought it was just a hockey game. Where sometimes you lose your life. And sometimes just your foot.

Now it turns out it's a psycho murder mass. God's little fucking war.

But don't worry about gunner boy. Or what he might do when he comes home.... He may be casually chopping the enemy into pieces. But most of the Taliban are killed by the Americans. We spot them.They bomb them.

The dirty little secret of this war is that the Americans are bombing the shit out of the place.And we're going along because we can't afford to take any more casualties.

If you want to know what the war in Afghanistan is really like check out this video made by some American soldiers. Advance it to the 3:50 mark and wait for the bang...

Can you feel the love? Somebody please jerk him off. It's kind of fitting isn't it? We flush them. They kill them.

Kinda says a lot about how rotten and right-wing and small and Amerikan this country has become.

We think we're God's Warriors.

But we're just yankee dogs...

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