Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Con Zombies Go After Young Canadians

Attention kids. Warning. Warning. The Cons zombies are on the move. Fresh from trying to recruit crazy old men with guns. Now they are going after you.

And it's not pretty eh?.

Nothing like trying to turn  young people into bullies. By calling the leader of the opposition a Russian.

Or trying to fool them with the Big Lie.

Being cool means not desperately trying to be seen as cool. Like the Conservatives.

As if Cons could be cool. As if kids were ugly nerds like them. As if decent young Canadians would join a party full of the worst bullies this country has ever seen.

A party that is torching the planet, trying to throw more young people in jail for the crime of smoking marijuana, attacking the rights of women and gay people. Letting a young Canadian rot in a place like Guantanamo.

A party that  turns its opponents into enemies, and is full of hideous theocons, like Vic Toews or Darrel Reid, the former President of Focus on the Family.

An organization that not only does nothing to prevent bullying.

It does everything it can, to help bullies hurt the children.

Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and similar groups don't actually give a damn about these kids or their families. They couldn't care less how many of them are beaten within an inch of their lives or actually take their own lives. What matters to them is power, influence, and promoting an extreme religious agenda to help them hang on to said power and influence. They are deathly afraid that some of the kids might not grow up to be as bigoted as they are.

And besides do you really want end up like this Con nerd?

Attacking decent people.

Spitting your way through life.

I mean really. Think about it eh?

Do you really wanna be like this guy?

I didn't think so. I know most Canadian kids are better than that.

In fact I'm pinning my hopes for a better world on you. I know you won't let me down.

So let's teach those bullies a lesson. Let's tell those nasty Cons to take a hike.

Let's join a progressive party, and fight for that better world.

Are you ready ? 

One, two, three, GO....

Yup.The future belongs to the young.

And Cons can NEVER be cool.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!


ck said...

I think who you should really target is Faytene Kryskow. She's young and blonde and thus, could lure unsuspecting boys to dark stark places to the conbot cult.

Marissa said...

Wait, was that an actual Conservative graphic?

Simon said...

hi ck...I looked her up on google because I'd never heard of her. I doubt any horny young guy would be interested in her. Unless she was dressed in a French maid's costume.
And of course it wouldn't work for me... ;)

Simon said...

hi Marissa...Yup. And thanks for asking that. I changed the link to make it clearer. Can you believe how ugly those Cons are?
The good news? They must be DESPERATE. Which can only mean we're winning... :)

Marissa said...

LOL, I love the Justin Beiber references. Trying way. too. hard.

It's also funny/sad that the focus is on being "cool" and not on whether the Cons actually, say, listen to youth, or think that they're important, or have anything to offer them whatsoever.

Simon said...

hi Marissa... I felt the same way about the Bieber ad. I could just see the nerd brain trust sitting in the Con war room going BUh Buh Buh we're BRILLIANT. Not.
In fact the more I think about it, it sounds like the Cons have given up on normal kids and are trying to recruit the dysfunctional. Oh well, at least they know their limitations... :)