Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stephen Harper, the Queen, and the Separatist Conspiracy

Well I see that the Cons are furiously denying that Stephen Harper was ready to go down on all fours, and beg the Queen to save his job.

Even though he was clearly DESPERATE.

“He was resigned to defeat, prepared to give up the government,” Mr. Martin writes. “Staffers had never seen him like this, pale and shaken. He told them, in so many words, that it was over, that the government would fall.”

Even though we know that pathetic nerd blue meanie would do ANYTHING to cling to power. We know that his Con stooges lie through their teeth.

Mr. Soudas brushed aside the charge that Mr. Harper is overly controlling, saying that the prime minister has had the responsibility to ensure the government implements the “right decisions” in response to the global economic recession.

“I have no idea what he’s referring to,” Mr. Soudas said. “If competence is a synonym for controlling, then we’re competent.”

And of course, we know that Dimitri Soudas is not just a lying attack chihuahua but also an IDIOT.

Because let's face it eh? Anyone who claims that Stephen Harper is NOT controlling is either crazy, a moron, or a masochist.

When in fact it's pretty obvious to me what Stephen Harper was up to in his bunker, why he changed his mind about blubbering and begging at the feet of the Queen of England, and why Michaelle Jean probably caved so shamefully.

All you have to do is read this paragraph:

But Mr. Harper’s mood and the government’s fortunes were transformed when Mr. Dion and NDP Leader Jack Layton invited Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe to attend the press conference and sign the document cementing the coalition. Galvanized, the Prime Minister vowed to do everything within his power to prevent what he called the Liberals coalition “with socialists and separatists” from forming the government.

Knowing Harper's twisted mind so well, I don't doubt that he instantly realized he had the Governor General over a barrel. Because now he could accuse Jean and her husband of being separatist collaborators, if she didn't give him the prorogation he wanted.

Because that's the modus operandi of those political thugs. And that was something Canada's Royal Stooges were particularly sensitive about. 

Oh well. That's water under the bridge. The larger tragedy is that so many Canadians, including some progressives, allowed him to get away with demonizing the Bloc Quebecois. Even though it can do NOTHING to hasten the independence of Quebec, and is a social-democratic party that shares our Canadian values.

Because the day we allowed him to do that, we allowed him to wield the threat of a coalition like a club in the hands of a crazy man, and gave away our strongest weapon, that could have destroyed the Cons FOREVER.

Which sadly leads me to this last ugly but necessary question. 

The Cons may be thugs and incompetent idiots.

And a threat to this country's survival.

But who are the real chihuahuas?

The day we stop dancing to Stephen Harper's foul tunes, and march to the sound of our own drum.

The day we form a mighty coalition that includes ALL the progressive people in this country.

Will be the day we WIN...

Anderson Cooper and the Weird Anti-Gay Bigot

It's been a bad week for bullied gay kids in the United States. First Asher Brown shot himself. 

Brown, his family said, was "bullied to death" — picked on for his small size, his religion and because he did not wear designer clothes and shoes. Kids also accused him of being gay, some of them performing mock gay acts on him in his physical education class, his mother and stepfather said.

And then Seth Walsh died after hanging himself.

Friends told NBC affiliate KGET that Seth had been picked on for years because he was gay.

"He was different. He knew he was different," Seth's mother, Judy Walsh said. "He was a very loving boy, very kind. He had a beautiful smile. He liked fashion, his friends, talking on the phone. He was artistic and very bright."

So I'm glad to report, that when CNN's Anderson Cooper heard that  Andrew Shirvell, Michigan's Assistant Attorney General, had been conducting a cyberbully campaign against  the gay President of the University of Michigan's student government.

Shirvell has described Armstrong as a "Nazi-like" recruiter for "the cult that is homosexuality." He also claims Armstrong aims "to promote the radical homosexual agenda at the University of Michigan and to use his position to promote that cause." He has also featured a photo of Armstrong with a swastika added to his face, calling him "Satan's representative on the Student Assembly."

He invited him on his show and gave him a real hard time...

Only in Amerika eh? Where they suck up homophobia with their mother's milk. Or their communion wine.

Good for Anderson Cooper for giving that Christianist creeper a hard time.

Good for Asher Brown's mum for speaking out to try to save other kids.

"These kids don’t deserve this, they don’t. And I can’t do anything to save mine anymore, but if I can help somebody else, I want to. I know Asher would want to. He was a good boy. He was such a good boy."

The poor little children.

When will the hate STOP?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why the Census Coalition Will Bury the Cons

It was such a sweet  moment. One week to the day when they lost the gun registry vote, there was the Con regime getting another democratic slap in its fascist face.

The regime will of course ignore the will of Parliament. And its crazed leader Stephen Harper will no doubt use the vote to claim he is fighting some sinister coalition.

And I hope he does. In fact I'm counting on it. Because NOTHING could make the idea of a coalition appear more attractive to Canadians, than the sight of the Cons trying to strangle, stab, or shoot a coalition like this one. 

Not when that list just keeps getting longer and longer.

"We believe that the decision by the federal government to eliminate the census long form was a mistake and that it will impact negatively on the provision of services to the people of our provinces."

Not when the insane act of gutting the census affects so many, from businesses, universities, and city planners, to pensioners, poor people, and cancer patients.

Not when it has revealed the Cons to have IQs somewhere in the murky zone between pigs and plants.

I am sure that the member opposite will agree with me when I say that it is ridiculous to put honest citizens in jail for refusing to say how many bedrooms they have in their houses or even what kind of cereal they eat in the morning.

Not when it has exposed the real and disturbing face of the monster himself.

Shown him to be a bestial political thug, who would put his foul ideology before the lives of Canadians. And allowed us to hear the angry voices in his helmet head.

"He amassed executive power on an unprecedented scale and often uses it in a manner more befitting a despot than a democrat. 'Gangster politics' someone called it. Or peace, order, and hood government."

Oh yeah. Let Stephen Harper scream about that nasty coalition and sound even crazier.

The Conservatives should know – and when they pause to think, they do know – that the Canadian public is not gullible. They cannot persuade the electorate or win their desired majority by repeating the word “coalition” again and again.

But I'm putting my money on the Great Canadian Coalition of the Reasonable. Because I think it's going to BURY those dirty Cons.

So bring on an election. I can hardly wait eh?

I can't wait to hear all those other angry voices screaming in the darkness. We don't know what we're doing, and we can't plan ANYTHING,  because we don't have enough information !!!! 

Or even better. They tied granny to a chair because they had no idea they would need so many beds !!!

Or of course, as you know, my personal FAVOURITE. 

The Cons are dead meat !!!!!

And we're getting HUNGRY !!!!!

Michaelle Jean: The Great Betrayer

I turned on the TV today to watch Question Period, only to be confronted instead with the sight of Michaelle Jean bidding a tearful farewell to the troops.

And it seemed so fitting. Because she was always a ridiculous chickenhawk, but she was no help to Canadian democracy.

I had such high hopes when she was appointed. She was smart, black, and glamorous.  But her role in demolishing the Great Canadian Coalition, destroyed those hopes, and has almost destroyed our country.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, now that I've heard her side of the story.

I think it was a labour of raising awareness and raising also the responsibility of being well informed and of making the effort to learn about our political system. Because there’s going to be before and after. History will judge. But I think that everything that I anticipated happened. And this was part of my thoughts.

But I just can't. The truth is she should not have allowed Stephen Harper to prorogue Parliament. Our system of government allows for the formation of a coalition. She could have helped educate Canadians about that simple democratic fact.

But by caving in to the Cons she betrayed her own people, left the country in the hands of maniacs. And allowed Stephen Harper to keep wielding the "threat" of a coalition as a weapon to attack the decent progressive parties of this nation.

The damage that has been done to Canada since that decision can never be properly quantified. It's too enormous and shattering.  But her legacy will not have to await the judgement of history. Because it's already in.

When we needed her the most she let us down. She was nothing but a Con tool.

And history will never forgive her...

Ann Coulter and the Blogging Tories

Dr Roy, the humungous idiot from the Blogging Tories, wants you to know that he really really hates Pierre Trudeau.

But really really REALLY loves Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter recognized me from her Canadian tour and greeted me with a hug.

Her speech was pretty funny. She expressed her views against same sex marriage in a respectful way.

And isn't it exciting to think that other Blogging Tories, like Uncle Fred from Gay and Right were there? And that Uncle Erik, living in dignified isolation in rural Ontario, also thought the Con whore with the humungous Adams's apple, was absolutely fabulous.

Until you read what she actually said.

In one of a series of racially insensitive remarks that pervaded her speech, Coulter added, "Marriage is not a civil right. You're not black."

In addition to her comments about civil rights, she also accused single parents of breeding muggers and blamed the decline in marriage in the African-American community on welfare, "the subsidization of single parenting" and overly liberal child support laws.

And then you have to wonder if Dr Roy knows what the word "respectful" means? And if those old Con queens are crazy or just masochists.

This is the same Coulter, of course, who is comfortable with the word "faggot," wrote that Rick Santorum's comparison of gay sex to bestiality is an "indisputably true point," told an interviewer that sexually active gay men should "feel guilty about it," and mocked the "irritating lesbian" teenager in Tennessee who wanted to bring her girlfriend to senior prom.

And after that what more can you say eh?

Except to point out to Uncle Erik that when he graces his blog with this quote:

We recognize that simply being in the room is not enough, but you have to crawl before you can walk, and walk before you can run.

He's neatly summing up the difference between his pathetic Con queens and the new gay generation.

We think Ann Coulter is a racist, homophobic, Con whore.

We prefer Canada to Amerika eh?

And we don't crawl for ANYONE...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Dogs of Autumn

Oh no. Poor Stephen Harper. Nothing seems to be working out for him these days. Somebody PLEASE take that gun away from him before he shoots the census, an invisible criminal, the equally invisible Separatist Coalition. Or just HIMSELF.

Not that I would blame him eh?

I mean how long can you defend the indefensible decision to gut the census, or try to portray the progressive parties as a mortal threat to Canada, without looking and sounding like a maniac?

The Conservatives slammed their political rivals as a "coalition" ready to ride roughshod over privacy rights, as the three opposition parties backed a motion Tuesday to revive the mandatory long-form census.

Or a loser getting ready to lose another vote in the House of Commons tomorrow, exactly one week after he lost the one on the gun registry. And shot himself in the foot ass.

Mr. Graves argues that the fight over the long-gun registry is not a ballot issue for many Canadians. Rather, he notes the gun registry, when taken in concert with other Tory missteps – scrapping the mandatory long-form census, excluding abortion rights from the maternal health initiative and the treatment of the veterans ombudsman – “has been reshaping the Canadian political landscape.”

You know Frank Graves is right. Too many in our mediocre media tend to focus on the Con outrage of the day. They forget the cumulative factor. Forget that the gun registry issue was just the latest stinky sauce on a meal full of maggots. 

A maggoty meal that they are trying to shove down our throats like the Con zombie Tony Clement was doing yesterday:

"We have been open, we have been reasonable, we have been honest," he said. "We have tried to find a reasonable balance between the coercion that the opposition loves to enforce on Canadians, but getting the useful and usable data without having those threats of jail time and massive fines against our fellow Canadian citizens."

When every single WORD was just another Big Lie. They haven't been open, they haven't been reasonable, they haven't been honest, they haven't tried to find a reasonable balance. All they've done is lie and destroy, act like madmen, and take us for IDIOTS.

Who do these crazed alien ideologues think we are? When is enough ENOUGH?

And good for our wonderful French-speaking citizens from the Federation des Communautes Francophones et Acadienne du Canada for calling the Cons VANDALS. Because that's exactly what they are. Vandals sacking our country.

Oh boy. You know the other day in a post about the ridiculous pitbull pussycat John Baird, I said we really need to set the dogs on those feral Cons.

But now I realize those performing dogs were far too classy for them.

Now I want every progressive person in this country to get ready to kick ass in the next election.

So the Cons feel like we're setting THESE dogs on them.

I don't know about you eh? But I don't want to see those Cons just slightly defeated.

After what they've done to our beautiful country.

I want to see them DESTROYED...

Stephen Harper and the Revenge of Bonhomme

It's a well known fact in Quebec that poor Monsieur Bonhomme has not been himself, since he was pelted with snowballs at the Carnaval parade a few years ago. And Stephen Harper almost melted him by trying to show him how to goose step.

Only to accidentally cut one of  these. 

So I'm glad Mr B is soon going to be feeling sooooooo much better.

Because by the time the Quebec-bashing Cons at Macleans  have stopped saying sorry, their lips should be turning blue from blowing that chubby snowman.

CLARIFICATION: The cover of last week’s magazine, with the headline “The Most Corrupt Province in Canada,” featured a photo-illustrated editorial cartoon depicting Bonhomme Carnaval carrying a briefcase stuffed with money. The cover has been criticized by representatives of the Carnaval de Québec, of which Bonhomme is a symbol.

While Maclean’s recognizes that Bonhomme is a symbol of the Carnaval, the character is also more widely recognized as a symbol of the province of Quebec. We used Bonhomme as a means of illustrating a story about the province’s political culture, and did not intend to disparage the Carnaval in any way. Maclean’s is a great supporter of both the Carnaval and of Quebec tourism. Our coverage of political issues in the province will do nothing to diminish that support.

Just like the poor unfortunate hack Martin Patriquin's ears multiple orifices must be turning red.

Because that's quite a humping thumping eh?

Although I feel I really MUST point out that while Patriquin's article was shabby and ridiculous, Andrew Coyne's stinky little sidebar was far more grotesque.

A hideous mixture of selective facts, gross generalizations, and psycho-social babble that should, if there was any justice, shame him FOREVER.

But won't of course, because he's a big fish in the little media pond called Ottawa, where they sniff each others farts, and suckle each other silly.

But it doesn't really matter eh? Because the far more pressing questions should go to the Con-in-Chief Stephen Harper. And they are these:

Why is your Con government subsidizing a Con publication, that paid a Con, who ordered a hack, to slander Quebec?

Why do you hate Quebecers soooooo much? And why do you hate the business community?

The FCCQ, which represents more than 40,000 businesses and 100,000 businessmen and businesswomen in the province, said the article suggests Quebec’s business community has played an active role in a “generalized system” of corruption.

And why oh why do you want to tear our beautiful country apart?

As for moi,  I'm prepared to do my patriotic duty eh? If they need me to testify that when I saw the Maclean's cover with Bonhomme and the bulging briefcase, my first and lasting impression was that the Carnaval's organizers had been caught running off with the proceeds. No problem. Call me.

Golly. You know when the Cons tried to smear Quebec. And Stephen Harper almost melted the chubby snowman.

I bet nobody told them that old and scary Quebec folk tale.

The Revenge of Monsieur Bonhomme...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jimbo Flaherty and the Little Meteorite

Gasp. Choke. Croak.  The flowers in the park are dying. And so am I.

For the last two days I've had this horrible bird-like flu. I'm dribbling like a tap, coughing like a steam engine, and my head feels like it's EXPLODING.

And the worst part is I'm getting no sympathy from the almost doctor in my house. When I told him he might want to go and pick some of those flowers to save on my funeral costs. All he could say was this:

"Oh don't worry Simon. C'est pas grave. It's only a head cold. Take a couple of aspirin, keep on smiling, and you'll be fine in a couple of days."

WHAT? Can you believe that? What's HAPPENING to this country?!!!

We need doctors like him, like we need Jimbo Flaherty, the nasty garden gnome, as a Finance Minister.

Let’s just say Jim Flaherty has participated in policies that have cost this city $7 billion in total since amalgamation.

If our financial house is not in order, why might that be? Could it be, perhaps, that Jim Flaherty has had a grip on Toronto’s neck for a very long time?

I mean REALLY. Can you believe Sébastien telling me to keep smiling, when I'm living in Stephen Harper's Canada, the idiot Jimbo Flaherty is friends with the moron Rob Frod, we're heading for financial disaster, and I'm DYING ??? !!!!

Golly. All I could think was that makes two of us eh?

Me and the Little Meteorite....

You know....

As in he enjoyed life while it lasted, and died with a frozen smile on his face.

OK. OK. I know I shouldn't joke about stuff like that. When if a giant asteroid hit Canada it would be almost as bad as a Harper majority.

So I'm smiling.


But as for serious blogging. Gasp. Choke. Croak.

It will have to resume when if I get better...


UPDATE: I got good  GREAT news !!!!!  I told the little people in the forest about Jimbo, the incompetent and nasty garden gnome.

And they're sending Gnomeo to help us !!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quebec, Mclean's, and the Hatred that Divides

When I saw this cover, and I read this cheap little story I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I wondered how desperate Maclean's must be to try to boost it readership by slandering an entire province, and whipping up anti-Quebec feeling.  But mostly I thought here we go again.

What part of this country doesn't now hate another? If it isn't East versus West, North versus South, it's urban versus rural,  the educated against the ignorant, or everybody against Toronto, and now English Canada against Quebec.

And  I wonder where are we going, and whether Canadians ever stop to think where all this animus will lead us?

As you know I have one foot in each solitude, and I love the idea of a vibrant French-speaking nation in a united Canada. I think it makes us stronger, and helps protect us from the greatest threat to our survival, the mad dying elephant south of the border.

But sadly many in English Canada never recovered from the last referendum. And you only have to read the comments in newspapers and blogs whenever the subject of Quebec comes up to realize this hate is now massive and pathological. So crass and ugly I try to hide those comments from my French-speaking Québécois companion who still believes in the goodness of this country. 

I don't know if Quebec is more politically corrupt than other provinces. I very much doubt it. What I do know is that René Lévesque's Parti Québécois was the first government in Canada to reform the way political parties are financed. More than thirty years ago.

I also know that the Liberal sponsorship scandal happened because English Canada didn't understand Quebec. So we tottered blindly to the edge of the abyss, and then tried desperately to BUY the love of the province. When in fact Quebecers didn't want to be bought, they just wanted to be respected for who they are.

There may be particular reasons, for some of the scandals in the province. The state of the Liberal Party, and a culture of goonery in some construction unions. But the way Andrew Coyne goes poking around the history of the province, like a soothsayer massages a goat's guts, is absolutely ridiculous.

And intellectually dishonest. Because this is what really bothers Coyne:

Moreover, the distended role of the state in the economy under the Quebec Inc. model, its heavy use of subsidies and other tools of intervention, created a strong incentive to win the favour of those in power, by fair means or foul.

And the real reason he is always putting down the province is because he's a Con, the son of a Bank of Canada Governor, who believes in a survival of the fittest capitalism, and most Quebecers reject his party and his values.

They believe in the power of government to act in the best interests of its people,like many successful European states. As a result they have things like a cheap daycare program, a juvenile offender system that seeks to rehabilitate instead of just punish. And even a government commission looking into the problem of homophobia. 

So many English Canadians have become so Americanized they don't realize that Quebec is the last bastion of Canadian values. But Coyne does and that's why he could write something as absurd as this:

Healthy political cultures are marked by contestability: results are unpredictable, success is incremental, and neither victory nor defeat are ever far from view. But the tendency, in federal politics, for Quebecers to throw their support to one party or another en bloc—and the province’s outsized importance, therefore, in deciding elections—has given rise to a peculiar set of pathologies.

And forget to mention Alberta, the one-party Banana Oil Republic of Canada. Or that another big reason for his denigration of Quebec is that it's the last obstacle to a Harper majority. 

Because one can't help feel that Coyne, like so many other Cons, would love it if the province left Canada, so the country would be conservative FOREVER. Just like Britain would be a conservative country if Scotland separated. 

Oh boy. I don't know where we are going. What I do know is that we are heading for a bad place. Because a nation that hates itself will not long survive.

I also know that as much as I like this big beautiful country the way it is, if the day should ever arrive that Quebec is forced to leave, because of all the hatred, and  because it wants to preserve its Canadian values in a nation that longer believes in them.

It would rip my heart out. But I'll be going with them.

However. since I'm still an optimist eh? If I was in Montreal tonight, I'd tell my Québécois friends, what I tell Sébastien.

Don't listen to the ignorant bigots, for they know not what they say. 

One day hopefully, before it's too late, some of them at least will realize their terrible mistake and love you.

Almost as much as I do...

Because it IS a feeling eh?

And if we can't share it, one day we will lose it...

The Con Zombies Go After Young Canadians

Attention kids. Warning. Warning. The Cons zombies are on the move. Fresh from trying to recruit crazy old men with guns. Now they are going after you.

And it's not pretty eh?.

Nothing like trying to turn  young people into bullies. By calling the leader of the opposition a Russian.

Or trying to fool them with the Big Lie.

Being cool means not desperately trying to be seen as cool. Like the Conservatives.

As if Cons could be cool. As if kids were ugly nerds like them. As if decent young Canadians would join a party full of the worst bullies this country has ever seen.

A party that is torching the planet, trying to throw more young people in jail for the crime of smoking marijuana, attacking the rights of women and gay people. Letting a young Canadian rot in a place like Guantanamo.

A party that  turns its opponents into enemies, and is full of hideous theocons, like Vic Toews or Darrel Reid, the former President of Focus on the Family.

An organization that not only does nothing to prevent bullying.

It does everything it can, to help bullies hurt the children.

Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and similar groups don't actually give a damn about these kids or their families. They couldn't care less how many of them are beaten within an inch of their lives or actually take their own lives. What matters to them is power, influence, and promoting an extreme religious agenda to help them hang on to said power and influence. They are deathly afraid that some of the kids might not grow up to be as bigoted as they are.

And besides do you really want end up like this Con nerd?

Attacking decent people.

Spitting your way through life.

I mean really. Think about it eh?

Do you really wanna be like this guy?

I didn't think so. I know most Canadian kids are better than that.

In fact I'm pinning my hopes for a better world on you. I know you won't let me down.

So let's teach those bullies a lesson. Let's tell those nasty Cons to take a hike.

Let's join a progressive party, and fight for that better world.

Are you ready ? 

One, two, three, GO....

Yup.The future belongs to the young.

And Cons can NEVER be cool.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Humiliation of Stephen Harper

If anyone needed more evidence that Stephen Harper is losing touch with reality, all you had to do was watch him at the United Nations today.

Grovelling like a beggar for a Security Council seat. And lying like a thief.

On Harper’s watch our foreign policy has, in truth, been less UN-focused, more Washington-centric and more muted. We’ve gained an unwelcome reputation at the UN for shirking on climate change, being erratic on human rights, less balanced on the Mideast, and indifferent to peacekeeping and disarmament. And we’re freezing aid.

After years of living by the Big Lie he must have thought he could fool delegates into believing that he shares their ideals.

When in fact he is a twisted, mentally unbalanced  freak who puts his foul ideology before the lives of suffering people. A cruel heartless psycho who enjoys the pain of others.

A man who wants a seat on the Security Council, for the same reason he wanted to be Prime Minister of a Canadian government. So he can rip out its guts with his teeth, and change it beyond recognition.

Sadly he has fooled a lot of Canadians, and because of that this country is a shadow of the great place it once was. But he wasn't able to fool the U.N. delegates, and they made clear what they thought of him.

By voting with their feet.

So in a place where Canada could reasonably expect to be honoured, thanks to the work of previous governments, never was a Canadian Prime Minister so publicly humiliated.

And I mean HUMILIATED. Even the little rat Ahmadinejad had a bigger audience. The only way the delegates could have humiliated Harper even more than they did,  was if they had pelted him with eggs and tomatoes, or asked him to drop his drawers, and do a lap dance for them. 

The good news? He must have seen all those empty seats, and it really must have HURT. I bet when it was over his flunkies had to massage his battered ego, and his chunky buttocks, all the way back to Ottawa.

Can't you just hear them eh? "Boss...boss cheer up. Dem commies don't know what they missed. Dat was da BEST speech since da Gettysburg Address."

Gawd. You know I've always believed that when we finally get rid of this evil bully, he would find a new career as a televangelist. 

But after seeing the way he lied and shilled before the United Nations today. Only to get kicked in the teeth.

And told to get outta here you LOSER.

Now I think he's better suited for this kind of job...

Stephen "Nuts" Harper our great leader.

Hey chop me another one.



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vic Toews Insults Canadian Women Again

Lordy. What is it with the Con zombie Vic Toews and younger women? I'm so confused eh?

Are we supposed to call him Big Daddy?

Much was said and many insults were thrown around in the 16-month debate over the future of the long-gun registry. But Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’s remarks in Question Period – just hours before the vote – have drawn the most controversy, especially from a trio of Liberal women who have witnessed such “bully-boy” tactics before.

Ms. Neville characterized the Public Safety Minister’s response as “disrespectful to the women of this country.” She noted this sort of comment is not new to Mr. Toews.

Big Zombie?

Or just DADDY !!!!!

And who is whispering in his ears orifices these days?

His patriarchal Big Daddy...

Or the demon Satan?

Yikes. I'm an atheist so have no idea eh?

All I know is that the day that ridiculous zombie goes back to his crypt and stays there.

We'll all be a lot SAFER...

Candy Hoeppner: Winner or Loser?

Oh no. Gag me with a pork chop. John Ivison is so stimulated aroused impressed by Candy Hoeppner he's declaring that porker loser a WINNER.

As Candice Hoeppner stood up in the House of Commons this afternoon to defend herself against Liberal accusations that her fight to scrap the long-gun registry effectively condones domestic violence, it reminded me of a British drama that appeared on screens over here recently.

The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard featured a perky blond supermarket manager, angry at the state of politics, who decides to run, gains national attention and ends up as Prime Minister of Great Britain

Can you believe that? Down John down. She may be a hooker for the gun lobby. But she's got STANDARDS. Oink. Oink.

C'mon let's get SERIOUS. Despite all the money the Cons spent on her campaign, Candy "I'd kill Bambi" Hoeppner failed to deliver the cold dead body of the gun registry. 

She spent so much time out of the country Vic Toews had to put on a blonde wig and pretend he was her. And she's lucky she wasn't arrested for fraud, for claiming it  really really REALLY was a private members's bill. Shame on her.

I mean don't morals count for ANYTHING anymore?

And I doubt we'll be seeing too much of her after this debacle. Did you see how Stephen Harper treated her on the staircase?

Although he repeated himself at least THREE times, he didn't give Candy a chance to say a WORD. She just had to stand there. And then follow him meekly up the stairs. Like a good Con wife.... or a handmaiden.

But then we know what  Stephen Harper thinks of women eh? Too bad Bambi Candy doesn't. The IDIOT.

And then there are all those other reasons why the Cons lost big.

(1) It's never a good idea to try to pit rural Canadians against urban Canadians, when the latter make up EIGHTY per cent of the population. 

(2) We haven't even started to target the Cons from urban areas who betrayed the wishes of their constituents. And boy are they going to get it. Why DO they hate women soooooooo much? 

(3) The Con MP's in Quebec were already the walking dead or Zombies. Now they're just dead. And without Quebec the Cons can FORGET about a majority.

(4) It's hard enough posing as crime fighters and going after invisible criminals. So imagine how hard it's going to be now that they have to explain why they hate police officers soooooooo much. Isn't threatening the lives of cops a crime? Why do these Cons want to make our streets slippery with blood? Are they the real criminals? 

(5) The gun registry debate made Michael Ignatieff look like a strong leader.

When Mr. Ignatieff is not tentatively jabbing at his opponent, he often swings wildly—sweeping overhand rights that finish a foot or two off the mark and leave the Liberal leader off balance and prone for a counterattack. Here, though, was a sharp right hook, a tight, finely aimed blow to the chin.

And, lo and behold, it seemed legitimately to stagger Mr. Harper.

And it made the NDP look like a party that listened.

Which to me sounds like a win win situation.

(6) Stephen Harper's attempt to pit Canadian against Canadian in a country as fragile as this one, has only made him look even more like a dangerous maniac. Or an AMERIKAN.

And only fired up our desire to get rid of him and his foul AmeriCons.

Now somebody please tell Candy the bad news...

Because the brutal truth is the Cons have  shown their ugly divisive faces.

The country can't afford them any longer, if it wants to remain one country.

In the next election it's now Canada versus Amerika.

And we are going to DESTROY them....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the Gun Registry Vote Means to Me

It was close, it was divisive, just as Great Ugly Leader hoped it would be, but in the end my country won today.

Canada ONE. Amerika ZERO.

I'll talk about the porky politics in my next post.  

But right now all I want to say is this:

Michele, Natalie, Annie, Sonia, and all my other poor beautiful sisters.

The foul AmeriCons tried to dishonour your memory.

And destroy your legacy.

But we didn't let them...

The Gun Registry: A Vote to Take Back Canada

It was a beautiful day in the Great White North. The kind of early fall day I love. When the wind is cool and fresh, and my Canada so peaceful and beautiful.

But all I could think about was the clock on this sinister Con site, ticking down to the vote on the gun registry.

And how I wish I could get the news it had been saved, while sitting under a tree at this monument in Montreal to the murdered women of the École Polytechnique.

Or sitting in the gallery of the House of Commons with the amazing woman whose battle to try to extract good out of tragedy has helped make Canada safer.

“The gun registry is the one good thing that came out of the Montreal tragedy,” Laplante-Edward said. “It is a monument to our daughters.”

“We did not do this for ourselves – our loss is permanent. We worked so that others would not have to live through the hell we experienced – and still do.”

I support the gun registry because it works, and I believe it contributes to saving the lives of police officers, women, and all kinds of other Canadians.

But I feel so strongly about it because to scrap it would be to dishonour the memory of all those women murdered on that terrible day.

Long past midnight the police spokesman came in and told us, in French: “We have 14 dead. They are all women.” I turned to Marie-Claude Lortie, a colleague from La Presse, and we hugged, briefly and silently, to try to ease our pain.

The pain of parents and survivors of Marc Lepine’s murderous rampage brought us the long-gun registry.

And because killing the registry would deal a brutal blow to the gentler, less violent society, that so many people like Laplante-Edward have worked so hard for so long to create.

Far too many gun lovers too lazy, dumb, or paranoid to fill out a form, seem to have forgotten where they live. In a country called Canada not Amerika. Where guns are a privilege not a right.

Five years later, the Supreme Court beat back a bid to establish that Canadians have the same constitutional right as Americans to possess and use firearms. Not so, the court ruled. It said gun ownership is not a right in Canada. It is a privilege and, properly, a heavily regulated privilege.

Unfortunately some of the craziness called America has leaked across the border. Some of our gun nutters are now no more than teabaggers.Who love their guns more than they love our values.

Which is why today's vote is really a vote about the kind of country we want to live in.

And a test for the opposition.

The vote will not precipitate an election; it is a private member's bill, after all. But it will set the tone for the fall. It will signal how hard the Harper government will try to push Parliament — and how far Parliament will consent to be pushed.

We have been pushed long enough. Those foul Con bullies think that we are weak because we are decent. But we are only weak because we are divided.

And now is the time to unite and push back. 

Starting with the gun registry vote today, we will begin to take our beautiful country and its values back from the death grip of Stephen Harper and his Con thugs.

And at the same time send a message to the gun nutter teabaggers.

“Guns kill not only bodies but also souls.”

We don't want to live in your kind of country. We want to live in Canada not Amerika.

We will defeat you.

And we will REMEMBER...